Miss America Pageant Discontinuing Swimsuit Competition

In June of 2018, the Miss America Pageant Organization announced that they will be discontinuing the swimsuit competition phase of their pageants.

This was shocking, puzzling, upsetting, and ridiculous to me when I read this, which I will explain why in a moment.  But when I read that Gretchen Carlson had recently become chairwoman of the Miss America Organization,  I thought, “Ah ha, that explains that, that stupid bitch Gretchen Carlson is behind this.”

I don’t watch the Miss America Pageants or the Miss America USA Pageants, I don’t like them, at all.  These pageants get on my nerves and make me uncomfortable more than just about anything else that I can think of.  Yes, these young women are beautiful, but I don’t enjoy seeing them scrutinized, judged, and questioned.

I do recognize that these pageants are important for women.  The local Miss America Pageants and the Miss America USA Pageants held in each state, give some women the opportunity to try to improve and advance themselves.  They learn how to get in good physical shape, how to carry themselves, how to conduct themselves, how to speak, how to respond in interviews, how to dress in evening gowns and swimsuits, what colors, designs, and clothes look best on them.

The young women who compete in the state pageants get publicity, attention, and experience that can help them in their career and lead them to other opportunities.  If they become Miss North Dakota or Miss North Dakota USA, this can help them in allowing them to get better or more prestigious employment, with higher pay, than they would have gotten without being famous.  Even just being a contestant in a state pageant and being known for that, helps young women receive more attention, recognition, and more social and employment opportunities.

Having just acknowledged that I understand some of the many benefits that pageant competitions offer women contestants, I will explain why I don’t like watching beauty pageants.

I don’t think that young women should have to parade themselves around in swimsuits, or evening gowns, or be required to answer questions.  These young women have put so much work into preparing for these pageants, so much is at stake for them personally in these pageants, that they are frightened and nervous.  I feel uncomfortable and anxious watching their nervousness, fear, awkwardness, or mis-steps.  I don’t want to watch this, I don’t like it.

But I don’t like horse races, horse jumping, or rodeo either.  I feel like, leave the fucking horses and cows alone, don’t put these animals through this.

Just because I don’t like a show of young, nervous women being questioned, being dressed in revealing evening gowns or swimsuits, like some kind of a slave sale, doesn’t mean that I have the right to stop it or call a halt to it because I think that it is humiliating, embarrassing, and degrading.  If women acting of their own free will want to compete against other women on the basis of beauty and physical appearance, I shouldn’t try to stop them.

I have got to realize and understand, that some young women love competing in beauty pageants, especially if they think that they can win.  Some women want to prove that they are the prettiest, most beautiful, most glamorous, most poised, most talented, most articulate.  They want to win, and they want to receive all of the benefits from winning.

I have thought about this subject a lot, in order to be able to explain it.  I want to use some comparisons.  In high school, some young people feel like they have an aptitude for sports, and they begin competing in track & field, or wrestling.  Their goal might be, to do well enough in their sport, to get a college athletic scholarship, or compete in the Olympics one day.

The tall skinny kids may do better in track & field competitions, than the short heavy kids.  The tall skinny kids will likely have faster times in running, be able to jump higher, and be able to jump longer.  This is a track & field competition.

Conversely, the short heavy kids may do much better in wrestling, than the tall skinny kids.  The short heavy kids will likely have more muscle mass and strength, than the tall skinny kids.  This is a wrestling competition.

Some young people in high school, may feel like they want to go to college to be an engineer, architect, attorney, or doctor.  They know that they have to study hard in order to make good enough grades to get into college, but their goal may also be to do well enough in high school to receive an academic scholarship to college.

Some young women, may feel that their strongest aptitude is not sports, not academics, but their beauty, appearance, and personality.  These young  women may also have goals like going to college, but they don’t see themselves getting a college scholarship through sports or academics.  These young women may also believe that they could have a future career in television, movies, or entertainment because of their beauty.

If there is going to be fairness in beauty pageants, it is probably necessary for the competitors to be able to show off how they look in evening gowns, and swimsuits.  I want to explain a little bit about this.

In the comparisons that I made up above about what young people might choose to pursue in high school based on what they believe their aptitudes are, and what their goals are, track & field, wrestling, academics, and beauty pageants, these competitions require the demonstration of excellence in different areas in order to win.

The tall skinny kids may be better in track & field, the short heavy kids better in wrestling, the prospective engineers better in academics, and the beautiful girls better in beauty pageants.

In track & field competitions, we would see that it would be absurd to try to handicap the tall people or prevent them from high jumping, in order to make things more fair for the short people.  In wrestling, we would see that it would be absurd to try to handicap the short people, or prevent them from pinning their opponent, in order to make things more fair for the tall people.  In academics, we would see that it would be absurd to try to handicap the “A” students, and prevent them from taking higher level classes, in order to make thing more fair for the “C” students.

So for the women who compete in beauty pageants, who are competing primarily on their appearance and physical beauty, why would you try to handicap the beautiful women by not allowing them to wear swimsuits, in order to make things more fair for the fat women?

In the beauty pageants, there are some women who naturally have shapely arms, shoulders, waists, hips, legs, and calves.  For other women who want to compete in beauty pageants, they may have to work much harder with diet, exercise, and losing weight in order to improve their appearance.  The same is true for people competing in sports or academics.  Some people are naturally gifted athletically or intellectually, while other people have to work much harder in order to compete.

No matter what Gretchen Carlson the chairwoman of the Miss America Pageant Organization stated were her reasons for eliminating the swimsuit competition phase of the pageant, what she is in fact doing, is trying to handicap the naturally physically beautiful pageant contestants and the pageant contestants who are willing to work hard in order to compete, and trying make things easier for the fat, overweight, and out-of-shape contestants.

Once you start trying to make a beauty pageant more fair for the fat, overweight, and out-of-shape contestants, is this even a beauty pageant at all?

If some women have made the complaint to Gretchen Carlson, that they would like to compete in beauty pageants, if it were not for the swimsuit phase of the competition, which they feel is embarrassing, there are all kinds of other things for these women to compete in.  Chess, boxing, karate, fencing, bowling, skiing, swimming, bicycling, gymnastics, tennis, etc.

These women who complained about not wanting to compete in the beauty pageants because of the embarrassment of appearing in a swimsuit, probably never considered competing in skiing, swimming, bicycling, gymnastics, tennis, or any sports, because their fat lazy ass wouldn’t do well in sports either.  They look at beauty pageants, if they could just get rid of the swimsuit requirement, as one way for their fat lazy ass to possibly get a scholarship, because sports competitions or academic excellence is just too much work.

By the way, the top female athletes in any sport, would probably not be embarrassed to appear in a bathing suit, because they are fit and in-shape.  It makes you wonder about the beauty pageant contestants who want to compete in a beauty pageant, yet they are embarrassed to show off their appearance, and feel that they need to hide what they actually look like.

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