A Small Freshwater Duck

Quack is one of the most beautiful girls in Dickinson, though she is hardly ever here anymore.  I am glad that she does not spend much time in Dickinson, because I don’t want her to be ruined.  I only ever have a vague idea where she is, which is probably for the best because I worry about her, and I am infatuated with her, so I am better off not knowing where she is.

I believe that I first saw her in either 2011 or 2013, both where she was working and also at the West River Community Center.  She was about 5′-8″ or 5′-9″,  very thin, about 105 lb, with very pretty long brown hair.  I have always suspected that she is part Cherokee Indian because of her cheek bones, complexion, and also because of her slight, yet athletic physique.

One reason why she may appear to be part Cherokee Indian, is she runs, hikes, swims, and rock climbs every day, and she is in very good physical condition, with hardly any body fat at all.  I could say that I have never seen or met another woman in Dickinson that looked like Quack, and that would be mostly true, Judy Anderson and Marinna Marsh have the same kind of natural beauty, but Quack’s physical beauty is more wild, untamed, and rugged.

I absolutely can say that Quack’s demeanor, bearing, and personality is unlike any other woman that I have met in North Dakota, Idaho, and Texas.  This is the best thing about Quack, by far the best thing.  Before I describe it, I want explain where it comes from.

Quack’s father, Gary, was a geography professor at Dickinson State University, very intelligent and very educated.  Both Gary and his wife Gia must have been very alert, aware, conscious, deliberate, observant, and nurturing people.  No one could have raised a human being better.  Any bad human characteristic, like greed, envy, jealousy, hate, laziness, dishonesty, treachery, vanity, or materialism, Quack does not have.  All the good characteristics like love, kindness, empathy, fearlessness, and politeness, Quack does have.

I sometimes worry about her because she seems innocent and childlike still, but she only comes across this way because she is not ruined, she knows what is going on as much as anyone does.  She knows that I like her, but she does not let this bother her, nor does she hold this against me.  I felt this way about Codi Miller too.

The last time I saw her, I asked her if she had seen the movie “Into The Wild”.  Quack said that she had.  I could tell that she was pretty familiar with the movie from her response.  She should be familiar with this movie, because this is her, only I didn’t tell her that.  I looked at her, and I think that she thinks that this is her too, though she may not have ever told anyone.

“Into The Wild” is a movie and a book that was created from the actual real life diary/journal left behind by a young man named Chris.  Chris graduated from Emory University in Atlanta, and he had no intention of entering a profession, having a career, and settling into the suburbs with a wife and kids.  Chris wanted to simply live life, to experience life as completely and fully as possible, without any of the things that ruin or destroy life and what is real.  Career, possessions, responsibilities, obligations, anger, greed, hostility, jealousy, vanity, pride, fear, guilt, ……he didn’t want any of it, and he traveled further and further into the wild, and once he became completely far away from people, he got himself into a situation where he accidentally died.

Quack is one of the the least materialistic women that I have ever met.  I am sure that just like any woman, she sees a jacket that she likes, or pants that she likes, and thinks that she would like to have them, but then she lets go of the idea.  The same for a house or a car.  This is the same thing that little girls do, they see things that they would like to have one day, they are happy in that thought, but then they become just as distracted by the sight of a dog, a cat, or ice cream.  They aren’t like grown women full of every kind of anger, hate, jealousy, envy, vanity, pride, treachery, plot, and scheme to get the house they want or the car they want.

I have met only a few women like Quack, and they were all very beautiful.  I have made the observation in the past, that some girls who grow up always having a natural physical beauty, the ones who don’t have hardly any defect in their character, personality, or appearance, by the time that they reach adulthood they don’t “need” anything.  It is like they are so complete and not lacking anything within themselves, that they don’t really “need” or have to have any “thing”.  Leaving a life for them where they just seek to experience things.

(Note:  I had originally published this blog post with Quack’s full name in the title.  Quack talked to me and tried to explain why she didn’t want this blog post to exist.  I agreed to remove her last name from the blog post title and the blog post, so that this blog post would not cause her problems.  With her last name removed from the blog post title and the blog post, eventually this blog post would have dropped out of the search results that were returned when performing an internet search using her name.

Even after I had removed Quack’s last name from the blog post title and the blog post, in the short term, so many people kept looking at this blog post about Quack, that this blog post moved back up to the very top of the search results when an internet search was done using her name.  So now I have removed any part of her name from the blog post title, so that eventually this blog post will not appear in the search results that are returned when an internet search is done using her name.

I might recommend to the reader, a blog post titled, “What It Would Be Like To Be Married To A Small Freshwater Duck”.)

11 thoughts on “A Small Freshwater Duck

    1. I like Teal, and I am glad that I was able to write what I think about her. Maybe when you get older, you will realize the importance of letting the people that you like and care about, know how you feel about them.


      1. Ali,

        I like Teal. Just thinking about Teal, or Marinna, cheers me up and makes me feel better. I had replied to you with some mean comments. But I realized that Teal and Marinna would not like me being that mean to you and making fun of you, so I removed these comments.


  1. It doesn’t matter if you “like” them or not. Some of these women are married or in relationships and have children. You’re a disrespectful creep. I’m sure their significant others really appreciate you writing about them. I’m sure you stay anonymous because you’re afraid of getting your ass kicked. Which you fully deserve. Spend less time writing about women who wouldn’t even give you a second glance and more time maintaining your obvious mental illness.


    1. Jace,

      It appears that you are a woman because your e-mail address is AshleyAdams… There are approximately thirty women that I have written about where I have given their full name. Some of these women I have written about more than once. So far, the only people who have ever complained are you and Ali, and the two of you complain repeatedly, like you can’t stand it.

      What is it that you and Ali can’t stand? None of the fifty or so men and women that I have named and written about have ever complained. None of the women have ever complained. I think that what it comes down to, is that the two of you are jealous, and that you have always been jealous.

      You are trying to be outraged on behalf of other people, who are not outraged themselves.

      If you or Ali ever asked any of these women who I am, and they knew or could sense anything about the character of either of you, they would tell you “No”, in order to spare me from having to deal with you, and to not be involved in an argument that they didn’t want to have in the first place.

      All of the women that I have written about know who I am.

      Legally, there is no criminal or civil recourse against someone saying or writing compliments, such as how attractive someone is, or how beautiful someone is, or how intelligent, friendly, considerate, etcetera. The second part of law would be, what are the damages? What damages did the person suffer from being called attractive, beautiful, intelligent, friendly, considerate?

      When you consider legal recourse for slander or libel, you are dealing with statements of FACT that must both be “defamatory” AND “untrue”. And the person has to be specifically identified.

      Where you two women are really out of luck, is that you can’t make a complaint on behalf of someone else.


      1. Why is it that the comment I wrote previously with your name has not been approved? These people don’t know who you are. I’ve had many conversations about how uncomfortable you make them feel. And if I were one of them, I definitely wouldn’t be complaining to you, that’s exactly what you want, attention from them. Ps I added you on Facebook, let’s be friends.


      2. Ali,

        Your current comment is confusing to me. I have received several comments today from you and Jace, stating that no one knows who I am, nor have they met me, and it is creepy that I would write about them, never having met them. Now, you are saying that you have had several conversations about me, with people who don’t know me. And, that you have added me on Facebook. How could you add me on Facebook if nobody knows who I am?


  2. Please play dumb. You won’t approve my comment with just your first name in it but you will post people’s first and last names. All it took was taking a few clues from your posts for me to figure it out. Did you recently run into one of these beautiful women at the gym? Don’t downplay my detective skills.


  3. You should remove it entirely if she asked you to remove it. Her name and her mother’s name are unusual, making them (as you of all people understand) quite easy to find. Think how bad you’d feel if some freak decided to target this young woman and something terrible happened. You clearly think highly of her and her family.


    1. I am not in the business of making people happy and doing what they want, I am trying to do the exact opposite, make people angry and wanting me to “take that shit down!”

      I have written mean things about Jessie Veeder, in two blog posts all about her, and she has not tried to fight me on it. I have written at least four blogs posts entirely on Codi Miller, which is probably embarrassing to her, all four are usually #1, #2, #3, #4 at the top of the first page of Google results, and she has not complained. I have written one blog post about Marinna Marsh, which she is probably tired of , but she has not complained to me. I have written one blog post about Kristi Schwartz, which is not exactly what she wants to be known for, and she has not complained.

      Teal knows that I like her, and that I admire her, I have been able to tell her this specifically in person, and in writing. If I could paint, I would paint a portrait of Teal, and in it would not only be Teal, but how I see Teal, and what I think of Teal. But I can’t paint, so I tried to describe her in words, and in the photograph that I found that partly portrays what she is like.

      I wanted to write about Teal for myself, for her and for her to understand, and for other people to know about her, not necessarily personal details of her life, but who she is.

      Because of Teal’s beauty, she is not going to make it through life being unnoticed. She already puts herself at risk, at her own choosing. I would wish that she would be more careful, but she would disregard any practical suggestions that I would offer her. Now that I have written how I feel about her, I suppose that now she knows that people become infatuated with her, so now she knows, I am glad that she is aware of this now.

      Sometimes, the best time to tell someone what you think is now, sometimes the best time to tell someone how you feel about them is now. Especially, especially with women, you sometimes have to do the exact opposite of what they want, even if they will never forgive you for it.

      I have already discussed this with Teal in person, though I didn’t and couldn’t explain it very clearly. She thinks that things would be easier for her if I took the blog post down. I think that it should always be there. In time, this blog post will move further and further down the internet search results, but it will still be there somewhere.

      Everybody get mad at me, I don’t care, I am going to make you more angry.


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