I Will Look Up Anybody On The Internet In Dickinson, North Dakota

I will look up anybody on the internet in Dickinson, North Dakota.  And I am not going to stop looking up people on the internet.  There is a tremendous amount of information available, and I am going to read it and use it.  You would be stupid, not to.

In the small town that I grew up in, local people were known for what they had done, whether good or bad.  Some examples:  A well liked little league baseball coach nicknamed “Pop”, picked up a bat at a game and hit another coach in the back of the head, nearly killing him, and he got sentenced to 10 years in prison.  He wasn’t allowed to be a coach when he got out of prison.  A husband and wife in their late 20s had befriended several elderly widowed women in the course of a year, began balancing their checkbooks, and had helped these elderly women to write them checks totaling nearly $100,000.  They weren’t allowed to “befriend” any more elderly people in our town while they were waiting to go to trial.

Growing up in a small town in the 1970s and 1980s, I got to see all kinds of “questionable behavior” turn into eventual arrests and convictions.  So much of it, it would fill a book.  Many times a person in town would have a nice home, nice vehicles, a plane, or a big boat, and not have a good job or profitable business.  Within a year or two they would be caught with bails or kilos in their boat or plane, be convicted, and go to prison.

Also, every year or so, there would be someone that would arrive in town, appearing to have money, able to impress people and make friends.  These would typically be people that were starting a restaurant, a business, or they were a developer.  Even as a kid, these people seemed odd, and things didn’t add up.  I would think to myself, “There are already restaurants here, and these restaurant owners aren’t wealthy.  Why, if you have so much money, are you coming to our town to start a restaurant, restaurants here don’t make that much money?”

It happened many times that someone would come to town, appearing to have money, and this would impress some people, and some people wanted to be friends right away with this new person who was apparently successful and wealthy.  It always turned out the same more or less, but one case sticks in my mind.  This one guy came to town in about 1985 and he opened a seafood restaurant in the same stand alone building where there had been about five restaurants before.  He did a big remodel.  He drove a newer black Mercedes convertible.  He had a hot looking girlfriend.  He was a flashy guy.  After about a year, his restaurant wasn’t making much money, so he set it on fire to collect the insurance money.  The fire department responded as quickly as they could, they put on their gear and rushed inside to make sure no one was in the building.  The roof collapsed on the firefighters, killing three of them.  There was unburned insurance paperwork found in the office garbage can during the fire investigation which was absolutely incriminating.  The restaurant owner was convicted of arson and convicted of causing the deaths of the three firefighters.

I have seen it in Florida, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, Idaho, and now in Dickinson, people who come from somewhere else, who would like for people to believe that they are something that they aren’t.  Unfortunately, the truth is, people that come to a new town, are often here because things did not work out for them where they came from.  If they had a good job, friends, family, and a home someplace else, they wouldn’t need to be here.  They are here because things did not work out for them where they came from.

I have written in at least three blog posts, that most of the women from out of state that have come here on their own, are problem women.  By problem women, I mean that where they came from, they behaved so badly and made such bad decisions that they can no longer get a job, and their friends, family, and neighbors won’t help them or have anything to do with them.  I am 100% convinced of this now.  So any girl or woman that I have to deal with, I am going to look them up on the internet to see what it is that they have done.

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