Camajur Bus Service, Dickinson, North Dakota

The Camajur Bus Service is owned and operated by Marvin and Cathy Dill, and their son Justin and his wife.  The Camajur Bus Service is also referred to as the Sober Bus.

The reason why I am writing this blog post, is to let everyone know how inexpensive their bus and taxi service is.  In other states, I have had very bad experiences with unexpectedly high cost taxi rides, and I have been told that the same thing happens in Dickinson, especially with taxi rides to and from the Dickinson airport.  This doesn’t have to happen to you.

I was working in Watford City last summer, which is 90 miles northwest of Dickinson, and a very unpleasant drive to make, whether you take Hwy 22, or Hwy 85.  The air-conditioning compressor on my Dodge truck seized up, causing the serpentine belt to break, which is the same belt that drives the alternator and the water pump.  I realized from looking at the belt routing diagram, there is a different belt and a different routing when the truck is not equipped with an air-conditioning compressor.

I was not getting anywhere with the two auto parts stores in Watford City, explaining that I was bypassing the compressor, this is the size belt that I wanted.  It came to the point that I decided to take a taxi 90 miles to Dickinson to get my other truck.  I called Camajur Bus Service and spoke to Marvin Dill, told him where I was, and asked him how much money he wanted to come and get me.  Marvin said something like $70 to $80, and I couldn’t believe that he could do it for that little money, it is about a 1-1/2 hour drive.

Marvin came to Watford City and got me about an hour and forty five minutes later.  I was so happy to be going to get my other truck, and no longer being at the mercy of the auto parts stores in Watford City.  I was happy to not be the one driving for once, I had to drive back and forth to Watford City every week.  I gave Marvin $100, which is more than he wanted, but I don’t see how he could do it for less than $100.

This summer, I moved from north of Dickinson, to an apartment in downtown Dickinson.  In order to get one of my extra trucks to storage, and one extra truck to my apartment, I called Camajur Bus Service twice.  It was at least a ten mile drive from north of Dickinson to downtown, but each time Justin only wanted $10.  Each time I gave Justin $20, because I don’t see how they could do it for less than $20.

If you are at a bar or restaurant in Dickinson, and you become too intoxicated to drive, most bars and restaurants in Dickinson will give their customers a voucher, and call Camajur Bus service to come and pick you up, at no charge to you.  You give the voucher to the Camajur Bus driver, and at a later date he turns in that voucher at the bar or restaurant to get paid for that trip.

I hope that more people find out how inexpensive the Camajur Bus Service is, and use it, so that they will continue to operate, and we don’t all have to be victimized by some other taxi service.

Camajur Bus Service  701-590-3396

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