Teal Swan Video

I have been watching Teal Swan videos on YouTube for several months, but I have not shared one of these videos yet on my blog website, because they are often hard to understand, or they express an intellectual philosophy that I do not agree with.

I am not going to try to explain Teal Swan completely in this blog post, as you will see, she believes in the Far-East philosophies of Yoga, Meditation, Hinduism, and natural medicine.

People like Teal, try to find a comfortable, peaceful, serene, beautiful, positive energy place to live and spend their time, with other like-minded people.  You might see people like Teal in Flagstaff, Sedona, Sante Fe, San Francisco, or other small mountain towns in California, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, or Colorado.

What I do agree with Teal on, is trying to live in a comfortable, peaceful, serene, beautiful, positive energy natural environment, where you can contemplate life, and nothing unnatural, unhealthy, or restrictive is forced on you, such as a ridiculous and confining job, noise, traffic, ignorance, ugliness, or badly behaving people.

I have a tremendous amount of frustration living in Dickinson, North Dakota, and in trying to explain Dickinson.  The people here in Dickinson are not the slightest bit aware that they are any different than people elsewhere.  For instance, the people in Dickinson spend thousands of dollars modifying heavy-duty diesel pick-up trucks that are already loud, to make them even louder.  Then, they leave these loud heavy-duty diesel trucks idling outside of where they live, so that every resident within 400 ft has to listen to it.

In Dickinson, North Dakota, there is a constant effort among ignorant people, who make up 20% to 40% of the population, to disturb the peace and quiet somehow.  If it isn’t full throttling a large diesel truck, old car, street racer, or motorcycle on a 25 mph residential street up to 50 mph, it’s playing ghetto music with a 2,000 watt amplifier.

Something else about Dickinson that I hate, is the ignorance about beauty, sex, sexuality, and normal, healthy human behavior.  Somehow, from when the first homesteaders arrived in Dickinson in the 1890s, the idea of beauty in anything has been destroyed.  The absence of the idea of beauty is apparent everywhere, and particularly in women.  The women in Dickinson have no desire to be attractive, so they aren’t.

In addition to the absence of beauty, especially in women, the North Dakotans have eliminated romance, sensuality, sex, and sexuality.  In a way, North Dakotans have reduced people to behaving like cattle, horses, pigs, or chickens.  Higher human thoughts, feelings, and emotions are ignored, repressed, and suppressed.

Commentors to my blog website, sometimes write that I appear to be an angry, rotten, bitter person.  Yes, I am angry all the time living in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Most of the people here, don’t even know how fucked up it is, or how backwards it is, which just adds to my anger and frustration.  Like people here not being able to understand the value or the desire to have peace and quiet, or not have your property stolen.

In this video below, Teal Swan explains that not getting what you want, and not being able to live like you want, will have a negative effect on your health.  The people living in Dickinson, and especially the Heidi Heitkamp people, need to pay very close attention following the 6:50 minute mark in this video:

Usually, I leave an annoying or irritating comment after watching Teal’s videos, because I like her.  If you watch this video, Teal explains that it is important to do what you feel like doing.

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