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More Signs Of A Slow Down In Dickinson, North Dakota

This past Saturday, March 18 2017, the front page of the Dickinson Press newspaper had two articles that further illustrate the slow down occurring in Dickinson, North Dakota.  One article was about the likelihood of the JC Penny department store closing in Dickinson.  The JC Penny corporation has recently listed this store as one that they will close.

Dickinson, North Dakota has one shopping mall, the Prairie Hills Mall.  The largest store in the Prairie Hills Mall, is probably this JC Penny department store that is now scheduled to be closed.  After this, the only clothing department store in Dickinson will be Herbergers, also in the Prairie Hills Mall.

The second article on the front page of the Saturday Dickinson Press newspaper was about the possibility of the Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Airport losing its only remaining commercial airline service currently being provided by United Airlines.  After the oil boom ended in North Dakota by the end of 2014, Delta Airlines ceased operations at the Theodore Roosevelt Airport in Dickinson.  United Airlines expressed its intention to cease operations also, but the airport and the federal government prevented United Airlines from ceasing operations in Dickinson through some “Essential Air Services” legislation/regulation.

The federal government currently subsidizes United Airlines to fly into and out of Dickinson because there are only approximately 25 to 50 passengers each day at the Theodore Roosevelt Airport.  One of President Donald Trump’s proposed budget cuts, would eliminate federal funding for “Essential Air Service”, where federal money is given to airlines so that they continue to provide airline service to locations that are not busy enough to be profitable.

If the Theodore Roosevelt Airport in Dickinson loses its only commercial airline service, the commercial airport manager, the maintenance staff, the TSA officers, the ticket agents and airline staff, the rental car agents, and some Taxi drivers will lose their jobs.  The hotels in Dickinson will lose some business.  Everyone in Dickinson, Beach, Belfield, Killdeer, New England, Richardton, Taylor, and Gladstone will have to drive or take a Taxi one hundred miles to Bismarck to fly on an airline.

I am laughing at Dickinson.  The future of Dickinson looked so bright.  Halliburton and Baker Hughes each built approximately $50 million facilities in Dickinson in 2011.  Occidental built an approximately $10 million building just north of Halliburton and Baker Hughes.  Marathon Oil Company, Tesoro, and Conoco Philips each built large new office buildings in Dickinson.  The new $75 million St. Josephs Hospital was completed in Dickinson in 2014.  The $450 million Dakota Prairie Refinery was completed in Dickinson in 2015.  Now, Dickinson is so slow, it might not have any commercial airline service.

Yes, the oil boom came to an end in 2014.  But the reason why so many people decided to leave, was because nearly everyone who came to Dickinson made up their mind soon after arriving that they could never afford to live here permanently.  The price of housing was so extremely high, and it was for housing that people didn’t even want.  All of the people who moved to Dickinson and had to pay $2,000 or more per month in rent for an apartment, felt like if they were going to be paying this much money, shouldn’t they at least be paying it to buy a house that they will build equity in?

The landowners, property developers, and real estate agents in Dickinson were so greedy in trying to take nearly all of the money that the out of state workers made, that most of these people left Dickinson right away when the oil boom ended.  What could have been permanent long term growth for Dickinson if housing would have been more affordable, instead has resulted now in occupancy rates of 50% in the newly completed housing, and the Dickinson airport possibly shutting down.

Decline In People, Employment, Business, And Real Estate In Dickinson, North Dakota

This last week of February 2017, I saw a decline in people, employment, business, and real estate in Dickinson, North Dakota.

In the business that I work for, there has been a very sharp decrease in work over the past year.  Early this week, I had to telephone the manager of a company here in Dickinson that I have been dealing with for a year and a half.  The owner of this business answered this manager’s cell phone and said that this manager was no longer with the company.  This was upsetting to me because this manager was very hard working, he put in many hours of overtime though he was on salary, and he had a wife and three children.  Knowing the manager, the company that he worked for, and what was going on at this company, I believe that he was let go due to a decline in business and an attempt to cut costs.  This manager and his family were not from North Dakota.  This manager was positive, upbeat, intelligent, and fun to work with.  I am sorry that he is gone.

There is a young woman in Dickinson that I like, that I had included in my blog post titled “List Of Attractive Women In Dickinson, North Dakota”.  I had not seen her for several months, and I was becoming concerned that something had happened to her too.  I have seen her father twice at the West River Community Center in the past several months, and once at an event in Dickinson, but not her.  In the past several months when I saw her father, he did not appear to be his normal self, he seemed unhappy and angry. She should have been at this event recently, because she is a human resources person at a company that was involved in the event.  This week I looked at her Linkedin.com page, and she is no longer working for this company in Dickinson, and she has moved to Montana.

This young woman who was a human resources person with a company here in Dickinson, I can’t believe that she isn’t working there any more.  I thought that she was very happy there and was well liked.  She was very pleasant, positive, intelligent, and funny.  I thought that she made that company better for being there, and made people want to work there.  She graduated from Dickinson State University a couple of years ago, and she has many friends in Dickinson.  Her family is not from North Dakota, her father came to Dickinson to work when the oil boom started.  Her mother, father, and younger sister are still living here, I can’t believe that she left.  I don’t think that she would have left Dickinson unless she lost her job, and I could only see that happening due to the company she worked for downsizing due to reduced work.

This morning I saw another young woman that I liked, that I hadn’t seen for several months.  I met her in 2014 where she worked.  She was a sophomore at Dickinson State University then.  She wasn’t from Dickinson, but she came to Dickinson because there was an oil boom, and she could work and go to school.  She recently completed her degree at Dickinson State University.  I asked her what she had been doing, and she told me that she was moving to Colorado next week.  I talked to her for a while, one of the things that I said was that I couldn’t believe that human resources young woman that we both knew, moved to Montana a couple of months ago.  This young woman that was moving to Colorado told me that she was so looking forward to getting out of Dickinson.  A woman that we know, asked her if her boyfriend was moving to Colorado with her, and she said no, he moved back to the state where he came from several months ago.

I was sad that she was leaving, I like her.  I felt bad for her that she had been living, working, and going to school in Dickinson for the past four or five years and now she is leaving her friends and everyone she knows, to go someplace where she doesn’t know anyone.  It is normal for people to leave and go someplace else when they graduate from college, but for the past eight years, Dickinson was a place that people from all over the United States tried to get to because of the many job openings and higher rate of pay.

Several times this week, I looked at job posting websites like Indeed.com, Monster.com, Careerbuilder.com, and North Dakota Job Service for job listings in Dickinson.  There were not very many job listings in Dickinson, and the jobs that were listed were not very good jobs as far as desirability, pay, job security, or job longevity.

On Sunday I read the Dickinson Press Newspaper.  In the classified section under housing, there was a 2 bedroom/1 bathroom house for rent for $600 per month, and one bedroom apartments for rent for $425 per month.  Three years ago, this house rental listing would have been $2,500 per month, and this apartment rental listing would have been $1,500 per month.

This Sunday edition of the Dickinson Press Newspaper came with a Home And Land Company Real Estate Guide.  This real estate guide from the Home And Land Company, had as many homes listed for sale now, as the whole entire Real Estate Guide for all the realtors in Dickinson used to have a couple of years ago.  There were many very nice homes for sale, some of the nicest homes in Dickinson, that must have belonged to the highest paid people in Dickinson.  It appears that many of the highest paid people in Dickinson must have lost their jobs, or had their business income greatly reduced in order to have to sell such nice homes.  There are plenty of working class people homes for sale too.

These people that I know losing their jobs or leaving Dickinson, the lack of very many good jobs posted in Dickinson, the greatly reduced rent of rental housing, and the greatly increased number of homes for sale, show that work and business has slowed down in Dickinson.