Reading The Turner Diaries In Dickinson, North Dakota

I want to start off by saying that I am not going to be hateful to Blacks and Jews in this blog post. Some of you may know what The Turner Diaries book is about, some of you may not. In this blog post I want to write about some of the things in this book, that I want Blacks, Jews, Whites, everybody, to think about.

The Turner Diaries book was written by physicist professor and white supremacist William Pierce in 1978. The book is an account of world events from mostly 1989 to 2000 as written down by the main character, Earl Turner, in his diaries. Remember, this book was written in 1978.

This book begins with Earl Turner, a white electrical engineer living in Washington DC, describing a search of his apartment by authorities to find firearms in 1989, because all firearms have been banned under the “Cohen Act”. All citizens were supposed to have turned in all firearms a year ago, and the punishment for possession of a firearm is now 10 years in prison. A metal detector locates a firearm hidden in a door frame, he is arrested, along with several other residents in his building who also had firearms. Across the country, 800,000 other persons are arrested during the firearm searches, so many, that everyone can not be taken to prisons, so Earl Turner is one of the people that is released after several days.

I want to point out, that firearm possession became illegal in Great Britain in approximately the 1970s, and firearm possession became illegal in Australia in approximately the late 1990s. The citizens in Great Britain and Australia have been castrated, de-fanged, and de-clawed. They have no way to revolt against their governments, no matter what their governments do. From these two countries, it can be seen that once the citizens have no way to oppose the government, the government ignores their wishes like never before.

One aspect of The Turner Diaries that interested me, was how and why the United States government outlawed firearms, how they enforced the ban, and how ordinary law abiding citizens then became victimized daily by criminals. How criminals became emboldened because they no longer faced the danger of being shot. I am not looking forward to firearms being banned in the United States, but this is what many Democrats are pushing for. Of course if there is a gun ban, the politicians will have armed security, but ordinary citizens won’t. The Turner Diaries describes what life will be like for ordinary citizens when guns are banned.

A central theme of The Turner Diaries is the conflict between races, which The Turner Diaries blames on the Jews. In the book, it describes how Blacks were influenced to live, think, and behave contrary to Whites, and to be at war with Whites. The book explains, describes, depicts how Blacks warring with Whites allows those who are manipulating the different races, to gain power.

I want to point out that right now in the United States, Blacks and Whites are getting along almost as badly as described in The Turner Diaries. I don’t feel like blaming this on the Jews necessarily, but right now in the United States there are people and groups that have been inflaming racial hostility in the past ten years. I think that Barack Obama should have shut up about race, considering the fact that a black man being elected president was the biggest evidence there ever was that race was beginning not to matter, but he kept bringing up race to the point that racial hostility is as bad as it was in the 1960s. Barack Obama is intelligent, why has he worked continually to make race relations worse and worse? Why did the foreign billionaire George Soros back Obama? Why are there groups and individuals inciting Blacks to violence?

Blacks are a minority in the United States. I believe that they make up approximately 17% of the population. Blacks as a whole are not economically as well off as Whites in the United States. If the Blacks do collectively riot and cause a civil war in the United States, because of their lesser numbers and their lesser ability to obtain arms, supplies, and medical care, they will have extremely high casualties. I don’t know why Black leaders are moving Blacks in the United States more and more to violent revolt. Of course this would probably bring about martial law in the United States. Is this what Barrack Obama, his backers, and many Democrats want?

It might take fifty years for the elective, judicial, and legislative processes to bring about gun bans, socialism, international law, the suspension of the U.S. Constitution, and acceptance of a world government, but maybe Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, think that it can be achieved much quicker if they cause a race war, martial law is declared, and elections are suspended.

There is a lot of hatred in The Turner Diaries between Whites, Blacks, Jews, politicians, lawmakers, judges, police, and the military, which does lead to a civil war. If you read The Turner Diaries you will see that what was written about in 1978, a lot of it has happened or is happening.

In this blog post, I am not writing about The Turner Diaries to go along with the racism in this book, I am writing about it because it caused me to think about the meaning and significance of what is actually going on right now and possibilities about what else might happen in the future. Without the racism, this book would be comparable to George Orwell’s book 1984, or Aldorus Huxley’s book Brave New World.

1 thought on “Reading The Turner Diaries In Dickinson, North Dakota

  1. The Left (which is a religion, replacing God with ever-more-powerful government) seek COMPLETE CONTROL. Anyone who truly loves freedom should not support Leftist, “progressive” candidates. Whatever line of work you might be in, they have their sights set on controlling it. I predict if HRC is elected, she will work to take over the ENERGY INDUSTRY. My sweet husband, who works in the oilfield (he works in an office, but his work is oil-related), says to me “No. That’ll never happen, there’d be blood in the streets. They’ll never let BIG government take it over.” (He’s the optimist in the family and I wish I believed he’s correct.) I remind him that most folks thought that about doctors (healthcare), too, and BIG government WILL be controlling our healthcare, WILL be ‘the boss’ of our healthcare professionals. (Never thought such strong, smart, INDEPENDENT people would ‘let’ that happen.)

    I’m not particularly a Trump fan, but I will be voting for him (my first choice lost and probably couldn’t have beaten HRC, anyway).

    Sorry. My points probably seem all over the place. I just get disgusted knowing how many people still have no idea what’s going on, the Gruber-ites. (architect of Obamacare Jonathan Gruber said they were essentially relying on the stupidity of Americans to get ‘affordable care’, aka Obamacare, passed. It’s out there on YouTube and elsewhere, anyone can hear it if they’re ambitious enough.



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