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Governor Doug Burgum Will Probably Not Lead North Dakota In Its Secession

In my two previous blog posts, I explained that due to the U.S. Supreme Court refusing to hear the complaint from the State of Texas regarding voting irregularities in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, this will lead to either Civil War or a Secession of Conservative States.

North Dakota is one of the most conservative states, 65% of North Dakotans voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 Presidential Election. North Dakotans dislike Joe Biden, particularly because he has spoken in the past about banning hydraulic fracturing to extract oil, and blocking the construction of oil pipelines.

Ordinary North Dakotans can see for themselves that Joe Biden has dementia, not knowing what location he is speaking at, mis-stating that he is running for Senate, publicly speaking about the Democrat’s most advanced voter fraud organization ever, being unable to complete his sentences because he can’t remember his thoughts, names of people, and even words to use.

North Dakotans can also see the evidence of voter fraud during this Presidential Election, suitcases full of fake ballots hidden under a table in Atlanta, Republican vote observers being denied access in Pennsylvania, Dominion vote counting machines in Michigan having a built-in 68% failure rate to allow manual vote override by poll workers, and thousands of sworn depositions from people across the U.S. reporting voting fraud.

It is preposterous and intolerable that Joe Biden would be permitted to be sworn in as President on January 20, because of his dementia, massive widespread organized voter fraud, and evidence that Joe Biden has received millions of dollars in bribes from foreign countries through his drug-addict son Hunter Biden.

What is even more alarming, is that it appears that Joe Biden is just being used as a manipulatable pawn by U.S. politicians and Chinese politicians to implement Socialism in the United States. Why Democrats are seeking Socialism, I understand, but why the majority of Republican politicians, Supreme Court Justices, Department of Justice, and FBI are just standing by letting this happen, I don’t understand.

Who doesn’t recognize, that if this election fraud is allowed to happen now, where the Socialists gain power, that there will never be another free and honest election again? Socialism doesn’t allow dissent.

If North Dakotans are going to escape being ruled and controlled by a totalitarian Socialist government, the time to act is now, before the U.S. Military is dismantled. The only hope of Conservative States being able to Secede peacefully, is with the protection of the U.S. Military preventing a Federal Government response.

A little bit of a problem for North Dakota, is that Governor Doug Burgum will most likely not lead a Secession. Though Governor Doug Burgum came from a small town in North Dakota, he was allowed to attend Stanford University in California, where he became more and more involved with liberal elites, particularly Microsoft CEO Bill Gates.

Doug Burgum joined a company Great Plains Software in 1983, and he became its president in 1984. He sold the company to Microsoft for $1.1 billion in 2001. At Microsoft, Doug Burgum became the head of Microsoft Business Solutions. His friend and associate Bill Gates, is believed to be one of the evil masterminds behind a new One World Government.

Because of Governor Doug Burgum’s great personal wealth, and his friendships with liberal elites like Bill Gates, he doesn’t see a problem with the poor masses being stripped of all their rights, freedoms, and beliefs to become slaves under Socialism and a One World Government. Personally, Doug Burgum will not be affected by it, he might even have more peace and quiet when many North Dakotans are shipped off to the FEMA camps in railroad cars.

It is probably counter-productive to discuss Secession plans with Governor Doug Burgum. He is likely to be unsupportive, object, try to delay, and turn over the organizers and plans to the Federal Government.

Who will lead the Secession in North Dakota? I don’t know. And even if I did know, it would not be time yet to announce it. In a coming blog post, I will try to cover some of the things that North Dakotans need to begin planning to get ready for the Secession.

New Country The Conservative States Of America

Because the Supreme Court declined to hear the complaint from the State of Texas regarding voting irregularities in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, it looks like the American people are on their own in deciding how to handle this fraudulent Presidential Election.

It appears that the Supreme Court Justices, the Attorney General William Barr, the FBI, the mainstream media, information tech companies, liberals, and Democrats do not care about the law or the Constitution. They are corrupt liars, deceivers, and schemers, determined to install socialism in the United States.

Just because a handful of corrupt cities under liberal Democrat control were able to insert hundreds of thousands of illegal or made-up ballots into the vote count in four east coast states that didn’t have adequate supervision, does not make Joe Biden or Kamala Harris our President. This is a fraud, hijacking, and Treason. It’s Treason because it is an attempt to illegally subvert and overthrow the duly elected President of the United States.

This is like the hijacking of an airliner full of people by a few terrorists. Are we going to remain seated and allow this to happen? Are we going to remain seated and see what the terrorists are going to do with us?

But unlike a hijacked airline situation, we can get off this plane. We do not have to go along with this and wait and see where they are going to take us.

Without any violence or bloodshed, conservative states through their existing state legislatures could either have a popular vote within their state, or have a vote among the legislators themselves, to formally Secede from the United States. We don’t need permission from the Federal Government, at this point it’s like getting a divorce. Does a wife need to ask permission from her husband to get a divorce?

Hopefully, the conservative states that wish to Secede, would recognize that it would be beneficial to have a union of conservative states, to form something like “The Conservative States Of America”.

Below is a link to the Republican versus Democrat voting results for the 2020 Presidential Election:


As you can see from this map, the conservative states form the interior of the United States, and they are mostly contiguous to each other.

If I had to explain to someone from another country, the oddity that the states on the East Coast and the West Coast vote differently from the interior of the United States, it would be like this:

“The East Coast and the West Coast tend to be densely populated, with people crowded together in cities.  The people in these densely populate areas, the city-dwellers, they have given up much of their freedom, rights, liberties, and privacy.  For instance, every thing that they do tends to be strictly regulated, no smoking in public, severe parking enforcement, narrow allowance for animal ownership, noise restrictions, oppressive firearm laws, very limited personal space, forced reliance on public transportation.

The city-dwellers have given up many of their freedoms, rights, and liberties, but this is like a trade-off for them, because in allowing their lives to be so controlled by government, they expect the government to take care of them.  For instance, the city-dwellers expect rent controls, subsidized housing, public housing, public transportation, public welfare assistance, job training, job placement, jobs programs, food assistance, free healthcare, free day care, and free higher education.

In contrast, the interior of the United States is much less densely populated.  The people living in the interior of the United States, they resent and are suspicious of government scrutiny, control, or regulation.  They would prefer the government to leave them alone and stay out of their business as much as possible.

The people in the interior of the United States want as much control over their own personal lives and as much freedom as possible.  They are protective of their family, children, communities, way of life, religion, livelihoods, and want no outside interference.  They enjoy the outdoors, wide open spaces, freedom to do what they want, living apart from other people, engaging in their activities without interference from anyone.

As you can see, the East Coast and the West Coast are pro-big-government, and the interior of the U.S. is anti-big-government.  Can you see why the East Coast and the West Coast residents would be in favor of socialism, where the government controls everything?”

It is not necessary for the people living in conservative states to believe or be convinced of any bullshit about coming together and uniting for this cause of Secession.  They only need to recognize and be aware that they share a common goal, and that this goal is most likely to be achieved by working together.

It is a good idea for people in conservative states to think about what goals they have in common:

  • An adherence by government, courts, and public servants to the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights.
  • Fairness and diligence by the courts in upholding the U.S. Constitution and laws that have been passed.
  • No tolerance for corruption and graft in government, public office, or public servants.
  • Fair taxation and a tax code that is simple, easy to understand, and effective.
  • Only the least necessary amount of government regulation in all things, commerce, personal property, transportation, agriculture, education, healthcare, and public welfare.
  • Balanced state budgets with no deficit spending.
  • Public welfare with the intention of getting everyone to work to the fullest extent possible.
  • Goal of increasing or maintaining everyone’s standard of living through innovation, efficiency, elimination of waste, elimination of corruption, cooperation, fair policies, getting out of the way of business, and recognition of the importance of everyone working and having their own home.
  • Personal freedom in the pursuit of happiness.
  • Recognition of the traditional family unit as the important building block of neighborhoods, communities, towns, and states.

I hope that conservatives will consider and realize that now may be the last chance to separate from the socialist government intentions of the Federal Government, liberals, and Democrats.


Supreme Court Decision Leads To Secession Or Civil War

On Friday December 11, I saw that the Supreme Court has declined to hear the complaint from the State of Texas regarding voting irregularities in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

This decision by the Supreme Court surprised me almost as much as the presidential election itself.

What other court is there to arbitrate the law concerning this presidential election? Besides the voters themselves, if the legislators and governors of other states believe that there was wrong doing by another state, where is this complaint supposed to be heard and adjudicated?

Myself and millions of others have seen plenty of evidence that there was a great deal of fraudulent voting and vote counting in this presidential election, especially in the states where the election was close. A few examples of this are the video of hidden luggage containing thousands of ballots being pulled from under a table in Atlanta, a postal service truck driver testifying that he delivered hundreds of thousands of ballots from New Jersey to Pennsylvania that were mishandled, a batch of several hundred thousand 99% Biden votes being tabulated by a Dominion voting machine where the race had been close to 50%-50%.

There are thousands of people who have completed sworn affidavits describing the vote fraud and tabulation fraud that they witnessed. Rather than riot, make threats of violence, and make threats of retribution, millions of people were waiting anxiously to see everything come out in court. This was important not just to have a particular candidate win, but to see whether this election was fraudulent or valid.

It is ridiculous that the Supreme Court declined to hear the Texas complaint, which was supported in writing by at least eighteen other states. The purpose of the complaint was to begin addressing what happened in this election, as quickly as possible. The response of the Supreme Court, indicates that they have no interest in arbitrating the evidence of fraud in this election.

Myself and millions of others now believe that we can not trust or rely on the Supreme Court, Attorney General William Barr, the FBI, liberals, Democrats, the mainstream media, or the information tech companies to follow any rules, laws, or the Constitution because of their corruption and lies.

It is clear now that our differences are irreconcilable, and that we should separate ourselves from this corruption, lawlessness, disregard for the Constitution, and attempt to institute socialism.

The most civil and least violent way to separate, would be through a legal process where individual state legislatures declare their state’s intention to secede from the United States. Further, the conservative states should probably form a union into something like “The Conservative States Of America”.

Texas is perhaps the only state that could exist solely by itself if it wanted to secede from the United States, because Texas has sea ports, a border with a foreign country, international airports, energy resources, farming, industry, technology, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing. But most states would need to ally with other conservative states.

This legal secession of conservative states would be nonviolent if the Federal Government did not try to prevent this. If they did, then there would probably be a Civil War.

I perceive that most liberals and Democrats, do not realize the resolve of conservatives to not accept Joe Biden or Kamala Harris as President. I can see that liberals and Democrats do not realize that there is going to be a Civil War over this.

What the liberals, Democrats, Supreme Court Justices, Attorney General William Barr, the FBI, the mainstream media, and the information tech companies have not realized, is that all branches of the U.S. military and the National Security Agency will side with the conservatives, and there is no way that that the Federal Government can stop the secession or win a Civil War.