My Third Most Favorite Person In Dickinson, North Dakota, Bill Patel And His Wife Kamal Patel

My third most favorite person in Dickinson is Bill Patel and his wife Kamal Patel.  I have them both at the number three spot, so that those lower on my list have motivation to improve their behavior in the hopes of moving up to the number two spot.

Bill Patel and his wife Kamal Patel own the newly constructed Astoria Hotel, the newly constructed Best Western Hotel, the T-Rex Shopping Center, and the hotel that used to be the Quality Inn.  These four properties have a combined worth of approximately $20 to $25 million.  They own at least several other hotels elsewhere.

Bill Patel and Kamal Patel are like Dan Porter, they could easily drive a Ferrari or Bentley, but instead they drive Toyotas.  They are not arrogant.  Sometimes they have desk clerk duty at their hotels, or they perform other hotel duties.  When I go to bars and restaurants in Dickinson, the waitress and bartender girls are way more arrogant and know-it-all than either Bill or Kamal, yet Bill and Kamal probably have $40 million in properties.

Bill and Kamal probably hate me writing about them more than Dan Porter does.  Partly why I am writing about Dan, Bill, and Kamal, is to show several things:  You don’t have to act like a jerk if you are wealthy.  You don’t have to act arrogant, show off, belittle people, talk down to people, take advantage of people, or mistreat people.  There are plenty of people in Dickinson who are trying to get rich, who do act arrogant, who do belittle people, who do talk down to people, mistreat people, and take advantage of people.  I hate these people, their behavior shows stupidity, their attempts to assert superiority show that they are insecure, and I think that a lot of these people that are trying to get rich in Dickinson will actually lose what they have soon.  An exact example of this is my least favorite person in Dickinson, that Mexican who owns that Mexican restaurant down the street who would not wait on me, or my friends, because we don’t spend enough money.

Bill Patel’s wife Kamal is very attractive, she is thin, and has long black hair.  A couple of times I have seen a young girl in Dickinson that looks like she could be their daughter.  One of these times there was a hot young girl about 18 to 21 years old, that was running the track at the WRCC.  I asked her if she was Bill and Kamal Patel’s daughter, and she just smiled and smirked and said no, was polite and I think was blushing, so it was their daughter or niece I believe.  If she had been an American or more Americanized, she would have scowled and sneared at me for speaking to her.

9 thoughts on “My Third Most Favorite Person In Dickinson, North Dakota, Bill Patel And His Wife Kamal Patel

  1. Since you like to google people in Dickinson so much you should google bill Patel and see how much money he owes his employees. Maybe he will move down your list of favorite people.


    1. I am glad that you brought this up!

      Bharat Patel, is not the same person as Bill Patel. “Patel” is probably the most common last name of people from India, way way more common than the last name “Smith” in the United States.

      It is also true that many people from India come to the United States and own/operate hotels and motels. Many of these people are frugal, pinch penny, and cost cutting to the extreme, and they take it too far, getting into paying people off the books, and not paying overtime. This appears to be the case for Bharat Patel, who also owns hotels in North Dakota and Dickinson.

      But Bill Patel is not Bharat Patel, they are two different people.


      1. You’ve obviously never worked for the man! This is the right Bill Patel that they are talking about. It even has his wife’s name! He’s a cheap piece of crap who takes advantage of his employees. He talks down to everyone who isn’t part of his precious family cause they all think they are better than everyone else. He owns many businesses in Dickinson and anyone who’s every worked for him could tell you horror stories of his ways. All he cares about is saving a quick buck no matter who he screws over.


      2. The group of businesses that Bharat Patel owns, is different than the group of businesses that Bill Patel owns. For instance, Bharat Patel owns the Super 8 and the Relax Inn. Whereas Bill Patel owns the Astoria Hotel and the Motel 6.


      3. To further explain that Bill Patel and Bharat Patel are two different people, who each own two different groups of hotels:

        Bill Patel is married to Kamal Patel, whereas Bharat Patel is married to Vibha Patel.

        Please go and look up Bharat Patel using a Google search. You will see the full name of his wife, and the hotels that he owns in Dickinson.

        Then go look up Bill Patel. Bill Patel owns the Astoria Hotel and the Motel 6 in Dickinson, and not the hotels that Bharat Patel owns.


  2. A …“Bill Patel” … owned The Red Carpet Inn in Topeka Kansas … Bhagat CDE Llc … the address is Dickinson NC… We bought the property at auction Oct 27th… we would like to speak with Bill… he really did a good job of clearing out the holding….it is ready to renovate. Anyway… I am just asking if this is the same guy you know.


    1. In reply to Dave Stevens,

      In the blog post article that I wrote, and on the internet, there is some confusion about two different people with similar names, and similar business holdings. “Bharat Patel” a.k.a. “Brian Patel” of Dickinson ND owns or has owned many different motels/hotels in Dickinson and elsewhere. “Bharat Patel” has had some lawsuits against him for such things as improper Tax Returns and improper payment of wages to employees.

      A different person with a similar name, “Bill Patel” also resides in Dickinson ND and also owns or has owned many different motels/hotels in Dickinson and elsewhere. However, if you had performed a Google search in the past like I did, or a Google search recently, the motels/hotels that “Bill Patel” owns, are different than the motels/hotels that “Bharat Patel” owns. Also, by doing a Google search in the past, and again recently, the family members, wife, children, for “Bill Patel” are different than the family members of “Bharat Patel”. Further, I have met a handy-man in his seventies, who had in the past performed work and done business with both “Bill Patel” and “Bharat Patel”, verifying that these were two different people.

      I vaguely recall reading a newspaper article, where I believe it may have been the city of Topeka Kansas was trying to locate a “Bill Patel” because there were some fines or property taxes owed on a multi-story building in Topeka. The newspaper article might have said that they believed that the owner was “Bill Patel” of Dickinson ND.

      Due to Covid causing a reduction in travel throughout the U.S., and the North Dakota Oil Boom ending in 2015, I believe that both “Bill Patel” and “Bharat Patel” have not had the motel/hotel/property revenue that they had expected, but have faced enormous expenses in property tax, mortgages, business licenses, franchise fees, legal fees, and are probably trying to just hold on to what they have for the time being.

      Because I like Bill Patel, and I believe that he is probably faced with tremendous expenses at this time, with greatly reduced revenue, I will not tell you exactly how to find him or get in touch with him. But, if you search for one of his relatives in Dickinson on Google, they may be willing to pass a message on to him.


      1. In reply to Pigg,

        There are probably at least 10 million immigrants from India living in the Unites States. About half of these immigrants to the U.S. either already have the last name “Patel” or assume the name “Patel” before coming to the U.S. The last name “Patel” for India immigrants is much, much more common than the last name “Smith” in the U.S. There are probably 50,000 India immigrants in the U.S. with the name “Bill Patel”.

        I talk to “Bill Patel” of Dickinson from time-to-time in-person, he is not in Yazoo City Mississippi.


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