Location Of The Prepper Princess

Six months ago when I was watching YouTube videos, YouTube began showing in my list of recommended videos, a channel called “Prepper Princess”.  The “Prepper Princess” channel was owned by a woman in California, who was about 38 years old.  She had a little over 100K subscribers to her channel.

In her videos, Prepper Princess usually talked about emergency preparedness supplies, food storage, emergency equipment, preparing for emergencies, things to be aware of, and things to think about regarding different types of disasters.

Another topic that Prepper Princess discussed in her videos was how to live cheaply, how to not spend money, how to save money, and examples of things that she did in her own personal life to save money.

Prepper Princess also made videos where she talked about what was going on in her personal life, her current job, jobs that she had had in the past, her childhood, some of her experiences as an adult, her current relationship, her personal finances, and the dilemma with the house she was living in and California.

When Prepper Princess was talking about food storage, emergency supplies, generators, and solar panels, I was not very interested.  One of the reasons for my lack of interest, was that in my opinion, if you don’t live on a large defensible property, your biggest problem in a prolonged emergency will be preventing people from stealing all of your supplies, which is hard to do if you live in an apartment, or you have to leave your home to go somewhere.

When Prepper Princess showed some of the things that she did in her personal life to save money or not spend money, sometimes I cringed.  She took walks looking for aluminum cans to collect, which led her beside the railroad tracks, and into the woods where the homeless people camped.  She would look through what the homeless people had left behind, clothing, utensils, hygiene products, and she would take some of these items home to use.

In Prepper Princess’s personal life, I was sorry to hear what she talked about.  She and her younger brother were raised by a single mother.  Prepper Princess never once mentioned her father, or any male figure being in her life at all.  She and her brother had very little growing up, very few clothes, very few toys, hardly anything for Christmas or birthdays, very little food in the house, going hungry, not being able to ever invite friends over for parties or cookouts.

Growing up, sometimes they had a rent paying boarder in their single family home for extra income.  Prepper Princess did not go to college after high school, she went to work at low paying jobs, sometimes working seven days a week.  Up until she was in her early thirties, she never made more than $14 per hour, which is very low pay for California.

When Prepper Princess was about 30 years old, her mother died, and she left the family home to Prepper Princess and her brother.  Prepper Princess said that she had to pay off about $40,000 remaining on the home mortgage.

Because of the ever increasing price of real estate in California, by 2019 the home that Prepper Princess had inherited with her brother, where Prepper Princess was living, the home became worth about $700K.  With the property taxes on the home being about $5,000 per year, California having a high State Income Tax, and other high costs and problems in California, Prepper Princess made up her mind to sell the house and move to Arizona where the cost of living was lower.

For the past several months, it seemed like Prepper Princess abandoned the ideas that she had had about prepping, and instead focused primarily on money, selling her house, and leaving California.  She gave away her chickens, she gave away many of her supplies, she spoke about home gardening not being cost effective, and she said that she was going to buy a home in Arizona that had no yard for chickens or a garden.

Prepper Princess sold her house in February 2020, and after splitting the “profit” with her brother, she said that she had $250K from the sale of her home. She had another $150K that she had somehow managed to save, and she was going to invest this $400K.  In the video below, Prepper Princess explains that if you invest money at 10% rate of return, every seven years, the money doubles.

Seven years from now, at age 45, she would have $800K.  Seven years later at age 52, she would have $1.6 million.  And at age 59, she would have $3.2 million.

I started out liking Prepper Princess, I thought that she was attractive.  At first, when she was talking about $1 or $2 meals for lunch or dinner, collecting aluminum cans, searching through garbage for things that she might like to keep, not spending money on clothes, I thought that she was a little extreme on trying to save money.  The more that I watched her constantly doing things like this, it became tiring and irritating to me.

Myself and other YouTube viewers, we started leaving comments to Prepper Princess’s videos, saying will you please indulge in buying some new clothes, going out to eat, doing something fun, instead of working and trying to not spend money all the time, you are going to miss out on life, grow old, and die without living.

What good is it to pinch pennies and sacrifice for fifty years to become a millionaire, and then get hit by a car or get cancer and die at the age of 51, without having enjoyed life and having done things?

For the past month, all of my comments to Prepper Princess’s videos are deleted.  This makes me angry for a number of reasons.  Prepper Princess wanted to get her ideas out to the public about prepping, to share her ideas, and she also began talking about politics, economics, her personal life, her childhood, her life as an adult, her relationship, her activities, her personal finances, what she was doing with her money, and where she was moving.  She invited and encouraged people like me to watch her YouTube videos where she expresses her views, yet I am not allowed to say anything in response?

One of the things that I would like to tell Prepper Princess, is to be wary of investing so much of your money.  Besides companies like Enron, which appeared to be a good company to invest in, but later turned out to be a fraud, look at the failure of once stable companies like Sears, JC Penny, and Kmart.  Whiting Petroleum shares went from $370 per share in 2014, to $1.30 per share currently, who would have thought that this would happen?

In one of her most recent videos, Prepper Princess was showing the interior of the home that she had just bought and moved to in Arizona.  She is not telling anyone where she moved to, but she was showing her house and talking about the neighborhood that she had just moved into.  I left a comment about her house, and offered some advice, but my comment was deleted.  I left a reply to some other woman’s comment, who was chastising Prepper Princess, and my comment was deleted.  This made me angry.  So I wanted to find out exactly where this home was.

To my shock and horror, Prepper Princess had bought about the cheapest house on the market in a small Arizona town.  It is a 2-bedroom, 1.75-bath house, in not very good condition, a tiny house, with a completely flat roof, on a very small lot, with no trees and no vegetation.  It is very bleak, and depressing.  Why, why did she do this to herself?  She had plenty of money to not have to do this.

I had to look through more than one hundred real estate listings to find this house, and during this search, I saw some very nice houses in the $110K-$140K price range, with landscaped yards, attractive exteriors, clean modern interiors, sun rooms, decks, spacious living rooms and kitchens, and new looking bathrooms.  There are some very nice, affordable homes in this county, I was very pleasantly surprised to see.  I wish that Prepper Princess would stop with the self-torture and self-deprivation, she could have just as easily bought a lovely, inviting, well cared for home.

Update:  On March 29, 2020, I received an email from Prepper Princess complaining about this blog post, wanting me to delete it.

If you make a couple of videos per week, every week for several years, showing where you live, what you are doing where you live, talking about your personal life, relationships, and finances, inviting as many people as possible to watch your videos and subscribe to your video channel which is about how you live, how can you then complain about your privacy being violated?

My inclusion of the link to Prepper Princess’ new home photographs on a real estate listing site was perhaps something that she never thought of when she began showing videos of her new house.

Women want things both ways.  Prepper Princess has made three videos showing her new house on YouTube, to whoever wants to see it.  However, if I provide a link to the real estate listing photographs of her new house, she is outraged, and doesn’t want anyone looking at her new house.

Prepper Princess wants to show everyone what she is doing in her videos, then complain that people are watching what she is doing.

Because I don’t want Prepper Princess to be able to make any kind of legal complaint that I had no right to show where she lived, today I removed the link to the real estate listing of her new house.

35 thoughts on “Location Of The Prepper Princess

    1. Rusty,
      I am getting the impression that because of this areas proximity to California, Las Vegas, and the Colorado River, many Californians are using this area as a cheap place to retire. That is fine, I think that this is a good idea, it looks like it is warm and sunny throughout the year. I was very surprised to see how many nice, affordable, fun homes that these retirees have created. Here is one example, this looks like it may have originally been a retirees’ 1970s single-wide trailer because of the wheel chair ramp, and like most of the other single-wide trailers, it was added on to multiple times to make it comfortable. I think they did a good job with both the exterior and interior, to make this a nice home to live in for $110K, not saying this is the best home, but it’s very nice if you don’t have a lot of money: (link deleted)


  1. Hey thats not bad. If your single and not trying to impress others and you just want a comfy place, thats fine. I live in Kingman in a nice house thatwas built in the 11970’s about 1.5 times larger (with my brother) 40 miles from here. I’d not live where she is because of the heat but some people love it. Hope to run into her some day.


    1. Jason,
      If Prepper Princess would not have mentioned in at least four of her videos that her paid-off home in California was going to sell for $720K, I would not have said anything bad about her new house, I would not have shown this house in my blog post article, or shown where it was, because the whole situation would have been so very, very sad, and horrible for her, if this was all that she could afford.

      I noticed that it looks like it gets hot as hell where she moved. I also noticed that the house Prepper Princess bought, it has either a completely flat roof, or almost a completely flat roof, not much more than 18″ between the top of the roof and the top of the interior ceiling, with not very high ceilings, this house may bake like an oven inside when it gets to be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit every day through the Spring, Summer, and early Fall.

      I also noticed that the slab-on-grade foundation for this house, does not appear to be even one or two inches above the surrounding ground. When there is a desert rain storm, and there is flash flooding that occurs in the Arizona desert, this house could flood.

      I wish that Prepper Princess would not have done this. What I hope that she does, is fix this house up without spending more than $10K, so that she can then sell it to someone else, even if she has to sell it for only $75K just to get out of it.

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  2. She did a smart thing for what she wanted. She said she loves hot weather, she does not need the space, does not want or need fancy, and I’m sure she won’t put a ton of money into it. She’s still young, and I’d look for her to find a part time job. She’s the outdoorsy type and is definitely close by plenty enough to entertain herself and guests. Once a tightwad, always a tightwad, and it ain’t a bad thing, lol. She may decide to purchase another property and rent this one out.


    1. Cynthia,
      You may not have had the chance to look at the exterior photos of Prepper Princess’ new house in Arizona shown on real estate listing sites. The street is kind of old, worn, dried out, crumbling asphalt, with no curb and sidewalk, you turn off of the street into dried-out mixed dirt and gravel, to drive sixty feet to the front wall of Prepper Princess’ house. You could stay in your vehicle, and knock on her front door, living room window, or second bedroom window.

      If Prepper Princess did not disclose on an Air BnB advertisement for a room to rent, what her house exterior looked like, she would very likely have refusals/cancellations when the renters arrived, because the house is so bleak, stark, and depressing looking. I don’t know how she or anyone could remedy the exterior house appearance. Trees, lattice work with vines, shrubs, planter boxes, could work, but it looks way too hot and dry for most trees and plants to grow. She needs some type of barrier or separation at the front of her house, not just for appearance, but for safety and security.

      For just $30K more, Prepper Princess could have bought something that either required very little work, or something with much greater potential. If she invested $400K in the stock market like she said she was going to, she probably lost at least $60K in portfolio value in the past thirty days.

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      1. I have seen the house from the outside in detail, having gone into google street view. I “drove” around the house and checked out her neighborhood and all around the area. I wonder if she’s changed her mind about doing the air BnB thing anyway. If it were me, I’d never want a total stranger in the next bedroom. Look, not all of us are that picky, lol. I paid cash for an old house in an iffy neighborhood in my town in Ohio a few years ago and put another $10,000 for a new roof, gutters, some plumbing and glass block windows for the basement. It’s no beauty but it does have a fenced in back yard and a garage. She apparently doesn’t care all that much. She’s from Maineville here in Ohio, not far from my neck of the woods, and I tried to persuade her to move back here but she loves the west, apparently. You couldn’t pay me to live in an Arizona climate, way too hot and dry. I like winter and a change of seasons. About the stock market, I have no idea. Time will tell if she’s happy there.


      2. Cynthia,
        If Prepper Princess is originally from a small town in Ohio, that would explain a great deal about her, her family, and why she is the way that she is. I am originally from Florida. Growing up in Florida, as a young adult, and as an adult, I would see it over, and over, and over again, a single-parent woman from Ohio, New York, or Maryland, who was poor or not financially well-off, would move her family to Florida, thinking that their new lifestyle would be as shown in the movies, television, or magazines, …..a life of abundance, leisure, fun, care-free living in Florida. Instead, they were usually worse off than where they came from when they moved to Florida. With little money, no connections, no friends and family to help them or provide any kind of support, they were stuck with the lowest-level, lowest-paying, worst-treatment jobs, which they dare not quit because it was all they had to support their family. Not just the mother, but the whole family would suffer like slaves or refugees in a strange foreign land, and come to develop a kind of mistrust and expectation of misery. Kind of like the “Okies” who headed to California during the Great Depression to escape the Farm Dust Bowl, these families came to just have an acceptance and expectation of misery and bleakness, (Kind of why Prepper Princess bought the most bleak and depressing house she could find.)

        For instance, I had a friend for about twenty years named Doug, whose mother took him and his younger brother from Ohio to Florida when he was about four years old. He had come from a nice neighborhood and a nice home with a yard in Ohio, where he had his father, both sets of grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. In Florida they lived in a small apartment, they didn’t know anyone, his mother struggled to pay rent, they didn’t have enough to eat, they didn’t have very much of anything. Doug grew up having resentment toward any child that had a birthday party, bicycle, go-cart, motorcycle, family vacation, went fishing or camping as a family. Doug always looked at life as a struggle, and anything that was leisure, social, recreational, or a fun activity it was something that he didn’t understand and was foreign to him.


      3. I don’t remember if she ever explained why her mom took PP and her brother all the way to California; maybe the grandmother and some other relatives were already there. She did say they rented out a room in that house at some point when her mom was still alive. Not even sure what her mom did for a living. She never talks about her dad or other relatives that may be in Ohio. It sounds as though PP has worked her rear end off since she was pretty young. I definitely agree kids are waaay better off with more than just mom in the picture in a totally new environment, especially that far away. Her video yesterday was about remodeling the kitchen in her new place and knowing she’d need plumbing done. She mentioned how her real estate agent in California had wanted her to redo the kitchen there, which she didn’t want to do because of the price. She’ll be putting that money into the new kitchen; she mentioned something like a total of $12,000, most of which she’d planned on (?) She mentioned she’d painted the outside of the new place already, did some landscaping (?) and I forget what else but hasn’t shown that yet. That’s probably the next video. She mentioned the guy across the street from her in the new place has told her about everything he knows about the old guy who’d previously lived there, what all was done, who rented the place before him, how the place sat empty for a few years, etc. I truly get the feeling she’s gonna be bored out of her mind if she doesn’t go ahead and get at least a part time job there.She doesn’t seem the type who can sit still I could see her working in a casino, lol. And I’m thinking though she can stand the Arizona heat and doesn’t care about AC, her goofy dog may not be able to. I like animals but don’t view him as an asset. We’ll see.


      4. I dont understand why you people care about where she lives? Why is it any of your business? I admire her Frugal living style.


      5. Miss Chris,

        Why do people want to know where Prepper Princess lives? So that they can go visit her and meet her. Maybe ask her out to lunch or dinner. Maybe bring her a present such as chocolate, flowers, or a kayak.


  3. That girl has gotten herself into one heck of a pickle now. Last night, she posted a comment on facebook about her new neighbor. PP attempted to get friendly with them and now they want her to drive them everywhere, use her washer and dryer and god knows what else. She said a lot more about suspecting them using drugs but who knows. She must have gotten a lot of comments on the post that weren’t good because she deleted it later.

    I don’t know exactly where she lives but from her comments, I suspect it’s in Bullhead City. If it is, she’s going to be sorry, if she isn’t already. Those neighbors are users. People like that will use you until you say no more but then she runs the risk of being robbed blind. She’ll leave the house one day to go shopping and come back only to find all her equipment and anything that can be sold for quick cash, gone.

    She should have put in a little more money and bought in Kingman. It’s a whole lot nicer and housing is still affordable. She’s in the armpit of Arizona now. I wonder how long she’ll last.


    1. MJ,
      Prepper Pincess has made many mistakes which she herself may be realizing one by one, as she suffers some of the consequences.

      Prepper Princess was living in a neighborhood in California which became affluent, most of her neighbors probably had more money and earned more money than she did. She didn’t have to worry about her neighbors in California seeking to borrow things from her, trying to figure out what she had, how much did she have, where did she keep her valuables, and hatching schemes to steal what she had. She didn’t have to worry about her California neighbors physically harming her.

      If you have grown up in a middle-class neighborhood, and lived as an adult in an affluent neighborhood, you probably aren’t prepared to deal with White Trash, especially drug addict White Trash.

      If you move to a not very affluent area of Arizona, and you purchased the least expensive house on the market in that area, if your immediate neighbors are not elderly retired people, but working-age people, what kind of people are they likely to be? You’d be lucky if your neighbors in the least expensive part of town were poor because they were just getting started out in life, or they were a hard-working husband who was supporting a stay-at-home wife and five kids. Let’s face it, the least expensive places to live in any town, are often the home of drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals, thieves, criminally insane, mentally ill, naer-do-wells, because they can only afford the least expensive housing.

      If it is true what you are saying, that Prepper Princess was reporting in her Facebook comments that her new neighbors are wanting to be given rides to places, use her clothes washer & dryer, and that she suspects that they may be drug users, they may be trying to figure out how alone Prepper Princess is, who checks in on her, how much money does she have, where does she keep her money, what does she have.

      Drug addict people aren’t scared at all of going to prison for a long time, life in prison, or the death penalty.


      1. It isn’t what I said about her neighbors, she said it in her own words in a facebook post. I don’t think her life is in danger but she needs to be more cautious which is something we all need to do, no matter where we live. Just because people have money, it doesn’t mean they are squeaky clean.


  4. On second thought, since she paid cash for that house, she should spruce it up a bit, rent it out and still move to Kingman. She has enough money left over to buy another house there while reaping the benefits of rental income from the home in BC. I imagine she could get around $800/mo for it. Just my two cents


    1. MJ,

      The first thing that Prepper Princess needs to do is get a Post Office Box to receive her mail. It would be too easy for someone to observe that Prepper Princess was not at home, and go get her mail out of her mailbox to either see or take her bank statements, credit card statements, and investment statements.

      Next, Prepper Princess needs to get a safe deposit box at a bank, to keep her car title, extra check books, extra bank/credit card/investment statements, social security card, passport, extra key sets, and so forth. It is too easy for an unattended guest or a thief to come across a check book, credit card statement, investor statement, car title, or spare keys in your home and walk off with it without anyone noticing that it went missing or when it went missing.

      Prepper Princess needs to do some things to keep people from thinking that she is an easy target. Maybe she needs to have some security cameras installed by a security company that stores the recorded video remotely so that people can’t come onto her property without there being an external record of it.


  5. She is still in the process of fixing the place up and could probably sell it. I doubt she has problems telling people no if she gets pissed enough. She has at least one firearm and knows how to use it plus a friend or two whom I believe are ex-military who could come stay in that second bedroom and look menacing, lol. She mentioned knowing a group of prepper guys like that and may even have arrangements to be with them if and when she bugs out (she’s hinted about that). She has that dopey dog; not sure he’s trainable at this point. Hopefully, she’s not let the lowlife inside her place. Use her washer and dryer, what a hoot, hopefully she said no. I didn’t get to read the facebook comment. She supposedly took a lot of trail type walks with the dog when living in California and surely saw plenty of homeless and druggy types to not be too sympathetic at this point. Wonder how old these bums are? I think she’ll be okay.


  6. I am absolutely stunned but some of these comments.
    someone on youtube tries to help others by giving suggestions on how to save money and shares their experiences only to get back mean and horrible, hateful (at times) comments. WOW. You do you Prepper Princess. Some folks are vile and disgusting! Most likely just jealousy anyway! Oh, the Penalty of Leadership. Go read it folks!


    1. Barbara,

      One of the things that I do not like about Prepper Princess, is that she deletes comments that are mean, hateful, or disagree with her. The comments that are flattering and entirely in agreement with her are not helping her to see anything new, or make her aware of what she does not know. There is a lot that Prepper Princess needs to learn and understand, so she needs to stop deleting comments just because she doesn’t like them.

      For instance, Prepper Princess would look better and nicer if she pulled her hair back into a nice tight pony tail or bun, and wore some nice, lightweight, floral print summer dresses, and some large brown frame sunglasses.


  7. Well. I went and found her house online. It’s not that bad. Lots of streets look like that in small towns with small taxes and lots of sun heat. The only worrisome thing is her neighbors, but their houses look nicer than hers. She got a fixer upper and she is being very smart with her money. I don’t really see how it’s our place to judge – it’s her life.


    1. OreoE,

      Your comment is reasonable, but I realized about ten years ago, that if I didn’t judge other people and the things that they do, I would have to block just about every thought in my head: She’s pretty, she’s fat, she has big boobs, she’s smart, she’s nice, she’s mean, etcetera, I wouldn’t be able to appreciate the good qualities in people, or recognize their bad qualities.

      For instance, Prepper Princess looks stressed, her facial expression is stress, pain, and hardship. She needs to go to a Spas on a regular basis to have a manicure, pedicure, massage, rejuvenating face mask, sit in a hot tub.


  8. She actually did a video yesterday responding to all the negative comments and was honest enough to mention what people have said to her. I don’t blame her and told her I’d just to delete any comment I didn’t like and to block the person who made it. Some people persistently make negative comments. Who needs that? She’s done very well with her place in a record amount of time. Her kitchen is now finished. She hasn’t shown the outside of her place on you tube but anyone willing to Patreon her probably has access to many more pictures. As far as going to spas, hot tubs, manicures, what a hoot. Who does hot tubs anymore? Ugh. They’re a good way to catch something nasty. Ditto the manicures and pedicures.
    It kind of sounds like we have a few men here a tad bit jealous over the fact she’s doing pretty much okay with her life and manages well. You boys do realize she’s a lesbian, right?


    1. Cynthia Murphy,

      I am sorry that I was not able to respond to your comment sooner. In a recent video of Prepper Princess, she was wearing a baseball cap, with her hair pulled through the back of it, I forget what she was talking about, but she looked like she had lost some weight, that she had better muscle tone, and her hair looked more healthy and youthful, she looked better, like she had been doing a lot of physical work outside and was getting more exercise outside.

      However, Prepper Princess still looked tense and stressed. It’s probably good that she doesn’t drink alcohol or use drugs, but I wish that she would find some way to relieve her tension and stress. It might be for the best that Prepper Princess is not interested in men, because they can be domineering, controlling, and physically and mentally abusive, but so can women for that matter. That is why I wrote that I wish that Prepper Princess would go to a nice spas, I thought that women liked that, but I suppose not if you are the type that worries about getting germs from hot tubs, saunas, swimming pools, manicures, pedicures, facials, and massages.

      I will continue to try to think of some suggestions for Prepper Princess to de-stress. To address the lesbian issue, I don’t know if Prepper Princess is attracted to women because of how they look physically, how women act, or if Prepper Princess is turned off by the appearance of men and the behavior of men, or if she had some kind of trauma caused by a man.

      I have been around lesbians throughout my life, and though they may not like men, it has been my experience that many lesbians like to have sex or intimate relationships with men for a change, something different, or to experience something different physically. You may think that I am talking about bi-sexual women, no I’m not. Look at it this way, there are times in a lesbian’s life, when she really appreciates a man who can actually do good plumbing, electrical, roof work, lift heavy things, are strong, muscular, in good health, don’t complain and whine, and are willing to have no-strings-attached sex.

      I honestly and truly believe, that part of Prepper Princess’s struggle with stress, is that deep down inside she longs for many of the qualities and attributes that men have, but she is frightened of men being domineering, controlling, and abusive with her. I think that she looks at young, lean, youthful men with desire in her mind, and she is conflicted, that there is just no way that she can see having intimacy with them without taking a huge risk and having terrible consequences.


  9. Hey, everybody! I think the P.P. house looks very nice on the inside. She’s a hard worker who can squeeze value out of every penny. I have faith that she can get some fruit trees growing there. She might even be able to raise some veggies with careful irrigation. I tried looking for her house. She said it was “poop brown” before she painted it. I haven’t been able to find one that seems to match totally. One comment suggested that it looked like a trailer that had additions. Another mentioned a wheelchair ramp. I’m confused! I found a brown house with a chainlink fence around it, house number 644 in Bullhead City, but the aerial photos don’t seem to match. The inside photos of the houses aren’t up anymore, so I could use some help!


    1. Earl,

      Prepper Princess got very upset and angry when I wrote my blog post article about her new house, and I posted the realty.com, zillow.com, or trulia.com internet link to the real estate listing of her new house in Arizona. Either she did not like that the real estate listing showed the actual street address of her new house, or she did not like that there were so many actual photos of the interior and exterior of her new house.

      As you described in this comment and your second comment, your search methods and assumptions were correct, except for one thing, you need to re-do your search using a sale price of less than $75K, then you should be able to find it, especially if you go back and look at Prepper Princess’s very first videos of her new house where she shows the interior, like the stone fire place and extra wall stone work. If Prepper Princess has now taken down the first videos showing the interior of her house, you will have to go by your memory of what you saw, or keep looking at her other videos.

      Let me know how your search goes.


  10. My post seems to have vanished, so I’ll try again. In a recent video, P.P. mentioned something about her house. She invited people to Google it. I’ve tried that, but I’m not having much luck. She did say the house was “poop brown” when she found it. She’s repainted it to the color of her California house. Some have said the house looks like a trailer with additions. One commenter mentioned a wheelchair ramp. I haven’t found a house with those features. I found a brown house, number 644, with a chainlink fence around it. I know she paid $75,000 for the house. In an interview, she said the tax was $400. She plans to plant fruit trees in the fall. She can squeeze the value out of every penny. I’m sure she’ll have a nice home and grounds, even in the harsh desert environment. I wish her luck. If anyone could suggest a clue to find her house, I’m waiting! It’s strange…she gave the location of the one house she considered originally. Now, she’s not so open.


    1. planetiowa,

      Prepper Princess got very upset and angry when I wrote my blog post article about her new house, and I posted the realty.com, zillow.com, or trulia.com internet link to the real estate listing of her new house in Arizona. Either she did not like that the real estate listing showed the actual street address of her new house, or she did not like that there were so many actual photos of the interior and exterior of her new house.

      As you described in your previous comment and this comment, your search methods and assumptions were correct, except for one thing, you need to re-do your search using a sale price of less than $75K, then you should be able to find it, especially if you go back and look at Prepper Princess’s very first videos of her new house where she shows the interior, like the stone fire place and extra wall stone work.

      Let me know how your search goes.


      1. Before I saw your reply, I went back to PP’s video to learn the price of her house. I had misremembered it. Then, it was very easy to find. I was able to see the now-dismantled fireplace, so I knew I had the right house. As for the “poop brown” on the bottom of the front, I liked it over her chosen color, but to each her own, eh?

        She’s a hard worker. She’s transformed the insides of the house. It looks great. The roof can’t hold much insulation. She’d better like hot weather. At least the humidity is low. She won’t need a clothes dryer. The wash will dry quickly there.

        The backyard is small. Maybe she can plant some fruit trees that will grow. She needs a carport. Her car will be like an oven even with the windows down. There isn’t enough room on either side of the house to drive her car behind the house, either.

        She thinks the house will double in value with her improvements. Oh, I don’t know about that. The lot is never going to get any bigger. The house has limitations, too. I do have faith in her.

        She’s a hard worker, but the timing is bad. The virus has wrecked lots of plans. She could still book the spare room. The location is pretty close to the Colorado River. It’s very handy that it has its own exterior door. I don’t know if she has a way to lock off the spare room and its bathroom from the rest of the house.

        She wants to look for work, but no one is hiring, of course. She does have the proceeds from the sale of the California house, so she’ll be OK for a while. She still has her YouTube income and Patreon gifts. She can live cheaply.

        Her girlfriend elected not to accompany her, for whatever reasons. So, PP is alone, without much of a chance to socialize, not with the virus circulating.

        PP opined that she doesn’t need health insurance because she’s in very good health, and she has perfect teeth. She angrily informed those of us who are overweight that we eat too much. Meanwhile, she’s lost 20 pounds since moving to Arizona, and wants to lose ten more. She also thought she could do without home insurance, but a year’s worth came with the house. She seemed to look down on those who aren’t in good heath with perfect teeth. I know her girlfriend had some medical problems, so I think that’s part of her attitude problem.

        I wish her the best.


      2. Earl,

        Yes, from what you described it definitely sounds like you found the real estate listing and photos for Prepper Princess’s new house in Arizona. Once you were able to compare key features of the house in both the real estate listing photos and her YouTube videos, there is no mistaking that they match.

        I hope to God that Prepper Princess does not ever try to rent out the second bedroom in that house, she is already so stressed out, she has already been through so much, why would she put herself through the risk and aggravation of having a stranger stay overnight for $50-$60. I myself would almost be tempted to rent the second bedroom in Prepper Princess’s house just to prank her, but I won’t do it because I feel sorry for her, but other people would do this just for the opportunity to try to drive her up the wall.

        Your comment about Prepper Princess’s remarks about health insurance, overweight people, and sick people, yes, Prepper Princess does have a mean side to her, as in her previous comments about “getting the old man smell out of her house”. Her previous girlfriend’s health condition was Cystic Fibrosis, I believe, which up until this past year usually limited an afflicted person’s life span to about 35 years.


      3. Now that I think of it, it’s weird than PP wanted to guard her address. When she wanted that long, brown house, she published the address. I think she even asked for comments. She’s chosen to become a public person, so she loses some privacy.


      4. planetiowa,

        You are a male, so you can use logic and reasoning, so if a person makes a hundred videos showing inside of their home, outside of their home, their backyard, what they do every day, what their hobbies are, what their life is like, what their childhood was like, their relationships, their finances, and so forth, and invite as many people as possible to watch their videos, it’s kind of ridiculous when they selectively make a claim that they want privacy, but I have had some women complain when I write about them. Part of it is that women want to have editorial over-ride on things that they don’t like, and the other thing is that women become frightened when they realize that someone could find out where they live. They should have thought about people finding out where they live before they started showing the inside, outside, and around their house, and giving out so much personal information.


  11. This is a REALLY long explanation of why you’d be such a dick as to publish a single woman’s address to the masses. You’re upset that she deleted your comments? I work with three year olds daily. I’m sorry to tell you that what you did was throw a tantrum. Hmmmm. I wonder why she deleted your comments? Perhaps she felt you would do something unsafe LIKE PUBLISH HER LOCATION!


    1. Ta Hewitt,

      How did you happen upon my blog post article titled “Location Of The Prepper Princess” ? Was it because you performed an internet search using the term “Location Of The Prepper Princess”, or “Where Is Prepper Princess Located”, or “Where Does Prepper Princess Live” ? Why did you want to know where Prepper Princess lives? Why are you criticizing me for providing the information that you were looking for?


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