Cannibalism In Watford City, North Dakota

When I was a kid, I visited lighthouses and lighthouse museums on the Atlantic Ocean.  Most of the lighthouses that I visited were built in the 1800s and early 1900s.  Each lighthouse had its own unique spotlight rotation sequence, so that ships at sea could tell which lighthouse they were passing, look at their water depth charts, and know how far from shore they needed to stay in order to not run aground.

On the small, remote island of Hope Town, many of the inhabitants did not want their lighthouse when construction began in the 1800s.  There were frequently ship wrecks off Hope Town because the water was mostly shallow and full of coral reefs for up to one mile from shore.  Besides fishing, and sponging, shipwreck salvaging was the largest industry in that village. The furniture, cookware, dinner ware, and many other household items in many of the homes in Hope Town had come from ships that had foundered on the reefs off Hope Town.

In several recent posts about Watford City, North Dakota, I have written that there is no center of road striping, no edge of pavement marking, no road shoulders, no street lights, and no street signs.  One road through Watford City is very dark, with many curves, its name is not posted, I will refer to it as the “Disenchanted Highway”.  The Disenchanted Highway is very dark, there are no street lights, there is no edge of pavement marking, and at the curves, there is no shoulder.  If your vehicle tire goes off the road one foot, you are headed to the bottom of a ravine 30 feet below.

Do the citizens in Watford City want people to drive off the edge of the Disenchanted Highway, to their death below?  I have noticed that there is no livestock in or around Watford City.  I have noticed that there are no good restaurants in Watford City.  People are scared to go out at night in Watford City.  People from North Dakota will not move to Watford City or work in Watford City.  What does all this mean, Cannibalism!  The people in Watford City are trying to cause people to drive off the road at night so that they can eat them!  The victims are unable to call for help on their phones because they can’t say where they are because there are no street signs!  Stay away!  Stay away!


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