Pros and Cons for Staying in Dickinson, North Dakota

For those of you who have not read my blog before, I am not from Dickinson.  I have lived in Dickinson for about three and a half years now.

I write this blog to provide useful, truthful, helpful information about Dickinson, North Dakota, primarily for people from out-of-state.  I sincerely recommend that you do not come to Dickinson at this time.

I want to warn people from out-of-state, do not use the last of your money to get here, thinking that you will get a job, and things will be O.K.  There is no homeless shelter.  The people who live here were not very hospitable to begin with, and they are especially not hospitable now, because they have grown tired of out-of-state oil field workers and construction workers.

If you are not from here, have no money, and have a hard-luck story, the people here will have no sympathy for you.  You can freeze to death in your vehicle, and they would not care.  If you are down-and-out, have no money, you will very likely not get a job in Dickinson because people will look at you like a bum, a vagrant, an undesirable.  Everyone here is sick and tired of people showing up and wanting help.  The economy in Dickinson is not doing well right now, there are many people who are from here who are struggling now.

If you are from out-of-state, and have enough money to travel to Dickinson, rent an apartment, and look for work, I want to warn you that you might be better off remaining where you are, or doing more research on other areas of the country.  I want to point out some things that you will experience, that you are probably unaware of.

The population of Dickinson right now is probably about 25,000 people.  Most of the residents are from here, they went to high school here, and they have a lot of family members here.  The residents here don’t really like people from out-of-state.  They are suspicious, resentful, jealous, and hateful to people from out-of-state.  There are some values and cultural differences, different beliefs, and different educational levels.  This is about the third time I am saying it in this blog, if you want to know what Dickinson is like, you need to watch the movies “Grapes of Wrath”, “Deliverance”, and “Planet of the Apes”.

I had to go back and edit this blog post, I have so many stories about interviewing and working for companies in Dickinson, what a nightmare, it was taking up the entire blog.  I have to leave out my examples for the time being, about what living and working in Dickinson is like.  It is also literally painful and angering, to write about, and re-live my experiences in Dickinson, it is like writing about what it is like to be in prison.

I am going to switch now, and tell you the reasons why I stay in Dickinson.  I look at the internet job advertisement sites “”, “”, and “”.  I search for jobs in the state where I have a home, and I find very few jobs.  I find very few jobs, and low paying jobs.  It refreshes my memory about how ridiculously low the pay is back there, and what it is like to run out of money.  I would be stupid to think that I could go back there now.

I have lived and worked in seven different states.  I have been paid well in large cities, but I can’t stand living there.  The several areas that I loved living in, I could not make any money.  I listen to people’s experiences, advice, and recommendations about where to live.  I read news articles about living in different areas.  Most of what is published about good places to live, is a bunch of shit, because it is contradictory to what I experienced there and contradictory to what other people who actually live there describe.  In short, I can not find any valid information that indicates there is any good place to live in the United States at this time.

In Dickinson, I have my “job, job”, where I am not very busy right now.  Then I have my “self-employment job”, where I am not very busy right now.  And now, I have my “third job”, which I am just starting.  At least I have three jobs.  I am better off here, than the state where I came from.


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