Meeting Miss Rodeo North Dakota, Codi Miller

I have written a lot about the shortage of women, and the lack of attractive women in Dickinson, North Dakota, but today I will write about meeting Miss Rodeo North Dakota, Codi Miller in 2014.  I don’t want to say exactly where, and how I met her, because I like her and want to protect her.

I was out in a remote area, when I saw an attractive young lady.  I thought she was a little plain, because she was wearing no make up, a T-shirt and jeans, but I liked her.  When I spoke to her, I did not know if she was out of high school.  I was careful in speaking to her because I thought that she was possibly still in high school, inexperienced, innocent, naïve.  She did seem very sweet and innocent.

As I looked at her behind her eye glasses, and listened to her talk, I realized that she was not plain, she actually had almost model like beauty.  At the same time she was telling me that she was from Amidon, and that there were only about forty kids in her entire school growing up, I was thinking to myself, “My God, she doesn’t even know that she is beautiful, she doesn’t know, nobody ever told her.”

I asked her about herself, what she liked to do.  I found out that she had graduated from college.  I was beginning to feel like a dumb ass, because I had mistakenly believed that she was so young, completely innocent, and naïve.

After I had asked her some more questions, I realized that she was Miss Rodeo North Dakota.  Then I felt like a complete dumbass.  I had fooled myself, and she let me.  I did not let on that my mind was having to completely re-orient, I was dumbfounded.  Codi had a slight smirk.  Though Codi was enjoying the joke of me mistakenly thinking that she was a simple country mouse, and I was confused, my mind and thoughts quickly began to process that her being in her early twenties and Miss Rodeo was potentially  better for me.

As I was talking to her to find out what kinds of things she liked to do, I was planning on asking her out on a date, I was looking forward to taking her out.  I was much older than her, but she did not seem to care, she was talking to me.  As we were talking, she lay on her back, continuing to talk to me, we were alone.

Sometimes, I thought that it would be nice to be on a deserted island with an attractive actress or model.  It would be possible to get along, without her having to worry about what other people thought, without her worrying if I was up to her standards, or without her worrying if I was successful enough.  These things wouldn’t matter on a deserted island.  This is how it was with Miss Rodeo North Dakota, we were getting along fine, I wished that it would never end.  But someone drove up to us after about fifteen minutes, and she had to go.

I said to her,”You are like two completely different people.”  She said, “I know, sometimes I’m Rodeo Codi, and sometimes I’m just plain Codi.”

When I got home, I looked her up on the internet.  I saw many of her pageant photographs, where she looked stunning.  I saw her swimsuit photographs, and I saw that she had a perfect body.  In person, when she was wearing a T-shirt, I had not realized that she had such nice large breasts.  I had no way of knowing that she had a tight, flat stomach, perfect bottom, perfect legs.  I was very impressed with her photographs, but I felt a little worse.  It seemed that she was too glamorous for me, out of reach, not obtainable.  I was happier when she was just being herself, just plain Codi, I thought that we could date.

I wrote her a couple of letters, trying not to say much of anything, especially not saying that I liked her and wanted to see her again, just trying to be funny.  I offered to send her some opossums, but she didn’t write back, maybe she didn’t want any opossums.

How this relates to my blog, I have to say that I have met a few attractive women in Dickinson, but they are scarce.  The Miss Rodeo North Dakota that I met looked beautiful and glamorous in her modelling photographs, she was attractive in just jeans and a T-shirt in-person.  She was friendly, funny, entertaining, and easy to talk to in-person.

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