There Should Be A Gay Bar Called Baker Hughes In Dickinson, North Dakota

In 2011 the international oil field service company Baker Hughes began constructing a very large facility on Highway 22 on the north side of Dickinson, North Dakota.  The facility consisted of an administrative building, warehouse buildings, and shop buildings.  The site occupies approximately ten acres of land, and the facility probably cost at least $50 million to construct.

When I first came to Dickinson in 2011, the only large truck stop was Tiger Truck Stop.  The Baker Hughes fracking and wireline specialty trucks would travel together in a convoy to go to Tiger Truck stop to fuel up.  All the Baker Hughes personnel when they are on duty, wear blue/grey Baker Hughes coveralls, which I believe have two silver reflective bands on each sleeve and each pants leg.

The Baker Hughes international oil field service company, is a pretty straight and serious company, which is why I think that there should be a gay bar in Dickinson called Baker Hughes.  This gay bar should also be on Highway 22, like the real Baker Hughes international oil field service company.

This gay bar should be in a big warehouse building, with a large sign out front, in the same letter style as the real Baker Hughes.  For legal reasons, maybe the gay bar sign would have to say “Baker & Hughes”, with the “&” being as small as possible, not even noticeable.

Inside the gay bar, the bartender men would wear coveralls identical to the real Baker Hughes, with one exception, the back bottom of the coveralls would be cut out to expose the bartenders’ bare asses.  Truck drivers making deliveries to Baker Hughes, would stop at the first Baker Hughes that they came to.  The truck drivers would go inside with their delivery paper work, and say, “I have a delivery for Baker Hughes.”  The bartender would say, O.K., let me come outside with you to see what you have.  Then, the truck driver would be like, “Holy shit man!  Why are you wearing coveralls showing your bare ass!”

Young men from Minnesota, Michigan, Montana, Idaho, and Utah, would arrive in Dickinson, and want to go to Baker Hughes to put in a job application, and they would stop at the first Baker Hughes that they came to.  Arriving at about 2:00 p.m., the young men would be anxious and nervous about going to ask about a job at Baker Hughes.  They might be surprised to see how friendly the Baker Hughes people were, handing them an application to fill out, and offering them a Coke.  After about twenty minutes of filling out the job application, and handing it to the Baker Hughes person, the Baker Hughes person would say, O.K., let me go get the manager.  The young man job applicant would be like, “Holy shit!  How come your coveralls are cut out showing your bare ass! What kind of place is this!”

There would be many a young man from Minnesota, Michigan, Montana, Idaho, and Utah, calling home saying, “I don’t think I want to work in the oil field after all.”

Likewise, on Karaoke night, drag queen night, talent night, all kinds of gays and transgenders wearing flamboyant clothing would be showing up at the real Baker Hughes, banging on the glass front administration building yelling to be let in.  Very openly gay men would always be showing up at the real Baker Hughes wanting to fill out job applications.  The real Baker Hughes would find that they could not try to discourage this in any way, because trying to ask about someone’s sexuality to find out if they were at the wrong place, could be construed as discrimination.

Young men could work at the Dickinson gay bar Baker & Hughes for a year, or a couple of years, and then go down to Oklahoma or Texas, and apply for work at oil field service companies, stating that they had worked for Baker Hughes in Dickinson.

Before long in Oklahoma and Texas, oil field companies would be saying, “Man, I don’t know what they got going on in Dickinson, North Dakota, but I have never seen so many queers working in the oil field.”

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