The Haunting Of The New St. Alexius Hospital In Dickinson, North Dakota

The new St. Alexius Hospital in Dickinson, North Dakota, was completed by the end of 2014.  But before the hospital was even completed, the haunting began.

Because the hospital was owned and operated by the Catholic Church, I felt that it was significant and important that I let the upper management know that something was wrong, and that it needed to be addressed.  However, upper management were such arrogant assholes, I was unable to tell them.  I will tell everyone now, maybe it will do some good.

Not long after the east end of the new hospital was completed, the three story section of the hospital, an employee came to me who was upset, they had something on their mind that was bothering them.  In a round about way, they began to ask me if I had ever seen anything in the 3rd story window on the north side of the building.  I was blunt and slightly irritated, and I said no, wishing that they would just get to the point.  The employee was upset, and they continued, saying that they had seen what looked like a person hanging in the window on the 3rd floor.  I asked, what do you mean, hanging out the window?  The employee replied no, hanging, like someone had hung themself.  The employee said that they went inside the building and checked this room, but there was nothing in this room.  I disregarded what this employee said.

About two weeks later, a second employee was upset, and they came to me and began to ask me in a round about way, if I had ever seen anything odd in the building.  I said, like what?  This second employee, continued, asking if I had seen anything odd or unusual.  I replied that no I had not.  I was wondering why people were wasting my time and would not get to the point.

About one or two weeks after this, the first employee who came to me, and the second employee who came to me, were in a meeting with me, and the first employee said to the second employee, “Have you ever seen anything odd in the building?”  The second employee said, “Like what?”  The first employee said, “Like someone hanging in the window?”  The second employee said, “Oh my God yes, third floor, third window from the end!”  The first employee said, “Oh my God, yes!”

They were both greatly relieved that they were not the only one seeing a person hanging in the window.  They had both gone inside the building and gone to this room to see if there was someone hanging from the ceiling in this room, but there was nothing in this room, it was empty.  There were no ladders, lamps, window blinds, or anything in this room.  Nor was there anything on the walls.  Neither of these two employees wanted to work at this site anymore, and one of them would not come back.

I checked this room myself, there was nothing in this room at this time, and nothing on any of the walls.  I don’t know what could have caused two different employees to see on separate occasions, what they were convinced was a person hanging by their neck in this room.  They each checked the room themselves after the incident, and found nothing in the room.  The two employees were upset about it.

I no longer dismissed this as meaningless.  I checked to see if there had been any fatalities during construction, and there had been none reported.  I began to wonder if this wasn’t an image of some event that had not occurred yet.  Was there something that would happen during construction?  When the hospital was completed, this would be an examination room, would some tragedy happen then?

I wanted to describe these events to the hospital administrators that were involved with the completion of construction, so that they could make their own assessment of whether this was some kind of omen about a future event that could possibly be averted, but like I said already, they were such arrogant assholes, there was no telling them anything.  Maybe telling it now, and making it known, will maybe help avoid a tragedy.

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