Some Wanted, And Unwanted Attention In Dickinson, North Dakota

In my previous blog post, I explained that I have been working for 12 hours a day, every day, for the past two weeks.  When I get home from work, I have about 1-1/2 hours to eat and do errands before I have to go to bed, because I am so tired and I have to wake up at 4:30 a.m.  One of the things that I like to do while I am eating, is check my e-mail, check my Facebook account, and check my blog website statistics and comments.

A few days ago, I was noticing on my Facebook account, many angry looking North Dakotans that I don’t personally know, looking at my Facebook profile.  This is a result of both my blog website, and other things that I have done.  However, in the mix of the angry looking North Dakotans, there were a couple of prominent North Dakotans, and one well-known female British author.

This well-known female British author has published half a dozen successful books, and she regularly appears on talk shows.  She lives in London, and there would not be any reason for her to look me up on Facebook, other than the fact that several of the very specific subjects that she has been writing about recently, I have written about in some of my blog posts.  I am flattered that she made some deliberate effort to find out who I was in order to look me up on Facebook.

Unfortunately, I have also written many blog posts about women, which I believe that she probably doesn’t like or appreciate, which is probably why she has not replied to my e-mail that I sent to her.  This is no surprise to me, and I hope that I can write more things to irritate her and other women.

As far as the angry looking North Dakotans viewing my Facebook profile, it is good that they are reading my blog posts.  Even if they don’t agree with what I am writing, at least they can become aware of other people’s perspectives.  More and more people becoming aware of other people’s point of view, experiences, and opinions on Dickinson will, I think, help to change Dickinson for the better.

2 thoughts on “Some Wanted, And Unwanted Attention In Dickinson, North Dakota

  1. I had no idea that one can now see who has looked at one’s Facebook page. I left social media several years ago (a move I don’t regret, except that I miss a lot of family photos). The last time I was on FB, there wasn’t any real way to see who’d been on your page (though many apps claimed they could allow you to do so).

    Glad you found a job that pays well and I hope it all goes well. Glad to find out where you’ve been.


    1. S,

      Yes, you can tell who has been looking at your Facebook profile. Let us say that you are a rabbit named Uncle Wiggly, and that you have a Facebook account as “Uncle Wiggly”. Let us say that there is a woman named Cruella DeVille, and that she has a Facebook account as “Cruella DeVille”. If Cruella DeVille logs on to her Facebook account, and then goes and looks at Uncle Wiggly’s Facebook profile, within a few days usually, Facebook will add Cruella DeVille to Uncle Wiggly’s Facebook “friend suggestions”. Sometimes Facebook will e-mail Uncle Wiggly, “Do you know Cruella DeVille.”

      Especially when a Facebook account holder looks at your Facebook profile multiple times, that Facebook user just about always gets listed fairly persistently as a “friend suggestion”.

      Some people do not like this, when someone that they do not know and have never met, is somehow persistently listed as a “friend suggestion”, meaning that they are regularly looking at their Facebook profile. When a “friend suggestion” is someone that the person knows, they just usually take it for granted that naturally they would be a “friend suggestion”.

      I did have a fictitious Facebook account, a pseudonym, which I used for about four years, until someone complained to Facebook. I used this fictitious Facebook account to look up people anonymously. Just because I looked at someone’s Facebook profile, didn’t always mean that I wanted to be friends with them, sometimes I wanted to find out what kind of person they were before I had any work/financial/business/social dealings with them.


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