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Stevenson Funeral Home Marketing In Dickinson North Dakota

Several days ago when I was on Facebook, one of the advertisements that kept appearing on my home page was for Stevenson Funeral Home in Dickinson, North Dakota.

I check my Facebook home page three or four times a day to see what people have posted and what items people have listed for sale on Facebook Marketplace.  90% of the time, everyone on Facebook knows that people are using it for fun and entertainment.

Every so often someone will post something political or religious that gets argued about until the post gets pushed further down the page and out of sight.  From time to time someone will post an article about a charity fundraiser for a person who is sick or injured, or a news bulletin about a missing child or elderly person.

But when the advertisement kept coming up for Stevenson Funeral Home, I felt like it was out of place.  This funeral home advertisement coming up on Facebook, was kind of like being solicited about funeral arrangements while at a party, picnic, playground, or restaurant.  When people are being social, fun, and lighthearted, it’s not the right time to talk about funeral arrangements.

I looked at the comments that people had left attached to this Stevenson Funeral Home advertisement to see if anyone else felt the same way that I did about it.  One man wrote something like, “Why does this funeral home advertisement keep appearing in my feed?  Do you know something that I don’t know?  Are you expecting me to die or something?”

There were a couple of comments where people complained about a relative’s funeral costing $11,000 and $13,000.  Then, there were some comments about a neighbor burying people in their backyard.  But these comments were all deleted.

The funniest comment, was where a person was actually being serious, she wrote, “The whole crew is awesome to work with.”  I was thinking, “What?, what is going on?  Is this person from the Adams Family or something?”

Here is what came to mind, adult Wednesday Adams:

I went and looked at the Stevenson Funeral Home Facebook page, and at the top of their page they have the banner or slogan, “Endless Possibilities”.  I thought to myself, they have got to be kidding, “Endless Possibilities” ?  More fitting would be something like “Eternal Possibilities”.  When you or a family member is dead, you can be buried or you can be cremated, but to suggest that there are “Endless Possibilities” is kind of macabre and sinister.  It makes me wonder what kind of voodoo, satanic, undead possibilities are there?