Is There Something Wrong With Purina Dry Cat Food?

This article heading photograph shows a 16 lb bag of Purina Kit & Kaboodle dry cat food, and a 3 lb bag of Purina Kitten Chow dry cat food. The stray feral cats that I feed at work and the kitten that I brought home will not eat either of these Purina dry cat foods.

I am suspicious and angry about what this Purina dry cat food contains. For more than the past fifty years Purina has been making dog food and cat food. Purina has many years of experience and research in making pet food. What did Purina do with this dry cat food, to make cats refuse to eat it?

My suspicion is, that Purina knows very well what food ingredients pets like and what they don’t like, what are expensive ingredients and what are inexpensive ingredients, and they have tried to push the limits on including the maximum amount of inexpensive ingredients to try to maximize their profits.

To put it another way, how could Purina be in the dog food and cat food business for more than fifty years, spending millions on research, and produce cat food that cats will not eat, not even stray feral cats that are starving and desperate for something to eat? How could Purina do that, and why would they do that?

My opinion is, that if the corporate directors of Purina want to try to see if they can include pet food ingredients that animals will not even eat, then I can never trust the Purina pet food company.

4 thoughts on “Is There Something Wrong With Purina Dry Cat Food?

  1. Sometimes i see a question i can actually help with…

    Unsafe aflatoxin levels effects 58 lots of Sunshine Mills pet › articles › 14173-unsafe-a…
    Oct 12, 2020 — Sunshine Mills expands aflatoxin recall to 58 lots … WASHINGTON — After recalling 12 lots of three dog food formulas due to elevated aflatoxin levels in early September, Sunshine Mills, … Purina appoints first female CEO …

    I sometimes catch wild mice,,, They survive the trap… Years ago, i kept a “canary” mouse… Fed it dogfood… When the food went bad,, the mouse refused it,,
    I switched brands… A friend lost six dogs and two cats that year.. think was 2013

    Quick Google,, Purina Aflatoxins
    and sure enough … Recent posts, and Government listed recalls..
    Switch food ASAP
    The Feral Cats…. Are more attune with nature.. .Sadly our Pets Trust us… and WE TRUST THE CONGLOMERATE..

    My friend was reimbursed near a thousand dollars for the loss of his pets.. Many people were… Doesn’t bring them back,,, or change what WE were made to do… Unknowingly poisoning the ones we love…

    All Dry pet foods contain preservatives that are not harmful in small amounts,, sometimes are not Inert as they should be…

    Wishing you good luck, Have a beautiful friday
    peace,love and empathy
    jaycob “hippie dude”


    1. Hippie Dude,

      Thanks for the information. I hope that this female kitten named Hannah Lee Duggan doesn’t die. She will not eat anything for the past three days, after eating the Purina Kitten Chow.


  2. My cat has been fat and happy on science diet from runnings for the past 12 years. Its more expensive, but feeding one cat isn’t really that expensive.


    1. Rusty,
      I took Hannah the cat to the veterinarian in Dickinson for an emergency appointment this morning, because this cat had not eaten for four days, and its litter box has very little urine and no feces. The vet did a very thorough examination and blood tests, nothing showed up. Talk of “hospitalization” and “surgery”. They agreed to let me take cat home with me, with five cans of Science Diet cat food. If cat doesn’t eat by Monday morning, I’m supposed to bring it back. $275 for emergency veterinarian exam and tests, makes cheap cat food not very cheap.


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