Now I Want To Irritate Dutch Pilot Girl

Because there is nothing to do in North Dakota, there are very few women, and because I’m mean, I now want to irritate Dutch Pilot Girl.

Possibly, you will see from this first video, why I want to irritate her:

Because Dutch Pilot Girl did a good job landing this 737 airliner, and she is pleased with herself, how can I not want to pull her tail, I can’t help it.

Unlike most YouTube women, Dutch Pilot Girl is almost completely honest about her background and her career. Yes, partly she is promoting herself, but she does provide so much truthful, honest, in-depth information, that she is a very good source for young people to know what is required to become a commercial pilot.

Dutch Pilot Girl is very intelligent. English is not her first language, but she speaks English much better and more precisely than most English people and Americans. I honestly do think that she is in the top 1% intelligence-wise, but combined with her ambition, perseverance, dedication, discipline, perfectionism, self-confidence, physical health, and self-control, she could have just as easily been an excellent medical doctor.

I believe that most women seek prominent or prestigious occupations out of vanity and pride, not because of a deep desire to perform this work, especially for careers as military pilots, commercial pilots, medical doctors, attorneys, or judges. In one of her YouTube videos, Dutch Pilot Girl alludes to the fact that she knows this, and warns people to be honest with themselves about their motivations.

There are a couple of cases that come to my mind, about women pilots who were in it for the prestige, accolades, and recognition, rather than really wanting to and deep down believing that they could perform this job. One was of a recent news story about a young female co-pilot on a small commercial airliner who was given the chance to land the plane, she mis-aligned the approach, was instructed to abort the landing, to go back around, and she began crying and sobbing to where the senior pilot had to take over and land the airplane. She felt that she had blown her chance, but that wasn’t completely true, until she began crying and sobbing uncontrollably while at the controls.

The second case is very well documented and written about. There was a female U.S. Navy pilot who was supposed to be the first female Navy pilot to be assigned to an aircraft carrier. Normally, it is written in stone that if a Navy pilot while in training misses and aborts more than one aircraft carrier landing, they are out of the pilot program. The reason being, is that there is no room for mistakes, the pilot must be able to land on the aircraft carrier deck every time, or he, his crew, and his aircraft will be lost.

This female Navy pilot while in training missed several aircraft carrier landings. In some of these cases she was instructed to return to dry land rather than be allowed to attempt another landing on the carrier deck because she was missing so bad and becoming flustered. Her flight instructors recommended that she not be allowed to continue, because they were describing her as letting the airplane get ahead of her, not being able to keep up with it.

If it weren’t for her pride and ego, trying to prove something, trying not to let other people down, she might have recognized that she was not up to this, that this wasn’t for her. She became frustrated at another missed landing on the carrier, maneuvered the aircraft in an erratic way that was known to cause an engine stall, at a low altitude and low speed the aircraft stalled, the backseater ejected just in time, but the pilot did not and she was killed.

I didn’t mean to get off onto such a serious tangent about a fatality, but I wanted to point out that I believe that some women, maybe even most women in my opinion, become pilots because of the prestige and attention, rather than really wanting a career as a pilot for what they will be doing and because they have a genuine aptitude for it.

Dutch Pilot Girl seems to be a very good commercial pilot, in just about every way. She does appear to have excellent ability, enjoys what she is doing, and is very proficient. Having said this, I want to begin picking on her.

The amount of annoyance that I want to arouse in Dutch Pilot Girl, is not to drive her crazy, but merely to make her nostrils flare with anger and disgust, and cause her to breathe hard. I am not sure that I can achieve this in just one blog post, but I will give it a try.

Here is another YouTube video of Dutch Pilot Girl that can be used to try detect any of her flaws and vulnerabilities:

O.K., Jesus that gave me a headache. Dutch Pilot Girl is so logical and full of facts. Possibly one of the few ways to get her off track with her normal self would be to get her drunk, but who knows what would actually happen. She might actually become more uninhibited and become even more enthusiastic about facts, figures, and information, now what?

But first, do you think that it is suspicious that she acts like and does her eyebrows like John Maclean?:

One of the reasons why I referenced this John Maclean video, besides the eyebrows and manner of speaking, is because it kind of brings to mind the question, do you think that Dutch Pilot Girl has a romantic preference for men or for women?

My opinion, is that with Dutch Pilot Girl’s strong personality, almost a domineering personality, is that she might prefer to seduce hot young women. However, because she has an amicable, and at times slightly flirtatious personality, she might like men too.

I was thinking, that with Dutch Pilot Girl’s flexible sexuality, intelligence, language proficiency, perseverance, dedication, determination, indomitability, perfectionism, and work ethic, she would make an excellent spy, maybe she is a spy! But for who?

In dating Dutch Pilot Girl, I expect that one would need to have a very neat, clean, fit, and tidy appearance. Perhaps a male with some ruggedness would be permissible to her. One’s home, vehicle, and possessions would also have to be neat, clean, and tidy. Men would be expected to have their life and career in order. Hot young women would be allowed to have some disorder in their home, and a small amount of confusion about their direction in life.

I believe that getting Dutch Pilot Girl drunk and uninhibited, causing her to let down her guard and abandon caution, would be rewarded with an outpouring of pent up lust, desire, and affection. I would be very disappointed if it didn’t.

4 thoughts on “Now I Want To Irritate Dutch Pilot Girl

  1. This chick is pure plastic. Could even be an android or CGI. So clean cut she probably drinks her own piss. When anyone starts a video with “Hi Guys” bullshit I click it away. There must be a team in the background pushing her hard as a product, no way she could produce the YT channel, web site and all the other social media appearances solo.
    Don’t think you have a chance bro, she is most likely being screwed rigid six ways from Sunday by the cameraman.


    1. “I wear my face mask…”,

      You have some good observations. I was intending to write another blog post article about DutchPilotGirl explaining that she was an android.

      I do think that she makes her own videos and YouTube content by herself, because she is an over-achiever, this side-job is beneficial to her keeping her employment as other pilots are laid off, and she doesn’t have any waste-of-time hobbies.

      I don’t know if I would want to have sex with DutchPilotGirl or not, she is such a perfectionist, and she is so technical about everything.


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