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The Hunt For Piper Blush

In May of 2018, I began watching YouTube videos made by a young lady in her mid-twenties who called herself “Piper Blush”.  Piper was an unusually animated person, with a child-like way of speaking in her voice, and also in her enthusiasm and excitement.  What made her way of speaking even more entertaining, was that she was French-Canadian, and her manner of speaking was different than what we Americans are used to hearing.

Another thing that was entertaining about Piper, with her child-like way of speaking, and English being her second language, was that when she was going along appearing to be air-headed, aloof, and dingy, she would say something that was very insightful, profound, had a hidden meaning, double meaning, was dark, sexual, or sarcastic.

If I tried very hard for several days to write a comedic script or dialog, I don’t think that I could come up with anything as witty and funny as what Piper comes up with, just off the top of her head as she is going along.  After watching more and more of her videos, where she always had at least two or three layers of underlying humor below the surface of what she was doing, I realized that she was very, very intelligent.

For example, my favorite Piper Blush video, which I copied to my blog website and titled it “The Best Piper Blush Video Ever”, Piper is in Malta, and she is talking like and pretending to be a tough inner-city thug.  She dressed herself and changed her appearance to pretend to be a street thug, and she is bragging about her new motorcycle shown in the background.  It turns out that she wasn’t talking about this motorcycle, she got a new scooter, which she begins to ride, and instead of looking tough, she looks like an eight year old.  Later in this video, Piper is acting like the manufacturers of this scooter provided it to her as sponsors who were seeking her to promote this scooter.

I tried to figure out what was going on with Piper, and I had a good idea what it was.  Piper has a very high IQ, maybe 140 to 150, probably genius level.  My IQ is only about 125.  I have seen before, where young women who are much smarter than everyone else in class, quickly realize that they are standing out, not fitting in, being resented, so they start putting on an act to protect themselves for being different.

The act that they put on, includes speaking like an air-head, not answering questions even though they know the correct answer, not being the first one to solve a problem, not being the first one to turn in their completed test, and not doing anything to let on that they are intelligent.  Life is just easier this way for them.

When these highly intelligent girls become teenagers, not only does it serve them well to not appear to be smarter than boys their age, which would be intimidating and not liked, they realize that the dumber they act, the more that boys like them.

So I think that what Piper is doing, is something that Piper learned to do a long time ago, not let on that she is smart which could cause her to be disliked, and play dumb which makes men like her even more.

In many of Piper’s YouTube videos, she is acting like an air-head, speaking in a child-like manner, wearing a tight T-shirt with no bras, wearing a button up shirt with all of the buttons undone, wearing a bikini, or revealing her body somehow.  Men think that this is great, but women kind of hate Piper for this.  Women will admit that Piper has got a good act, but it gets on many women’s nerves.  To many women, wearing a tight T-shirt with no bras so that your nipples show in order to get attention, is something that women shouldn’t sink to.

Piper began making her first YouTube videos in July of 2017.  Many reviewers of Piper’s YouTube success, say that it all started with Piper making a video of jumping on a trampoline wearing a bras, versus no bras.  This was the point where her YouTube video views and subscribers began to take off.  By July of 2018, Piper had 500,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel.

For those of you who don’t know, the owners of YouTube have an algorithm for how they determine what they will pay the creators of successful YouTube channels.  The pay is based on total number of views, total amount of time spent viewing the videos, number of channel subscribers, and advertising.  It is estimated by fellow YouTubers, that Piper probably earned $500,000 in her first year, because of the over 91 million views her YouTube videos received and the amount of channel subscribers she gained.

So I am telling you, Piper is very intelligent, speaking like a child, playing dumb, wearing revealing clothing, doing things that keep the interest of men, earned her $500,000 in one year.

Everything that I have written so far in this blog post about Piper is pretty unusual and surprising, but this is just the beginning of the strangeness.  I didn’t tell you yet that during the year in which Piper was making her YouTube videos, she had signed a one-year contract to be a slave to her master.

In several of Piper’s videos, she explained that the large solid metal necklace that she was wearing, wasn’t a necklace, it was actually a collar, and she was forbidden to remove it by her master.  Piper explained a little bit about this contractual master/slave relationship.  She said that she was just happier living with her master, and that she enjoyed being dominated.

After watching one of Piper’s YouTube videos, I wrote a snide remark in the comments section about wanting to see her naked.  Another viewer responded to my comment with the reply, to go look at Piper’s pornography videos on the website PornHub.

I went to look at Piper on the website PornHub, because I wanted to see Piper naked.  However, the pornography videos that I watched with Piper in them were more than I wanted to see, the mystery was gone, and it kind of showed that Piper would do anything with anybody.  This is not necessarily true of course, Piper wouldn’t have sex with just anyone, but it was more than I wanted to see or know.

This was all very strange, puzzling, and confusing to me.  I knew that Piper was very intelligent, but was playing dumb.  Her being a slave, having a master, and making these extremely explicit pornography videos, made me wonder if Piper didn’t have something mentally wrong with her.  What is wrong with Piper?

I wanted to find out Piper’s real name, to learn about her, to find out why she was behaving the way that she was.  Could women in their right mind freely and willingly make these choices, which other women only seem to make out of desperation and having no choice?

All of a sudden one day in July of 2018, Piper made her final YouTube video announcing that she was done making YouTube videos.  I couldn’t believe it, and most of her viewers couldn’t believe it.  For one thing, how could you walk away from a YouTube channel that made about $500,000 in its first year?

I had been intending for a while, to try to find out Piper’s real name.  This would be the first step in being able to look up and find out where she was born, where she was from, what her family was like, where she went to school, etcetera.  How I intended to do this, was by using the YouTube video footage of the house where she lived, and finding this house using Google Earth satellite imagery.  Now that Piper announced that she was done making YouTube videos, I felt that I had better hurry up and find Piper, before she deleted the YouTube videos that I was planning on using to find her.

It took me many hours, and I won’t bore everyone with the details, but I first was able to find the house where she filmed many of her swimming pool scenes, using Google Earth satellite imagery.  Using Google Earth street view and satellite imagery, and comparing features of this house, yard, and pool with the footage in four or five different YouTube videos, I was able to get a 100% positive match on this house.

This house where the swimming pool scenes were filmed, I was able to get the street address, and then search this street address to try to find out about the owners and the occupants.  The owner of this house, a business owner named Francine, I believe that she is possibly or likely Piper’s mother.  I began to realize that so many of Piper’s videos were filmed at this house, that Piper must be a family member to have had access to the inside and outside of this house for so long.

I looked at Francine’s Facebook page, Francine had pictures of herself outside by this pool,  but no photographs of Piper.  I looked at Francine’s Facebook friends, but no Piper.  I looked at Francine’s relative’s Facebook pages, but no Piper.  I did all different kinds of searches related to this house address and Francine, but no Piper.

It was even harder for me to find the house where Piper had lived with her master during this past year, but I found it with 100% certainty.  There are about ten different YouTube videos that I looked at to compare this house where she lived with her master, to many, many Google Earth street views of this house and yard.

The occupant of this house, his name is Yves.  I looked at Yves’ Facebook page, and he has no photographs of what he was doing for this past year.  Yves is a business owner, in the kind of business where a person’s reputation is very important, so I can understand why he never appeared in any of Piper’s videos, and there is no record of Piper on his Facebook page.

In one video of Piper in Malta, there is an older man sitting in a chair behind Piper, with his back turned toward the camera.  This back of the head footage in Malta, matches what Yves looks like in his Facebook photographs.  I did different searches using Yves’ full name, and Yves’ address, but nothing about Piper came up.

There is a woman on YouTube, who has made a couple of videos about Piper Blush.  I left a comment on her channel about my efforts to find out more about Piper.  I explained that I had what appeared to be her mother’s name, address, and phone number, possibly her father’s name, address, and phone number, and her master Yves’, address and phone number, but still I had no first name for Piper.  She replied “Charlotte”.

I am going to continue to try to find out more about Piper.  I am not disclosing the full names and addresses of the people that I have found in my blog posts, because I am interested in finding out more about Piper, not causing problems for her family and friends.  I will try to share what I learn.

An easier way to go about this, might be to e-mail Piper and ask her, or just call where she lives on the telephone and ask to speak to her.


Update 9/24/2018:

I am going to provide a link below, to an interview that Piper Blush had with Dr. Laurie Betito in February 2016.  From this interview, you can hear Piper give the following information:

  • She began a career in pornography in early 2015 after meeting the creator and owner of the website TheArtOfBlowJob.com.
  • Shortly after meeting the owner of TheArtOfBlowJob.com, Piper began performing in oral sex videos for this website, this was before the beginning of 2016.
  • If you listen, you will hear Piper explain that she was paid on salary, she was a full time employee of this website, and that in addition to performing in videos, she had media management duties for this website.
  • Piper goes on to say that, “We” then created TheArtOfCunnilingus.com, and PiperBlush.comSo, the origin and creation of PiperBlush.com, stemmed from Piper and the owner of the website TheArtOfBlowJob.com.
  • In the interview with Dr. Laurie Betito, Piper said that she had a very good and normal childhood, that both her mother and father are aware that she began a career in pornography, and that they are O.K. with it.
  • Piper says that she has younger siblings, who at that time did not know that she was involved in pornography.


Update 10/1/2018:

I have sent private messages to the people who appear to be Piper’s mother, father, and brother: Francine, Jacques, and Luc, asking for some information about “Piper Blush”.  Their collective silence, is very telling.  You would think, that after receiving an inquiry about “Piper Blush” being their daughter, or sister, looking her up, and seeing her videos, that they would emphatically deny knowing her, if they had no idea who this was.

Though these three people may wish to protect Piper, and remain silent, this to me is coming across as Canadian arrogance, which I do not like.  Therefore, I am very close to listing each of the street addresses where Piper Blush’s videos were filmed, so that the readers can look these street addresses up on Google Earth satellite view and street view, to see for themselves where theses videos were made, and then they can contact these home owners, residents, and neighbors, to their heart’s content asking about Piper.

Update 10/8/2018:

That’s it, I am done asking Piper Blush’s relatives nicely, for any additional information about Piper Blush.  I am going to give the addresses of where many of Piper Blush’s videos were made, so that the readers can do their own follow up, investigation, or research.  I encourage readers to look up the following street addresses for themselves using Google Earth Satellite View and Google Earth Street View, to confirm the information using Piper’s videos:

The nice house with a swimming pool and dock on the river in Quebec, where at least four or five of Piper’s videos were filmed, 585 Rue Bellerive St Mathias Sur Richelieu, QC.

The small house and large yard across the street from a church, where most of Piper’s videos were filmed, 885 Saint-Jean-Baptiste Rue, Saint Roch de Richelieu, QC.