Bigfoot Near Watford City, North Dakota

In any internet browser, type in “Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization”.  At the top or near the top of your search results should be the website.  Click on the the website.  You can look at their other stuff later, but for now, click on the section titled “Sightings By Region”.  Once that page comes up, you will see a list of all the counties in North Dakota.  You will see that there are Bigfoot sighting reports for McKenzie, McClean, Mountrail, and Ward counties.  These counties are all adjacent to each other.

Go ahead and read the Bigfoot sighting reports for each of these four counties.  Altogether, there were many children and many adults who witnessed the Bigfoots in these counties.  In some instances, the Bigfoots were sighted, day after day, by different witnesses.  Some witnesses were children playing in their yard, people in their homes, people driving down Highway 22. Some of the witnesses observed the Bigfoots for several minutes.  Many tracks were followed.

One of the field researchers for the “BFRO”, was a Vietnam Veteran, USAF pilot, and United Airlines pilot, he interviewed many witnesses for his report.  One of the other field researchers for the BFRO, who completed an entirely different investigation, said that he had more witnesses than he could interview in one day.  The different BFRO investigators concluded from all of the witnesses and evidence that there were quite a few Bigfoots that had been living in the area going back for many years.

Now, just because you don’t see any attractive women in Watford City, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  In Dickinson, you can look for them on Facebook and find out where they work, but I have noticed in Watford City, the attractive women don’t put their photograph on Facebook.  I have seen one though, no actually I know where you can find three of them, but I’m not going to tell everybody because they will just bother them and scare them away.  Oh, what the hell, I don’t care, they work at the hotels.

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