The Hottest Girl In Dickinson, North Dakota

If you go and read my blog post titled “List Of Attractive Women In Dickinson, North Dakota”, in that list I include women that are very beautiful, respectable, civil, and decent.  I consider many things about a woman before I include her on that list, in order to preserve the integrity of the list, and to not bring dis-honor to the other women on the list.

I have a high enough opinion of the women on my list of attractive women in Dickinson, that I would forgive each of them some transgressions, committed in the heat of the moment.  I would not condemn these women for following their heart, when their heart is true.  However, I don’t fear that any of these women on my list will persist in bad behavior for very long.

Being “Hot”, was not part of my criteria for being on my list of attractive women in Dickinson, though a few of these women just happen to be.  It was not supposed to be that kind of a list.  Being beautiful, respectable, civil, and decent, that is what I was looking for.

A woman being “Hot” is not something that is important to me, or something that I want.  I would not want, or like, my girlfriend or wife constantly getting all kinds of unwanted attention.  This would cause all kinds of problems and conflict for both myself and my wife or girlfriend.  For instance, I would not want my girlfriend or wife being propositioned all day, every day, everywhere she went.  I would not like this, and hopefully she would not like this either.

The women on my list of attractive women in Dickinson that just happen to be Hot, they do a pretty good job of toning down their hotness by dressing and behaving very modestly.  I admire them for this, and think that this is very considerate of them.  Not distracting men and causing car accidents, men to fall off of roofs, or fights.

I don’t want to reward women for being Hot.  I would like to discourage women from being Hot.  And I don’t want one.  I don’t want to deal with the problems of having a hot girlfriend.  Just when you start to get attached, they get taken away from you.

However, I have become more and more distracted by a woman in Dickinson who is about 30 years old, her name is Mary.  Before I ever saw her or met her, people would ask me if I had met her yet.  These people that asked me this, told me that I would like her.

I heard about her for six months before I ever saw her.  I did not expect to ever see her, because I was told that she had moved away.  Then one day, a young lady walked by me very quickly in about half a second, and I knew that had to be her.  In about half a second, I knew that everything that people had described about her, was true.

She has medium length black hair, she is thin, about 5′-8″, she has an athletically muscular build, and long legs.  She is funny, and funny acting.  She is quirky.  She dresses very interestingly.  From unusual shoes, vintage jeans, neat T-shirts, and funny behavior, she is very interesting, animated, and entertaining.  I like her.  She cheers me up.  I look forward to seeing her.

She has a fiancee, supposedly.  That doesn’t surprise me.  When no one was around, I told her that I liked her, I thought that she was pretty, and that I liked the way she dressed.  I was telling her this to get this off my chest, and to warn her that I liked her.  She acted nonchalant about this, but I could tell that she appreciated my compliment.

I tried to stay away from her mostly, especially because she has a fiancee.  Then, now that it is warm outside, she got a tan, and she walked up to me wearing tight jeans and a tight tank top that wouldn’t stay pulled down all the way, showing her stomach and lower back, and I could no longer stay away from her.  I followed after her, after thinking about it for about forty-five seconds, I had to, I couldn’t help it.

I had thought that she was funny, quirky, animated, entertaining, and pretty.  I had not fully noticed how big her breasts were, how small her waist was, and what nice hips and bottom she had, until she wore those tight jeans and tight tank top that wouldn’t go down all the way.  I suppose that she wanted me to see and wanted me to notice, that is why she came up to me.

I followed after her and caught up to her because this is something that I felt that I had to do.  I have been living in Dickinson, North Dakota for almost five years, and there is a shortage of women and a scarcity of attractive women.  Just once, or just one more time, I wanted to go and look at and see a “Hot” beautiful woman.  Myself, and any other person that saw her that day, would have agreed that she was probably the hottest girl in Dickinson.  I just hadn’t known it.  She let me know.  So now I know, that in addition to her being funny, entertaining, and pretty, besides that, she is the hottest girl in Dickinson.

As I explained in a previous blog post titled “Reasons Why I Can’t, Couldn’t, Wouldn’t Marry Codi, Kit, Kaycee, Marinna, or Kristi”, I don’t want to mess things up and ruin things for any of the women that I like.  I could not stand it, knowing that I messed up the life of some woman that I liked, after she trusted me, believed in me, was counting on me, and depending on me.  I don’t want to mess Mary’s life up, and that is the only thing that I see happening, but I can’t help liking her and wanting her.

Now that I have thought about it some more, the women on my list of attractive women in Dickinson, I like them, and I have a good opinion of them.  Some of them I look forward to seeing, I think about them, and I want them.  But I would just rather keep it that way, to like them, look forward to seeing them, to think about them, and to want them, rather than trying to seduce them and having some kind of disaster.

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