Will You Catholics Take A Look At Your Church

I have written approximately eight blog posts criticizing the Catholic Church in Dickinson, North Dakota.  I have elaborated many times that the Catholic Church in Dickinson does not teach what the New Testament Of The Bible teaches, and what Jesus Christ taught:  “So do you unto the least of my people, so do you unto me”.

The Catholic Church in Dickinson, rather than teaching people to be kind, caring, and helpful towards others, has instilled in the Catholics here that they are better than others, and that it is O.K. to take advantage of others.

I don’t know why the Catholics can’t read the Bible for themselves, and understand that the Catholic Church is far, far away from the teachings of Jesus.

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Stephanie Kirchgaessner for The Guardian on Friday September 15:

“A Vatican diplomat in Washington has been recalled to Rome after the US state department said the priest may have violated laws related to child sex abuse images.

The US state department notified the Holy See last month of a possible violation of laws. American prosecutors said they wanted the Vatican to voluntarily lift the official’s diplomatic immunity so that he could face charges, according to several reports, but the Vatican refused. The request was made on 21 August.

The Vatican said an investigation had been opened and the church was seeking “international collaboration to obtain elements relative to the case”, and it would be handled confidentially on a preliminary basis. It said the priest had already returned to Vatican City.

The Vatican said its decision to recall the priest was in line with normal diplomatic practices.

The information was transmitted by the state department to the Vatican’s secretariat of state, Pietro Parolin, the Vatican said, who in turn has turned the matter over to the Vatican’s top justice official.

The Associated Press, quoting an official familiar with the case, said the priest was a senior member of the Vatican embassy staff.

As a member of the Vatican’s diplomatic corps, the priest could not be prosecuted in the US, though he could have been expelled.

It is not the first time the Vatican has been forced to recall a diplomatic official. In 2013, it recalled the Vatican’s then ambassador to the Dominican Republic following allegations that he sexually abused minors.”

You do not need a Pope, Cardinals, Bishops, and Diplomats, who have authority and wealth.  Jesus did not teach anything about this, other than teaching against pride, power, wealth, and corruption.  So where your treasure is, there is where your heart will also be.

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