North Dakotans Need To Begin Preparing For Nationwide Civil Unrest And Shortages

Sometimes I wish that I could shake and slap every North Dakotan awake, for their own good.  No one else is going to tell them what I am about to tell them, so it must not be true, how could it be true?

Most North Dakotans are in-tune with what North Dakota is and is not, what it has and it doesn’t have.  The fact that there are less than 800,000 people in the entire state, that people are spread out over a large area, that there are very few large cities in North Dakota.  That’s good that North Dakotans understand themselves, more than sixty percent of them voted for Donald Trump, recognizing how disastrous Joe Biden would be for North Dakota as President.

But thirty percent of North Dakotans were and are too stupid to even realize that Joe Biden whose hands shake uncontrollably with tremors, who often speaks as if he has lost his mind, who is suffering from advanced stages of dementia, who has said that he will ban hydraulic fracturing to extract oil, and that he will block the construction of oil pipelines, they voted for Joe Biden to be the next President, even though this will be devastating to North Dakota.

Maybe this message isn’t for those thirty percent who are so stupid that they voted for Joe Biden.  My belief is that many of the Joe Biden voters in North Dakota get their pay check from the government, and therefore think that they will be spared if the economy crashes.  Why else would they vote the way that they did?

The warning that I am going to give and explain to North Dakotans, isn’t really about what is going to happen in North Dakota at first, it’s about what is going to happen to the rest of the country first.

Whether Joe Biden is sworn in as President or not, there is probably going to be rioting and looting in the large cities on the west coast and the east coast, and other large liberal cities, cities like:  Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Albuquerque, Denver, St. Louis, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Atlanta.

The reason for the rioting and looting, whether Joe Biden is sworn in as President or not, is that the masses of poor, uneducated, miserable people crowded together in the big cities are tired of being poor and having no opportunities.  They want more, they want better conditions, they want free health care, and access to free money, and they have been taught by the media and the Democrats that the way to get anything, is to riot, loot, burn their city, cause violence, and to disrupt their city in order to get media attention and efforts to pay them off.

At this time, the widespread belief in rioting, looting, burning, violence, and disruption is being reinforced by main stream media, and Democrats, in that the City Councils, Mayors, and Governors do nothing to stop this, they won’t even call it what it is, and refer to this behavior as “demonstrations” or “protests”.  The main stream media and Democrats are supporting this type of disruption and chaos, because it aids and coincides with their plans.

Here is the point that I want North Dakotans to understand, as far as the main stream media, the Democrats, and the millions of poor city-dwellers are concerned, they don’t want the conservative mid-western U.S. states to merely watch the riots, looting, burning, violence, and disruption on TV, they want the mid-west states to suffer from it.

The urbanites have realized that rioting, looting, burning, violence, and disruption gets them attention and causes efforts to be made to pacify them, but in order to really get something they are going to have to affect more people.  They are going to have to disrupt interstate travel, interstate and nationwide distribution, manufacturing, nationwide infrastructure and utilities, international shipping, and cause resources to be redirected to them.

The reason why the main stream media and the Democrats have brought these millions of poor city-dwellers to this type of thinking and behavior, is that the liberal media and the Democrats want to bring about a Revolution.  There must first be a Revolution, and then a response, in order to transform the United States into a different type of country, to Socialism.

If there can be enough chaos and disruption in the large liberal cities to slow down international shipping to ports and airports of strategic resources, components, parts, electronics, medication; a disruption in manufacturing; an interruption in the nationwide distribution of food, medication, and necessities; an interference with telecommunications, energy distribution, and water distribution, all of these things would affect the conservative mid-west states, which would then have to accept the Federal Government’s “emergency measures”.

The first time I heard the expression, “Don’t let a crisis go to waste”, I believe that it came from President Barack Obama’s Chief Of Staff Rahm Emanuel.  Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel were heavily involved in Chicago politics, and there is evidence that they both were followers of Chicago activist Saul Alinsky who wrote  Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer (1971), a guide to organizing and directing poor city dwellers during a conflict.  I believe that the Democrats went from “Not letting a crisis go to waste”, to “Creating a crisis, that they could then use to achieve their political goals”, which is exactly what the Communists did.

The take-away that I want North Dakotans to get from this article, is that the Democrats will soon use the unhappiness and anger of the millions of poor city-dwellers to allow them and encourage them to cause disruptions which will affect the whole U.S. with shortages of one kind or another.  Increasingly severe corona virus lock downs could even be one of the tactics that the Democrats will use to create shortages.

So, I strongly recommend that North Dakotans begin steadily building up their personal home supplies of necessities that they will need if there are shortages:  bottled water; batteries; storable food like canned goods and dry goods; pet food; medication; paper towels; toilet paper; firearms & ammunition; emergency cash; things of value to use for trade; very warm clothing in case of power outages.  Come up with your own list of things that you might need.

Remember, the Democrat tactic now will be to create a crisis, in order to implement Federal Government “emergency measures”, which will be an attempt to change the U.S. more towards Socialism.

Update 11/16/20: I expected to have difficulty in convincing North Dakotans that they have something to worry about, that the rest of the U.S. and especially the densely populated areas would be experiencing such calamity and shortages that people in places like Dickinson would need to start building up their preparedness supplies.

Today I saw a CNN news article with photos, showing a line of 1,000 cars waiting to get food at a food bank in Texas.  Please look at these photos and read the article.  In a single day 25,000 people went through this line to receive food assistance.  40% of these people were using a food bank for their first time.  If you can’t tell what is going to happen in the rest of the country from this, there is nothing that will make you understand.

3 thoughts on “North Dakotans Need To Begin Preparing For Nationwide Civil Unrest And Shortages

  1. You’re preaching to the choir on preps my friend. Im here in the state of Md. I noticed after election day we are back to long lines in the big box food stores. People realize what is coming. I took notice of what people had in their carts on my past 2 trips . Toilet paper, paper towels, these are large packages of each item, 30 rolls of t.p., 1 package, 24 rolls paper towels each package, people are buying 2 and 3 packages of each. Also lots of dry goods foods and can goods. While its normal in this big box store to buy quantity, people are buying extra for long term, its very obvious. People are quietly prepping before limits are once again put on these items . Yes a second LOCKDOWN is unfolding here in Maryland, land of the welfare as a way of life state. Its absolutely insane what people are letting happen from this corrupt local govt. We are being given limits of 10 for family members allowed in one house for Thanksgiving. Uh excuse me, but Fuck You Governor Hogan and county executive Stewart Pittman. What are you gonna do kick our door down and count people ? We need a civil uprising alright , against the radical left. I mean a fucking real one. We cannot let these enemy’s of the country continue stripping our freedoms away. These people , the SCUM POLITICIANS are absolute criminals, and citizens that do not resist in any way are just sheep. We are at a cross roads in this country. If and when the left get the Senate along with the house and White house, this country is OVER ! I’m not gonna live in a police state. I had to refrain and re word some of my thoughts because Im sure the mighty eyes of certain agency’s are scanning any and all post comments etc .
    Annapolis Md U.S.A


    1. Ray K,

      If you live in Annapolis, Maryland, I am guessing that the makeup of your city is approximately 10% poor, 20% lower-middle-class, 25% middle-class, 25% upper-middle-class, and 20% upper class. I believe that 60%-70% of your Annapolis population is middle-class or above, and that 50% of your population has at least a bachelors degree. Probably 60% of your Annapolis population can watch the news, Joe Biden’s campaign platform, and see current events, and know that calamity is approaching.

      Here in Dickinson, North Dakota, population 25,000, which is actually a large regional city for western North Dakota, approximately 10%-15% of the population has a white-collar type job, maybe 25%-30% are blue collar workers, which leaves about 60% of the population here is not even at the blue-collar level of people. Maybe 20% of the people here have a bachelors degree, and likely not from a very good school. It is an uphill battle to say the least to try to point out and explain things that the people here need to know, that would help them.

      In general, because the people in western North Dakota do not have a very high education level, or are employed in work that requires thought, or are employed at a company that rewards thought, the comfort zone of the people in western North Dakota is to not think, to not ponder anything, to not contemplate what is going on around them, to not engage in intellectual discussions, to not exchange ideas, but to instead discourage discussion, discourage thought, discourage contemplation, mock intellectualism, and punish attempts at improvement, learning, or innovation. North Dakota has the highest per-capita alcohol consumption and the lowest education level of all the U.S. states.

      Even if just one local person is able to avoid hardship by considering or taking my advice, this article will not have been a waste.


  2. Re your update: Not wanting to play down the gravity of the situation, but any report from a source like CNN with “photos from XXYY” and numbers is highly suspect and should be treated with caution. It could all be faked just to create fear and panic.

    Anyone who has been to a movie theater can see that any visual effect possible can be produced by CGI techniques. And that includes the earlier pictures of fake “virus victims” purportedly spitting up blood and expiring in heaps on the sidewalks.

    Further from the CNN article: “Texas last week becoming the first US state to report 1 million cases of coronavirus”……That is propaganda, because the number is unverifiable. And a “case” is either a number invented by politicians out of thin air, or a false positive from the fraudulent test that is not licensed for diagnosis.


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