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Is There Something Wrong With Purina Dry Cat Food?

This article heading photograph shows a 16 lb bag of Purina Kit & Kaboodle dry cat food, and a 3 lb bag of Purina Kitten Chow dry cat food. The stray feral cats that I feed at work and the kitten that I brought home will not eat either of these Purina dry cat foods.

I am suspicious and angry about what this Purina dry cat food contains. For more than the past fifty years Purina has been making dog food and cat food. Purina has many years of experience and research in making pet food. What did Purina do with this dry cat food, to make cats refuse to eat it?

My suspicion is, that Purina knows very well what food ingredients pets like and what they don’t like, what are expensive ingredients and what are inexpensive ingredients, and they have tried to push the limits on including the maximum amount of inexpensive ingredients to try to maximize their profits.

To put it another way, how could Purina be in the dog food and cat food business for more than fifty years, spending millions on research, and produce cat food that cats will not eat, not even stray feral cats that are starving and desperate for something to eat? How could Purina do that, and why would they do that?

My opinion is, that if the corporate directors of Purina want to try to see if they can include pet food ingredients that animals will not even eat, then I can never trust the Purina pet food company.