An Alternative To YouTube, With No Censorship Or Demonitization

I have written several blog post articles about the French-Canadian YouTuber who calls herself Piper Blush.  After she started her YouTube channel in 2017, within a year she reached 500,000 subscribers to her channel, and her videos received over 90 million views!

Most of Piper Blush’s YouTube channel viewers did not know that very early on, her YouTube channel was demonitized by YouTube for supposedly breaking rules or community standards.  In most of Piper Blush’s videos, she wore a tight T-shirt, a low-cut blouse with maybe some buttons undone, a short skirt, tight yoga pants, or a bathing suit.  Also, Piper sometimes talked about sex, dating, or made sexual innuendos.

What I think is wrong and unfair, is for YouTube to benefit greatly by Piper Blush’s YouTube videos receiving over 90 million views, and Piper Blush attracting many, many people to YouTube, but YouTube saying that they aren’t going to allow Piper to make any money from her videos because they violated rules or community standards.

Piper Blush was one of a great many YouTubers who were demonitized, censored, or banned from YouTube for supposedly breaking the rules.  Another YouTuber who was blocked and censored was Nika Vegan a.k.a. Nika Banana.   What Piper and Nika have in common, is they like men, they truthfully and openly answer questions they are asked about sex, and they like to show off their bodies.  As far as most men are concerned, they don’t want Piper and Nika to be censored.

A few months ago Piper Blush created an alternative to YouTube, which she named  This alternative to YouTube, is free to join, free to create your own channel, and free to upload your own videos.  Unlike YouTube, there is no censorship, and no one is going to be demonitized.

I am attaching a video that I uploaded to my new Cocoscope channel Dickinson58601, where I sneak up on someone taking a shower, in order to avoid censorship from YouTube:

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