What Is Wrong With This Girl In The Mustang GT?

Last night, I watched about ten YouTube videos, where guys with very fast cars, took their wives or girlfriends for a ride.

For the 1,000 horsepower twin turbo Lamborghinis and modified Corvettes, that could accelerate from 0 to 100 mph in about 8 seconds, the women were screaming, “Oh my God!, oh my God!, oh my God!…and then they would try to regain their composure, but couldn’t help smiling and laughing.”

For the professional race car drivers with a Porsche or BMW on a race track, the girlfriends or wives were yelling, “Slow down, slow down!  Not so fast!  You said you wouldn’t go fast!  I’m never letting you do this to me again!”

The funniest YouTube video of all, was this guy who had a 900 horsepower Mustang GT, and he took his young red-haired wife for a ride in it.  The whole point of this video, the whole point of all these videos, was to show off these very fast cars, and show how their wives or girlfriends reacted.

But this girl, Laura, did not react, she was not impressed, and now everyone on the internet is just laughing at this video.  Everyone thought, “Man, you are trying to make this video showing how fast your car is, and your own girlfriend is not impressed, this makes your car look slow.”

She did kind of ruin his video, because everyone is more entertained by his girlfriend, who is actually his wife, than his car.  You should read the comments after this video:

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