The Beautiful Chippewa Women Of Turtle Mountain

I have lived in Dickinson, North Dakota for about seven years now.  The whole time that I have been here, I have been complaining about the shortage of women, and the scarcity of attractive women.  The ratio of men to women in Dickinson is about 3:1.

When I first came to Dickinson in 2011 to work in the oil field, I didn’t see any women around town when I got off work in the evening.  So, I created a user profile on about four different online dating websites, such as PlentyOfFish and Mingle.  On these dating websites, in all of western North Dakota, there were just a couple dozen women, and most of these women were not attractive.

Over the past seven years of living in Dickinson, I have learned some things.  If there are ever any attractive girls that are born in Dickinson, by the time they reach their teen years, they decide that they want to leave Dickinson as soon as they graduate from high school.  Attractive women from other parts of the U.S., they won’t come to Dickinson because they recognize that there is nothing desirable to them here, it’s just mostly cold, barren, and ugly here.

I realized several years ago, that there is so little to do in Dickinson, it’s so bleak here, there are no women, and the Police are constantly trying to stop me and arrest me for something, that living here is like being in prison.  But since I go to work, to be more accurate, it’s like a prison work camp.

I have had plenty of time to think about all the mistakes that I have made in my life to cause me to be here.  I feel sorry and regretful that the very last young years of my life, where I might have had friends, relationships, maybe even met a woman to marry, these years have just been wasted, the same as if I had been incarcerated in a prison.

Right now, just writing about this, it makes me enraged at the fat, ugly, hideous, deformed, ham-fisted, no-neck, cankle-calf, sneering, scowling, battle-axe women who inhabit Dickinson.  This is the result of these Germans and Ukrainians breeding ugly women like they just don’t care, when they should have stopped this shit a long time ago.

The only thing that I have to do in Dickinson, is look at things on the internet, like YouTube, movies, news articles,, and Facebook.  On Facebook, I like to use the feature “Find Friends” or “People You May Know”, because this sometimes shows a few attractive women in North Dakota.

Today when I used Facebook to “Find Friends”, Facebook showed me a whole list of Native American women from the Belcourt area of North Dakota.  At first, when I was skipping around looking at the different profiles of women on Facebook this evening, I didn’t realize that all of these Native American women from the Belcourt, Dunseith, Rolla area, were from the Chippewa tribe of the Turtle Mountains.

There was one young Native American woman named Kishia, who got my attention because of her main Facebook profile photograph.  I thought that she was going to have a slew of slutty photographs of herself, but she didn’t.  I looked at about thirty of her photographs, and I read her daily posts and comments.  Contrary to what I had thought she was going to be like, she was actually fairly modest in her photographs of herself, and she was consistently decent with her comments.

I knew just a little about the Turtle Mountain Reservation from having worked with about seven members of this tribe in the past.  Like many reservations, the inhabitants are mostly poor, because there is not a lot of opportunity for employment on the reservation.

Kishia appeared to be just a couple of years out of high school, and living on her own.  Even though a few of her photographs caused me to believe that she was going to be an out-of-control party girl, she was not.  I noticed that she didn’t appear to have any tattoos, and that she wasn’t talking about getting high, getting wasted, getting drunk, using drugs, or being promiscuous.  As I wrote earlier, her photographs were fairly modest, and her comments were decent.  I then thought that she must have a strong underlying sense of self-respect, which most women do not have anymore.

What I had never known or thought about before, was that these Turtle Mountain Chippewa women were all half French.  Back in the 1800s, the French trappers and traders had married women from this Chippewas tribe.  Their last names became DeCoteau, Charboneau, Belgarde, Charette, Azure, Laverdure, Lafontaine, Delorme, Larocque, LaVallie, Malaterre, Dubois, Bercier, Gladue, Trottier, Allard, Faine, Laducer, Pelletier.

At first I was stunned and overwhelmed with a feeling of bewilderment that there was a whole tribe of French-Indian girls not far away, that I had known nothing about.  Half my ancestors were French, Huguenots who came to the Carolinas in the 1700s.  French people have a whole different way of behaving and looking at things, they can be very moderate, calm, easy going, playful, and civilized.  It’s not just a cultural difference, there must be some genetic component to this, because not only is a French physical appearance inherited, so is the disposition.

I couldn’t believe this.  All of these Chippewa women with the French last names, they looked French, and they had a calm, easy going, soft, inviting, civilized manner to them.  Meanwhile, for the past seven years, I have been stuck in the midst of these mean, nasty, scowling Germans and Ukrainians.

How far is Belcourt from Dickinson, I wondered.  I looked it up, it’s 278 miles, a 4-1/2 hour drive, it’s all the way over northeast of Minot, near the Canadian border.  I was sorry to find out that Turtle Mountain was such a long drive from me, not only do they have many beautiful women, they also have some Bigfoot living there.

I spent four hours researching the Turtle Mountains, Belcourt, the Chippewa tribe, and looking at the Facebook profiles of about fifty Turtle Mountain Chippewa women.  These women shared some common physical characteristics, they were petite, not very tall, with long straight dark or brown hair, dark color eyes, pale smooth complexions, soft feminine physiques, very healthy white teeth, overall very healthy appearance, and not weathered looking even though they live in a very cold, windy climate.

Unlike most other women anywhere else, these Chippewa women seemed to have more composure, calm, ease, and an appearance of being at peace with themselves and their surroundings.  Most other women anywhere else, seem to be at war with everything, at war with themselves, each other, men, their environment, the World, and they constantly bare the signs of the stress and strain on their faces.