Facebook Has Got To Stop Its Dictatorship

One of the worst organizations that I have seen in my lifetime is Facebook.  Because Facebook was convenient and easy to use, people from around the world enjoyed uploading photographs and chatting with each other on Facebook.

However, once Facebook became popular, with many people becoming accustomed to using it and relying on it, Facebook began to no longer be user friendly, and it started to become a Dictatorship.

When I say that people came to rely on Facebook, I mean that people came to rely on Facebook just like people had become dependent on the U.S. Postal service, the telephone, and e-mail.  Let me give some examples.

Poor people, from poor countries, like Haiti, Kenya, The Republic of Congo, could maintain contact with their families thousands of miles away through Facebook.  People living in oppressive countries like Afghanistan, could keep in contact with their family members who had moved abroad.

Eldery, handicapped, and isolated people could chat with friends and relatives throughout the day so that they were not alone.

In return for people using Facebook and becoming reliant on it, Facebook is now acting like, “You will do whatever we tell you to do.”

In the past, I had one fake Facebook profile for about seven years.  I wanted to look up friends, relatives, and classmates on Facebook to see what they were doing, but I was not ready to engage with everyone that I looked up.  I looked up employers, business associates, and people that I had had interaction with, in order to find out more about them.  But, I did not want to be friends with everyone that I looked up.

About one year ago, Facebook suspended my one fake profile that I had had for seven years, due to one complaint.  At that time, I explained to Facebook, several reasons why I needed that fake account.  Facebook disregarded all of my reasons, though I felt that my reasons were just as valid as Facebook’s accepted reasons, one of them being that an individual was LGBT and feared reprisal.

About five weeks ago, Facebook kept showing a young lady from Pennsylvania named Maddie Gower in my list of “People You May Know”.  Maddie Gower was very beautiful, and I could not resist looking at her Facebook profile.  After a couple of weeks, I came to believe that Maddie Gower of Pennsylvania was probably the most beautiful girl that I had ever seen.

I knew that Maddie Gower would probably become extremely angry with me, if I contacted her to warn her that she was not keeping enough details about herself private,  and that this was not safe.  I created a fake Facebook profile to contact her and warn her, and thank God that I did, because she was very angry and her followers were very angry, even more angry than I anticipated.

My fake Facebook profile was quickly suspended by Facebook, and everything that I had written to her warning her and explaining to her why it was so unsafe to give too many details, all of this just disappeared and was gone.

After Maddie and her followers had settled down, Maddie Gower’s profile kept disappearing from Facebook.  When her Facebook profile would return after several days, all of her friends and followers would wonder and ask what had happened.

Today, Maddie informed her friends and followers, that Facebook had suspended her profile three times in the past two weeks for being “Fake”.  She had contacted Facebook each time her account was suspended, and e-mailed Facebook a copy of her photo identification, but her account was suspended a second, and then a third time.

It appears that some angry, jealous, vindictive person, keeps reporting that Maddie Gower’s profile is fake, and Facebook takes down her profile each time.  Not only does this make Maddie angry, this makes her friends, and her 2,000 followers angry.

For a very large organization, that is supposed to have a larger market capitalization than General Motors, Facebook is acting very incompetent, ignorant, backwards, arbitrary, and is headed down the road of being one of the most hated companies in the world, with a “Too Big To Fail” mentality.

Now that I think about it, Southern Bell telephone was broken up because the government believed that it had a monopoly.  I will begin writing that Facebook should be broken up, because it has too much of a monopoly.

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