Temptation In Dickinson, North Dakota

Last summer, I got a telephone call from a homeowner lady, requesting an estimate for work on her house.  From the address she gave me on the telephone, I knew the neighborhood, it was a nice residential neighborhood.

The following day, when I was driving to the specified address, as I got closer and closer, I was saying to myself,”Please don’t let it be that house, please don’t let it be that house.  Fuck, it’s that house.”  I had been to this house before when I was working for another contractor.  I had had to take the fence down, in order to get equipment to the back of the house.  Trees, bushes, a shed, and the fence had all been in the way.

I didn’t remember meeting the homeowners, but I remembered the back yard very well, and I didn’t want to work at this house.  When a yard is taken care of meticulously, as a contractor, you know that you are going to have to be so careful not to damage anything, and that the homeowners will not be forgiving about damage to anything.

I met the homeowner woman, and she was very beautiful.  She was about one inch shorter than me, she was my age, she had beautiful long dark hair, brown eyes, was very thin, and was in very good physical shape.  She kind of looked like Kate Middleton, the Duchess of York, but she was prettier and in better shape than Kate Middleton.

About the only time I can keep my wits when I am around a beautiful woman, is when I am completing a work estimate.  I am more focused on assessing how difficult the job is, how many hours it will take, what equipment I will need, how much I will have to pay my helper.  I do notice attractive women homeowners when I am trying to figure out my estimate, but I just don’t pay that much attention.

By the time I was done writing my estimate, the homeowner lady and I were in the dining room.  Her house was just as clean inside, as her yard was meticulously taken care of outside.  I was standing about ten feet from her, when her husband came in the front door.  The homeowner lady began immediately explaining to her husband what I was doing there.  I could tell that she felt some urgency in explaining this to her husband right away.  I could tell that her husband was surprised, and concerned.  Her husband was polite and cordial to me, which was what you would expect from a professional person who was the manager of a business.

Her husband was a nice looking man.  He was a little bit taller than me, a little bit skinnier than me, and he was not as weather-worn as me.  I felt that the two of them looked like they belonged together, they made a good couple.  As I talked to both of them for a while, I found out what they did, and that they had three children that were just getting out of high school.

I started working at this house.  I talked to the homeowner lady some more.  I found out more about her.  I liked her more.  I liked everything about her.  I wanted her.  It is one thing when I am attracted to a young lady because of her physical appearance, but I just don’t know what they are like, or what they will become.  A woman like this, you can see what they are like, and you can see what they are, and you can like everything about them more strongly.  In their home, you have a chance to talk to them privately, without interruptions, and sometimes they express feelings that they do not share with others, for various reasons.

Working as a contractor, I had been in this situation once or twice before.  I meet a beautiful housewife, and I like her a lot.  We talk while I am working, and we begin to like each other more.  I have had to decide what to do before.  I think of the problems that I would cause, for the wife, the husband, and the children.  If I really like this woman, why would I ruin her life?  I wouldn’t.

I could not take the place of her husband.  They have been together for at least twenty years.  They have three kids together, that are just getting ready to begin college.  They are going to have a hard time paying for three kids in college at the same time.  They both need to be working together in order to support their kids.  I couldn’t afford to put these kids through college.  I couldn’t afford this house.  I can’t take the place of her husband.  I’m not going to ruin her life.

This is one time, that I want to be careful what I write in this blog.  I don’t want to be a jerk about this subject.  The truth is, that at some point in their lives, women are ready for somebody to come along and “ruin everything”, because they just can’t stand it anymore.  They have the right husband, the right house, in the right neighborhood, and kids that are getting ready to graduate and go off to college.  Everything is so right, they are just sick of it, and they want something else.  Maybe they feel like it is killing them, they are getting old, they are always doing everything right.  They wish someone would just wreck it so bad for them, that they wouldn’t have to keep going like this.

As I was leaving the house that day, the teen aged son was just coming home from school.  As he got out of his friend’s car, he was glaring at me with a querrying look.  I said, “Hey”, as I went to my truck.  I made sure that I did not have any kind of grin or smugness, no sign of happiness.  I knew what he was thinking.  No, I didn’t have sex with your mother.


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