New Country The Conservative States Of America

Because the Supreme Court declined to hear the complaint from the State of Texas regarding voting irregularities in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, it looks like the American people are on their own in deciding how to handle this fraudulent Presidential Election.

It appears that the Supreme Court Justices, the Attorney General William Barr, the FBI, the mainstream media, information tech companies, liberals, and Democrats do not care about the law or the Constitution. They are corrupt liars, deceivers, and schemers, determined to install socialism in the United States.

Just because a handful of corrupt cities under liberal Democrat control were able to insert hundreds of thousands of illegal or made-up ballots into the vote count in four east coast states that didn’t have adequate supervision, does not make Joe Biden or Kamala Harris our President. This is a fraud, hijacking, and Treason. It’s Treason because it is an attempt to illegally subvert and overthrow the duly elected President of the United States.

This is like the hijacking of an airliner full of people by a few terrorists. Are we going to remain seated and allow this to happen? Are we going to remain seated and see what the terrorists are going to do with us?

But unlike a hijacked airline situation, we can get off this plane. We do not have to go along with this and wait and see where they are going to take us.

Without any violence or bloodshed, conservative states through their existing state legislatures could either have a popular vote within their state, or have a vote among the legislators themselves, to formally Secede from the United States. We don’t need permission from the Federal Government, at this point it’s like getting a divorce. Does a wife need to ask permission from her husband to get a divorce?

Hopefully, the conservative states that wish to Secede, would recognize that it would be beneficial to have a union of conservative states, to form something like “The Conservative States Of America”.

Below is a link to the Republican versus Democrat voting results for the 2020 Presidential Election:

As you can see from this map, the conservative states form the interior of the United States, and they are mostly contiguous to each other.

If I had to explain to someone from another country, the oddity that the states on the East Coast and the West Coast vote differently from the interior of the United States, it would be like this:

“The East Coast and the West Coast tend to be densely populated, with people crowded together in cities.  The people in these densely populate areas, the city-dwellers, they have given up much of their freedom, rights, liberties, and privacy.  For instance, every thing that they do tends to be strictly regulated, no smoking in public, severe parking enforcement, narrow allowance for animal ownership, noise restrictions, oppressive firearm laws, very limited personal space, forced reliance on public transportation.

The city-dwellers have given up many of their freedoms, rights, and liberties, but this is like a trade-off for them, because in allowing their lives to be so controlled by government, they expect the government to take care of them.  For instance, the city-dwellers expect rent controls, subsidized housing, public housing, public transportation, public welfare assistance, job training, job placement, jobs programs, food assistance, free healthcare, free day care, and free higher education.

In contrast, the interior of the United States is much less densely populated.  The people living in the interior of the United States, they resent and are suspicious of government scrutiny, control, or regulation.  They would prefer the government to leave them alone and stay out of their business as much as possible.

The people in the interior of the United States want as much control over their own personal lives and as much freedom as possible.  They are protective of their family, children, communities, way of life, religion, livelihoods, and want no outside interference.  They enjoy the outdoors, wide open spaces, freedom to do what they want, living apart from other people, engaging in their activities without interference from anyone.

As you can see, the East Coast and the West Coast are pro-big-government, and the interior of the U.S. is anti-big-government.  Can you see why the East Coast and the West Coast residents would be in favor of socialism, where the government controls everything?”

It is not necessary for the people living in conservative states to believe or be convinced of any bullshit about coming together and uniting for this cause of Secession.  They only need to recognize and be aware that they share a common goal, and that this goal is most likely to be achieved by working together.

It is a good idea for people in conservative states to think about what goals they have in common:

  • An adherence by government, courts, and public servants to the U.S. Constitution and Bill Of Rights.
  • Fairness and diligence by the courts in upholding the U.S. Constitution and laws that have been passed.
  • No tolerance for corruption and graft in government, public office, or public servants.
  • Fair taxation and a tax code that is simple, easy to understand, and effective.
  • Only the least necessary amount of government regulation in all things, commerce, personal property, transportation, agriculture, education, healthcare, and public welfare.
  • Balanced state budgets with no deficit spending.
  • Public welfare with the intention of getting everyone to work to the fullest extent possible.
  • Goal of increasing or maintaining everyone’s standard of living through innovation, efficiency, elimination of waste, elimination of corruption, cooperation, fair policies, getting out of the way of business, and recognition of the importance of everyone working and having their own home.
  • Personal freedom in the pursuit of happiness.
  • Recognition of the traditional family unit as the important building block of neighborhoods, communities, towns, and states.

I hope that conservatives will consider and realize that now may be the last chance to separate from the socialist government intentions of the Federal Government, liberals, and Democrats.


2 thoughts on “New Country The Conservative States Of America

  1. The problem with your proposal, is that the Conservative States of America would quickly devolve into the Catholic States of America. Soon after there would be miniature diaspora movements across the fruited plain as the babtist, lutheran, mormon, and episcopalian states of america attempt to carve out their own territories in different areas. This would lead to possibly the world’s largest ever refugee crisis/civil war over the course of a century as this is sorted out across the generations.

    It would begin with Luke Simons style snake handling militias rebelling against Catholic control and turn into a colonial shit hole with New Republic, Russian, Chinese, and European sectors of control, similar to the middle east and africa after the great war.

    The USA would look just like what we see on tv regarding ISIS, zimbabwe, India/Pakistan, palestine, etc within a decade.

    I am not in favor of the current coastal elite way of thinking, but I would pack up/abandon my life here and move to a New Republic are as soon as possible for my own well being as a normal person, unless I was in the good graces of a local war lord.


    1. Rusty,

      I am surprised and shocked at your reaction to conservative states seceding and forming a union. There are a number of examples and ways to explain that it is time for the United States to divide.

      The original colonies back in the 1600s and 1700s were formed by different religious groups seeking a life of non-interference. The Puritans in the northeast, and the Huguenots in the southeast, both Protestant Christian groups. The revolutionary leaders were a mixture of Protestants and atheists. From this early beginning, and after the Revolution gaining independence, later Catholic immigrants came from Ireland, Italy, and Germany, and for a couple of hundred years the Catholics and Protestants spread out across the North American continent.

      Whenever and wherever there became “utopian” settlements that were exclusively Quakers, or Mormons, the effects were not disastrous, these areas kept a kind of law and order that was not completely barbaric, not any more barbaric than poor areas of Appalachia, or the red-neck South, or present day Chicago. The point that I am trying to make so far, is that the beginning of the United States was based on different religious sects, and these sects didn’t break off and form cult-like bizarre little kingdoms that didn’t follow U.S. law or the Constitution.

      Pause here for a minute to realize that right now, a good portion of the U.S. and the U.S. government is not and hasn’t been following U.S. law and the Constitution. Examples: Forced Obamacare and tax penalty; FBI not arresting Hilary Clinton for mishandling of Top Secret classified documents; Department of Justice not prosecuting FBI personnel James Comey, Peter Strzok, and others for conspiracy against a President; FBI failing to investigate and make arrests for Hunter Biden and Joe Biden receiving bribes from foreign governments; CIA failing to identify and notify about Dominion voting machines being compromised; FBI failing to investigate and makes arrests for organized voter fraud; Attorney General failing to investigate and make arrests for organized vote fraud; Supreme Court refusing to adjudicate complaint on behalf of eighteen states that submitted a request.

      But going back to why it is time for the United States to break up, and why this will not result in tribal squabling and skirmishes is as follows. In Europe, countries are smaller and they are geographical areas that represent groups of people with similar beliefs, culture, practices, laws, and language. England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Norway have their own language, beliefs, culture, and laws that are different from one another. Over time, it just worked out that way, the way these countries formed themselves.

      In countries like Sweden and Norway, there is not as much violent crime and incarceration as there is in the United States. It is the same thing in Japan, not as much violent crime and incarceration as in the United States. One of the reasons for this, is in these countries where people share common beliefs, ideology, habits, and goals, there is less conflict.

      One of the principles of why it is time for the United States to break up, is that it would allow people who have similar beliefs, practices, values, habits, and goals to live together with agreed upon governance, laws, regulations, taxes, and representation, in a way that just isn’t and probably can’t happen in the United States now. This is what the original colonists who left England and France sought to do in America in the first place.

      Just like the countries of Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Sweden, and Norway have their own sovereignty, identity, culture, values, beliefs, ways of doing things, regulations, and laws that are a reflection of what they believe and agree upon, it is time for conservatives in America to form their own government which is a reflection of their beliefs.

      The values, beliefs, habits, ways of doing things, drug-dealing, lawlessness, and corruption of the ghetto people in Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Atlanta in no way are what I believe in, and I do not want to live in a country that is based on these people.

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