Can You Even Feel Sorry For Women?

Today when I typed in “YouTube” on my Google search browser, and then clicked on the YouTube site, I saw about thirty suggested videos from YouTube.  The first video to catch my attention, was from a young hippie girl named Stephi Lee, where she was crying because she had gotten into a car accident.

In the past, I have watched about twenty YouTube videos from Stephi Lee.  I like her, she is cute, I like some of her videos, but she also makes me mad.  It was good that Stephi made four of five videos explaining her situation, or more people would hate her, and I would hate her more.

At first, I saw that she was very cute, and I thought that she was very attractive.  Why she was wearing her hair in dread locks, getting so many tattoos, living like a hippie, sleeping in her car, and not working at a job, were questions that I had, and I thought that she was throwing her life away, wasting her life, being lazy, and acting stupid.

As Stephi explained her life in her videos, I could more understand why Stephi was the way that she was, and I could see more of why she was doing what she was doing.

Several weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about watching Stephi Lee videos, where I explained that she had mutism until the fourth grade, only speaking to some members of her family.  Her mother died when she was 11 years old.  That she was born with cystic fibrosis, where she only has about 45% lung capacity, and it causes her difficulty every day, even just in speaking.  Plus more problems besides that, that I didn’t even want to repeat, because she has so many problems.

Women don’t think that men should ever say this, especially women with tattoos, but I began to have more patience and tolerance with Stephi, when she was showing and explaining her twenty tattoos.  I was thinking that she was so pretty, why would she ruin herself with so many tattoos?  Or, when she was showing and explaining that she didn’t shave her arm pits, legs, or pubic area, I was wondering if she wasn’t somehow trying to alienate people, and drive people away.

As I watched more and more of Stephi’s videos, and I learned more about her, being aware of her health problems, tattoos, hairy arm pits, living in her car, and watching the things that she was doing, I liked her personality, I liked some of the things that she was doing, but I sometimes came to the conclusion that overall what she was doing, was being defiant.

I came to believe and feel that Stephi, in the way that she lived and the things that she did, she was being defiant, and in a way trying to alienate people, drive people away, and push people away.  I believed that if she chose to be more normal, she could have a job, a home, a boyfriend, a husband, not be alone, be safe, and be comfortable.

I suppose that I am missing the point, Stephi doesn’t want to be normal.  But can you, or should you, feel sorry for people who practically do everything that they can, to ensure that they are going to have problems?  To move far away from home where they do not know anyone, and then be alone and not have anyone to help them.  To want to meet and associate with counter culture people who do not have jobs or money, and then not know anyone who can help them with a job or money.  To want to spend time with boys that do not have a job and live at home with their parents, and then not have a man to rely on when they need help.  To avoid and make fun of people who have a steady job and a place to live, but then in an emergency turn to these people as the only ones who are able to provide any real help.

For the past month, I have watched YouTube videos from various women, who are having problems.  They have a problem with their motor home breaking down, some piece of equipment not working, someone bothering them during the night, not having a place to stay, not having a job, needing money, not knowing what to do, going to therapy….and getting a new tattoo.

I thought about these women, and then I realized something.  For the past 6,000 years or so, how this was handled, was women had husbands.  Here is how this works, in return for sex, and some domestic work, men will build a shelter, provide protection, and find a way to obtain food and other things that they need.

For about 6,000 years or so, women have not liked their husbands.  Their husbands were too ugly, too fat, too short, too smelly, too stupid, too controlling, and they didn’t provide as much as they wanted.  But what were women going to do, what else could they do?

In the past 50 years in the United States, women have gotten it into their heads more and more, that they don’t need a man, they can have their own job, their own money, and their own home.  However, whether women realize it or not, when they are making YouTube videos where they don’t have a job, they don’t have any money, they don’t have anywhere to stay, they don’t have anyone to help them, and they are frightened, the solution to this problem has been around for 6,000 years or so.

Here is Stephi Lee’s YouTube video after she got into a car accident with the car that she lives in, while on the way to hospital when she was crying and coughing up blood:

I felt so bad for Stephi, that I was thinking about sending her some money, like $100, and I believed that many of her other viewers were going to do the same thing.  I saw that this particular video has 57,000 views, and that she received about 1,000 comments to this video from people offering her help in different ways.

I would think that it was good, if people and her viewers helped Stephi get back on her feet.  Stephi has a Patreon account where some viewers have signed up to contribute money to her every month.  What I don’t think would be good, would be for well meaning people to contribute so much money, that she received a windfall from this.  The reason why is, because I believe if a person does so many things to get themselves into a position where they are bound to have problems, like choosing to not associate with people who have jobs, earn a living, have a place to stay, and can help you, don’t reward people for getting themselves into a position where they have problems.

2 thoughts on “Can You Even Feel Sorry For Women?

  1. Why she wears dreadlocks why she has tattoos ? She’s throwing her life away and ruining herself ?! Are you for real it is a 2019 !!! I have dreadlock and tattoos I work as a senior barber went to college work long ass hours and support myself !!! Do not judge people and do not be so ignorant !!! If we were all the same the word sure would be a boring place my friend !


    1. Irene Delaney,
      I thought that I made it clear in my blog post, the point that I wanted to make: Why is it that people who choose not to have a 40 hour per week job with steady pay and health insurance, not to rent an apartment, not to make it a habit to save as much money as they can each week for an emergency or retirement, because it’s “boring”, “dull”, “uncool”, why is it that when they have an emergency with no money, no place to live, and vehicle problems, they turn to the “boring”, “dull”, “uncool” people who work at job, have a home, and save their money, to bail them out of trouble every time their carefree adventure lifestyle doesn’t work out?


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