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Caturbate, Live Nude Cat Models

Shortly after I found the live nude models on the website “Chaturbate” six months ago, I began thinking that there should be a website “Caturbate” for cats to watch.

I was thinking, cats who live in a rural area, they might not have a chance to meet other cats. Then I was thinking, what about cats who live in the city in an apartment, not only do they not get to go outside, they have even less of a chance to meet other cats.

Also, it is often dangerous for cats to go outside to try to meet other cats, they could get attacked by a dog, run over by a car when trying to cross the street, or get into a fight with another cat.

One time in Idaho, my male cat named “Batman”, he went to a party/barn dance, and he got beat up by a group of male cats for dancing on his hind legs.

For each live nude cat model on Caturbate, they could have a list of how many tokens they charge, like this:

  • Get petted…………………….5 tokens
  • Play with toy mouse………8 tokens
  • Play with bird on string…..10 tokens
  • Eat canned cat food………..15 tokens
  • Take off collar………………….20 tokens
  • Go outside……………………….25 tokens

Just in case someone already created a website of live nude cat models named “Caturbate”, I did an internet search, and sure enough, this website already exists:  https://caturbate.com/ WAIT!!!!  STOP!!!  I was tricked!!!

When I clicked on the link https://caturbate.com/ , the first page that comes up has a gallery of cats, in the same exact format and template as the live nude human site Chaturbate.  However, when you click on one of the cat photographs in the Gallery of Caturbate, it doesn’t take you to cat videos, it takes you to Chaturbate human models.

For the time being, if you want to see a cat being petted in Amsterdam where they don’t have the same laws as in the U.S., here are some links:


I Caught Hannah Lee Duggan And Took Her Home With Me

At the industrial job site where I work in North Dakota, most of my coworkers like the feral cats that hang around. They each have their own unique personality, idiosyncracies, and behaviors that we observe. How they fit in, socialize, and interact with other cats, other animals, and us.

When the site is not busy, we are able to put food out for the cats. We don’t want the cats hanging around when the site is busy, because we don’t want them to get run over by vehicles, tractor trucks, or heavy equipment.

The male cats seem to be the most wary of people, always acting like they think that someone is going to do something to them. Which is good, because we might have some oddball worker from another company who might do something mean to a cat, especially a feral cat.

The female cats seem to be more ready to accept food from us, and wanting for us to give them something to eat, whereas the male cats try to act like they don’t need our food. This all changes in the winter though when there is less natural prey for the cats and it becomes, very, very cold.

The smallest female cat at the site, is actually the most dominant cat. She does not hesitate to chase after and attack any other cat that is not doing what it is supposed to be doing, in her opinion. She is kind of like Judge Judy, she is always putting the other cats in their place.

In February or March of 2020, we noticed that the Judge Judy cat was becoming fatter and fatter, it became obvious that she was pregnant. We were glad that this happened when it did, because she would be able to give birth when it got warmer in May.

One or two of my coworkers asked me to try to find out when and where this Judge Judy cat had her kittens, because they wanted to take one of them home with them. When this cat became much, much smaller suddenly, and we knew that she must have had her kittens, she hid them so well, that we never could find them.

It wasn’t until late June, quite a long time to keep kittens hidden, that the mother cat brought her kittens out into the open. They appeared to be about six to eight weeks old. Several times each day, we saw this mother cat bring mice, other small rodents, and birds back to her kittens. She was a very good hunter. There were four kittens.

In late July, the mother cat was down to three kittens. We don’t know what happened to the fourth kitten. It could have been an owl, a hawk, or a coyote that killed her other kitten. At least her other kittens were getting bigger, so they would be less likely to be carried away by an owl or a hawk. Here is a photo of the three kittens at this time:

In the photograph above, the grey and white kittens were male, and the tan and white kitten was female. It became obvious for a number of reason who the father was. Each kitten was a mix between the father and mother cat, as you can see from this photo:

As winter was approaching, I was concerned about what was going to happen to these cats. At this job site, it gets down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. To be clear, I am talking about 40 degrees below zero degrees, and that’s not even including the wind-chill effect.

I thought about it, and I believed that if I could get some of these feral cats to come and sit inside of the office trailer to warm up when I was at work, that it might help them to not be under stress from the cold all the time.

In early October, it was already getting down to 7 degrees Fahrenheit. So I began tricking the kittens into the office trailer, by putting food just inside the door, then closing the door behind them. I even tricked the mother cat into the office trailer a couple of times. I didn’t listen to their complaints, and eventually they would calm down, and go sit down:

The female kitten, I named “Hannah Lee Duggan”, after the YouTuber Hannah Lee Duggan because their markings were exactly the same, white and tan.

The bad thing about inviting/trapping Hannah Lee Duggan inside of the office trailer, was that she pooped on the floor. You had to watch her the whole time. In order to not have to keep track of her, I picked her up to put her in a chair, and she pooped all over.

One day after having a few days off from work, when I returned to work, the two male kittens were nowhere to be found. This was highly unusual because each of the kittens always stayed together and played together throughout the day. At first, I thought that either a site worker did something to them, or an animal had gotten them. But after a few days of asking around if anyone had seen them, it became to appear more likely that these two male kittens had climbed up inside someone’s car engine, and had been driven away to who knows where.

This was very sad that the mother Judge Judy cat had put so much work into hiding, feeding, and raising these kittens, and now there was only one that had survived, the female kitten Hannah Lee Duggan.

I didn’t know how I was going to take Hannah Lee Duggan back to my house, because she kept shitting everywhere. I brought a cat litter box and cat litter to the office trailer to see if Hannah Lee Duggan would use the litter box, and she did. The next day I was going to bring in a cat carrier and catch Hannah Lee Duggan and take her home with me. Also, there was a fairly large gash on Hannah’s side, that I didn’t know what it was from, it may have been an owl or a hawk had tried to carry her away.

The following day, I had Hannah Lee Duggan inside of the office trailer with me. I kept her inside because I wanted to be able to grab her when I got ready to leave for the day. A couple of times during the day she had gone into the open cat carrier by herself, but I didn’t want to lock her in it too early, so that she could use the litter box.

Twenty minutes before I had to leave for home, was when I grabbed Hannah Lee Duggan to stuff her inside of the cat carrier. She didn’t want to go in, and she began shitting everywhere, on my pants, on my shoes, everywhere. I was about ready to give up, I didn’t need this aggravation, so in anger I grabbed her very forcefully with heavy gloves on, and shoved her ass inside the cat carrier no matter how much she protested. Once she was in, she didn’t have much to say.

Hannah did not have much to say on the nearly one hour drive home. I had already prepared another cat litter box with litter in the living room of my house, and I put the cat carrier with Hannah in it, right in front of the litter box for a few minutes before I let her out of the cat carrier.

She stepped out of the cat carrier like she wasn’t upset, stretched, and then she walked over to and under the sofa. I let her stay under the sofa for several hours without bothering her. Then I tried to get her to come out, because if you let cats get into the habit of hiding under furniture, that is what they will do for the rest of her life.

When I got Hannah to come out from under the sofa, she walked around normal for a few minutes, then she found something else to go hide under. I would only let her stay under something for a few hours, before I would try to get her to come out. I saw that she was using the litter box. She was using the litter box so much, that I had to clean the litter box at least twice per day.

After a few days of clean water and normal cat food, Hannah’s digestive problems seemed to clear up. Everything was a first, grabbing her and putting her on the sofa, was the first time that she had ever been on a sofa. Scratching her head, her neck, and her chin was the first time that anyone had ever scratched her.

Soon, Hannah realized that she liked being petted and scratched, and she was always coming over to me wanting to be petted and scratched. Then, she realized that she liked being held, and that she would much rather sleep beside me, or on top of me.

Now, Hannah is sometimes a nuisance, because she persistently wants to climb on top of me, kiss me on the mouth, and wedge herself up under my chin, kneading her needle-like claws into my neck.

This is quite a change for Hannah, not having to be afraid of coyotes, owls, and hawks trying to catch her, not being out in the wind, the rain, the snow, and the cold. She is behaving fairly well, not tearing anything up yet. I might try to catch her mother, the Judge Judy cat, we will see.

I Am Troubled And Disappointed With My Siamese Cat

In October of 2018 I brought a six week old male Siamese kitten home from the job site where I was working.  I didn’t want a cat, and no pets are allowed in the building where I live, but I couldn’t leave this kitten at the job site after he wound up there by riding in a truck engine, because he was too small to survive.  An owl or a pack of coyotes would have eaten him on the first night there.

Because this kitten didn’t try to scratch or bite me when I took him out of the truck engine, put him in my vehicle, and drove home with him, I thought that he was going to be well behaved.  When I saw that he always used the cat litter box to poop and urinate, I thought that he was going to be a good cat.

He was a nice looking cat, but he was small.  When I went to the Woofta pet store and the Pet Palace pet store in Dickinson to buy him some cat toys, I asked the store personnel if they placed cats for adoption, because I didn’t know if I could keep this cat, I am not supposed to have any pets in my apartment.

At first, I was looking forward to getting home from work to see my kitten, but pretty soon I wasn’t any longer.  I have to leave for work at about 4 a.m., and I don’t get home until about 7 p.m., that is fifteen hours that I am gone.  One of the first things that I would do each morning was make sure that the cat had a full bowl of food and water, and one of the first things that I would do when I got home at night was make sure that the cat had a full bowl of food and water.

I would leave each of my bedroom and bathroom doors open while I was gone so that the cat could run around the entire apartment, play with his toys, and look out the windows.  During the day while I was gone, he would knock items off my chest of drawers, bathroom shelves, and claw up paper towel and toilet paper rolls.

When I get home at night, I only have a little over an hour to fix something to eat, go through bills, and check my e-mail if I am going to get even seven hours of sleep at night.  While I would try to eat, the cat would try to take my napkin, knock over my drink, take my food, and knock over my plate.  I would push the cat away and tell him “no”, but he would come right back.

When I would try to pay bills, the cat would try to take my pen, take my envelope, take my stamps, and knock everything off the table.  He would kick my pile of bills that I had organized, all over the floor.  He would try to jump in my lap, climb on top of me, and bite me.

Sometimes, after a very long and tiring day, after interfering with me eating dinner, interfering with me paying bills, and jumping on me when I was trying to use the computer, the cat climbing up my back sticking his claws in me would be enough for me to be about ready to kill the cat.  I don’t mean this figuratively, in a moment like that, I was ready to kill this cat.

If I would have been living in a house, with a yard, I would have put this cat outside after he ate his dinner, so that I could be left alone, and he could go outside and play.  But because of the apartment building that I live in, it would not be easy to put this cat outside, nor would it be safe for him, partly because of the risk of getting hit by a car, but also because now it is below 0 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

The cat was an even bigger problem when I tried to go to sleep at night.  I would take the cat with me to bed, or I would leave the bedroom door open.  As soon as I was falling asleep, the cat would begin stalking me and making attacks.  He would run and leap on the bed, usually running up to my face and lightly scratching or biting my face.  Sometimes he would climb up on a chest of drawers and leap on top of me when I was asleep.

I began having to shut the cat out of my bedroom when I tried to sleep, because he kept waking me up with his attacks, and I was also worried that he was going to damage one of my eyes because he kept lightly scratching and biting my face, and a few times not so lightly.  There was a time or two when this cat bit me on my face too hard, and I lost my temper, and I was ready to kill this cat.

Because I was losing my temper so bad with this cat, many times I thought about trying to take him to one of the pet stores in Dickinson to place him for adoption.  I felt bad about this, because they already have a lot of nice cats and kittens that they are holding for adoption, that would make nice pets.  Though this Siamese cat is nice looking, he is not very nice, he has some behavior problems, and he wouldn’t make a very nice pet.

Growing up, my family bought kittens from breeders and adopted stray cats.  Neither the kittens that we bought, the stray kittens that we adopted, or the adult stray cats that we adopted, none of them attacked me or my family members like this Siamese cat.  None of my parents’ friends’ cats or our neighbors’ cats attacked people like this Siamese cat.

As an adult, none of the other stray cats that I have adopted or my room mates’ cats have attacked people like this Siamese cat.  I think that this Siamese cat, and possibly his brothers and sisters, were dropped off somewhere and not placed in homes because of their behavior problems.

This Siamese cat acts somewhat like a raccoon or spider monkey in its habit of trying to move objects around, knock objects over, and get into everything to move things around.  It is funny for a little while, but it becomes tiresome having to pick up after it all the time.

I got very angry with this cat a couple of weeks ago for biting me and running around in my apartment being destructive, so I put it outside the apartment building for the first time, when it was 25 degrees Fahrenheit outside.  I didn’t care if the cat went off and never came back, or if it got run over by a car, it was being a jerk, I was tired of it.

Being outside, the cat panicked immediately.  It began jumping into the glass door trying to get back inside.  It began howling very loudly at other apartment residents’ windows.  I wanted the cat to go away, but it wouldn’t leave.  After about five or ten minutes, I went outside to get the cat because it wasn’t coping with being outside, it was behaving like a wounded animal.  I tried to call it and pick it up, but the cat was acting like it didn’t know me when I picked it up, it was like it was panicked and out of its mind, like a wild, feral cat.

I tried to call the Dickinson animal control department to ask them to come and get this cat.  I explained that I was tired of this cat biting me, that I had put it outside hoping that it would go away, but since it didn’t go away, I went outside to get it, and now it was acting like it didn’t know me, like it was a wild cat.  It was the weekend, and the animal control department didn’t have anyone on duty to come and get this cat.

I put some heavy gloves on, and I went outside and picked up this cat, and I took it back inside, though I didn’t want it.  I wished that it would have gone away to find some place else to live.

I believe that this cat has got something wrong with it.  I thought that this must be like having your own kid or an adopted kid that has got something wrong with it.  You feed it, you house it, you take care of it, but it is ungrateful, destructive, and it attacks you.  You don’t want it, but you are kind of stuck with it.

I may try to place this cat for adoption, but I don’t want to do this because it has behavior problems.  I don’t think that an adoptive family would keep it for very long once it tried to bite or scratch some woman’s or child’s face.  Putting this cat up for adoption, it might soon end up being turned over to animal control to be euthanized, or someone might think that it was funny to take it in order to feed it their python or boa constrictor.

Cats And Kittens For Adoption At Woofta Pet Store In Dickinson, North Dakota

About ten days ago I took home a stray six week old Siamese kitten from the job site where I work.  On the drive home and on the first night at my apartment, this kitten was very well behaved.  On the second night, and thereafter, this kitten was overactive in biting me and climbing on me when I was trying to use my computer, eat, and sleep.

I thought that this kitten did not have enough to do, so I went to the Woofta Pet Store in Dickinson to buy him some toys.  I had not been to the Woofta Pet Store in Dickinson for about three years.  I remembered that they had some pets for sale inside their store, but I had not remembered that they had so many cats and kittens in their store that were up for adoption.

Right when I walked in, they had the largest cat that I have ever seen in a cage all by himself.  He was larger than most wild Bobcats.  It looked like he weighed at least thirty pounds, and his hind feet were larger than most dog hind feet.  He appeared to be about ten years old.

I asked the manager of the pet store what kind of cat this was, and she said that they didn’t know, he had been a stray alley cat that someone had caught.  He didn’t look up, move, or pay any attention to me.

The next cat that I saw, was the 2nd largest cat that I had ever seen.  He was a very healthy looking orange cat, with bright green eyes.  He came over to the bars of the cage he was in, and looked at me.  I couldn’t believe that someone put this cat up for adoption, he was such a nice looking, big, healthy cat.

I went and looked at the other cats and kittens in the cages throughout the store.  A few of these cats, had slight injuries, like a couple of toes missing.  I would have liked to have taken four or five of these cats with me, and I certainly could have if I was back at my home in Idaho on five acres.  But at my apartment in Dickinson, I was not permitted to have any animals at all in the building where I lived.

I told one of my friends about the cats and kittens that I had seen, and he would have probably wanted to adopt one of them, but he already has a dog and a cat that were abandoned.

I had intended to go back to the Woofta Pet Store sooner, to ask to take a video of the largest cat that I had ever seen, and the second largest cat that I had ever seen, but I did not get back there until today.  Both of these cats had been adopted.  I was sorry that they weren’t there, but I was glad that they both got adopted.

I had intended to make a video of these two particular cats, to get people’s attention about what cats they had at the Woofta Pet Store in Dickinson, but since they weren’t there, I made a video of the other cats and kittens:


I Wanted To Name My Cat After Dan Porter

On Monday, October 22, I pulled a six week old Siamese kitten out of the engine of a new Ford F350 pickup truck at the job site where I was working.  The driver of this truck did not want this kitten, and she said that she lived next door to a bar where there were a lot of stray kittens.

At the time, I was sure that this kitten was going to scratch and bite me, struggle and get away from me, so I put it on the front seat of my Jeep Cherokee and I shut the door.  I didn’t want it to get loose on the job site, because it was dangerous, it would get run over, and there were several packs of coyotes that lived close to this job site, they came through every night and they would eat this six week old kitten.

I realized that this kitten hadn’t tried to scratch or bite me, or tried to get away.  It sat calmly in the driver’s seat where I put it, and later it went and sat on the center console.  When I got off work and was driving back to Dickinson where I live, about half way through this more than one hour drive, this kitten climbed up the sleeve of my sweatshirt and it sat on my shoulder, looking out the window for the rest of the drive home.

I had to stop at the Family Dollar store to buy cat litter, a litter box, cat food, and cat food bowls.  I had gotten a cardboard box out of the dumpster at the job site before I left, and I carried this kitten up to my apartment in this cardboard box.  I put this kitten in the bathroom with the litter box, some water, and some cat food.  When I checked on it an hour later, it had eaten its food, drank some water, and it had pooped in the litter box.

I left the bathroom door open, and the kitten walked out to the living room and it did a little bit of exploring. Then it climbed up the lazy boy chair where I was sitting, and onto my shoulder where it sat for a while purring, then it climbed to the top of the back of the chair and went to sleep.

Early in the morning, about an hour before I had to wake up to go to work, the kitten came into the bedroom where I was sleeping, and it lay on top of my head on the pillows behind my head.  In order to turn over, I had to give up my pillows to the cat.

When I was driving to work that morning, and when I was at work that day, I was thinking that I wanted to keep this kitten, that it would be good company.  It seemed to be a particularly good and well behaved cat.  It didn’t try to scratch or bite me, get away from me, panic and go crazy in the car, or run around my apartment getting into everything.  And it was a big relief that it didn’t hesitate to go use the litter box several times, rather than pee or poop on the floor.

I was thinking about what to name this cat, it appeared to be a male.  I didn’t want to stick it with some stupid name, that would adversely affect its personality and the way people treated it.  I thought about what qualities and characteristics this cat had, and a fitting name based on these things.  After several hours, I decided to name it after Dan Porter.

Dan Porter, for those of you who don’t know, owns a Toyota/Honda car dealership in Dickinson, North Dakota, and he has financially supported many community projects and charity events.

So I decided to name this cat Dan Porter, but in order to not confuse this cat by using two names, I would have to say it as one word, Danporter.  For example, “Danporter leave that electrical cord alone!”

Now, when I took this cat to the veterinarian to get shots, I would tell them that the name of this cat was Dan Porter, and that he was a Methodist.  That way, he would get more respect and better medical treatment, because they would think that he was somehow related to Dan Porter, and I wouldn’t tell them anything different.


But once I got home from work on Tuesday, this cat acted very, very bad climbing up my back many times while I was eating, and later scratching and biting me when I was already mad at it and trying to sleep.  So I don’t know what I am going to name this cat now, because this doesn’t act like Dan Porter.


I Almost Killed This Cat

Yesterday evening at work, I pulled a six week old Siamese kitten out of a truck engine.  The driver of the truck did not want this kitten, and she said that she lived next door to a bar, that had a lot of stray cats outside, that she didn’t think that this kitten belonged to anyone.

I wrote in yesterday’s blog post that this kitten didn’t try to scratch or bite me, and I put it in my Jeep Cherokee while I continued to work.  This work site was not a safe place to let this kitten go, there are several packs of coyotes nearby, that come onto the site every night.  After work, halfway through the long drive back to Dickinson where I live, this kitten climbed up my sweatshirt sleeve, it sat on my shoulder fairly still, and it looked out the window at the sights.

I stopped at the Family Dollar store to buy cat litter, a litter box, cat food, and cat food bowls.  I put this kitten in my apartment bathroom with a bowl of water, some cat food, and the litter box.  When I checked on this kitten after about an hour, it had eaten all of its food, drank some water, and it had used the litter box.  I was glad that it knew how to use the litter box.

At the apartment building where I live, pets are not allowed.  I didn’t know how or if I was going to be able to keep this kitten.  When I let it out of the bathroom, it explored the apartment some, but it didn’t go crazy running around everywhere and getting into everything.  It came and sat on top of the back of my lazy boy chair where I was sitting, and it went to sleep for several hours.

Later that first night, this kitten came and sat on top of my head and the pillows where I was sleeping, which caused me to give up my pillows.  Like I wrote yesterday, I have to get up at 3:30 a.m. because I have a long drive to work far outside of Dickinson.  When I got up, this kitten started meowing loudly, so I gave it some more cat food.  I didn’t want this kitten to keep meowing so loudly that the neighbors would hear him.

When I left my apartment at 4:15 a.m., I left this kitten out in the living room rather than shutting him in the bathroom or a spare bedroom where he could do less damage, because if he were confined in a room he might meow all morning and cause the neighbors to complain to the apartment building manager.

Today, driving to work and while I was at work, I thought that I wanted to try to keep this kitten, he was so well behaved, so little trouble, that I thought he would be good company.  I thought of a name for him, and I looked forward to seeing him when I got home.

I didn’t leave work until 6:15 p.m., and I didn’t get back into Dickinson until a little after 7:30 p.m.  I stopped to pick up some carry-out food, I had not eaten all day.  Remember, I left home to go to work at 4:15 a.m., and I was not getting home from work until after 7:30 p.m., that’s fifteen hours later.

When I got back to my apartment and went inside, I could see that the kitten had used his litter box, and he was sitting on the back of the lazy boy chair.  Everything appeared to be fine, but he started meowing very loudly, so I had to stop what I was doing and feed him first to get him to shut up.  I don’t want to get kicked out of my apartment and have to move because the neighbors complain that I have a cat.

When I sat down to eat, finally, the kitten climbed up my back to play around on my shoulders and on top of my head.  This was funny the first time, the second time, and the third time, but by the fourth time and the fifth time, I was getting tired of it because I was hungry, I was trying to eat, I was tired, and I was becoming angry from the nuisance and getting clawed again and again.  I thought about putting the kitten in the bathroom or the spare bedroom, but he would start meowing so loudly that I would have to let him out right away.

Soon, I was angry enough to where I was about to throw this kitten as hard as I could against the wall, in order to make it not exist anymore.  No more worry about the neighbors hearing loud meowing, getting evicted from my apartment, the work of having to move and carry everything out of my two-bedroom apartment, and find a new apartment.  No more having to deal with this kitten, getting woken up by it, having to feed it, having it get in the way of my dinner.

I was sorry that I was so angry from this kitten that I wanted to kill it.  I put my food away, and I went to bed.  I thought that I had better try to call the Oreo animal rescue people tomorrow to try give them this kitten.  The kitten sat out in the living room for about an hour.  I didn’t shut the bedroom door, because the kitten would just start meowing loudly.

After about an hour, the kitten came into my bedroom, and began climbing on me and biting me for about an hour.  Ever since I was a kid, I had cats, and I can not ever remember a cat or a kitten even trying once to climb up my back when I was eating, or climbing onto my bed and trying to bite and scratch me for an hour when I was trying to sleep.

I couldn’t believe how bad this kitten was acting, it was such a change from yesterday.  After he had eaten a lot of cat food, had a safe place to stay, and had gotten some rest, he was the worst cat ever.

The Kitten That I Brought Home

I have to get up in the morning at 3:30 a.m., because I have a long drive to work, at an industrial site far away from Dickinson, North Dakota where I live.  For the first nine months of this particular work assignment, there were very few people at this site, which is located out in the middle of nowhere.

Several years ago, all of the wildlife in the area realized that there was no hunting on this industrial site.  There was no hunting allowed on this location, because of the risk of damage being done to the equipment by any stray bullets.  Several herds of deer, several packs of coyotes, several foxes, dozens of rabbits, a handful of feral cats, many pheasants, some badgers, and even a wolverine, yes a wolverine, began living at this location.

Not only did all these wild animals move to this location, these wild animals began to have a certain amount of trust towards me and my few fellow co-workers.  In fact, some animals like the pheasants, actually preferred to stay close to where we were, sensing that neither the hunters nor the coyotes would come after them when we were around.  Some of the rabbits would come within three or four feet of us while they were eating grass, believing that the coyotes, owls, eagles and other predators would not try to get them when we were there.

When me or my other co-workers did not want to finish eating the food that we had, we would leave the leftover food in a certain spot for the feral cats.  I felt very bad for the feral cats, they were skinny and not in very good physical condition.  The feral cats did not have any place warm to go when it got to be -10, -20, -30 degrees Fahrenheit.  I felt that at least they could have our leftover food in the Winter.

Late this Summer, everything changed at this industrial site where I work.  There were so many workers, that the rules had to change.  Every day now, there are a couple of safety specialists, and environmental specialists at this site, who are there to monitor and observe everything that goes on.  Their instructions to me, were that me and my co-workers could no longer feed the feral cats, as this would be considered interfering with the native wildlife.

What was even more upsetting to me, was that some of the new workers actually started doing mean things to the feral cats, rabbits, and pheasants on site, to the animals that used to have a certain amount of trust towards the people who worked on this site, that they weren’t going to harm them, and that they were protected.  I am not going to dwell on this at the moment, it is just a fact that some North Dakotans get enjoyment out of hurting and killing animals like cats, prairie dogs, rabbits, pheasants, and deer.

I like cats, but I can’t really have a cat, because pets are not allowed in the apartment building where I live, and I am really just here in North Dakota temporarily for work.  I left a cat back home at my house in Idaho, and I paid the neighbor to feed him, but supposedly he got run over by a car.  I felt bad that I pretty much nearly abandoned this cat in Idaho, but I wanted him to be able to stay on his five acres of land, and I paid a neighbor to feed him, which I felt was the best that I could do for him.

I would like to have a cat, but I shouldn’t have one.  Today at work, at 4:30 p.m, I heard a radio announcement that a lottery jackpot has now grown to $1.5 billion.  I thought to myself, if I won this lottery jackpot, and a reporter asked me what I was going to do with all of this money, I would say, “I am going to get a cat, and then a girlfriend.”

At 5:15 p.m. today, one of the worker’s wives drove up to the site entrance in a new Ford F350 pickup truck.  I walked over to her to ask her if she was here to pick someone up, and she said yes, her husband.  I could barely hear her, because there was this cat screaming Meow!, Meow!, Meow!  I said to this lady, do you have a cat in your truck, and she said no.  I said pop the hood, and she didn’t know what I was talking about, but I knew there was a cat stuck up in the truck engine.

I went and got my work gloves because I was sure I was going to get bit and scratched, I pulled the hood release, undid the hood safety latch, and told her to turn off the truck engine while I went digging for this cat, it was under the air cleaner box.  Within about thirty seconds, a six week old kitten climbed out from behind the radiator, and I grabbed him.

This woman, her husband, and some of the other workers thought that this was funny, it appeared that they did not dislike cats.  I asked her about where she lived, to try to determine if this was one of her neighbor’s cats.  She said, no, she lived next door to a bar, where there were a lot of homeless cats.  I asked her and her husband if they wanted this cat, and they said no, not really.

I put this six week old kitten, which appeared to be a Siamese cat, on the front seat of my Jeep Cherokee, because I was not off duty yet.  If it pissed and pooped in my Jeep, this Jeep only cost me $500, so it was not that big a deal.  It sat down on the center console, and behaved pretty well.  Also, it had not tried to bite me or scratch me.

Ordinarily, I would have just put this cat on the ground and let it go.  But for one thing, this was not a cat, it was only a six week old kitten.  Second, some of the workers on this location were doing mean things to the feral cats, rabbits, and pheasants.  Third, the coyotes, the wolverine, an owl, an eagle, or other predator would have gotten this kitten this very night.

I don’t know what I am going to do with this kitten.  I would like to keep him, because he is pretty well behaved.  Halfway back to Dickinson, he came out of hiding, climbed up my arm onto my shoulder, and sat on my shoulder quietly all the way back to Dickinson and through town, just looking out the window.

I put him in my bathroom with a litter box, some water, and some cat food for about an hour when I first got home.  He drank some water, ate all of his food, and he pooped in the litter box.  So, I don’t have to worry as much as I thought I would about him using the litter box.

Here is a short video of him, he didn’t stay in this basket long:

A Change In Millie The Cat

The headline photograph shows Millie the cat sitting beside me on the sofa at my former roommate’s house this past Sunday.  This photograph may seem ordinary to you, but Millie the cat would not come out from hiding for 13 years of the 15 years that she has been alive.

Millie was the offspring of a barn cat, who was adopted as a kitten by my former roommate’s sister.  Possibly because Millie was a barn cat, or possibly because of some kind of personality disorder, Millie was not oriented to humans, and did not become habituated to humans.

Millie would hide, and not come out from hiding when people were around.  After several years of not being a social cat, and not being a very good pet, Millie was given to my former roommate’s parents, who were in their late 70s.

Because her new owners were not very able bodied or agile, and did not have very much energy as they aged into their 80s, Millie the cat just stayed hidden in closets, and under beds, because she did not want to be around humans, and no humans came after her to try to get her.  Millie wanted things this way, and her owners didn’t try to make her do anything different.

When my former roommate’s parents became 90 years old, they had to move into a nursing home.  I helped my roommate move his parents’ furniture and belongings for a couple of days.  I heard that there was a cat inside his parents’ two bedroom apartment, but I found this hard to believe, because I had never seen this cat.

On about the third day of moving his parents out of their apartment, my former roommate brought a cat carrying crate into the living room of his house, and dropped it onto the floor. He was so tired from moving furniture, dealing with the apartment landlord, and dealing with the nursing home, that he just dropped the crate on the floor, and didn’t even let the cat out.  He didn’t really want this cat.

According to him, this cat was so messed up in the head, no one would want it, you couldn’t get anybody to take it, and if you took it to the animal shelter they would just euthanize it right away, because it was not adoptable, it wasn’t even tame.

When he let the cat out of the crate, it just ran and hid.  It stayed hidden for several days.  I asked my former roommate if it had escaped because I had not seen it.  He said no, it’s here somewhere, it will never go outside, it’s too scared to go outside.

On about the fourth day, I went looking for the cat, and it was hiding under my former roommate’s bed.  I said some things to the cat, and it didn’t want to hear anything that I had to say.  After about two weeks, the cat would come out and sit on the top of the bed, if no one was around.  If you tried to enter the bedroom, it would jump down, and run under the bed.

I would try to sneak up on the cat and grab it, but it would jump down and go under the bed before I could even get to it.  On about the fifth week, the cat didn’t get under the bed fast enough, and I caught it by one of its hind legs and tail.  I took it out to the living room and it was hissing, scratching, biting, and spitting.  I put it down on the sofa, and I tried to pet it, but it got away in less than a minute.

Almost every day, I would try to catch the cat, and it didn’t like it.  If it was half asleep, or it didn’t get far enough under the bed, I would reach under the bed after it, grab a leg or its tail, and pull it out.  As time passed, I was able to keep this cat with me on the sofa a little longer each day, though it hissed and spit.

After about six months of living with us, when my former roommate and I were watching television and talking, the cat would quietly come out of the bedroom, and sit about six feet behind us.  At this time, my roommate decided to name this cat “Millie”, because he said that it acted like a Millie.  This cat had not had a name before, though it was about 13 years old.

After about one year of living with us, this cat would come out of the bedroom, sit six feet behind us when we were watching television, and after waiting ten to twenty minutes it would come and act like it wanted to sit on the sofa with me.  I would call the cat and coax it, it would hesitate, stretch, and then come and sit on the sofa with me.

I moved out of this house in the Spring of 2017, to move into an apartment building in downtown Dickinson.  I have not lived in this house for about one year now.  When I go to visit, Millie the cat who is now about 15 years old, will come out of the bedroom, and come and sit with me on the sofa.  This most recent visit, Millie liked to be petted and petted, but she was never like this when she was younger, she wouldn’t even come out from hiding when people were around.