Supreme Court Decision Leads To Secession Or Civil War

On Friday December 11, I saw that the Supreme Court has declined to hear the complaint from the State of Texas regarding voting irregularities in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

This decision by the Supreme Court surprised me almost as much as the presidential election itself.

What other court is there to arbitrate the law concerning this presidential election? Besides the voters themselves, if the legislators and governors of other states believe that there was wrong doing by another state, where is this complaint supposed to be heard and adjudicated?

Myself and millions of others have seen plenty of evidence that there was a great deal of fraudulent voting and vote counting in this presidential election, especially in the states where the election was close. A few examples of this are the video of hidden luggage containing thousands of ballots being pulled from under a table in Atlanta, a postal service truck driver testifying that he delivered hundreds of thousands of ballots from New Jersey to Pennsylvania that were mishandled, a batch of several hundred thousand 99% Biden votes being tabulated by a Dominion voting machine where the race had been close to 50%-50%.

There are thousands of people who have completed sworn affidavits describing the vote fraud and tabulation fraud that they witnessed. Rather than riot, make threats of violence, and make threats of retribution, millions of people were waiting anxiously to see everything come out in court. This was important not just to have a particular candidate win, but to see whether this election was fraudulent or valid.

It is ridiculous that the Supreme Court declined to hear the Texas complaint, which was supported in writing by at least eighteen other states. The purpose of the complaint was to begin addressing what happened in this election, as quickly as possible. The response of the Supreme Court, indicates that they have no interest in arbitrating the evidence of fraud in this election.

Myself and millions of others now believe that we can not trust or rely on the Supreme Court, Attorney General William Barr, the FBI, liberals, Democrats, the mainstream media, or the information tech companies to follow any rules, laws, or the Constitution because of their corruption and lies.

It is clear now that our differences are irreconcilable, and that we should separate ourselves from this corruption, lawlessness, disregard for the Constitution, and attempt to institute socialism.

The most civil and least violent way to separate, would be through a legal process where individual state legislatures declare their state’s intention to secede from the United States. Further, the conservative states should probably form a union into something like “The Conservative States Of America”.

Texas is perhaps the only state that could exist solely by itself if it wanted to secede from the United States, because Texas has sea ports, a border with a foreign country, international airports, energy resources, farming, industry, technology, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing. But most states would need to ally with other conservative states.

This legal secession of conservative states would be nonviolent if the Federal Government did not try to prevent this. If they did, then there would probably be a Civil War.

I perceive that most liberals and Democrats, do not realize the resolve of conservatives to not accept Joe Biden or Kamala Harris as President. I can see that liberals and Democrats do not realize that there is going to be a Civil War over this.

What the liberals, Democrats, Supreme Court Justices, Attorney General William Barr, the FBI, the mainstream media, and the information tech companies have not realized, is that all branches of the U.S. military and the National Security Agency will side with the conservatives, and there is no way that that the Federal Government can stop the secession or win a Civil War.

5 thoughts on “Supreme Court Decision Leads To Secession Or Civil War

  1. The Supreme Court has no domain over this issue. The US Constitution believed that the state legislators, as they are closest to the people, should have this right. It is our State Legislators, ie, your state senator and congressmen, who have the right to call back the electors and reassign new electors. Also, some of the present electors may choose to vote ‘unfaithfully’ against their state popular votes. When President Trump was elected, six of the electors voted against their states popular votes. Very interesting situation on our hands now. The state legislators need to step up, but will they?


    1. Julie,

      I will try to explain this a couple of different ways. First, the Attorney General of Texas who is a lawyer, and at least eighteen other Attorney Generals of eighteen other states, who are lawyers, wrote this complaint. Are you, and other people, trying to tell the rest of us that these nineteen very high level lawyers each with their own legal staff made an obvious blunder in filing this complaint? The answer is NO, these nineteen highly experienced attorneys appealed to the Supreme Court to accept this case.

      Two, should anyone have to belabor the obvious, if the State of Texas wishes to file a lawsuit against the State of Georgia, the State of Michigan, the State of Pennsylvania, and the State of Wisconsin, what are they supposed to do, file it at a county courthouse in the state to which they are seeking to file the lawsuit against? The State of Texas is accusing four other states of illegality within their own state legal system, what are they going to do, have this case heard in the state’s legal system, which is being accused of illegality?

      It is possible that there could be some Federal Court which may have been a possibility to hear this case, but considering the importance and time deadline, why would the State of Texas want to take a chance with anything other than the Supreme Court?

      In a simple analysis of the Supreme Court saying that “Texas does not have standing”, are they trying to say that Texas is not an affected party? That’s not true, Texas is affected by the outcome of a Presidential election being changed due to fraud, incompetence, errors in counting, or actions that were illegal. But I don’t think that this “does not have standing” is what the Supreme Court was referring to, but WTF, what do they mean?

      If you think about the cases that the Supreme Court has heard, such as Roe V. Wade, where the right of women to have an abortion was affirmed, or The Affordable Care Act, the affirmation of the Federal Government’s right to require people to have health insurance, the Supreme Court will go way, way out there on jurisdiction over these arguments, but not an actual dispute between States?

      As many people are saying now, “Why do we even have a Supreme Court?” Yes, I agree, why do we even have a Supreme Court, if this is how they are going to behave. Totally pointless.


  2. The Supreme Court is clearly not for the people or for the freedom are forefathers fight for. It saddens me. I would be proud to join the great people of Texas and all the other states that support our constitution. The Supreme Court should be held accountable and held for Treason. Maybe they should be defunded. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Democratic Party made or created COVID 19. How do we join this Civil War?


    1. Fredrick,

      It is not necessary or desirable to start a Civil War immediately. President Donald Trump may use an existing Executive Order on or shortly after December 18, that would require the U.S. Military to arrest all persons suspected to be involved in “foreign interference with a U.S. election”. It wouldn’t matter if they were a U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, Judge, member of a State legislature, campaign organizer, or poll worker, if they were involved in Presidential election fraud, they will likely be arrested and tried by a U.S. Military Court Of Law, not a civilian court.

      In the meantime, it would be helpful for as many conservatives as possible to begin discussing among themselves and informing others that there does not have to be a Civil War with violence and bloodshed, if the conservative States first go through their own legislatures to declare Secession from the United States and the formation of a Union of Conservative States. “Why try to break a door down, if it’s already unlocked?” The Federal Government may realize that it is not in a position to stop Secession of States, especially if the U.S. Military sides with conservative States.

      In a logical, reasonable, thinking way, try to discuss with as many people as possible the Secession of conservative States, in-person, through your own Facebook posts and through comments to other people’s Facebook posts, in comments to YouTube and Bitchute videos, on Twitter and Parler, in e-mails to your State’s U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives, State Representatives, Mayor, possibly even your Sheriff. Everyone needs the chance to think about this.

      If all else fails, Civil War will come.


  3. Conservatives love the United States of America, the liberals do not. Conservatives have invested their entire lives in the U.S.A. Conservatives should keep the country we love, and force the liberals to form their own countries. Encourage the liberals to leave and start countries with constitutions that they love. I’m not walking away from a country that my ancestors fought so hard to keep free. I’m not walking away from my social security and medicare that I paid into. That money is mine. It is not a government handout. Kick the liberals out!!!


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