Location Of The Prepper Princess

Note:  On September 8, 2020 Prepper Princess uploaded a YouTube video accusing me of stalking her.  This is the one and only blog post article that I have ever written about Prepper Princess.  It is in no way threatening, harassing, or stalking.  Prepper Princess does not like this blog post article.  She has tried several ways to force me to remove it, first with threats of legal action, and with her recent YouTube video, attempting to incite others to harm me by suggesting that I have committed or will commit crimes against women and children.  If any of this were true, the threatening, harassing, stalking, or harming women and children, I would have been arrested.

Six months ago when I was watching YouTube videos, YouTube began showing in my list of recommended videos, a channel called “Prepper Princess”.  The “Prepper Princess” channel was owned by a woman in California, who was about 38 years old.  She had a little over 100K subscribers to her channel.

In her videos, Prepper Princess usually talked about emergency preparedness supplies, food storage, emergency equipment, preparing for emergencies, things to be aware of, and things to think about regarding different types of disasters.

Another topic that Prepper Princess discussed in her videos was how to live cheaply, how to not spend money, how to save money, and examples of things that she did in her own personal life to save money.

Prepper Princess also made videos where she talked about what was going on in her personal life, her current job, jobs that she had had in the past, her childhood, some of her experiences as an adult, her current relationship, her personal finances, and the dilemma with the house she was living in and California.

When Prepper Princess was talking about food storage, emergency supplies, generators, and solar panels, I was not very interested.  One of the reasons for my lack of interest, was that in my opinion, if you don’t live on a large defensible property, your biggest problem in a prolonged emergency will be preventing people from stealing all of your supplies, which is hard to do if you live in an apartment, or you have to leave your home to go somewhere.

When Prepper Princess showed some of the things that she did in her personal life to save money or not spend money, sometimes I cringed.  She took walks looking for aluminum cans to collect, which led her beside the railroad tracks, and into the woods where the homeless people camped.  She would look through what the homeless people had left behind, clothing, utensils, hygiene products, and she would take some of these items home to use.

In Prepper Princess’s personal life, I was sorry to hear what she talked about.  She and her younger brother were raised by a single mother.  Prepper Princess never once mentioned her father, or any male figure being in her life at all.  She and her brother had very little growing up, very few clothes, very few toys, hardly anything for Christmas or birthdays, very little food in the house, going hungry, not being able to ever invite friends over for parties or cookouts.

Growing up, sometimes they had a rent paying boarder in their single family home for extra income.  Prepper Princess did not go to college after high school, she went to work at low paying jobs, sometimes working seven days a week.  Up until she was in her early thirties, she never made more than $14 per hour, which is very low pay for California.

When Prepper Princess was about 30 years old, her mother died, and she left the family home to Prepper Princess and her brother.  Prepper Princess said that she had to pay off about $40,000 remaining on the home mortgage.

Because of the ever increasing price of real estate in California, by 2019 the home that Prepper Princess had inherited with her brother, where Prepper Princess was living, the home became worth about $700K.  With the property taxes on the home being about $5,000 per year, California having a high State Income Tax, and other high costs and problems in California, Prepper Princess made up her mind to sell the house and move to Arizona where the cost of living was lower.

For the past several months, it seemed like Prepper Princess abandoned the ideas that she had had about prepping, and instead focused primarily on money, selling her house, and leaving California.  She gave away her chickens, she gave away many of her supplies, she spoke about home gardening not being cost effective, and she said that she was going to buy a home in Arizona that had no yard for chickens or a garden.

Prepper Princess sold her house in February 2020, and after splitting the “profit” with her brother, she said that she had $250K from the sale of her home. She had another $150K that she had somehow managed to save, and she was going to invest this $400K.  In the video below, Prepper Princess explains that if you invest money at 10% rate of return, every seven years, the money doubles.

Seven years from now, at age 45, she would have $800K.  Seven years later at age 52, she would have $1.6 million.  And at age 59, she would have $3.2 million.

I started out liking Prepper Princess, I thought that she was attractive.  At first, when she was talking about $1 or $2 meals for lunch or dinner, collecting aluminum cans, searching through garbage for things that she might like to keep, not spending money on clothes, I thought that she was a little extreme on trying to save money.  The more that I watched her constantly doing things like this, it became tiring and irritating to me.

Myself and other YouTube viewers, we started leaving comments to Prepper Princess’s videos, saying will you please indulge in buying some new clothes, going out to eat, doing something fun, instead of working and trying to not spend money all the time, you are going to miss out on life, grow old, and die without living.

What good is it to pinch pennies and sacrifice for fifty years to become a millionaire, and then get hit by a car or get cancer and die at the age of 51, without having enjoyed life and having done things?

For the past month, all of my comments to Prepper Princess’s videos are deleted.  This makes me angry for a number of reasons.  Prepper Princess wanted to get her ideas out to the public about prepping, to share her ideas, and she also began talking about politics, economics, her personal life, her childhood, her life as an adult, her relationship, her activities, her personal finances, what she was doing with her money, and where she was moving.  She invited and encouraged people like me to watch her YouTube videos where she expresses her views, yet I am not allowed to say anything in response?

One of the things that I would like to tell Prepper Princess, is to be wary of investing so much of your money.  Besides companies like Enron, which appeared to be a good company to invest in, but later turned out to be a fraud, look at the failure of once stable companies like Sears, JC Penny, and Kmart.  Whiting Petroleum shares went from $370 per share in 2014, to $1.30 per share currently, who would have thought that this would happen?

In one of her most recent videos, Prepper Princess was showing the interior of the home that she had just bought and moved to in Arizona.  She is not telling anyone where she moved to, but she was showing her house and talking about the neighborhood that she had just moved into.  I left a comment about her house, and offered some advice, but my comment was deleted.  I left a reply to some other woman’s comment, who was chastising Prepper Princess, and my comment was deleted.  This made me angry.  So I wanted to find out exactly where this home was.

To my shock and horror, Prepper Princess had bought about the cheapest house on the market in a small Arizona town.  It is a 2-bedroom, 1.75-bath house, in not very good condition, a tiny house, with a completely flat roof, on a very small lot, with no trees and no vegetation.  It is very bleak, and depressing.  Why, why did she do this to herself?  She had plenty of money to not have to do this.

I had to look through more than one hundred real estate listings to find this house, and during this search, I saw some very nice houses in the $110K-$140K price range, with landscaped yards, attractive exteriors, clean modern interiors, sun rooms, decks, spacious living rooms and kitchens, and new looking bathrooms.  There are some very nice, affordable homes in this county, I was very pleasantly surprised to see.  I wish that Prepper Princess would stop with the self-torture and self-deprivation, she could have just as easily bought a lovely, inviting, well cared for home.

Update:  On March 29, 2020, I received an email from Prepper Princess complaining about this blog post, wanting me to delete it.

If you make a couple of videos per week, every week for several years, showing where you live, what you are doing where you live, talking about your personal life, relationships, and finances, inviting as many people as possible to watch your videos and subscribe to your video channel which is about how you live, how can you then complain about your privacy being violated?

My inclusion of the link to Prepper Princess’ new home photographs on a real estate listing site was perhaps something that she never thought of when she began showing videos of her new house.

Women want things both ways.  Prepper Princess has made three videos showing her new house on YouTube, to whoever wants to see it.  However, if I provide a link to the real estate listing photographs of her new house, she is outraged, and doesn’t want anyone looking at her new house.

Prepper Princess wants to show everyone what she is doing in her videos, then complain that people are watching what she is doing.

Because I don’t want Prepper Princess to be able to make any kind of legal complaint that I had no right to show where she lived, today I removed the link to the real estate listing of her new house.

Update:  On August 26, Prepper Princess submitted a comment to this blog post article, demanding that I remove it.  She wrote that if I did not remove this blog post article, she would report me to the Police.  (You can read her comment, and my response to it, in the comment section below.)

Under U.S. law, it is not illegal for anyone to publish or post on the internet someone else’s public information, as long as this information was not obtained illegally.  This kind of public information would include full name, address, phone number, and e-mail address, if this information had already been made public.

Back on March 29, I removed the link to the public real estate listing that showed photographs of Prepper Princess’s house in Arizona, at her request.  I did not have to do this, because this was published public information that was already available to everyone.  I still do not show or include the link to this public real estate listing in this blog post.

Update:  On September 8, 2020 Prepper Princess uploaded a YouTube video stating that I am a stalker and that I have stalked her.  If this were true, I would have been arrested and charged with stalking.  I have never threatened, harassed, or stalked Prepper Princess.  She does not like this blog post article about her and she has been trying to force me to remove it.

142 thoughts on “Location Of The Prepper Princess

    1. Rusty,
      I am getting the impression that because of this areas proximity to California, Las Vegas, and the Colorado River, many Californians are using this area as a cheap place to retire. That is fine, I think that this is a good idea, it looks like it is warm and sunny throughout the year. I was very surprised to see how many nice, affordable, fun homes that these retirees have created. Here is one example, this looks like it may have originally been a retirees’ 1970s single-wide trailer because of the wheel chair ramp, and like most of the other single-wide trailers, it was added on to multiple times to make it comfortable. I think they did a good job with both the exterior and interior, to make this a nice home to live in for $110K, not saying this is the best home, but it’s very nice if you don’t have a lot of money: (link deleted)


      1. Actual Zillow records for PP’s house in (redacted) AZ is $67,000. That’s crazy dirt cheap even for rural Arizona. The house must be a pathetic shack at that price.

        BTW: Zillow is all based off public records and is not even remotely “doxxing” anybody.
        (City location was redacted, so PP can’t blame her lack of OpSec on me.)


  1. Hey thats not bad. If your single and not trying to impress others and you just want a comfy place, thats fine. I live in Kingman in a nice house thatwas built in the 11970’s about 1.5 times larger (with my brother) 40 miles from here. I’d not live where she is because of the heat but some people love it. Hope to run into her some day.


    1. Jason,
      If Prepper Princess would not have mentioned in at least four of her videos that her paid-off home in California was going to sell for $720K, I would not have said anything bad about her new house, I would not have shown this house in my blog post article, or shown where it was, because the whole situation would have been so very, very sad, and horrible for her, if this was all that she could afford.

      I noticed that it looks like it gets hot as hell where she moved. I also noticed that the house Prepper Princess bought, it has either a completely flat roof, or almost a completely flat roof, not much more than 18″ between the top of the roof and the top of the interior ceiling, with not very high ceilings, this house may bake like an oven inside when it gets to be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit every day through the Spring, Summer, and early Fall.

      I also noticed that the slab-on-grade foundation for this house, does not appear to be even one or two inches above the surrounding ground. When there is a desert rain storm, and there is flash flooding that occurs in the Arizona desert, this house could flood.

      I wish that Prepper Princess would not have done this. What I hope that she does, is fix this house up without spending more than $10K, so that she can then sell it to someone else, even if she has to sell it for only $75K just to get out of it.

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      1. She is absolutely ridiculous. I saw the video she made about YOU… giving out every piece of info she can find. The thing is, she is now “supposedly” trying to keep her location a secret, even in that very video she shows data about the city she is living in, and the one you are living in… she blurs out the name of her city, but she reveals the EXACT POPULATION of her city… so it takes 30 seconds of a google search to know it’s Bullhead City, because it’s the only city in Arizona with that population count! LOL To be honest with you, I think Amber is kind of stupid. And I apologize, I remembered wrong about the city… in one video she actually SAID she was moving to Fort Mohave. But one is not much different than the other, since they touch.


      2. Carly,

        If you have ever seen the house that Prepper Princess bought, there is only so much that she could have done to it to make it nicer. It is a small house, with a small back yard, and kind of a desolate front yard. If she could have lived there completely anonymously, the small house size and small property size would not have been as difficult to deal with, as it is now. I wish that she would have bought a different house, with a house layout, property layout, and lot size that would have allowed her more concealment and privacy, barriers to passersby being able to see what she is doing.

        I honestly expect her to buy a different house, probably using some kind of LLC or corporate entity to purchase the house, pay the utilities, so that her name does not ever get associated with her new address. But the mailman, a bank teller, car dealer, store employee, someone will sooner or later mess up her anonymity all over again.


      3. She didn’t have a choice about selling her California home because her brother wanted to sell it and get his half. She didn’t have her job at the time so couldn’t qualify for another house. I think she bought her Arizona house before she closed on her California house, so chose it because it was in her price range. She didn’t want to lose her dog by being without a house.


      4. In reply to Lorre,

        In one of Prepper Princess’s videos where she explained the sale of her mother’s house in California, she said something like the house sale was $720K. A commenter said that there was an agreement to give 10% to her Aunt, so that brings it down to $650K. Prepper Princess had to split this with her brother, so that’s $325K. Prepper Princess said in her video that her net profit was $250K. ( If you calculate the capital gains tax of maybe 20%, 6% to the Realtor, or maybe some other expense that Prepper Princess had to pay, that’s why she probably said that her net profit was $250K from the house sale.)

        However, in this same video where Prepper Princess explained the house sale, she went on to say that “she had saved an additional $140K on her own” and that she had “paid for the new house in Arizona with cash”. So if what Prepper Princess was saying in this video was true, she could have paid a little more than $100K in cash for a house in Arizona if she had wanted to.

        In the area of Arizona where Prepper Princess bought her house, I saw many real estate listings in the $100K price range that were cute, well-kept, comfortable, spacious, fun houses. In my opinion, Prepper Princess bought a dreary house. Why did Prepper Princess punish herself like this? You know, if you want to attract and keep a girlfriend, you have to have a nice house.


  2. She did a smart thing for what she wanted. She said she loves hot weather, she does not need the space, does not want or need fancy, and I’m sure she won’t put a ton of money into it. She’s still young, and I’d look for her to find a part time job. She’s the outdoorsy type and is definitely close by plenty enough to entertain herself and guests. Once a tightwad, always a tightwad, and it ain’t a bad thing, lol. She may decide to purchase another property and rent this one out.


    1. Cynthia,
      You may not have had the chance to look at the exterior photos of Prepper Princess’ new house in Arizona shown on real estate listing sites. The street is kind of old, worn, dried out, crumbling asphalt, with no curb and sidewalk, you turn off of the street into dried-out mixed dirt and gravel, to drive sixty feet to the front wall of Prepper Princess’ house. You could stay in your vehicle, and knock on her front door, living room window, or second bedroom window.

      If Prepper Princess did not disclose on an Air BnB advertisement for a room to rent, what her house exterior looked like, she would very likely have refusals/cancellations when the renters arrived, because the house is so bleak, stark, and depressing looking. I don’t know how she or anyone could remedy the exterior house appearance. Trees, lattice work with vines, shrubs, planter boxes, could work, but it looks way too hot and dry for most trees and plants to grow. She needs some type of barrier or separation at the front of her house, not just for appearance, but for safety and security.

      For just $30K more, Prepper Princess could have bought something that either required very little work, or something with much greater potential. If she invested $400K in the stock market like she said she was going to, she probably lost at least $60K in portfolio value in the past thirty days.

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      1. I have seen the house from the outside in detail, having gone into google street view. I “drove” around the house and checked out her neighborhood and all around the area. I wonder if she’s changed her mind about doing the air BnB thing anyway. If it were me, I’d never want a total stranger in the next bedroom. Look, not all of us are that picky, lol. I paid cash for an old house in an iffy neighborhood in my town in Ohio a few years ago and put another $10,000 for a new roof, gutters, some plumbing and glass block windows for the basement. It’s no beauty but it does have a fenced in back yard and a garage. She apparently doesn’t care all that much. She’s from Maineville here in Ohio, not far from my neck of the woods, and I tried to persuade her to move back here but she loves the west, apparently. You couldn’t pay me to live in an Arizona climate, way too hot and dry. I like winter and a change of seasons. About the stock market, I have no idea. Time will tell if she’s happy there.


      2. Cynthia,
        If Prepper Princess is originally from a small town in Ohio, that would explain a great deal about her, her family, and why she is the way that she is. I am originally from Florida. Growing up in Florida, as a young adult, and as an adult, I would see it over, and over, and over again, a single-parent woman from Ohio, New York, or Maryland, who was poor or not financially well-off, would move her family to Florida, thinking that their new lifestyle would be as shown in the movies, television, or magazines, …..a life of abundance, leisure, fun, care-free living in Florida. Instead, they were usually worse off than where they came from when they moved to Florida. With little money, no connections, no friends and family to help them or provide any kind of support, they were stuck with the lowest-level, lowest-paying, worst-treatment jobs, which they dare not quit because it was all they had to support their family. Not just the mother, but the whole family would suffer like slaves or refugees in a strange foreign land, and come to develop a kind of mistrust and expectation of misery. Kind of like the “Okies” who headed to California during the Great Depression to escape the Farm Dust Bowl, these families came to just have an acceptance and expectation of misery and bleakness, (Kind of why Prepper Princess bought the most bleak and depressing house she could find.)

        For instance, I had a friend for about twenty years named Doug, whose mother took him and his younger brother from Ohio to Florida when he was about four years old. He had come from a nice neighborhood and a nice home with a yard in Ohio, where he had his father, both sets of grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. In Florida they lived in a small apartment, they didn’t know anyone, his mother struggled to pay rent, they didn’t have enough to eat, they didn’t have very much of anything. Doug grew up having resentment toward any child that had a birthday party, bicycle, go-cart, motorcycle, family vacation, went fishing or camping as a family. Doug always looked at life as a struggle, and anything that was leisure, social, recreational, or a fun activity it was something that he didn’t understand and was foreign to him.


      3. I don’t remember if she ever explained why her mom took PP and her brother all the way to California; maybe the grandmother and some other relatives were already there. She did say they rented out a room in that house at some point when her mom was still alive. Not even sure what her mom did for a living. She never talks about her dad or other relatives that may be in Ohio. It sounds as though PP has worked her rear end off since she was pretty young. I definitely agree kids are waaay better off with more than just mom in the picture in a totally new environment, especially that far away. Her video yesterday was about remodeling the kitchen in her new place and knowing she’d need plumbing done. She mentioned how her real estate agent in California had wanted her to redo the kitchen there, which she didn’t want to do because of the price. She’ll be putting that money into the new kitchen; she mentioned something like a total of $12,000, most of which she’d planned on (?) She mentioned she’d painted the outside of the new place already, did some landscaping (?) and I forget what else but hasn’t shown that yet. That’s probably the next video. She mentioned the guy across the street from her in the new place has told her about everything he knows about the old guy who’d previously lived there, what all was done, who rented the place before him, how the place sat empty for a few years, etc. I truly get the feeling she’s gonna be bored out of her mind if she doesn’t go ahead and get at least a part time job there.She doesn’t seem the type who can sit still I could see her working in a casino, lol. And I’m thinking though she can stand the Arizona heat and doesn’t care about AC, her goofy dog may not be able to. I like animals but don’t view him as an asset. We’ll see.


      4. I dont understand why you people care about where she lives? Why is it any of your business? I admire her Frugal living style.

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      5. Miss Chris,

        Why do people want to know where Prepper Princess lives? So that they can go visit her and meet her. Maybe ask her out to lunch or dinner. Maybe bring her a present such as chocolate, flowers, or a kayak.


      6. Leave the girl alone. It’s none of any one’s damn business how much money she spends, what she spends her money on or where she wants to live! Just because she posts on you tube, it does not mean she wants people exposing her address, or telling her what she should do. Gee whiz!


      7. Penelope Pennywhistle

        Because of women like you, women should probably not be allowed to vote, hold political office, manage anything, or own property, because you have no judgement, understanding, reasoning, or logic. You wrote, “It’s none of any one’s damn business how much money she spends, what she spends her money on, or where she wants to live!” Can you stop and think of what you just wrote? Do you not realize that how much money she spends, what she spends her money on, and where she lives is the topic of every YouTube video that she makes? Is everyone supposed to never watch a Prepper Princess YouTube video because what she is doing is none of our business?


      8. Like most of Preppier Princess’s “advice” (even stuff she does herself), it is “penny wise and pound foolish”. An ugly, small house will never appreciate in value the way a pleasant, attractive house will (I am not talking luxurious, just pleasant) AND you will be miserable while living there. (What AirBnB client would EVER want to rent her spare bedroom or put up with the sour-faced, nasty Princess as a roommate? LOL!)

        I just saw an annoying new video of hers where she argues for people to save money by not buying nor using deodorant (she says it is enough to shower every other day — no baths, too expensive!). Arizona is very hot in summer! that woman must stink like a baboon. This on top of her watering down laundry soap and I believe she somehow does not use TOILET PAPER.

        Something is missing in her description of her real estate transactions, too. She inherited half of a $720K house (*this isn’t much of a house in the red hot California market) which gave her about $325-$350K to spend. I should add, most of us will NEVER EVER EVER inherit any houses at all — our parents will need the value of their houses to pay for a nursing home and other medical care in old age (if they own a HOUSE at all — many seniors don’t own their own homes!).

        She is a classic case of “born on third base, but thinks she hit a home run!”

        Also… she is 38???? are you guys kidding me? I guessed she was closer to 52. The sun has done a real number on her skin — she is probably too stingy to buy sun block.


    1. If you are a Patreon of hers, you would have recently learned that she does not want older people to subscribe to her channel. She wants millennials for subscribers because she thinks she’d get more advertisers.


      1. In reply to San Mar,

        I changed your name because I did not know if someone was posing as you, or if you did not intend to use your full name.

        I thought that most marketing/advertising people knew that the best demographic to reach as advertisers is the over 50 year old people, because this age group has by far the most disposable income and highest net worth.


      2. Thank you for withholding my name. I didn’t know how to reply without revealing it but I didn’t really want to do it. Prepper princess thanks that because we liked her money saving videos that we have no money to spend and that advertisers will think that. I have plenty of money to spend because my living expenses are low but I just enjoy ideas on saving money but not to the extreme that she takes it. Another thing she doesn’t understand is that not all of us aspired to be wealthy. Many of us are aware that it doesn’t bring happiness. As long as we have all of our needs met with a few dollars left over we are quite content.

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      3. In reply to San Mar,

        I don’t know if you know this or not, but a little over a year ago Prepper Princess transitioned away from “Prepping” to “Frugality” and “Money Saving”. A couple of years ago, Prepper Princess was all about being prepared for when SHTF, being prepared for the collapse of civilization with her own garden, chickens, food supplies, generator, water purifiers, etc.

        I don’t know if waiting for the collapse became tiring for Prepper Princess, or the chickens and the garden became too tiring for her, but it appeared so, because the house that she moved to in Arizona was lacking the kind of yard that you need to grow food or raise animals.

        For just a brief time, Prepper Princess was almost bragging about $400K that she had just invested, waiting for this principal amount to “double” every eight years at a rate-of-return of something like 10% per year. Meaning by the time she was 46 years old she would have $800K, and 52 years old $1.6 million. She quit talking about this because it didn’t match with her “being poor” frugality, money-saving lectures on YouTube.

        My opinion is that Prepper Princess is trying to pretend that she is poor now, so that she can gain subscribers and donations.


      4. You are right in that she was pretending to be poor. But now she wants to change herself again and teach millennials how to invest.

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      5. The woman is a loony toon, and a narcissistic twit. In her video about her cars she goes on and on and on about how her cars are in “absolutely pristine condition”. Honey, cars are not in absolutely pristine condition. You’re just whoring yourself out for likes and subscribers, wanting everyone to think you’re the next Martha Stewart or something. Honey, you’re from Ohio.


      6. In reply to Devnull,

        About two years ago when I was watching a few of Prepper Priness’ videos where she was talking about saving money, not spending money, preparing meals that cost $1, repeatedly repairing an old very worn jacket instead of buying a new one, stating the she could have fun at home playing board games, ….and still to this day she is talking about things like not using any laundry detergent to wash her clothes, ….I felt that Prepper Princess was going to miss out on her own life because she was so obsessed with trying to save money. What good is saving quite a bit of money by the time you are 40 years old by sacrificing every joy and comfort, and you are hit and killed by a drunk driver?

        Two years ago, the person that Prepper Princess reminded me the most of, they are so similar, they act so much alike, is the lesbian financial advisor Suze Orman. The reason why I had to specify “lesbian” is because lesbians seem to have their own subgroup of women who like to try to impose deprivation and misery upon themselves. These are the type of women who would sit in their house when it got up to 100 degrees inside, and purposely not turn on the air-conditioner because it might cost $5 in electricity. God help their girlfriends. People shudder at the so-called suffering that men put their girlfriends through, but I don’t think that anyone can imagine the torture women endure at the hands of their lesbian money-saver masters: not allowing them to use more than two sheets of toilet paper; not allowing them to flush the toilet; not allowing them to throw away old bread or old food; only letting them fill up the bath tub three inches; forcing them to plan the one-and-only vehicle use that day to incorporate every single errand, stop, and purchase in a pre-planned not to be deviated from route.


      7. Yes. I was a Patreon of hers and it really hurt my feelings when she went on a hateful rant about older people and not wanting them for subscribers because she imagines we are all broke (Hah!) so we won’t buy things and we’re going to die anyway so there’s no longevity in having us as subscribers. I deleted my Patreon account immediately and stopped subscribing and watching her channel. But I’m still hurt.


      8. LOL, well I doubt her message resonates much with millennials … so good luck, Princess. (Not that I would give her one thin dime!)

        It is ridiculous to argue for extreme frugality while raking in money from Patreon, YouTube and oh yeah — she inherited about half a million bucks just three years ago!

        She is not REMOTELY the first such “frugalista”. I am old enough to remember Amy Dacysyn and The Tightwad Gazette back in the early 1990s. And the Economides, who have written several books on living an extreme penny-pinching lifestyle.


  3. That girl has gotten herself into one heck of a pickle now. Last night, she posted a comment on facebook about her new neighbor. PP attempted to get friendly with them and now they want her to drive them everywhere, use her washer and dryer and god knows what else. She said a lot more about suspecting them using drugs but who knows. She must have gotten a lot of comments on the post that weren’t good because she deleted it later.

    I don’t know exactly where she lives but from her comments, I suspect it’s in Bullhead City. If it is, she’s going to be sorry, if she isn’t already. Those neighbors are users. People like that will use you until you say no more but then she runs the risk of being robbed blind. She’ll leave the house one day to go shopping and come back only to find all her equipment and anything that can be sold for quick cash, gone.

    She should have put in a little more money and bought in Kingman. It’s a whole lot nicer and housing is still affordable. She’s in the armpit of Arizona now. I wonder how long she’ll last.

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    1. MJ,
      Prepper Pincess has made many mistakes which she herself may be realizing one by one, as she suffers some of the consequences.

      Prepper Princess was living in a neighborhood in California which became affluent, most of her neighbors probably had more money and earned more money than she did. She didn’t have to worry about her neighbors in California seeking to borrow things from her, trying to figure out what she had, how much did she have, where did she keep her valuables, and hatching schemes to steal what she had. She didn’t have to worry about her California neighbors physically harming her.

      If you have grown up in a middle-class neighborhood, and lived as an adult in an affluent neighborhood, you probably aren’t prepared to deal with White Trash, especially drug addict White Trash.

      If you move to a not very affluent area of Arizona, and you purchased the least expensive house on the market in that area, if your immediate neighbors are not elderly retired people, but working-age people, what kind of people are they likely to be? You’d be lucky if your neighbors in the least expensive part of town were poor because they were just getting started out in life, or they were a hard-working husband who was supporting a stay-at-home wife and five kids. Let’s face it, the least expensive places to live in any town, are often the home of drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals, thieves, criminally insane, mentally ill, naer-do-wells, because they can only afford the least expensive housing.

      If it is true what you are saying, that Prepper Princess was reporting in her Facebook comments that her new neighbors are wanting to be given rides to places, use her clothes washer & dryer, and that she suspects that they may be drug users, they may be trying to figure out how alone Prepper Princess is, who checks in on her, how much money does she have, where does she keep her money, what does she have.

      Drug addict people aren’t scared at all of going to prison for a long time, life in prison, or the death penalty.


      1. It isn’t what I said about her neighbors, she said it in her own words in a facebook post. I don’t think her life is in danger but she needs to be more cautious which is something we all need to do, no matter where we live. Just because people have money, it doesn’t mean they are squeaky clean.


      1. Carly,

        Before I removed the real estate listing of Prepper Princess’ house in Arizona about six months ago, myself and other viewers looked at pictures of her house, and used Google Satellite and Street view to look at her house. Prepper Princess got angry about it, so I removed the link to the real estate listing. There was no disagreement about the exact house that it was, but it was not in Fort Mojave. It is not too far from Fort Mojave. Did Prepper Princess move to a new house? Do you know something that we don’t know? Maybe she moved, there was a person or two who stopped by her house to express their admiration and ask her out for coffee, which she did not like. Maybe she moved.


    2. Some clever folks here figured out she does live in (redacted) , on a very ugly rundown street and in the worst house on that street. I guess if that’s your goal in life… go for it.

      I wish to say here that there is NOTHING you do in life more PUBLIC than buying a house. The data on home sales is PUBLIC INFORMATION and accessing it is 100% legal, and it is not “doxxing” to do so. If you don’t want this, then you have to rent or buy your home in the name of an LLC or something.

      And if you advertise on AirBnB… come on. People will figure this out pronto.

      PP is very typical of YouTubers who want only positive comments, and who will delete anything that challenges their narrative and anyone who points out fallacies in their arguments — they will also report you to YouTube as “a harasser” and get YOU kicked off. The system at YouTube is horrendous and unfair.

      I’m not familiar enough with Arizona to have a strong opinion on which cities are preferable, but I’ve seen enough videos of PP’s house in (redacted) to know it is ugly, cheap, depressing and TINY (though probably OK enough for just one person) and lacks any kind of yard or garden. It’s one thing if you really have this little money and it is the best you can do … even then, some people would have painted, decorated or gardened to make it “homey”…. but I think she LIKES it depressing and sterile, because it fits with her harsh world view.

      BTW: she’s raking in a BUTTLOAD of money off YouTube and it doesn’t sound like she has anything resembling a real job.
      ( City name was redacted so PP can’t blame me for her exact location being outed. )


      1. Yeah she doesn’t have to allow her YouTube page and community to become full of patronizing, negative bitter rants from haters. If you have something to say, create your own YouTube channel. You were SO bitter.


  4. On second thought, since she paid cash for that house, she should spruce it up a bit, rent it out and still move to Kingman. She has enough money left over to buy another house there while reaping the benefits of rental income from the home in BC. I imagine she could get around $800/mo for it. Just my two cents


    1. MJ,

      The first thing that Prepper Princess needs to do is get a Post Office Box to receive her mail. It would be too easy for someone to observe that Prepper Princess was not at home, and go get her mail out of her mailbox to either see or take her bank statements, credit card statements, and investment statements.

      Next, Prepper Princess needs to get a safe deposit box at a bank, to keep her car title, extra check books, extra bank/credit card/investment statements, social security card, passport, extra key sets, and so forth. It is too easy for an unattended guest or a thief to come across a check book, credit card statement, investor statement, car title, or spare keys in your home and walk off with it without anyone noticing that it went missing or when it went missing.

      Prepper Princess needs to do some things to keep people from thinking that she is an easy target. Maybe she needs to have some security cameras installed by a security company that stores the recorded video remotely so that people can’t come onto her property without there being an external record of it.


  5. She is still in the process of fixing the place up and could probably sell it. I doubt she has problems telling people no if she gets pissed enough. She has at least one firearm and knows how to use it plus a friend or two whom I believe are ex-military who could come stay in that second bedroom and look menacing, lol. She mentioned knowing a group of prepper guys like that and may even have arrangements to be with them if and when she bugs out (she’s hinted about that). She has that dopey dog; not sure he’s trainable at this point. Hopefully, she’s not let the lowlife inside her place. Use her washer and dryer, what a hoot, hopefully she said no. I didn’t get to read the facebook comment. She supposedly took a lot of trail type walks with the dog when living in California and surely saw plenty of homeless and druggy types to not be too sympathetic at this point. Wonder how old these bums are? I think she’ll be okay.


  6. I am absolutely stunned but some of these comments.
    someone on youtube tries to help others by giving suggestions on how to save money and shares their experiences only to get back mean and horrible, hateful (at times) comments. WOW. You do you Prepper Princess. Some folks are vile and disgusting! Most likely just jealousy anyway! Oh, the Penalty of Leadership. Go read it folks!


    1. Barbara,

      One of the things that I do not like about Prepper Princess, is that she deletes comments that are mean, hateful, or disagree with her. The comments that are flattering and entirely in agreement with her are not helping her to see anything new, or make her aware of what she does not know. There is a lot that Prepper Princess needs to learn and understand, so she needs to stop deleting comments just because she doesn’t like them.

      For instance, Prepper Princess would look better and nicer if she pulled her hair back into a nice tight pony tail or bun, and wore some nice, lightweight, floral print summer dresses, and some large brown frame sunglasses.


      1. I totally agree. Maybe some taupe nail polish. Not light pink, though. That’s for losers. She needs to eat better. Maybe some chicken rouchambeau with holland rusks. Not toast. That’s for losers. (WTF???)


      2. This comment was all I needed to read. You seem to be very un-self aware of how you are coming across.
        Your obsession is obvious, and reads straight out of a text book for pre-criminal behavior.
        I highly recommend you delete this entire page and back away from this woman.
        You mention not being arrested, however, you are now on a watch list.


      3. Wow! Floral prints are not even in style in much of the Bay Area, and she looks just fine to me!


      4. The way you speak about this woman like you’re her keeper/father/husband is beyond creepy. LITERALLY NOBODY CARES what you “think” she should look like/act like/spend her money on. She is probably thriving because she hasn’t been driven by people like you who want to treat her like a dumb little girl instead of a grown woman, a SEPARATE HUMAN PERSON who can LITERALLY do whatever she wants. What do you look like? Probably balding, in debt and old.


      5. In reply to Nunya,

        Prepper Princess probably even knows that she would benefit from my advice, but she is so anti-male, she would rather suffer than benefit from a man’s advice.


    2. We are not jealous. She is a very extreme person, very angry at others who can’t or won’t live like her. And she has no spouse, no partner, no children and is apparently around age 38 or 40 — it is easy to live an extreme lifestyle as a SINGLE PERSON vs. in a family unit. She doesn’t have to plan or negotiate with a partner who maybe wants to take hot baths or a decent shower, wants to run the A/C or eat something besides cheap garbage (same food every day!) — who wants to wear deodorant and wipe themselves with toilet paper after using the W.C.

      I assure you, from the bottom of my heart (and as a reasonable frugal person myself)…. I do not even remotely envy PP. She comes across as a very preachy person, very bitter and very angry despite all her money and inheritances….


  7. Well. I went and found her house online. It’s not that bad. Lots of streets look like that in small towns with small taxes and lots of sun heat. The only worrisome thing is her neighbors, but their houses look nicer than hers. She got a fixer upper and she is being very smart with her money. I don’t really see how it’s our place to judge – it’s her life.


    1. OreoE,

      Your comment is reasonable, but I realized about ten years ago, that if I didn’t judge other people and the things that they do, I would have to block just about every thought in my head: She’s pretty, she’s fat, she has big boobs, she’s smart, she’s nice, she’s mean, etcetera, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the good qualities in people, or recognize their bad qualities.

      For instance, Prepper Princess looks stressed, her facial expression is stress, pain, and hardship. She needs to go to a Spas on a regular basis to have a manicure, pedicure, massage, rejuvenating face mask, sit in a hot tub.


      1. She has almost no lines on her face. Just because she’s not a bubbly ditz doesn’t mean she doesn’t have peace. Why don’t you take your own advice and get a massage, manicure and pedicure. She’s a millionaire because she hasn’t been spending $400 a month on manipedi, massage like most women do. A nice woman’s haircut and color is $400 as well. I’d rather be a millionaire in my fifties then have a perfect manicure. What a creep


      2. In reply to Nunya,

        Go look at the website EscortOfItaly.com, escort service in Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice. If they had that near me, I would go every week.


      3. “She has almost no lines on her face. Just because she’s not a bubbly ditz doesn’t mean she doesn’t have peace. Why don’t you take your own advice and get a massage, manicure and pedicure. She’s a millionaire because she hasn’t been spending $400 a month on manipedi, massage like most women do. A nice woman’s haircut and color is $400 as well. I’d rather be a millionaire in my fifties then have a perfect manicure.”

        Nunya, you are working on some weird fan gyrrling stuff here.

        You don’t think a woman can be honest, fair, upfront, protect her privacy and STILL give valuable financial/economic info… without being a “bubbly ditz”?

        Come on. Prepper is exploiting her good looks here. She surely knows she is a quite attractive blonde, white youngish woman with a slim build. She’s not some old crone, or disabled, or fat, or homely. Nobody would watch her channel if she was those things. She is very conventionally attractive.

        What does “massage, manicure and pedi” have to do with this? Many of us have never had a professional massage and do our own nails.

        And COME ON. At least admit, Prepper is a “millionaire” (if she really is one) because she INHERITED about $400,000. She then invested most of it in the stock market, which was crazy high the last few years. I suspect if the market crashes, she will be wiped out (though she’d still own her paid-up house, so that much is good).

        If you believe that most American women spend $400 a month on mani-pedis, massages and haircuts… you are seriously delusional. And no, a haircut and color is not “$400” in most of the country — closer to about $50-$70. As far as myself, I color and cut my own hair, but then it is very simple and not some complex cut or highlights. But that is MY CHOICE.

        Given that Prepper is in her 40s and blonde… chances are pretty good she is doing some work on her hair though no idea if she does this herself or goes to a salon. Try to remember that YouTubers (and Instagrammers, etc.) heavily control and edit what you see. They may not be filming reality.

        I exposed a couple of “#vanlifers” on YouTube, who apparently live with their parents in luxury homes, but keep a van or cabin in the backyard and film there cleverly, so it looks like they live in the middle of a National Park! meanwhile, they go home, take hot showers, watch a big HDTV and their parents cook and do their laundry … while they earn $$$$ pretending to be “bold single girls living alone in the wilderness”. Look this up.


    2. We judge her, OreoE, because she PUTS HERSELF — her lifestyle, her personhood, her methodologies, HER HOUSE — out in public on YouTube, to make $$$$.

      If she was a private person, living privately … I would absolutely agree her lifestyle is 100% her own business.

      But you can’t monetize and SELL your lifestyle — show your home — brag about how cheap you are — ON YOUTUBE — ask people to donate money to you (!!!) on Patreon even though you have hundreds of thousands in YouTube income PLUS big inheritances — and then say “nobody has the right to criticize me”.


  8. She actually did a video yesterday responding to all the negative comments and was honest enough to mention what people have said to her. I don’t blame her and told her I’d just to delete any comment I didn’t like and to block the person who made it. Some people persistently make negative comments. Who needs that? She’s done very well with her place in a record amount of time. Her kitchen is now finished. She hasn’t shown the outside of her place on you tube but anyone willing to Patreon her probably has access to many more pictures. As far as going to spas, hot tubs, manicures, what a hoot. Who does hot tubs anymore? Ugh. They’re a good way to catch something nasty. Ditto the manicures and pedicures.
    It kind of sounds like we have a few men here a tad bit jealous over the fact she’s doing pretty much okay with her life and manages well. You boys do realize she’s a lesbian, right?


    1. Cynthia Murphy,

      I am sorry that I was not able to respond to your comment sooner. In a recent video of Prepper Princess, she was wearing a baseball cap, with her hair pulled through the back of it, I forget what she was talking about, but she looked like she had lost some weight, that she had better muscle tone, and her hair looked more healthy and youthful, she looked better, like she had been doing a lot of physical work outside and was getting more exercise outside.

      However, Prepper Princess still looked tense and stressed. It’s probably good that she doesn’t drink alcohol or use drugs, but I wish that she would find some way to relieve her tension and stress. It might be for the best that Prepper Princess is not interested in men, because they can be domineering, controlling, and physically and mentally abusive, but so can women for that matter. That is why I wrote that I wish that Prepper Princess would go to a nice spas, I thought that women liked that, but I suppose not if you are the type that worries about getting germs from hot tubs, saunas, swimming pools, manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages.

      I will continue to try to think of some suggestions for Prepper Princess to de-stress. To address the lesbian issue, I don’t know if Prepper Princess is attracted to women because of how they look physically, how women act, or if Prepper Princess is turned off by the appearance of men and the behavior of men, or if she had some kind of trauma caused by a man.

      I have been around lesbians throughout my life, and though they may not like men, it has been my experience that many lesbians like to have sex or intimate relationships with men for a change, something different, or to experience something different physically. You may think that I am talking about bi-sexual women, no I’m not. Look at it this way, there are times in a lesbian’s life, when she really appreciates a man who can actually do good plumbing, electrical, roof work, lift heavy things, are strong, muscular, in good health, don’t complain and whine, and are willing to have no-strings-attached sex.

      I honestly and truly believe, that part of Prepper Princess’s struggle with stress, is that deep down inside she longs for many of the qualities and attributes that men have, but she is frightened of men being domineering, controlling, and abusive with her. I think that she looks at young, lean, youthful men with desire in her mind, and she is conflicted, that there is just no way that she can see having intimacy with them without taking a huge risk and having terrible consequences.


    2. A PUBLIC hot tub can be filthy, but not one of your own (if you maintain it properly). Ditto for manicures and pedicures.

      I guessed she was a lesbian (not that I care) and I’m a woman, and heterosexual, so not remotely interested in her either way. I’m commenting SOLELY because of her outlandish and extremist views about “saving money” — delivered in a nasty, hectoring way (“if you don’t do exactly as I DO… you’ll die broke!”).

      Lots and lots of YouTubers are raking in the cash, especially Patreon which is basically begging for money for doing nothing. The woman is already wealthy, due to large inheritances and California real estate. Handing her more money is pathetic.


      1. Lola, there’s a solution to your dilemma. It’s called changing the channel. Try it! Nobody is forcing you into a chair to watch prepper princess.


    3. Being lesbian is probably what pisses him off the most. She’s an attractive, wealthy woman who has no need for him or his creepy advances. It’s sad, really.


  9. Hey, everybody! I think the P.P. house looks very nice on the inside. She’s a hard worker who can squeeze value out of every penny. I have faith that she can get some fruit trees growing there. She might even be able to raise some veggies with careful irrigation. I tried looking for her house. She said it was “poop brown” before she painted it. I haven’t been able to find one that seems to match totally. One comment suggested that it looked like a trailer that had additions. Another mentioned a wheelchair ramp. I’m confused! I found a brown house with a chainlink fence around it, house number 644 in Bullhead City, but the aerial photos don’t seem to match. The inside photos of the houses aren’t up anymore, so I could use some help!


    1. Earl,

      Prepper Princess got very upset and angry when I wrote my blog post article about her new house, and I posted the realty.com, zillow.com, or trulia.com internet link to the real estate listing of her new house in Arizona. Either she did not like that the real estate listing showed the actual street address of her new house, or she did not like that there were so many actual photos of the interior and exterior of her new house.

      As you described in this comment and your second comment, your search methods and assumptions were correct, except for one thing, you need to re-do your search using a sale price of less than $75K, then you should be able to find it, especially if you go back and look at Prepper Princess’s very first videos of her new house where she shows the interior, like the stone fire place and extra wall stone work. If Prepper Princess has now taken down the first videos showing the interior of her house, you will have to go by your memory of what you saw, or keep looking at her other videos.

      Let me know how your search goes.


  10. My post seems to have vanished, so I’ll try again. In a recent video, P.P. mentioned something about her house. She invited people to Google it. I’ve tried that, but I’m not having much luck. She did say the house was “poop brown” when she found it. She’s repainted it to the color of her California house. Some have said the house looks like a trailer with additions. One commenter mentioned a wheelchair ramp. I haven’t found a house with those features. I found a brown house, number 644, with a chainlink fence around it. I know she paid $75,000 for the house. In an interview, she said the tax was $400. She plans to plant fruit trees in the fall. She can squeeze the value out of every penny. I’m sure she’ll have a nice home and grounds, even in the harsh desert environment. I wish her luck. If anyone could suggest a clue to find her house, I’m waiting! It’s strange…she gave the location of the one house she considered originally. Now, she’s not so open.


    1. planetiowa,

      Prepper Princess got very upset and angry when I wrote my blog post article about her new house, and I posted the realty.com, zillow.com, or trulia.com internet link to the real estate listing of her new house in Arizona. Either she did not like that the real estate listing showed the actual street address of her new house, or she did not like that there were so many actual photos of the interior and exterior of her new house.

      As you described in your previous comment and this comment, your search methods and assumptions were correct, except for one thing, you need to re-do your search using a sale price of less than $75K, then you should be able to find it, especially if you go back and look at Prepper Princess’s very first videos of her new house where she shows the interior, like the stone fire place and extra wall stone work.

      Let me know how your search goes.


      1. Before I saw your reply, I went back to PP’s video to learn the price of her house. I had misremembered it. Then, it was very easy to find. I was able to see the now-dismantled fireplace, so I knew I had the right house. As for the “poop brown” on the bottom of the front, I liked it over her chosen color, but to each her own, eh?

        She’s a hard worker. She’s transformed the insides of the house. It looks great. The roof can’t hold much insulation. She’d better like hot weather. At least the humidity is low. She won’t need a clothes dryer. The wash will dry quickly there.

        The backyard is small. Maybe she can plant some fruit trees that will grow. She needs a carport. Her car will be like an oven even with the windows down. There isn’t enough room on either side of the house to drive her car behind the house, either.

        She thinks the house will double in value with her improvements. Oh, I don’t know about that. The lot is never going to get any bigger. The house has limitations, too. I do have faith in her.

        She’s a hard worker, but the timing is bad. The virus has wrecked lots of plans. She could still book the spare room. The location is pretty close to the Colorado River. It’s very handy that it has its own exterior door. I don’t know if she has a way to lock off the spare room and its bathroom from the rest of the house.

        She wants to look for work, but no one is hiring, of course. She does have the proceeds from the sale of the California house, so she’ll be OK for a while. She still has her YouTube income and Patreon gifts. She can live cheaply.

        Her girlfriend elected not to accompany her, for whatever reasons. So, PP is alone, without much of a chance to socialize, not with the virus circulating.

        PP opined that she doesn’t need health insurance because she’s in very good health, and she has perfect teeth. She angrily informed those of us who are overweight that we eat too much. Meanwhile, she’s lost 20 pounds since moving to Arizona, and wants to lose ten more. She also thought she could do without home insurance, but a year’s worth came with the house. She seemed to look down on those who aren’t in good heath with perfect teeth. I know her girlfriend had some medical problems, so I think that’s part of her attitude problem.

        I wish her the best.


      2. Earl,

        Yes, from what you described it definitely sounds like you found the real estate listing and photos for Prepper Princess’s new house in Arizona. Once you were able to compare key features of the house in both the real estate listing photos and her YouTube videos, there is no mistaking that they match.

        I hope to God that Prepper Princess does not ever try to rent out the second bedroom in that house, she is already so stressed out, she has already been through so much, why would she put herself through the risk and aggravation of having a stranger stay overnight for $50-$60. I myself would almost be tempted to rent the second bedroom in Prepper Princess’s house just to prank her, but I won’t do it because I feel sorry for her, but other people would do this just for the opportunity to try to drive her up the wall.

        Your comment about Prepper Princess’s remarks about health insurance, overweight people, and sick people, yes, Prepper Princess does have a mean side to her, as in her previous comments about “getting the old man smell out of her house”. Her previous girlfriend’s health condition was Cystic Fibrosis, I believe, which up until this past year usually limited an afflicted person’s life span to about 35 years.


      3. Now that I think of it, it’s weird than PP wanted to guard her address. When she wanted that long, brown house, she published the address. I think she even asked for comments. She’s chosen to become a public person, so she loses some privacy.


      4. planetiowa,

        You are a male, so you can use logic and reasoning, so if a person makes a hundred videos showing inside of their home, outside of their home, their backyard, what they do every day, what their hobbies are, what their life is like, what their childhood was like, their relationships, their finances, and so forth, and invite as many people as possible to watch their videos, it’s kind of ridiculous when they selectively make a claim that they want privacy, but I have had some women complain when I write about them. Part of it is that women want to have editorial over-ride on things that they don’t like, and the other thing is that women become frightened when they realize that someone could find out where they live. They should have thought about people finding out where they live before they started showing the inside, outside, and around their house, and giving out so much personal information.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I am so sorry that we could not reach an agreement. You are correct. I have invited as many people as possible to watch public Youtube videos of my personal life, as well as any other information I choose to provide. I have also collaborated with several other youtubers and bloggers in the past.Would you like to collaborate on a future video of mine? I would be more than happy to publicize your blog on my channel, free of charge to you of course because you are so special to me. I will be more than happy to give you all the credit and provide pictures of you found legally online, as you definitely deserve it! You have done a great job on your blog and definitely deserve the publicity! Just delete the damn blog and we can go our separate ways.


      6. Amber,

        This is the most that I am willing to do:

        Remove your name “Amber Storck” from the comment section of my blog post article “Location Of The Prepper Princess”.

        Remove the approximately two or three comments to the blog post article “Location Of The Prepper Princess” that discuss how to narrow the search using Zillow or Realtor.com, the correct price range and the architectural detail to look at.

        The remaining information in my blog post article “Location Of The Prepper Princess” is what you told your audience in your videos about your life and yourself. If you are now uncomfortable with details of your life that you shared with your viewers, I am not obligated to delete my blog post article.

        Let me know if you accept this offer, by either a comment to my blog or a response to this email address.


  11. This is a REALLY long explanation of why you’d be such a dick as to publish a single woman’s address to the masses. You’re upset that she deleted your comments? I work with three year olds daily. I’m sorry to tell you that what you did was throw a tantrum. Hmmmm. I wonder why she deleted your comments? Perhaps she felt you would do something unsafe LIKE PUBLISH HER LOCATION!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ta Hewitt,

      How did you happen upon my blog post article titled “Location Of The Prepper Princess” ? Was it because you performed an internet search using the term “Location Of The Prepper Princess”, or “Where Is Prepper Princess Located”, or “Where Does Prepper Princess Live” ? Why did you want to know where Prepper Princess lives? Why are you criticizing me for providing the information that you were looking for?


      1. I for one just googled for why she has disabled comments on her video, only to find the blog of an obviously insane psycho stalker kind of person.


      2. hiroo,

        Women are irrational. They want everything both ways. If a woman chooses to begin creating videos about herself and most of the personal aspects of her life, such as her finances, romantic relationship, home life, hobbies, daily activities, daily problems, viewers of her videos are probably going to have opinions about it. Some opinions will be positive, negative, complimentary, mean, agree, disagree, enthusiastic, skeptical, and so forth.

        I suppose that if the comments to Prepper Princess’s videos have become something that she no longer wants to deal with, she can disable comments. That doesn’t mean that everyone must agree with her, be complimentary about everything, be supportive of everything that she does, especially if they don’t agree with her. Nor do her viewers have to just shut up and say nothing.


      3. Hahahahahahaha, the maniac compains about PP deleting his comments while he does the same thing when people call him out on being a psychopath xD

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      4. hiroo,

        The comments to my blog post articles do not go through until they get approved. I don’t read the comments every hour. Just because a comment doesn’t show up right away, doesn’t mean that it has been deleted.


    2. Information on home sales is PUBLIC in almost all parts of the USA. If you want total privacy, you either can’t buy a house OR must buy it in the name of a corporate entity.

      Since PP’s real name is well known (she has a kindle book published) as Amber Storck and we know she lives in (redacted) AZ… it would be incredibly simple to go to the County Auditor’s site in that county, and look up “Storck, Amber” and see the house, what she paid and a legal description of the property,

      Storck does nothing but grab money (Patreon) from dupes on YouTube, then yell at people in a very harsh and unkind way online. Most of her “advice” is crap — don’t use deodorant, water down laundry detergent, don’t use toilet paper — yikes. Who wants to live like that?

      She’s welcome to being a hermit, martyr, singleton loner living in isolation if that’s what she wants.


  12. I’ll have to take back the “deleting comments” part then, looks like I’ve been mistaken. I assumed you deleted them because it first said “waiting for approval” or something like that, and a while later that message just disappeared, so I thought you deleted the comments.

    The “psycho” part still stands tho. Nobody is asking you to agree with everything she says or does, but you’re purposely trying to help people find her location, clearly against her will. While that may or may not be illegal, it’s still a teeny tiny little bit insane.


    1. hiroo,

      Why can’t you understand that when a person shows what they are doing at their house, inside their house, outside in the yard, down at the river a few blocks away, and talks about their move to a new area, why wouldn’t viewers be curious about where she moved to or where she lives?

      Let me give an analogy, if I made videos talking about a used car that I was going to buy, describing it, that it was a good deal, that I did in fact buy it, the work that I was going to do to it, the repairs that I paid to have done to it, how well it was running, if viewers of these videos had any interest in what was going on, they would probably want to know or try to find out what kind of car it was for themselves. It wouldn’t matter if I never wanted anyone to find out what kind of a car it was, viewers might go ahead and find out anyway.

      Just because Prepper Princess did not want anyone to know where she lives, that does not mean that the people who are curious and wanting to know where she lives have bad intentions.

      Prepper Pincess’s videos probably have far more than 10 million views. She is a kind of celebrity. People are curious about her and want to know more about her. There are probably 100,000 people that want to know more about Prepper Princess. So, just because I set out trying to find out more about Prepper Princess, why does that make me a psycho?


      1. PP has had an angry tone lately. She told anyone who can’t find a job that they are lazy. She was able to find one. She’s taken away the video about the price of her house which was a clue to where she lived. She seems to be turning off the comments on every video. Only the older videos still have comments. She’ll turn them off soon. Her methods won’t work for everyone in any location, or any age. I’m losing interest in her. I wish her well, but she just isn’t that likable anymore.


      2. Chet,

        Yes Prepper Princess was becoming more and more angry in her YouTube videos. It sometimes showed in the particular things that she said, other times it showed in the way that she was acting.

        Here are some of the things that I think is making Prepper Princess angry. California is a beautiful state, the terrain is beautiful, the climate is moderate, there are many gorgeous neighborhoods, excellent places to shop for whatever you want. Prepper Princess grew up and lived most of her life in California, and she was living in what came to be an affluent neighborhood inhabited by educated, professional people.

        Yes, California was becoming hard to live in because it was costly, very regulated, and there were beginning to be hoards of poor people who will riot one day.

        But Prepper Princess left her affluent neighborhood with educated professional people, very nice houses, excellent shopping, and moderate climate, to go live in the middle of nowhere out in the desert, with scorching heat, retired old overweight lazy people, and unambitious uneducated lower class people.

        Prepper Princess left an area that had a lot going on in business, industry, technology, entertainment, art, culture, with many different types of people and opportunities to meet people, and ended up moving to a retirement area with nothing going on, mostly old people, and a few uneducated lower class people with no direction in life.

        Prepper Princess left her brother, her girlfriend, and her friends behind in California. Prepper Princess has good sense and good judgment about people. She probably can tell at a glance, day after day, everywhere she goes, that there isn’t ever anyone that she would like to become friends with. This was something that I don’t think she planned on, being so lonely and alone.


  13. I am reporting you to the police on 8/28 if this entire post is not removed. Given that it provides instructions on how to find my home, it falls under the category of internet doxxing, which constitutes up to 9 years in prison. You are extremely lucky I am giving you an opportunity to delete it. If you “change” the post and do not delete it completely, I have taken screen shots to report to the police as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Prepper Princess,

      Dear Amber Storck,

      In order to try to be fair and reasonable with you, I edited my blog post article on March 29 to remove the link to the real estate listing that showed the photographs of your recently purchased house in Arizona. I did not have to do this.

      According to U.S. law, anyone can publish public information about someone else, as long as this information is obtained legally.

      You told viewers in your YouTube videos, that you were moving to Arizona. You also said when you had purchased your house, and the price that you paid for your house. You showed your viewers photographs of your house. All I did was perform a search on a public accessible real estate site, using the information that you gave to your viewers. This resulted in finding the public real estate listing of your house.

      My intention at the time, was to see for myself, what house you had bought. Because viewers and commentors to your YouTube channel were interested in what house you had bought and the photographs of it that you showed, I provided the link to the public real estate listing which had additional photographs of your house.

      It was pointed out to me, by viewers to your YouTube channel, that up until approximately one year ago, your full name was publicly listed in the website address of your YouTube channel. On the internet, still to this day, actual public links to some of your YouTube videos contain your full name, http://www.youtube.com/user/amberstorck . If you typed into an internet search browser your full name, which is still shown publicly in the URL address of some of your videos, several search results show the address of your house in Arizona. This is all public information.

      In a recent YouTube video of yours, you said that a man showed up at your front door in order to meet you. This is not illegal. If all this man did, was introduce himself, explain that he watched your YouTube videos, and say that he wanted to meet you, this was not illegal.

      You have got to understand that for the past four years you have made public YouTube videos showing and discussing just about everything in your personal life. On many occasions in your YouTube videos, you have stated that your viewers can see even more personal information about you if they pay to subscribe to your Patreon account. If viewers do not want to pay to subscribe to Patreon to see more personal information about you, as an alternative they could and probably did just look you up on the internet, or drive by your house, or try to meet you in person.

      I estimate that with 123,000 subscribers to your YouTube channel, your YouTube videos have probably received at least 10 million views, probably much more than this. You have gained this many subscribers and this many video views by creating videos that show what you are doing in your personal life, especially projects in an around your home. You have chosen to make these kinds of videos for the past four years. You have not maintained your own privacy.

      You publicly disclosed enough details and photographs of the home that you purchased to make it able to be found by anyone performing an internet search. You publicly disclosed your full name in the website address of your YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/amberstorck , to make yourself able to be found by anyone performing an internet search. You have invited as many people as possible to watch the public YouTube videos of your personal life. You have not maintained your own privacy.


      1. Why can’t you just respect the privacy and boundaries of a woman instead of bullying her into why you’re “legally entitled” to creepily post about how you think she should run her life (make your own YouTube channel!), Specifically where she lives, and that you find her attractive but are “angry” she is rejecting your advances via comments, stalking her to her home etc? Why can’t you just recognize her as a human person and have a little bit of dignity, decorum and respect? Sooooo creepy


      2. “If viewers do not want to pay to subscribe to Patreon to see more personal information about you, as an alternative they could and probably did just look you up on the internet, or drive by your house, or try to meet you in person”

        You are very daft if you think a WOMAN putting her private personal communications to supportive fans is the same thing as saying “if you’re too broke, cheap or disinterested to financially support the channel, feel free to swing by my HOUSE to get my attention for FREE! “…. If she wanted people badgering her for free she would have no paywall. A less creepy man would have bought the top Patreon tier, emailed her politely with a photo of himself and invitation to take her out to dinner in PUBLIC, and accepted rejection if it occurred. Even meeting a woman in real life (who’s address you didn’t sleuth) would not be comfortable with a strange man coming to her door. This isn’t the 1950s. It’s kind of sad that this is the only way you can get her attention so you’ve resorted to “it’s not illegal”. Lots of things aren’t “illegal” but are super creepy


    2. Ms. Storck: nothing on earth is less private than the purchase of REAL ESTATE. Nearly every county in the US lists every real estate transaction and it is literally PUBLIC INFORMATION.

      “Doxxing” would be more things like publishing nude photos of you, or giving the names of your family members, or bank account numbers.

      Your threats are ugly and invalid, and frankly… coming from a YOUTUBER who has posted countless videos of your home, inside and out…. would render ANY legal claim to “privacy” invalid.

      BTW: I found your exact address in 3 seconds, using a simple Google search of your name. Try this yourself.

      Honey, the police will laugh their asses off at you. I once got real doxxing and death threats from people who didn’t like some political stuff I posted online. I thought the DEATH THREATS will get police attention and they laughed when I tried to get help.

      So please, grow up.


  14. You sure do spend a lot of time beating someone else’s decision on where and how they want to live and invest. You are a despicable vitriolic excuse for a human and I’m sure when the residents of 58601 find out who your sick ass is, you’ll be leaving like a rabbit in front of hounds. You miserable mother fucker! Hide bitch, you need to!

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    1. The_Last_Rebel,

      What’s that you say, “You sure do spend a lot of time beating someone else’s decision on where and how they want to live and invest?”

      I wrote one blog post article about Prepper Princess, with a few lines warning her to not invest all of her money in stocks, and that buying the least expensive house with no yard might not have been a good idea. This is not a lot of time, and it’s not beating someone else’s decision.

      I think that both you and Prepper Princess have got something mentally wrong with you. Disagreeing with someone on investing in stocks, and buying a small house with no yard, isn’t harassing someone, it’s stating a different opinion.


      1. In reply to The_Last_Rebel,

        You left the following comment on my About Page:

        “At this point, I regret I took this assignment. Okay, here’s the deal, you’ve got 3 choices: 1) remove this shitty blog from the web(your best option 2) get the hell off of Youtube 3) deal with the consequences of being the vilest human I’ve come across in 22 years of doing what I do. That’s all you idiot, carry on if you must.”

        Then you left the following comment on my About Page:

        “Have it your way, idiot. I’ll be sending a couple of my legal cohorts to find out why you sent two men to visit my client. And don’t think for one second that’s a threat. As far as that IP address, good luck with that. You should double-check your work to be sure there are no reflections, signs, things like that. Somebody might legally publish information already in the public arena about you. I think that sums up what you claimed to have done to my client, wasn’t it?? that look familiar? Keep your eye on The Dickinson Press for a couple of weeks, there’s going to be a photo of your favorite person in it.”

        In these two separate comments, you have stated several times that you are working for Prepper Princess, that you have taken an “assignment”, and that she is your “client”. Under the law, threats are sometimes treated as idle or a figure of speech, unless a step is made to carry out the threat, such as travelling to a person’s location. You have made both the threat, and the admission that you plan to carry out the threat. And, since you are acting on behalf of Prepper Princess, she is criminally liable for your actions.

        Depending on what you do with your Dickinson Press advertisement, Prepper Princess could very likely be liable for defamation if you publish untrue statements about me. This valid legal claim would be adjudicated in a North Dakota court.


      2. I’m having a difficult time finding where I eluded to the identity of who has retained my services. I’d be oh so enthusiastic if you could point that out for me. You really are an idiot and your legal expertise is sorely lacking. Take it from someone who has 22 years in their field of expertise. As I stated earlier, have it your way. No skin off my back and BTW, who is this “prepper princess” you keep referring to?


      3. If you are now saying that you do not represent Prepper Princess, you can not initiate any criminal case or civil lawsuit against me, because you “Do Not Have Standing”. Only the actual plaintiff, or her attorney can seek to initiate a criminal case or civil lawsuit. A friend, neighbor, or family member can not initiate a criminal case or civil lawsuit on behalf of someone else.

        Go ahead and now claim that you are representing some unknown plaintiff. The same thing applies, only the actual plaintiff or her attorney can initiate a criminal case or a civil lawsuit. If you are not an attorney, you are now on your way to being criminally prosecuted for practicing law in North Dakota without a license, claiming to represent a plaintiff in a legal action against me.


      4. In reply to The_Last_Rebel,

        You left a comment to my About Page, which I published and responded to. I want to post my response here as well:

        In reply to The_Last_Rebel.
        If you are talking about paying for something to be published in the Dickinson Press newspaper about me, they may or may not allow something defamatory to be published about me. I have never been accused or charged with any crime, and the Dickinson Press does not want to be liable for defamation by publishing false statements that are damaging to someone’s reputation. In any case, the Dickinson Press is not going to allow you to place any advertisement of this nature in their newspaper without obtaining the payer’s identifying information. You and Prepper Princess will be legally liable for damages.

        Since you are now claiming that you do not represent Prepper Princess, you can not initiate any legal action because “You Do Not Have Standing”. What this means is, you can not initiate any criminal or civil court action against me. The actual plaintiff in a criminal case or civil lawsuit, or their attorney, can seek to file criminal charges or a civil lawsuit against me, but someone who is not a party to the legal action can not.

        A friend, neighbor, or family member can not bring a criminal case or civil lawsuit on behalf of someone else. You Do Not Have Standing. So which is it, are you a representative of Prepper Princess, or are you not party able to bring any legal action against me?


  15. I got to PP’s channel via UTube recommendation too and was intrigued. But her recent video on why she disallowed comments with the moaning about sexual propositions and stalking seems a bit naive.

    If she shoots underwater videos with the camera pointing between her legs, bikini videos, videos of every room in her house including the toilet but prominently the bedroom with a large double bed in the background (specially in the moaning video!!), describing every possible detail of her private life including clothing purchase, WTF else does she expect?

    I wouldn’t call her a narcisssist because I believe she is basically genuine and I’ve seen this magnified 10x in other video channels by females: flaunting every angle of their bodies, entire videos about their bedroom remodeling, chat videos with the double bed prominently in the background, that is narcissism and not even on Instagram.

    I wish her well but …how naive can you get?


      1. That is a lie. You did in fact publish photos of my house as well as the direct link to zillow that showed the full address and then took them down. Is that not true? Remember, I have screen-shots. Oh, and in your own words in THIS blog: Back on March 29, I removed the link to the public real estate listing that showed photographs of Prepper Princess’s house in Arizona, at her request. I did not have to do this, because this was published public information that was already available to everyone. I still do not show or include the link to this public real estate listing in this blog post.


      2. Prepper Princess,

        I did not publish photographs of your house. The reader could decide for themselves if they wanted to click on the link to the real estate listing. One of the reasons why I rarely use photographs in any of my blog post articles, is because I do not have permission or authorization to do so. Anyone can provide a link to someone else’s video or website, but posting someone else’s photograph without permission is violating their copyright, you can actually get into legal trouble for using someone else’s photograph without their permission.


  16. I’m one of those folks who hardly ever leave comments on the Internet but I felt strong about this situation. DICKinson (Mr. Charles A. Hall)….you are screwed man! Good job PP! This nutcase needed to be exposed! Hope the cops in his area are alerted. Pedophile piece of S***T. Keep yourself safe Prepper Princess. A lot of this is jealousy, envy and the such. Take good care PP!

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    1. John S.,

      If I would have done any harassing, threatening, stalking of Prepper Princess, I would have been arrested and charged. If I would have ever had any activity with child pornography or child abuse, I would have been arrested and charged. Why are you so quick to believe false accusations?


  17. This dude is a nut job. Saw his place (nothing to brag home about). Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! L.O.L. A little warning: This dude has psychopathic tendencies too.


  18. The sense of entitlement expressed by the author of this blog is astounding . He has no right to advise strangers where to move, how to invest their money, or what they should do in their own home. He has no right to leave any sort unwanted comments on somebody’s YouTube channel that the owner does not appreciate. I suspect he’s an incel with little if any social skills or ability to attract a female. Does he think he’ll attract admirers of any variety for his despicable and potentially dangerous behavior?

    And the fact that he communicates no regret or apology for jepordizing the safety of someone he doesn’t even know, and will never have the opportunity to meet, shows how delusional and deranged he is. He has to demean and be Little women in general to make himself feel more important and powerful . When he’s just a little lonely man trying to get attention.


    1. I hope you realize, that everything that you have just criticized me for and complained that I did, that this is exactly what you have just done yourself.

      You criticized me for supposedly advising someone else on what to do, and complained that I wrote unwanted comments, yet this exactly what you are doing yourself right now.

      Do you ever think? Can you think? Do you see and understand that you yourself just did what you are complaining about?


    1. You are a strange person. I do not like Prepper Princess very much, nor do I spend much time thinking about, or writing about Prepper Princess, can’t you get that from the one and only blog post article that I wrote about her? I neither praise her, nor vilify her. I don’t dwell on any special features of Prepper Princess, nor do I go on and on about her faults. I believe that I already asked you, “Can you think? Do you think?” Why can’t you see that my opinions on Prepper Princess are not extraordinary or extreme, they are average, everyday observations.


  19. Also, since you approved my comment you must be seeking my remarks. Totally different than somebody deleting your obsessive and abusive attention.


    1. I approved your comment so that you had the chance to express your opinion and your point of view, even though I don’t agree with what you wrote, and I found it tiresome that you were criticizing me for expressing my opinion, right in the midst of you expressing your opinion which you wanted to voice and be heard.


  20. I really liked what you wrote about Prepper Princess. I think that she is selfish and self-centered. Please do a follow-up article about the turn her YouTube videos have taken now that she has moved to Arizona to a location that is not really good for prepping/survival.


  21. Prepper Princess has a patreon page where she posts herself giving charity to her vulnerable neighbor. She mentions the woman cant even leave her house and video tapes herself giving this neighbor food. Then she broadcasts she is doing her neighbors laundry and it is soiled and the neighbor is embarrassed.
    I had to stop watching because she broadcasts her vulnerable neighbors home right on patreon (where she lives address visible) – and has no respect for the dignity or safety of this neighbor. When I mentioned this on her page she deleted my comment and responded with “the neighbor doesn’t watch my channel and doesn’t know what I am doing” and told me not to watch if I don’t like it.

    This actually made me sick that she would do this. She mentioned she is too pretty to make friends, feels sorry for herself etc. and I had to unsubscribe. Honestly she is actually a crappy person so I don’t feel sorry for her. Just an FYI she blasts you a great deal on her patreon page as well.


    1. Who Knew,

      I don’t know what specific things that Prepper Princess does on her Patreon videos. If what you are saying is true, that she is providing help to an elderly neighbor and providing details that would be embarrassing or humiliating to this elderly neighbor, that would be in poor taste and inappropriate. If what Prepper Princess does in her videos is genuinely harming or exploiting a vulnerable elderly person, the State of Arizona is very well staffed with Adult Protective Services personnel who investigate elderly abuse, and would put an end to this if and when it came to their attention. Is Prepper Princess doing mostly good with her assistance to this elderly person, is this elderly person mostly benefiting from Prepper Princess’ assistance, is Prepper Princess offering needed help that this person otherwise would not receive? I don’t know, because I haven’t seen the video.

      I am not going to make any comments about the other things that you wrote at this time, in order for whoever reads this to think about the appropriateness of helping elderly people, yet publicizing this assistance in a way that might be hurtful to an elderly person, if this is indeed what is happening.


      1. You’ll find this hilarious! PP posted a video yesterday that accidentally revealed her full name, address and cell phone number! A viewer CALLED her on her cellphone to let her know about it a few hours later, but it was already out there, apparently. She took the video down and uploaded a new one. Such an amateur!


      2. RE: Prepper Princess revealed her full name, address, and phone number:

        Thank you for your comment. Yes, it would be funny if Prepper Princess accidentally revealed her full name, address, and cell phone number in her own YouTube video. It would continue to be funny when a viewer called her on her cell phone to let her know about it.

        I am interested to know what happened. Did she hold up her cell phone to her camera? Did she leave a telephone company bill out on a table while video recording? What happened?


  22. The dude writing this has left out a number of details, including specific sexually explicit comments he made to Prepper Princess & that she read aloud on some videos & what he wanted to do to her….(Dickinson58601.com removed the remainder of this comment)


    1. Alyce Maloney,

      I read your comment. You are either mentally-ill, or you are stupid. To my knowledge, Prepper Princess made one video about me titled something like “Doxxing My Doxxer”. In this Prepper Princess video, she read portions of some of my blog post articles about South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, Strippers & Stripper Poles, and mentioned my blog post article titled “How Hard Should You Bite A Woman’s Ass”.

      At no time did Prepper Princess read sexual comments that I made to her, because there aren’t any. At no time did I make any comments to Prepper Princess about wanting to have sex with her.

      If I wanted to, I could sue you for defamation, because you wrote several untrue defamatory statements as factual statements, not as opinions. A couple of the statements that you made are what is legally called “Defamation Per Se”, which means “Types of false statements are considered so damaging that they are deemed defamatory on their face (“defamation per se”)”. Your statements in your comment about me being a “sexual predator” and Prepper Princess portraying me as a “sexual predator” or “pedophile” is “Defamation Per Se”, as I have never been accused or charged with any crime, your accusations are completely false.

      Because I have not sued Prepper Princes yet, does not mean that I can’t or am not going to. It is just a matter of proving what my “Damages” are. In order to prove “Damages” and that “I was harmed” I am going to wait a little while longer as this evidence mounts. You do not know it, because I have not written about it, but one person has already been very severely punished for attempting to have a campaign of defamation against me. Most of the forums where people thought that they had left anonymous comments of defamation/threats have been logged by law enforcement, and often by me as well to use at a later date.

      What people like you don’t understand, is that there is a difference between writing an opinion which is not illegal, and making a written threat or written defamation which is illegal.


  23. I just “ fell “ onto P. P. YouTube page . And only watching a few videos , I think one was from last December – I thought the same as you. ( the walls don’t even have insulation – she said it was Sheetrock and outside walls.)
    She talks about saving money but she bought a money pit.
    She did mention you docking her and then ( by chance ) I found this site.
    I’m sorry brother that you went though all that. I pegged that she has issues in just a few vids . She never smiles or laugh. I saw one where she was with some “ coffee lady “ her friend. Who was laughing and joking and mi PP said she had to be serious because her channel is “ very professional “.
    Lastly she’s a little too affectionate with her dog, spending air time kissing him and telling him good boy.
    Thanks for sharing ( Now I know )


  24. I really don’t see why anyone here cares what Pepper Princess does or doesn’t do with her time, money or channel. If you don’t like her, don’t watch her. If you don’t value her advice or choose to live your life the way she does, don’t watch her. If the only thing you have to offer is unnecessary criticism of how someone else lives, why not just refrain from commenting? If you choose to live in a more temperate climate and never feel the need to pick up trash as you go on your daily walk (I do, and I don’t even trade the cans in for cash), good for you. She has chosen to live her life in the way she sees fit. As a woman, I can completely understand why she wouldn’t take kindly to you scouting out her location. What was your purpose in doing this? What point was made? We live in America…we are all free to live how we choose and we should be able to expect people to respect some level of our privacy about the actual address of our home, if we haven’t chosen to personally reveal that. Just because she has a YouTube channel and films from home, doesn’t exempt her from the courtesy of respect. While all of her property information may be part of public record, it doesn’t mean you need to amplify it for the world to see. You may not be a stalker, but stalkers are out there and you temporarily made it easier for them to find her. I don’t know if you’ve ever been stalked, but if you made her feel unsafe in any way, the kindest thing you could do is apologize and move on. You expressed several times in your post that she made you angry…understand that FIRST you apparently made her feel unsafe. I think I know who I have more sympathy for in this situation.


    1. Faith,

      My first thoughts about your comment, was to delete it, because it was infuriatingly stupid, and it incites stupidity. What I mean by “stupid”, is that it has no sound reasoning or logic, it is illogical and irrational, and you apparently don’t even know this or have the ability to understand this.

      Foremost, the main point of your comment is that if people don’t like Prepper Princess’s YouTube videos, they don’t have to watch these videos, and they should not comment. DO YOU REALIZE that you have just now visited MY WEBSITE and left a complaining comment?! DO YOU REALIZE that what you are suggesting that people not do, with your criticizing comment you are doing the exact same thing you are telling people not to do?

      You also wrote that you don’t see why people care what Prepper Princess does with her time and money. ?????!…. If nobody had any interest in what Prepper Princess did, why would anyone watch her YouTube videos? Why would Prepper Princess make YouTube videos if nobody had any interest in what she did? What would be the point? Why even have YouTube? Why does YouTube even exist, if no one has any interest in what anyone else does with their time and money? Why have television? Why have magazines? Why have newspapers if no one has any interest in what other people do with their time and money?

      Lastly, if a person chooses to make a couple of public YouTube videos per week, for several years, where the main focus of these videos is THEIR LIFE, THEIR PERSONAL LIFE, THEIR HOUSE, THEIR YARD, WHY and WHERE THEY CHOSE TO LIVE, a normal person would realize that if tens of thousands of YouTube views were being logged, that all of these things that were shown and discussed publicly, they didn’t keep their own privacy.


      1. John S., look at the date of the blog post article that I wrote about Prepper Princess. This is the one, and only article that I have written about Prepper Princess. The continuation of comments about Prepper Princess, is because readers keep leaving comments.

        If someone creates a YouTube channel that is Public, they make hundreds of videos about themself, and millions of people watch these videos, why is no one allowed to write an opinion article about this YouTube channel and its creator? There are other articles and videos about Prepper Princess elsewhere, created by other people.


  25. It took me all of 30 seconds to find her house thanks to OSINT tools that allow anyone to do free background checks with minimal details such as a name and state of residence. Her house is blurred out on Google Street View but I found her address and personal information information on several other sites. Gotta love being a celebrity in the Internet Age!

    I have no interest in stalking her or doing anything creepy. I wanted to see if she practices what she preaches. I’m always skeptical that many YouTubers are posers that are just trying to drive their numbers up.

    I gotta say that I have great respect and admiration for this individual even though I don’t agree with all of her advice and how she disables comments on her videos. She does give some very practical advice about financial austerity that could help people exit the rat race and live a more sustainable lifestyle. The house may not be something I would buy, but if she likes it and she can make it home, then more power to her!

    I’m at a point in my life where I’m considering a similar life transition that she undertook. I live in a high cost of living area (Vancouver, Canada) and I’m at the point where I’m winding down my career and relocating to a low cost of living area like she did. Ironically, Arizona has been at the top of my short list (I’m a dual citizen) since I’m trying to avoid the blustery arctic Canadian winters.

    I’m interested to learn how her lifestyle works out for her, lessons she learned throughout her journey, and general hacks and advice to make life more affordable.

    She may not be everyone’s cup of tea but she’s done well for herself considering her upbringing, family situation, and challenges she faced.

    Hopefully, she doesn’t allow haters and negative comments to discourage her from offering useful advice and helping people.


    1. In reply to Jason M,

      The first thing that I want to say, is to be very wary of moving to Arizona or Nevada. There are many, many YouTube videos of people walking on dry ground in Lake Powell and Lake Meade that used to be 100 ft under water. Nevada and Arizona are desert states, that became very heavily populated around areas like Las Vegas and Phoenix, with pools, fountains, and golf courses, and it has come to the point that the Colorado River, Lake Meade, and Lake Powell reservoirs can not keep up with the demand for water.

      Of course people want to live in a year-round warm, dry, clear blue sky climate, with new suburban communities, new shopping centers, signs of affluence, with no inner-city blighted areas. But can you imagine the chaos in Phoenix when millions of pampered Yuppies with their 15 mpg SUVs, air-conditioned homes, auto-sprinkler grass lawns, run out of water when it’s 120 degrees Fahrenheit in July? Phoenix and Las Vegas are places where people climb under your vehicle at night to punch a hole in your gas tank to steal gas and cut off your catalytic converter to sell, and these are the Good Times, not Life & Death Survival With No Water Times.

      Even though it’s tempting to go where everyone says that it’s nice, you may be better off finding someplace that everybody else hasn’t heard about, somewhere that people don’t know about or don’t consider to be nice.

      Concerning Prepper Princess, the neighborhood that she grew up in, where her mother’s house turned into a $750K house, that real estate escalation caused her neighborhood in California to be kind of an affluent neighborhood, not a neighborhood consisting of unemployed people or no-skilled/low-skilled people. It was a safe neighborhood. I think Prepper Princess took way too much for granted, and ASSUMED that she could purchase a house in Arizona where she did, and it would be an equivalent neighborhood to where she was living in California. No, No, No, it wasn’t the same kind of neighborhood at all. If a person’s goal is to be Safe, to Survive, to ride-out bad times, the neighborhood where you live is probably one of the most important things to consider.

      The houses where Prepper Princess lives in Arizona are very close to each other, and they are not high-rent, high-cost houses. The close-living neighbors probably have low-incomes and low-savings, if any catastrophe or calamity happens, those neighbors are going to be impacted rather soon, they probably don’t have much to fall back on. I would not want to be in the middle of that particular neighborhood. Just because it appeared to be affordable, a low-cost house, doesn’t make it a strategically good idea.


      1. Thank you for that feedback. Regarding the water shortage in Arizona and Nevada, I’ve read on a few internet sources that the area has several underground aquifers. I’m not sure how true it is or if it’s sufficient to sustain the population. I’ve also read that California has to redirect water from other parts of the state (particularly the north) to the LA and San Diego metro areas in order to meet demand. However, access to clean drinking water is something most people take for granted until they live somewhere like Flint, Michigan. Do you think water shortage for the region will be a concern in our lifetime?

        My life journey has been similar to Prepper Princess so far. I grew up in rural Mississippi, was poor and struggled for several years of my life, worked my way through university, and bought property in Vancouver before the housing boom. Now, just like Prepper’s home in California, mine has increased 5x in value over the past 10 years. I need to decide how long I want to spend more time and money toiling away at an 8 hour job just to pay for the privilege of living in this areas. Or I can move on so that I have more free time to do something I enjoy.

        I can’t speak to Prepper’s neighborhood in Arizona, but here in Vancouver, one can encounter junkies, white trash, drunks, meth heads, and low income renters with domestic drama in almost any neighborhood (even the expensive areas). Unfortunately, it seems like this problem has accelerated over the last 3 years. While these people are annoying, Vancouver doesn’t have a high violent crime rate.

        I haven’t researched the crime stats in Arizona but I didn’t feel unsafe when I visited small towns in that area. Whenever, I visit a new city, the first thing is do is lookup the locations of liquor stores, pawn shops, check cashing spots, section 8, and safe injection sites. When I see large clusters of those in an area, it’s a safe bet that I should avoid the area as much as possible.

        Just checking her neighborhood, it’s seems to be (at least) lower middle class based on the variety of shops, international restaurants, and amenities nearby. Maybe her neighbors are not from the high aristocracy but it doesn’t seem like an area where assaults, property thefts, or home invasions are common concerns. Although, I’ve never been there and I could be completely wrong.


  26. Thank you, sir, for doing the civic duty of exposing this simply awful excuse for a human being (Preppier Princess) and her pathetic “advice videos” on YouTube. You deserve a medal of some kind.


    1. In reply to T,

      When Prepper Princess first sold her house in California and moved to Arizona, 99% of her viewers did not know what specific town that she moved to. A few of her viewers left a hint or two in the comment section of her YouTube videos. One of her viewers eventually pointed out to me, that in some of her earlier YouTube videos, the URL address to her videos contained her actual real name, which must have been an oversight when she first created the Prepper Princess YouTube channel.

      Once six months to one year of time passed, because of Arizona property tax records, utility company records, other documents that are public record, her personal data being shared with businesses, Prepper Princess’s real name became associated with her new home address in Arizona.

      However, when I found on the internet, the real estate listing for the house that Prepper Princess bought, and I shared the link to this real estate listing, the URL address contained the street name and street number of this house. I can’t remember if it was before or after I removed the link to this real estate listing, that a man drove to Prepper Princess’s house, knocked on her front door, and asked her if she wanted to go have coffee with him.

      Prepper Princess must have been taken off-guard, because she had a fit about this. Everybody should realize, that as much as a person may not like it, it is not illegal for any person to go to another person’s house and ask them out. She was unprepared for this, but she should not have been, she had been making videos of herself and her personal life for at least a couple of years, it was bound to happen eventually.


      1. Do you even realize how creepy this sounds? Yeah it’s not illegal to ask someone out on their front doorstep but it’s beyond creepy you would show up at her house instead of emailing her and accepting rejection if it comes. I’ve never seen a stalker before, interesting how your thought patterns resort back to fixation and justification instead of accepting the fact you crossed the line IN HER OPINION and HER Boundaries. Now that I think of it, I’ve met one man like you. No matter how many times I politely asserted my boundaries he would steamroll because to him I was only an object to be acquired for his personal validation, not a human person with boundaries and desires. She is a SEPARATE PERSON from who you THINK SHE SHOULD BE IN RELATION TO YOU. Sooooo creepy…

        On your comments about “she shouldn’t have made videos if she didn’t want this to happen”- do you even realize how misogynistic you sound? Yes, she should have put a bag over her head and faced the wall, you would fit in really well in Afghanistan or Iraq where women aren’t allowed to speak or leave the house without a man’s permission! You obviously don’t grasp technology- she’s allowed to have an online presence without creepy men showing up on her doorstep and proceeding to blast her personal address online because he’s bitter about rejection. You have limerance and it’s not a good look


      2. For starters.. I AM a woman… and mother & grandmother (of girls). So I am keenly aware of these issues. I have spoken out about this many times, including during the Gabby Pettito tragedy.

        No of COURSE that man was not entitled to show up at Prepper’s house. It was RUDE and inappropriate. But I’ve read about actual celebrities who had similar things happen. And those celebs did not do videos, show their homes, invite people into their personal lives via videos.

        My guess is the man had no way to find out her unlisted cellphone number, but he easily could find her address (*which is public information). It is no excuse, it’s stalking and I hope Prepper reported it as such.


  27. This is literally the creepiest thing I’ve ever read. Legal or illegal, it reads like a man who hates women “women want it both ways!!!”. Can you believe the audacity of a woman who doesn’t want her personal residence plastered all over the Internet by a creepy guy who spent hours going through “hundreds of listings” for her home based off vague descriptions from her videos… Jesus, she puts these videos out to help others achieve financial freedom, not so some creepy indignant guy who thinks she’s “attractive” can incessantly harass her. By the way, get over yourself. “why would she do this to herself? She could have a much nicer house. Why cant she go out to eat, buy new clothes?” Maybe she’s happy with her thrift store clothes like millions of people- you know wealthy people donate new and barely used high quality brands to thrift stores right? And two bedrooms is plentiful compared to the tiny studio apartments most singles live in. What is with your creepy insistence she lives the way you THINK she should? Make your own YouTube channel, where you advise people to buy giant homes and fancy clothes. The channel isn’t about you. You need to get a life and get over the fact that this woman isn’t interested in you. Creepy, crazy level stalking. Bitter…


    1. In reply to Nunya,

      You should do some research and fact finding before you criticize other people. From the very start of Prepper Princess’s YouTube channel, her channel was about Prepping: storing food, water, water purification, solar panels, generators, growing own food, raising chickens, home defense, self defense, etcetera. Though Prepper Princess was all about Prepping, when she sold her house in California, she moved into a small house, with a very small yard, that is not suitable for growing one’s own food to survive, raising one’s own animals for food, with a home water-well water supply, she moved to a dry desert environment.

      Prepper Princess did a complete 180 degree turn on Prepping as far as storing a large amount of long-term food supply, growing one’s own food at home, raising one’s own livestock at home. When I wrote the article “Location Of The Prepper Princess” she had just begun to show that she no longer planned on growing her own food at home and raising her own animals for food at home. She wasn’t Financial Freedom Princess, she was Prepper Princess.

      Prepper Princess made at least a couple of YouTube videos showing the interior of her new house in Arizona, showing the spare bedroom, kitchen, and living room, showing and complaining about the stone work in the corner of the living room. When I found the real estate listing on the internet, that showed the interior photos of the house, I posted the link in my article. This is not something that Prepper Princess anticipated, that people would or could find the real estate listing of the house she had bought on the internet, but this could happen to anyone.

      If a person posts YouTube videos every week, for several years, showing, telling, explaining about personal details, events, locations in their personal life, why wouldn’t that person understand that eventually viewers are going to know and find out about them from the accumulation of details they have given in their videos? To most people this would be common sense.

      I’ll put it to you this way: Let’s say that you create a YouTube channel called Busy Barbara. Once each week, you talk about your immediate family, your Romantic relationship, what area of the state that you live in, what grocery stores you shop at, what hardware stores you shop at, what hobbies you have, what future plans you have, what kind of work you do, family problems, relationship problems, health problems, home problems, accidents, illness, car problems, car purchase, etc. FOR YEARS YOU DO THIS. Then you talk about selling your house, fixing your house, cleaning out your house, listing your house, moving to a different state, then make several YouTube videos showing the inside of your new house. Then, a viewer comes to your new house, because you moved to the area where he lives, and he asks you out for coffee. Aaaaahhhh, aaaaahhh, aaaahhh! Why are you watching me!


      1. Alas, this is the conundrum of wanting “fame as a YouTubber” (or Instagrammer or any other social media). You cannot have it both ways — be famous and get $$$$ — but ALSO retain full privacy as an ordinary folk. That is impossible.

        Most celebs realize this or figure it out quickly. That’s why they hire PR firms and lawyers and assistants, to keep their private life private. For example… they would purchase a house in the name of an LLC (of which they or their family are the only members) and then the name on the deed would be “The Private Corporation” and not “Sue Smith”.

        It is beyond immature to want the fame of a (minor) celebrity, but the total privacy of a nobody. And Prepper Princess is incredibly immature, and also (as you’ve proven here) rather dishonest. She is not a bold “do-it-your-selfer” who saved up a few hundred grand and moved to Arizona. She’s ne’er-do-well who by the age of 40 had never gone to college or had a real career, just hourly McJobs. Then she inherits a rather huge sum from her parents (and THAT MUCH due only to the hyper-inflated California housing market, that SHE fled!) and proceeds to live out a cheapskate lifestyle — not even remotely new, probably she had read books like “America’s Cheapest Family” (Economides) or The Cheapsakte Gazette (Amy Dacyzyn). No doubt, having struggled her first 40 years… Princess wants to hold on to her fortune and stretch it out.

        But if you also want PRIVACY… you can’t do what she has done here. You have to use a pseudonym (which plenty of smart YouTubers do) — and you can film videos without directly showing your face. Or wear a partial disguise (wig, etc.). You don’t have to show identifying details of your house or location. You can film in a neutral location (like a set-up in a spare bedroom, like a mini studio), not your whole home interior.

        All this said: whoever went to her HOUSE to ask her on a date… was at the minimum, creepy and very inappropriate. Not illegal, but just creepy. But again, this is how FANS feel about their favorite movie stars, and those boundaries get violated all the time! — only movie stars know this and don’t tell you where they live, or how much they spend, etc. They employ proper security, live in gated estates or have a pack of Dobermans!

        As you say correctly here, it is wildly contradictory what YouTubers want in this regard. I’ve warned SO MANY women (though I am sure men do this too) that they are inviting disaster by showing their homes, personal lifestyle details, etc. Many of them (NOT Preppier Princess here) will dance around in lingerie or bikinis, acting like “only their girlfriends are watching” when in fact it is THE WHOLE WORLD, including plenty of skeevy older men… who see YouTube as a giant free “peep show” and not some warm, lovely “lifestyle channel”.

        On top of that: nobody learned a thing from the tragedy last year with Gabby Petitto and that is the way filming yourself and marketing a “lifestyle” turns normal people into actors performing in a MOVIE role about their own lives (vs. simply living one’s life in privacy, like a normal person). Eventually, you mix up reality — your own boring existence — with the glam of the role you are playing. You start thinking it is “normal” for people to pay to see you sitting on a sofa, yammering about your “lifestyle”. Eventually, it makes YouTubers arrogant, nutty, insular — preachy! — and insufferable, and god forbid, it can lead to tragedy. What if that guy wanting to “take Preppier Princess out for coffee”… had instead been a rapist or worse?


      2. In reply to Lola Montez,

        I don’t know if you somehow received a notification from WordPress that someone had made a new comment to this “Location Of The Prepper Princess” article, but if you didn’t already, you’re going to, because a commenter named “Nunya” has about nine comments waiting moderation tonight, a few of them are in reply to Lola Montez.

        I have been thinking for some time about the analogy or argument that YouTube creators are like actors, performers, or celebrities, that they are entitled to privacy. The reason why I think that this is not the same thing at all, not similar, not analogous, is as follows:

        Actors are paid to do a job. Actors go to an audition for a play, movie, or television show, with a resume/portfolio, and apply for a role. If hired, they are under contract, and are paid. The actor is not the writer, nor the producer, nor the director. The actor often has to pretend to be a character that they are nothing like, with a completely different background, different behavior, different life, doing things that the actor would never personally engage in. It would be unfair and unreasonable to approach an actor and blame them or praise them for actions portrayed on stage or on screen that have nothing to do with them personally, but were decided upon by the writer, director, and producer. It would be fair and reasonable to see an actor in public and say that you liked their movie, or that you like their work, or you thought that they did a good job.

        However, some YouTubers, especially Van-Life and Tiny-House YouTubers, make videos where they show EVERYTHING ABOUT THEIR PERSONAL LIFE. They sometimes discuss repeatedly and at-length specific family problems, health problems, financial problems, relationship problems, not just for the drama, attention, or views, but sometimes it seems like they want someone to come and actually help them, in real life.

        The point that I am trying to make, is that actors get paid to play a role, that does not have anything to do with them, it’s a role created by a writer, director, and producer. It would be inappropriate for a viewer to try to engage with an actor as if a familiar relationship existed with them, it doesn’t, they were just playing a role, it’s their job. However, when YouTubers show their personal life, almost every detail of their personal life, problems, relationships, health, finances, goals, they are inviting people into their personal life, why wouldn’t a person want to talk to them to give them advice, opinion, suggestion, or assistance?


      3. It’s complex and yes, you have made some good points here. Acting is clearly a profession, and actors PERFORM. Also… todays actors are quite savvy about having PR firms, lawyers and assistants to PROTECT their identity. They don’t buy a house in “their own name”, they use LLC corporations to do this.

        SOME actors do have videos and channels and DO show their homes, kids, lifestyles — though I find this also to be very unwise — it is a relatively modern phenomena, and the actors are now following the patterns of YouTubers and Instagrammers! but it wasn’t this way for the previous 75 years.

        YouTubers literally make their money by exploiting their personal lives, their personalities — LOOKS! — advice and so on. If Prepper Princess has great ideas about how to live frugally… great! let her write a book. Let her make videos WITHOUT focusing on herself personally. She has no reason to show us her own private home, here. And as I say about the many young (cute) female YouTubers… would anyone watch what they do or buy or say… if they were fat, 55 years old, wrinkly or pimply, bad skin, frizzy hair? Come on.

        Much of the audience watches because such YouTubers are very attractive. They exploit their good looks. Some of the “advice” is just flatout terrible, too. They promote unrealistic and sometimes very dangerous ideas… things that wouldn’t work for most people, take a lot of upfront money (fancy vans, inheritances, money to buy homes for cash, big remodeling budgets, all that video & editing equipment!) and they are not honest about how they came by the money to do this in the first place.

        As you correctly state… it is the epitome of hypocrisy to show off your face, body, lifestyle, home, finances … and then scream “stay out of my personal life! I demand PRIVACY!”


  28. You have revealed your homophobia and misogyny by claiming that PP is like Suze Orman and that the both of them are a “subgroup” of “self hating lesbians”. Why are, in your opinion, women not allowed to be more serious and frugal? Does it stop you from living your life? In your view, should women all be heterosexual, helplessly addicted to lavish spending, ditzy and bubbly? I am guessing you are a boomer with that attitude. Newsflash, women don’t have to be how you think they “should” be. If you don’t like her, or other “frugal lesbians”, change the channel. Lol.


    1. In reply to Nunya,

      There comes a time when townspeople, passersby, witnesses, fellow travelers, classmates, co-workers, roommates, need to speak up and tell someone a warning: That paint is still wet; don’t park there your car will get towed; your rear passenger side tire is flat; this laundromat gets locked up for the night in ten minutes, don’t put your laundry in.

      There has been more than one person who recognized that Prepper Princess was deliberately depriving herself of things to an extent that does not make sense for her. Warning Prepper Princess about this was a good thing.

      Something that I have never said, or explained, is that for WOMEN, a home is probably the single most important thing to them, above just about everything else. One way to put it, is that women’s security, sense of well-being, self-esteem, status, happiness, satisfaction appears to be directly linked to where they live, what their home is like. Even if Prepper Princess wanted to buy the least expensive house that she could find, that is what she wanted, this has caused her to not be attractive to other women. Women so very much want to have a house that is impressive, attractive, inviting from the outside, and fun, roomy, comfortable, enjoyable on the inside, but Prepper Princess doesn’t have a house like this, it’s a small house, so other women don’t want to come over to her house, or be in a relationship, because Prepper Princess does not have what they want to have, house-wise. So this deprivation on a house, has hurt Prepper Princess’s dating and Romantic life. If Prepper Princess would have bought a large house with a swimming pool and private sun-bathing area, women would have wanted to come over to Prepper Princess’s house to use her pool and tan.


      1. Nunya: what a hypocrite you are! who is forcing you to comment here? who is making you attack others who post here? claiming we spend $400 on manipedis and that we are “jealous” and that we the ones coming to Prepper’s house and trying to “date her”?

        You have no idea how much money I have or don’t have, or how frugal I am, or ONE SINGLE THING ABOUT ME… in fact, you seem to think I am a MAN or that I have some issue with lesbians (I do not).

        YOU also do not have to read this comment thread or KEEP MAKING dozens of comments. So I can watch any videos I want, and I can comment on them (though Prepper deletes or bans anyone who says anything critical!), and I am entitled to my own opinion.

        Stop worshipping this pathetic lying woman. She is not for real. And unless you inherit $400,000… you will never, ever have her “low spending” lifestyle. It requires a huge amount of upfront cash to be able to buy a home or a car without financing.


  29. @Nunya: first off, you are posting like 10 times which is way overkill.

    Second, don’t assume who is or who is not a man (or a woman). Many of us speak here from personal experience. And WOMEN definitely can and do stalk male celebs, actors and yup, YouTubers.

    You are also implying that DICKINSON here is stalking Prepper Princess — obviously untrue! — unfair and outright ridiculous. NO HE IS NOT.

    The Size Orman remark referred to someone who exploits their lifestyle, sexuality and looks in order to sell books, videos and products. I personally do not care who is or is not a lesbian, and frankly I had no idea before that Prepper was even a lesbian. It is irrelevant to the comments here.

    BTW: bigotry towards “boomers” — something like 65 MILLION human beings in the USA — is no more excusable or acceptable than bigotry towards lesbians or gays, and I adamantly reject that bigotry. And NO I AM NOT IN DEBT! No, I am not some “ditz” because I am heterosexual and NO I DO NOT go on wild shopping or buying sprees. In fact, it is my general frugality and dedication to “voluntary simplicity” that leads me towards such videos and books, and to then evaluate such videos/books to see if they are valid, serious or useful.

    To claim you are living a “frugalista lifestyle” or “prepping for some disaster” but when in reality… you are a trust fund brat who just inherited a few hundred grand… is deceitful and dishonest.


  30. Whack job. This is one of the most poorly written articles I have ever read. Leave her alone. She can do whatever the hell she wants. Damn, some people are just bitter and full of hate.


    1. In reply to Henry,

      Currently, this blog post article that I wrote over two years ago about Prepper Princess does not come up on the first or second page of search results using most search engines when the search term “Prepper Princess” is used.

      Usually now, the only time a typical internet user will ever see my two-year-old article about Prepper Princess, is when they use a search term such as “where does Prepper Princess live” or “where is Prepper Princess located”.

      Why are you trying to find out where Prepper Princess lives, and then turn around and complain to me for talking about where Prepper Princess lives?


  31. Henry, if you mean the rare asshat who goes to Ms. Prepper’s house or stalks her… then yes, that’s outrageous and a violation of decent behavior.

    But if you mean “discussing her videos, her lifestyle and financial advice” — when SHE HERSELF puts this out in public on her YouTube Channel and Instagram and elsewhere — then sorry. If you want privacy…. You don’t do that.

    She could have written a book or had a standard issue website on “how to be frugal”. But there’s no fame and glamor in THAT, and these days the BIG MONEY is in being a YouTuber and “social influencer”.

    She can’t have it both ways. She can’t use her real home and real face and real personality and details about her life to promote her channel, and then scream bloody murder when people comment on her channel or lifestyle. She is (as I say above) deceitful and dishonest. And it is proper for us to call her out on that.


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