Government, Catholic Church, Mormon Church, Masonry, And Dickinson

Whether it’s the Government, Catholic Church, Mormon Church, Masonry, or Dickinson, the rulers are evil, or evil creeps in.

When large numbers of people exist together, some men think that it would be desirable or beneficial to establish order and control.  Sometimes, a man who has superior strength in some way, effectively takes control.  Other times, leaders emerge through competition.  After control is established, leaders may be elected or appointed.

Order and control of large physical territories are presided over by: Emperors, Kings, Queens, Princes, Presidents, and Prime Ministers.

But that is not the only way to control people.  Some men think that it would be desirable or beneficial to control people in their spiritual beliefs.  If a person believes in a God, he must choose whether it is the Jewish God, Christian God, Muslim God, or Mormon God.  If he believes in the Christian God, is he a Catholic, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Methodist Seventh Day Adventist, or Jehovah Witness?

If he is a Catholic, he must recognize the Pope as the leader of the Church, the Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests as the leaders of the Church, and he must follow their rules and instructions.

Some men think that it would be desirable or beneficial to control people in additional ways, perhaps through Civic, Social, or Fraternal organizations.  Rotary Club, Elks Lodge, Knights of Columbus, Free Masonry.  I want to use Free Masons as an example.  The same procedure is used in selecting and advancing leaders in Government, Catholic Church, Mormon Church, and Dickinson, any where men try to control other people.

A Masonic Lodge may have been established in any town similar to Dickinson, because a group of men may have thought that it was desirable and beneficial to have a fraternal organization, where men could gather together in a civil atmosphere and discuss business, development, issues, and things that were needed in the community.  They might come up with plans to fund and build a library, a park, an orphanage, or an old widows home. Many ordinary people might have had good intentions in establishing a Masonic Lodge in a town.

Many ordinary men could see some benefit in joining the Masons.  Rather than going to a bar after work where people got drunk and got into fights, they would rather go some place with a better class of people, better behaved people, who were trying to accomplish good things.  The mayor was a Mason, the bank president was a Mason, but so were a construction worker, a truck driver, and a mechanic.

An ordinary man might find that he was welcomed into the local Masonic Lodge as an initiate.  He might soon find out that not only was the mayor and the bank president a member, but so was the city judge, chief of police, fire chief, building inspector, concrete company owner, lumber company owner, and trucking company owner.  These successful men were all higher degree Masons.

An ordinary man might find the initiation ceremony to be so uncomfortable, bizarre, suspicious, and confusing, that he may be reluctant to ever seek the higher degrees of Masonry.  To attain the higher degrees, the costumes, procedures, sayings, and oaths are so questionable and sinister, that many men’s sense of decency makes them not want to participate, even though it is supposed to be all in good fun.  This is organizationally intentional, that the less intelligent, morally unwavering, and less ambitious men remain at the lower degrees.

The higher degree Masons, which will be the mayor, the bank president, and perhaps the concrete company owner, have the opportunity in a controlled private environment, to meet and assess the initiates and the lower degree Masons.  The higher degree Masons will decide what everyone’s level is, how they can be used, and what they are good for.  Are they intelligent, educated, street smart?  Are they naïve, gullible, able to be manipulated?  What are their beliefs, what are they willing to do?

The initiates and the lower degree Masons, they may have wanted to join a fraternal organization that did good things in the community.  They may have been aware that it would be beneficial to them to meet and associate with men that were older, more experienced in business, and more successful.  They might have known or later came to know, that doing what the higher degree Masons wanted would result in them advancing in their career or business.  But the initiates and the lower degree Masons may remain just as unaware as the general public, that at the higher degrees of Masonry, one must begin to understand and acknowledge that benevolence, right and wrong, religion, and God are fictional concepts created by man.  It is good that ordinary people believe in these fictional concepts because it makes them predictable, easier to control, easier to manipulate, and easier to take advantage of.  But if you are ever going to rise above everyone else, at the highest level you must not be held back by these child-like beliefs in right and wrong, and God.

At the lower levels of Masonry, the members have been assessed many times by the higher level Masons.  Even very friendly, amicable, kind conversations, were evaluations of the lower level Mason’s intelligence and ethics.  Some intelligence combined with some ethics, will probably result in a member being given the opportunity to advance to a higher degree.

A higher degree Mason will be trusted with more, and be expected to do more.  The advancement through the higher degrees of Masonry takes time, and organizationally it is meant to.  The amount of time and involvement within the Masonic Lodge should reveal any defect, and weakness, that would prohibit the member from attaining the next degree.

The advancement through the degrees of Masonry is sometimes referred to as learning the mysteries, because there are esoteric things to learn and answer to attain each degree.  It does require not only a good amount of intelligence to answer these mysteries, but the ability to play along with the role, and not be shaken.  The intelligence part involves being able to give the right answer, the one that they want, knowing what that is, if you have not been so privileged as to have been told ahead of time.  The playing along with the role is demonstrating that you can stick with your story, keep your head, and not break down, even under duress, interrogation, and trial.

The correct answers to the mysteries at the lower levels of Masonry, are what the Churches typically teach about right and wrong.  This demonstrates that you are least trustworthy enough to attain the lower levels, function as a Mason at the lower levels, and not be a liability to the Masons.  To advance through the higher levels of Masonry, you will have had to have been persistent, and have been favored enough by the higher degree Masons to have received coaching, and been given the correct answers to the mysteries.  As you attain the highest levels of Masonry, you will have to profess that you acknowledge and understand that right and wrong, good and bad, moral and immoral, religion, and God are just fictional concepts created by people, and that knowledge is the ultimate power, that there is nothing that is prohibited, nothing that is prohibited to you.

The majority of people who attain the highest level in Government, Catholic Church, Mormon Church, Masonry, Military, and Business, have so much power, control, and wealth, that evil creeps in.  Ordinary people are so insignificant to them, as insignificant as chickens, cattle, or sheep, and also just as powerless, and also just as oblivious to the big picture which they can see.  “Clinging to their Bible and their Guns”.

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