Paranormal Oil Fields

In Dickinson, North Dakota, there is a dinosaur museum.  There is also a Tyrannosaurus Rex on display at the T-Rex Shopping Mall in Dickinson.  In Vernal, Utah, where there is an oil field, there is also a dinosaur museum.

It is believed that thousands of years ago, dinosaurs roamed rain forests with lush vegetation, the dinosaurs died, and over time the rain forests became covered by layers of earth.  With time and pressure, the decaying dinosaurs and plants, turned into oil.  Does this mean that wherever dinosaurs are uncovered, oil lies below?  Yes, I think that it does.

In western North Dakota, there is a very well known legend, that the United States Calvary was pursuing a tribe of Native Americans, and that they had them trapped at Killdeer Mountain.  The next morning, the tribe of Native Americans was nowhere to be found.  About several months later, this same tribe of Native Americans was located in South Dakota.  The Native Americans in this area claimed that there is a cave on Killdeer Mountain, called “Medicine Hole Cave”, that allowed them to travel underground to South Dakota, although some claim that they traveled underground to Grassy Butte, which is only about fifty miles away.  The Medicine Hole Cave on Killdeer Mountain is marked to this day, but the entrance is blocked with debris.  Explorers report that this cave is only 300 feet long.

In Vernal, Utah, the Native American legends are much more numerous, that is where “Skin Walker Ranch” is located.  In about 1996, I was listening to a late night radio program “Coast to Coast AM”, where a journalist was describing the strange things that were happening to a family in Vernal, Utah who had bought a cattle ranch.  The family members frequently viewed strange, unknown animals on their property.  Some of the animals resembled large wolves that behaved very suspiciously.  Some of the animals resembled prehistoric creatures.  Glowing orbs of light floated above their property at night.  The ranch was purchased by the National Institute for Discovery Science, and its location was kept a secret, it was off limits to visitors.

Over the years, from time to time, I would try to do some research on the location of Skin Walker Ranch.  I had some information that it was in Utah.  In 2012, I went to Vernal, Utah, to try to get a job in the oil field there.  I don’t know exactly how, I can’t explain exactly how, I started to think that Skin Walker Ranch was in this area.  I think that the word “Uintah”, the Native American Tribe in the area, was something that I had read in connection with the Skin Walker Ranch.  I looked on the internet a few more times, and there was a photograph of the barricades placed in front of the main entrance gate at Skin Walker Ranch.

I had an old beat up Jeep, that I had towed behind my truck with me to Vernal.  I set off for the Uintah Native American Indian reservation.  I did a lot of driving, pulling over, looking around, turning around, going around and around, but eventually I found it.  There was no mistake about it.  I had read that you could see most of the property, if you parked 1/2 mile away on a hill overlooking the Skin Walker Ranch.  That is what I did, and I watched the Skin Walker Ranch for about four hours with binoculars, until I had had enough.  I did see security vehicles patrolling the property.  I was kind of alarmed when I had been observing the property for several hours with binoculars, and I hadn’t spotted the truck parked in the trees, watching me the whole time.

As I was leaving the Uintah reservation, I stopped at a gas station.  The was a tribal police officer there, and I asked him about the Skin Walker Ranch.  I told him that I had been reading about it for years, had he ever seen anything strange at the Skin Walker Ranch? The tribal police officer explained to me, that all of the Native Americans on the reservation have seen floating orbs, strange animals, even large space craft recently that caused the power to go out, these things have been occurring for many years.  He said that the Native Americans have no desire to report any of these things to outsiders, they have no interest trying to explain what they saw to people.

I did get a job with an employer in Vernal, Utah, but I had to go to Carrizo Springs, Texas to work for him.  After several months, I asked my employer about the Skin Walker Ranch.  My employer, who was very no-nonsense, said that a friend of his lived not far from the Skin Walker Ranch, his friend had a large, lanky, wolf-like creature, come and lay on its back on top of a shed in his back yard.  When he went towards it, it got up and ran away upright on two legs.  My employer told me more instances of creatures seen twice by his brother.  I later met a woman who grew up in Vernal, who told me stories about UFOs in Vernal, told to her by her grandmother.

If you go back further in my blog, I wrote a post titled “UFOs in Dickinson”.  I wrote about UFO sightings and landings in the New England area south Dickinson in the 1970s.  There were so many farmers discussing what had happened, that the Air Force sent personnel to New England to convince them to stop talking about it.


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