Watford City Revisited

Now that I have three jobs, I have to spend part of my time living and working in Watford City, North Dakota.  I have had to stay in Watford City before, and I have written about it before in this blog.

Though I have written a lot of bad things about Dickinson, Dickinson is nicer than Watford City.  I wish that I was back in Dickinson right now.  I could be walking the track at the West River Community Center.  I could be choosing between a variety of mediocre restaurants.  I could be driving on roads with pavement markings, street signs, and shoulders.

If I am “lucky”, my job in Watford City will last four or five months.  I want to be careful what I say, I don’t want to make a hasty decision, so for now, I will just say that Watford City is a shit hole.  Every bad thing that they have in the oil field towns in Utah, Texas, and Williston, they have here in Watford City.

Number one, here in Watford City, there is a shortage of women, and a lack of attractive women.  The ratio of men to women here is probably 6:1.  This is such a horrible place, that many of the workers here are from the South, from very poor areas, the North Dakotans won’t even live in Watford City.

I had to do some errands around town during the day, I had to wait in a couple of businesses with a few young women from the South.  They weren’t glamorous women, they were short and stout, they weren’t ugly, they weren’t pretty either.  They were brave, to attempt to live in Watford City, and to go out and do errands.  If I were them, I would just break down and cry.  I’m about ready to cry.

In Dickinson, women from North Dakota act hostile, angry, and unfriendly because they think some out-of-state worker is going to rape them.  In Watford City, the girlfriends and wives of the oil field workers have a look on their faces, like they know they are going to die, and they have come to accept it.  They get out of their car, and walk into the BBQ restaurant to pick up their to-go order, like it might be the last thing they will ever do.

I talked to some of the women from the South.  They are so fucking scared, that they will talk to you, they are so relieved that you are not going to rape them and kill them.  When I tell them that I live in Dickinson, and Dickinson is more normal than Watford City, like having street lights and places to go, their eyes light up, they are “all ears”, like you are talking about some wonderful place, and they wished that they lived there.

At the UPS store in Watford City, the young woman ahead of me in line, wanted to send a 9″x12″ envelope for next day delivery.  The clerk said,”That will be $105.”  The young lady said are you serious, for that little thing?  Isn’t there something cheaper?  The young lady went ahead and paid the $105 on her debit card.  (That is a day’s pay back where she comes from.).  I handed the clerk three sheets of paper to copy, she put them on the document feeder, three copies came out.  The clerk said that will be $5.00.  I said that’s ridiculous, are you kidding?

Through my Facebook Page, “Dickinson NorthDakota”, I am going to try to contact the Chamber of Commerce in Watford City, to remind them what a shit hole town they have.  I want to let the Chamber of Commerce know, that just like Dickinson, I can get every internet search for “living in Watford City”, “moving to Watford City”, “working in Watford City”, “women in Watford City”, “corruption in Watford City”, to show my site at the top of the first page of search results.  Every oil field company, construction company, business, worker, girlfriend, and housewife will read about Watford City, and not want to come here.

You really need to fix your town, it is horrible.  One of the worst places I have ever been.

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