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The Truth About The World That You Should Know, The Sooner The Better, It’s Not Too Late

My biggest regret in life, is that I didn’t know sooner, what I know now.  I certainly don’t want to go back, and re-live my life over, but I do wish that I would have known more at an earlier age.

What I now think separates the small minority of truly successful people from the rest of us who have ordinary lives, is not intelligence, not emotional intelligence, not hard work, not ingenuity, not leadership, but something else.

I now think that people who have an accurate, solid understanding of the world, how it truly is, from an early age, have the most likelihood of being successful.  Even if they aren’t highly intelligent, hardworking, or a leader.

Many times in my life, I have seen intelligence, hard work, ingenuity, and leadership not pay off.  The field of engineering, for instance.  Brilliant engineers developing and perfecting the pocket-sized scientific calculator, so that half of the engineering work force is no longer needed to make time consuming calculations.  Brilliant engineers developing and perfecting AutoCAD, so that the best engineering draftsmen with a lifetime of experience can be replaced by $12 per hour high school graduates.

Let me put it this way, one person can spend a lifetime of working hard, and be broke by the time they are too old to work anymore, and another person can retire by the time they are 30 years old with more money than they will ever need.  What separates these people?

I don’t think that it is intelligence, hard work, or other things that separate people, I think that it is in how well people truly understand the world, the way that it actually is, and from what age they understand the world.

I am almost 50 years old now, and I believe that the world is corrupt, unfair, treacherous, immoral, unethical, rigged, controlled, and manipulated.  I wish that I would have understood this by the time that I was 12 years old.  One of the reasons why I didn’t think like this or come to this understanding when I was young, was because I grew up in a middle-class household with both a mother and a father, in a peaceful, safe, friendly, pleasant town.

In my home growing up, in the schools that I went to, in the town that I lived in, there was fairness, justice, morality, ethics, kindness, charity, hospitality, an understanding of right and wrong, and a belief in God.  I wasn’t prepared for the things that I would face when I left this town, and I was slow to catch on to the way that things actually were in the world.

I don’t know why my parents, grandparents, neighbors, teachers, and townspeople raised the children in this town this way.  I don’t know if it was their idealism, thinking that this was the best way, or if this was just the easiest way for them.  But it left me ignorant about the way things work.

Late in my life now, I am finding out all different kinds of things that I did not know about.  For instance, I did not know what it was like to be discriminated against until I moved to Idaho, where it was 60% to 70% Mormon.  I didn’t know about all the different kinds of mechanisms, practices, policies, procedures, customs, social networks, and business networks that come to bare to treat other people differently.  Moving to North Dakota, the discrimination against non-local people was even worse than the discrimination from the Mormons.

But on a much, much greater scale, just about all of us in the United States have been kept ignorant about what is really going on in the world.  We have been tricked, mis-treated, manipulated, lied to, and harmed in ways that most of don’t know or understand.  I feel ignorant, stupid, and ashamed that I did not know.

Just like I wondered why my parents, grandparents, neighbors, teachers, and townspeople raised us children believing in certain things, I wondered why as adults we were all kept in the dark about what was really going on in the world.  Was it just easier to keep everyone uninformed, too disruptive to let people know, or were most people thought to be too stupid to understand?

At the end of this blog post, I have included a link to a YouTube video.  This YouTube video, is an audio recording that was made in 1967.  This audio recording is 2-1/2 hours in length.  In my lifetime, I have read about many of the incidents that are covered in this audio recording, but it has been hard for me to connect everything together in a mental timeline.

This audio recording made in 1967 covers:

  • The interest of wealthy European bankers in the 1700s, of influencing world events.
  • The interest of wealthy European bankers to consolidate world leadership.
  • The plot, manipulations, and reasons for the European bankers to start WWI.
  • The plot, manipulations, and reasons for the European bankers to create the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.
  • The reasons for the European bankers to create the Federal Reserve Bank in the U.S.
  • The European bankers originating Communism, NAACP, ACLU, Anti-Defamation League, other Communist front organization, to disrupt society and politics.
  • The reasons for the creation of the Center On Foreign Relations, CFR.
  • The reasons behind Adolf Hitlers rise to power, his secret supporters, WWII.
  • The creation of the United Nations, and the intention of the United Nations to be the basis for the creation of a one world government.
  • The attempt of the European bankers to control all forms of media in the United States including television, radio, newspapers, and magazines, to be able to sway people’s opinions on war, government, politics, legislation, and religion.
  • The attempt of the European bankers to undermine religion in order to bring about a one world government.

I listened to this 2-1/2 hour audio recording, for about one hour at a time.  I will probably listen to it for a 2nd time, and a 3rd time.  I believe that the information is mostly true, from what I have read and learned elsewhere.

This audio recording is a little difficult to listen to, the information is so unsettling, that it becomes overwhelming, and you just can’t take in anymore information at one time.

The people who would benefit the most are young people, but it will be hardest for young people to listen to and understand.


Crystal City, Texas, Similar, But Worse, Than Dickinson, North Dakota

Tonight, I just finished reading a nation-wide newspaper article about Crystal City, Texas.  The city attorney, mayor, assistant mayor, and the entire city council, except for one councilman, were all arrested by the FBI for bribery and corruption.

In 2011, I had had such a bad experience working in Dickinson, that I went back home, and vowed never to come back.  The people in Dickinson were unfriendly and inhospitable, there was a shortage of women and very few attractive women, there was no place to live and rents were ridiculously high, it was very cold.  I never wanted to come back.

I went to the oil field in Vernal, Utah looking for work.  I was asked if I would go to an oil field in southwest Texas, owned by Anadarko.  I agreed to go.  I drove about 2,000 miles to get there.  A new manufactured home was rented for me to live in just outside of Crystal City, Texas.

On my first day of work, I was leaving Crystal City headed south on the highway, driving to the Anadarko offices in Carrizo Springs.  I was going about 60 mph, a vehicle going about 85 mph almost ran into me head-on, because a Texas police officer was chasing him, forcing him to pass the north bound cars in front of him, and run head-on into me.  The Texas cop was fucking crazy and stupid, he was forcing this guy into the oncoming traffic in the south bound lane.

When I got done with work that day, I drove back to Crystal City and stopped at a gas station.  A police officer was pulling over someone in a Ford Ranger truck while I was pumping gas.  The police officer talked to the driver for a while, asked the driver to get out of the truck, and then began searching the truck, removing items from the truck.  Finding nothing, the driver was given a speeding ticket, and let go.

The next day at work, I heard other out-of-state contractors talking about getting pulled over in Crystal City, and having their truck searched.  The contractors were saying that was the last time they would ever give consent for a search, it took them about an hour to get all of their tools and equipment back into all of the correct compartments on their truck.  The police in Texas are mean, they are just shy of being psychopaths, they are just as bad or worse than criminals.

Every business, grocery store, gas station, and restaurant in Crystal City and Carrizo Springs was dirty and grungy.  The population in Crystal City and Carrizo Springs was about 85% Hispanic.  There were some big cultural differences.  At all but one of the restaurants in Crystal City and Carrizo Springs, the waitresses were very slow to take my order because I was white, they were very lazy and shitty about taking my order.  For everybody, at every restaurant but one, it would take about one hour to get your food.  The cooks were very lazy and had a very bad attitude.

The oil field south of Carrizo Springs was right on the border with Mexico.  Mexicans walked across the border through the oil fields every day.  The oil field workers told me to not ever leave keys in your truck, not ever leave your truck running, a Mexican will run out of the bushes and take your truck, and you will have a long, long walk to get back to the highway.  Though it was prohibited by Anadarko and Chesapeake Energy, most of the oil field workers carried guns with them every day.

In the summer, working out in the dry scrub brush, the temperature was 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  Some of the ranches around the oil field were 1,000 acres, about half of them had their own airplane runways.  Because of the heat, the barrenness, the remoteness, and the comparitive wealth of the white ranchers, who were in the extreme minority, the white ranchers were just out of their minds.

In businesses around Crystal City and Carrizo Springs, there were official signs that said it was a crime to hold illegal immigrants against their will and force them to work.  Apparently, the wealthy white ranchers used to “catch” illegal immigrants crossing their property, and then not let them leave, and force them to work.  It was discovered that one rancher had dug a hole that was about twenty-five feet in diameter and ten feet deep, when he saw a Mexican crossing his ranch, he would just shoot them and throw them in the hole.  He had about twenty dead Mexicans in his hole when it was discovered.

The Texans at Anadarko were crazy.  The wealthy white ranchers were crazy.  The 85% Hispanic population did not like whites, and their culture was very different.  For me, it was like Vietnam in the movie “Apocalypse Now”.  The local people did not want the whites there.  The police were psychopath crazy, and were going after the out-of-state workers every day.  Out in the oil field, I had to look up and look around about every 60 seconds to make sure no Mexicans were sneaking up on me to try to take my vehicle.  It’s 120 degrees, and the Anadarko people are acting like this is just great and let’s have a barbeque.

It doesn’t surprise me that the FBI arrested the city attorney, the mayor, the assistant mayor, and the entire city council, except for one councilman.  This area was so remote, and isolated, that they had their own way of doing things, which was what ever they wanted.  Dickinson is not that bad, but there are a lot of similarities.