Men Competing And Winning In Women’s Sports

Below I have included a video that shows a man competing, winning, and setting new records in a Connecticut State women’s high school track meet.

This black man shown in the video competing against the women, is a “transgender”.  He is a biological man, that thinks that he is, or thinks that he wants to be a woman.

Because liberal people, many Democrats, and many women, want for Transgender people to be accepted, they advocate for these Transgender people to be accepted for who they say they are.  This means that Transgender people should be allowed to use the bathroom of the sex that they identify with, and apparently compete in sports as the gender that they identify with.

As you can see in this video above of the state high school track meet, a biological man competing in women’s sports, has an advantage, so much of an advantage that he was able to set new state records for women’s track.

Can you see that biological men who think or say that they identify as women, will be able to dominate all of women’s sports?  Basketball, softball, volleyball, tennis, golf, field hockey, lacrosse, swimming, track and field, triathalon, cycling, skiing.

Do you think that this is fair or right, for biological men to compete against women and win?  To take away 1st place finishes from women in women’s sports?

Do you see that at every high school and college, women could begin losing spots on basketball, softball, volleyball, golf, and tennis teams to biological males who are bigger, faster, and stronger?  Losing athletic scholarships to biological men.

I do not think that women ever saw this coming, that any biological man can now say at some point in his life, that he identifies as a woman, in order to compete in women’s sports, compete for a scholarship, or compete for a job by saying that he is a woman.

2 thoughts on “Men Competing And Winning In Women’s Sports

  1. I love having tranny Muslim black men compete against white women. It pitches two flavors of the same dogma together and forces people acknowledge that they logically can’t coexist as absolute truths.


    1. Rusty,

      You should read the comments to this YouTube video, there are about 2,500 comments. Hundreds of commentors recognized that liberals, women, and Democrats wanted for people to be accepted as the gender that they identify with, being able to use the bathroom of the gender that they identify with, and so on. In order to maintain their liberal principles, they accepted also that people should be able to participate in activities, groups, and programs, on the basis of the gender that they identify with. How were they going to then deny tansgender men participating in women’s athletic programs, if these men believed, or said that they believed they were women?

      If liberals can’t find a way to get out of this, this could mean the end of women’s sports. High school teams want to win, and college teams want to win, if one or two transgender men on a basketball team can make them win, and at the same time make them look like they are being courageous in fighting for people’s rights, they are going to do it. As all high school and college women’s teams begin to have one or two transgender men in order to win, the next step will be three or four transgender men per team.

      The feminists and liberal women have fought for years to force the acceptance of women at all male military schools like VMI, the Boy Scouts, and in the military. Because of their push for equality and non-discrimination based on gender, and their insistence that women can do everything that men can do, the extension of this to transgender people, is going to push women out of women’s sports in high school, college, and professional sports, and quite possibly tansgender men will take jobs away from women in the military, police, fire department, and construction, because these transgender men will be counted and identified as women, but they are bigger, stronger, and faster than actual biological women.


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