And Now, For Something Completely Different, Alice Phoebe Lou

Watch this video first:

The performer in this video above calls herself Alice Phoebe Lou.  Her real name is Alice Matthew, and she was born in July of 1993 in South Africa.  She grew up on the west coast of South Africa near Cape Town.  Her mother and father were documentary film makers.

In 2010 when she was 17 years old, on her summer break from an arts high school in South Africa, she went to stay with her aunt in Paris, and there she began to have an interest in becoming a street performer.  One year later when she graduated from high school, she traveled to Amsterdam, and then to Berlin, and began performing as a street musician.

In Berlin, her solo street performances attracted many tourists and passers-by, who were impressed by her youth, beauty, unique style, strong voice, and energy.  She quickly became well-known and popular, not just in Berlin, but around the World from tourists videoing her with their phones, uploading these videos, and sharing them.

For her first several years as a music performer, she declined offers from record companies to sign her as an artist, promote her, and produce records.  It appears that during this time she preferred to perform at music festivals in Europe and North America.

In reading her own website, recent interviews that she gave in 2018 and 2019, and other reviews, I became sick and tired of seeing the same bullshit about her, and I became just as tired and bored with the over-produced music videos of her.

The best thing about Alice is the lightness of her physique and youth, contrasted with her strong voice and energy, combined with her unique style of singing other people’s songs.  And she is pretty.

The best way of seeing her, is when she is performing live at music festivals.  Here is one more video of her, that shows her personality, but this particular song is for mature audiences:

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