Brenton Sawin Needs To Screen His Guests More Carefully

In about 2013 a man named Brenton Sawin who lives in Lexington, Kentucky, started a YouTube channel called “Brenton Sawin Mysteries To Search”.  He has uploaded approximately 380 videos to this YouTube channel, most of them on the subject of Bigfoot or Dogman encounters.

In most of Brenton Sawin’s videos, he begins with a brief introduction covering recent events, certain topics that were discussed in previous videos, or updates on what is happening with previous guests.  After the introduction, Brenton usually interviews one guest for one hour, more or less, discussing with them their Bigfoot or Dogman sighting or encounter.

There are several ways in which Brenton Sawin’s YouTube channel differs from other YouTube channels that deal with the Bigfoot and Dogman subject.  Unlike the other YouTube channels which usually have Bigfoot or Dogman encounter stories that last ten to fifteen minutes, and are fairly sanitized and not too shocking, Brenton will interview a guest for thirty minutes to ninety minutes, and the interviews get into Bigfoot or Dogman behavior that is very gruesome, nasty, and horrific.

If anyone ever wanted to tell everything that happened to them or everything they experienced, without being censored, no matter how strange, horrible, or bizarre it was, Brenton will let his guests do it.  What this has resulted in, is Brenton and his viewers have become more and more familiar with Bigfoot and Dogman behavior that was previously not publicized.

For instance, both from Brenton Sawin’s YouTube channel, and from other Bigfoot researchers, many people are now aware that there are at least four different types of Bigfoot, one of them being Dogman, which very much resembles a werewolf.  Both from Brenton Sawin, and from other Bigfoot researchers, people have been made aware that Bigfoot, and especially Dogman, can be vicious and aggressive, taking and killing household pets and livestock.

Where Brenton Sawin’s YouTube channel is different, is that many of his guests will talk about Bigfoot or Dogman following people home, looking in their windows, trying to get into people’s houses, actually getting into people’s houses, carrying people off, and killing people.  There have been occasions where guests have talked about Bigfoot having sex with horses.

There is some really nasty deviant behavior that Brenton Sawin’s guests have described witnessing Bigfoot or Dogman engage in.  Some of this behavior, such the rape of human women, has also been reported by Bigfoot researcher Tim Coonbo Baker, and written about by a woman in her book titled “50 Years With Bigfoot”.

The problem is, that myself and some of Brenton Sawin’s other viewers, have noticed that some of his guests appear to be making shit up, making everything up, based on what they have read and heard elsewhere.  I don’t mind listening to people’s stories, but I don’t want to waste my time watching Brenton Sawin’s YouTube channel if people are going to come on his show with a completely made up story.

For instance, about one week ago, I watched one of Brenton Sawin’s videos from 2016, that was about a young man, claiming to be a 21 year old Marine currently stationed in North Carolina named “Phil”, who grew up on a 2,400 acre ranch in northeastern Montana.  In this young man’s story about shooting and tracking a Bigfoot on his family’s ranch in Montana when he was 13 years old, there came to be more and more facts that could not be true.

Phil kept talking about his huge Norwegian Elk Hound, who weighed 160 lbs, who was bred to hunt bear and mountain lion, who once attacked and knocked over a Black Bear.  Myself and other listeners looked up Norwegian Elk Hound, they only get up to 55 lbs, they are not a large dog, they are a small dog, and they don’t attack bears and mountain lions, they only track them and bark at them, they are a hound.

Phil said that his family’s ranch in Montana was so remote, that it was a three hour drive to the nearest town.  You can drive half way across the state of Montana in three hours, there is nowhere in Montana that is more than an hour’s drive from a town.

Other viewers left comments like, “I have lived in northeast Montana my entire life, it is mostly flat, there are no mountains like you described, there are no Grizzly Bear like you described, there are no Russian Boar like you described, and there are hardly any Black Bear.  You are not from northeastern Montana like you claim.”

Finally, a lot of people called “Bullshit!” on Phil’s story, when Phil said that he had four Bigfoot encounters in Montana, three in California, and two in North Carolina.  Keep in mind, that Phil is only 21 years old.

I have recently watched some more Brenton Sawin YouTube videos, where there is an individual who has been a guest of Brenton Sawin a couple of times, who may be making up stories.  This guest says that he is currently employed as a Fish & Game Officer, and during his first interview, he described shooting a Bigfoot with a 30.06 rifle twice, and it ran off carrying a deer.  Later, in a second interview, this Fish & Game Officer said that he was attacked by a group of Bigfoot, knocked unconscious, dragged away, stripped of his bullet proof vest and firearm, and that his service dog was killed by the Bigfoot.

Not me, but other viewers, began leaving comments like, “Come on man, no Fish & Game Officers carry a Desert Eagle 0.50 caliber pistol as their duty weapon.  It wouldn’t be allowed, they aren’t reliable, they are too heavy to carry around all day on your belt, and if you had ever been in the military like you claimed, you would know all this.”  They also left comments like, “You claim that you were also carrying a shotgun loaded with slugs.  For the type of work that you are doing, slugs drop tremendously in 200 yards, they have a ballistic path like throwing a rock, anyone working for Fish & Game would know to use heavy shot, if not a standard issue AR-15 or AR-10.  I don’t believe you work for Fish & Game.”

It is suspicious to me, that this Fish & Game Officer in the course of a year or two, shot one Bigfoot with a rifle, and then later was attacked by a group of Bigfoot, knocked unconscious, dragged off, and his service dog was killed.  If this Fish & Game Officer is not making all this up, and this actually happened, one of the reasons why I am doubting his stories, is because of other guests that Brenton Sawin has had on, that appear to be making their stories up, like the 21 year old Marine named Phil from Montana.

I wish that Brenton Sawin would screen his guests more carefully, and when it looks like his guests may have been making up their stories, to go ahead and tell listeners that he was sorry this happened, that it was not his intention to have made up stories.

Yes, Brenton Sawin’s YouTube channel is supposed to be for entertainment, but it is not entertaining to me, to have people lie about who they are, where they are from, what they have done in life, that they are a Marine, or a Fish & Game Officer.  In fact, it is illegal and a crime to state that you were in the military when you were not, and to impersonate a Law Enforcement Officer.

Here is one of the interviews with the Fish & Game Officer:

3 thoughts on “Brenton Sawin Needs To Screen His Guests More Carefully

  1. Actually, I have more of a problem with Youtube seemingly censoring these types of videos. Channels that had tens of thousands of views, last year had a few, then they stopped all together. It’s certainly not helping Youtube! Or progress on the subject. There’s something not human going on for certain out there. Seems to be new management. Also, Youtube went through a phase where every video was kid friendly. I listened to many of his shows and never heard some of it. Granted, that game warden didn’t seem to have tge normal job description. Those injuries though! If hIm.


    1. In reply to Anonymous,

      Brenton Sawin died about two years ago, I don’t know if you are aware of this. In the last six months of his life he made half a dozen YouTube videos describing what was going on with his health, not being able to afford treatments and medications, asking people to send him money if they could.


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