The Hunt For Piper Blush

In May of 2018, I began watching YouTube videos made by a young lady in her mid-twenties who called herself “Piper Blush”.  Piper was an unusually animated person, with a child-like way of speaking in her voice, and also in her enthusiasm and excitement.  What made her way of speaking even more entertaining, was that she was French-Canadian, and her manner of speaking was different than what we Americans are used to hearing.

Another thing that was entertaining about Piper, with her child-like way of speaking, and English being her second language, was that when she was going along appearing to be air-headed, aloof, and dingy, she would say something that was very insightful, profound, had a hidden meaning, double meaning, was dark, sexual, or sarcastic.

If I tried very hard for several days to write a comedic script or dialog, I don’t think that I could come up with anything as witty and funny as what Piper comes up with, just off the top of her head as she is going along.  After watching more and more of her videos, where she always had at least two or three layers of underlying humor below the surface of what she was doing, I realized that she was very, very intelligent.

For example, my favorite Piper Blush video, which I copied to my blog website and titled it “The Best Piper Blush Video Ever”, Piper is in Malta, and she is talking like and pretending to be a tough inner-city thug.  She dressed herself and changed her appearance to pretend to be a street thug, and she is bragging about her new motorcycle shown in the background.  It turns out that she wasn’t talking about this motorcycle, she got a new scooter, which she begins to ride, and instead of looking tough, she looks like an eight year old.  Later in this video, Piper is acting like the manufacturers of this scooter provided it to her as sponsors who were seeking her to promote this scooter.

I tried to figure out what was going on with Piper, and I had a good idea what it was.  Piper has a very high IQ, maybe 140 to 150, probably genius level.  My IQ is only about 125.  I have seen before, where young women who are much smarter than everyone else in class, quickly realize that they are standing out, not fitting in, being resented, so they start putting on an act to protect themselves for being different.

The act that they put on, includes speaking like an air-head, not answering questions even though they know the correct answer, not being the first one to solve a problem, not being the first one to turn in their completed test, and not doing anything to let on that they are intelligent.  Life is just easier this way for them.

When these highly intelligent girls become teenagers, not only does it serve them well to not appear to be smarter than boys their age, which would be intimidating and not liked, they realize that the dumber they act, the more that boys like them.

So I think that what Piper is doing, is something that Piper learned to do a long time ago, not let on that she is smart which could cause her to be disliked, and play dumb which makes men like her even more.

In many of Piper’s YouTube videos, she is acting like an air-head, speaking in a child-like manner, wearing a tight T-shirt with no bras, wearing a button up shirt with all of the buttons undone, wearing a bikini, or revealing her body somehow.  Men think that this is great, but women kind of hate Piper for this.  Women will admit that Piper has got a good act, but it gets on many women’s nerves.  To many women, wearing a tight T-shirt with no bras so that your nipples show in order to get attention, is something that women shouldn’t sink to.

Piper began making her first YouTube videos in July of 2017.  Many reviewers of Piper’s YouTube success, say that it all started with Piper making a video of jumping on a trampoline wearing a bras, versus no bras.  This was the point where her YouTube video views and subscribers began to take off.  By July of 2018, Piper had 500,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel.

For those of you who don’t know, the owners of YouTube have an algorithm for how they determine what they will pay the creators of successful YouTube channels.  The pay is based on total number of views, total amount of time spent viewing the videos, number of channel subscribers, and advertising.  It is estimated by fellow YouTubers, that Piper probably earned $500,000 in her first year, because of the over 91 million views her YouTube videos received and the amount of channel subscribers she gained.

So I am telling you, Piper is very intelligent, speaking like a child, playing dumb, wearing revealing clothing, doing things that keep the interest of men, earned her $500,000 in one year.

Everything that I have written so far in this blog post about Piper is pretty unusual and surprising, but this is just the beginning of the strangeness.  I didn’t tell you yet that during the year in which Piper was making her YouTube videos, she had signed a one-year contract to be a “slave” to her “master”.

In several of Piper’s videos, she explained that the large solid metal necklace that she was wearing, wasn’t a necklace, it was actually a collar, and she was forbidden to remove it by her master.  Piper explained a little bit about this contractual master/slave relationship.  She said that she was just happier living with her master, and that she enjoyed being dominated.

After watching one of Piper’s YouTube videos, I wrote a snide remark in the comments section about wanting to see her naked.  Another viewer responded to my comment with the reply, to go look at Piper’s pornography videos on the website PornHub.

I went to look at Piper on the website PornHub, because I wanted to see Piper naked.  However, the pornography videos that I watched with Piper in them were more than I wanted to see, the mystery was gone, and it kind of showed that Piper would do anything with anybody.  This is not necessarily true of course, Piper wouldn’t have sex with just anyone, but it was more than I wanted to see or know.

This was all very strange, puzzling, and confusing to me.  I knew that Piper was very intelligent, but was playing dumb.  Her being a slave, having a master, and making these extremely explicit pornography videos, made me wonder if Piper didn’t have something mentally wrong with her.  What is wrong with Piper?

I wanted to find out Piper’s real name, to learn about her, to find out why she was behaving the way that she was.  Could women in their right mind freely and willingly make these choices, which other women only seem to make out of desperation and having no choice?

All of a sudden one day in July of 2018, Piper made her final YouTube video announcing that she was done making YouTube videos.  I couldn’t believe it, and most of her viewers couldn’t believe it.  For one thing, how could you walk away from a YouTube channel that made about $500,000 in its first year?

I had been intending for a while, to try to find out Piper’s real name.  This would be the first step in being able to look up and find out where she was born, where she was from, what her family was like, where she went to school, etcetera.  How I intended to do this, was by using the YouTube video footage of the house where she lived, and finding this house using Google Earth satellite imagery.  Now that Piper announced that she was done making YouTube videos, I felt that I had better hurry up and find Piper, before she deleted the YouTube videos that I was planning on using to find her.

It took me many hours, and I won’t bore everyone with the details, but I first was able to find the house where Piper filmed many of her swimming pool scenes, using Google Earth satellite imagery.  Using Google Earth street view and satellite imagery, and comparing features of this house, yard, and pool with the footage in four or five different YouTube videos, I was able to get a 100% positive match on this house.

This house where Piper’s swimming pool scenes were filmed, I was able to get the street address, and then search this street address to try to find out about the owners and the occupants.  The woman who owns this house, I believe that she is possibly or likely Piper’s mother, or a relative.  I began to realize that so many of Piper’s videos were filmed at this house, that Piper must be a family member to have had access to the inside and outside of this house for so long.

I looked at this homeowner woman’s Facebook page, she had pictures of herself outside by this swimming pool,  but no photographs of Piper.  I looked at this homeowner woman’s Facebook friends, but no Piper.  I looked at her relative’s Facebook pages, but no Piper.  I did all different kinds of searches related to this house address and this homeowner woman, but no Piper.

It was even harder for me to find the house where Piper had lived with her “master” during this past year, but I found it with 100% certainty.  There are about ten different Piper Blush YouTube videos that I looked at to compare this house where she lived with her master, to many, many Google Earth street views of this house and yard.

I did a Google search of this street address where Piper had lived for the past year, to try to find out the name of either Piper or her master.  There was no recent information about any woman living at this address, but I found the name of the most recent male resident, who I believed was Piper’s master.  I looked at her possible master’s Facebook page, and he has no photographs of what he was doing for this past year.  He is a business owner, in the kind of business where a person’s reputation is very important, so I can understand why he never appeared in any of Piper’s videos, and there is no record of Piper on his Facebook page.

In one video of Piper in Malta, there is an older man sitting in a chair behind Piper, with his back turned toward the camera.  This back of the head footage in Malta, matches what her possible master looks like in his Facebook photographs.

There is a woman on YouTube, who has made a couple of videos about Piper Blush.  I left a comment on her channel about my efforts to find out more about Piper.  I explained that I had what appeared to be her mother’s name, address, and phone number, possibly her father’s name, address, and phone number, and her master’s address and phone number, but still I had no first name for Piper.  She replied “Charlotte”.

I am going to continue to try to find out more about Piper.  I am not disclosing the names and addresses of the people that I have found in my blog posts, because I am interested in finding out more about Piper, not causing problems for her family and friends.  I will try to share what I learn.

An easier way to go about this, might be to e-mail Piper and ask her, or just call where she lives on the telephone and ask to speak to her.

Update 9/24/2018:

I am going to provide a link below, to an interview that Piper Blush had with Dr. Laurie Betito in February 2016.  From this interview, you can hear Piper give the following information:

  • She began a career in pornography in early 2015 after meeting the creator and owner of the website
  • Shortly after meeting the owner of, Piper began performing in oral sex videos for this website, this was before the beginning of 2016.
  • If you listen, you will hear Piper explain that she was paid on salary, she was a full time employee of this website, and that in addition to performing in videos, she had media management duties for this website.
  • Piper goes on to say that, “We” then created, and PiperBlush.comSo, the origin and creation of, stemmed from Piper and the owner of the website
  • In the interview with Dr. Laurie Betito, Piper said that she had a very good and normal childhood, that both her mother and father are aware that she began a career in pornography, and that they are O.K. with it.
  • Piper says that she has younger siblings, who at that time did not know that she was involved in pornography.

Update 10/1/2018:

I have sent private messages to the people who appear to be Piper’s mother, father, and brother, asking for some information about “Piper Blush”.  Their collective silence, is very telling.  You would think, that after receiving an inquiry about “Piper Blush” being their daughter, or sister, looking her up, and seeing her videos, that they would emphatically deny knowing her, if they had no idea who this was.

Though these three people may wish to protect Piper, and remain silent, this to me is coming across as Canadian arrogance, which I do not like.  Therefore, I am very close to listing each of the street addresses where Piper Blush’s videos were filmed, so that the readers can look these street addresses up on Google Earth satellite view and street view, to see for themselves where theses videos were made, and they can continue with their own research if they wish.

Update 10/8/2018:

That’s it, I am done asking Piper Blush’s friends or relatives nicely, for any additional information about Piper Blush.  I am going to give the addresses of where many of Piper Blush’s YouTube videos were made, so that the readers can do their own follow-up, investigation, or research.  Keep in mind that shortly after the end of the “Piper Blush Experiment” on YouTube, Piper appeared to have then moved to Vancouver BC, Canada.

The nice house with a swimming pool and dock on the river in Quebec, where at least four or five of Piper’s videos were filmed, 585 Rue Bellerive St Mathias Sur Richelieu, QC.

The small house and large yard across the street from a church, where most of Piper’s videos were filmed,885 Saint-Jean-Baptiste Rue, Saint Roch de Richelieu, QC.

55 thoughts on “The Hunt For Piper Blush

  1. Hi ! Your search and your method are incredible. I hope you will succeed , because i’m looking forward to know more about charlotte.


    1. I will be visiting both houses and check if any or both are for sale, maybe I can go in, both places are not very far from my hotel, I am here for a month on a business trip, will keep you informed


      1. Rodolpho,
        The small house, with the large yard, that is across the street from a church, where most of Piper’s videos were recorded, this house was owned by or rented by Piper’s former boyfriend/master who is much older than her. I would expect that he would not be happy if you approached him, because he and Piper are no longer in a relationship, she is gone.

        The large house with the pool on the river, where a handful of Piper’s videos were recorded, this house belongs to an older woman, who was either a friend or relative of Piper. It is not Piper’s sister “Charlotte’s” house as Piper stated in her video, “Charlotte” does not exist, this is Piper. The older homeowner woman would not be very happy either if you approached her, she probably never knew that her house would become a Piper tourist attraction.


  2. I found a little bit more about her here:

    Basically, she is part of the group called “submissive” women. The collar around her neck was gifted by some Master M. It seems like all “submissive” women wear a collar gifted by their “Master”. She is a bisexual!

    She is from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She also mentioned about the website from where she got the collar from:

    In one of the videos she also talks about BDSM. I kind of read about it on Wikipedia. I searched for what BDSM is generally, seems like in relationships where man is the “Master” and woman is a “Slave” wear a collar and submit themselves to the Master.



    1. Vineethpen,

      Yes, in her YouTube videos, Piper explains about her collar, her masters, and some BDSM social gatherings that she attended. If you spend many hours like I did, watching each of her YouTube videos, picking out landmarks, architectural, and geographical features in each of these YouTube videos, then using Google Earth satellite imagery and Google Street views to find the actual houses, yards, pools, and restaurants where she made her videos, you can then begin contacting the friends, relatives, master, and neighbors of Piper to ask them some questions, which is what I have been doing, but her friends and relatives don’t want to answer me, so I will have to start contacting the neighbors. Most of her videos were filmed in Quebec, why do you think that she is from Vancouver?


      1. “why do you think that she is from Vancouver?”

        She mentioned it in her fetfile profile.


        Have you seen this interview of her?


        Have you observed one thing? She changed her accent too. I saved few videos in my playlist just to show you…

        Listen to how she spoke before… No “uh-huh”, no “yeah” (in French accent), no French-Canadian accent.

        Again the same as before.

        Again the same as before.

        No “mushiness” in her accent… nothing!

        One more…

        One more…

        One more… Same as before…

        One more……


        I think that she doesn’t have a twin in real life and she is faking it in her videos and deviantart profile. What do you think?

        Observe this video. Why doesn’t her twin come in front of camera with her? She recorded one half of the video of herself speaking in front of the camera and she did record the other half after recording the first one and nice video editing skills.

        Obviously you can spot it in this that it is faked!

        Nice “Fakery”

        One more…


        Found some more about her in Deviantart:


        Might be her Master… She doesn’t wear a collar in this video. Might be a pre-2016 video.


      1. Rodolpho,
        Even though Piper speaks French, and she has told people and stated in her videos that she is from Quebec, it was pointed out to me that in much earlier interviews, before “Piper Blush”, she stated that she was from Vancouver. I think that Piper really is from Vancouver, and that she is trying to make it harder for people to find out her real identity.


    2. Wow, that’s a really bad understanding of BDSM.

      In reality, it is extremely diverse, ranging from people who occasionally enjoy a pair of fuzzy handcuffs and a light spanking, to people who live it as a full-time lifestyle.

      Also, the man is not always the “Master” or dominant. Many men are submissives. Ever heard of a “dominatrix”? And of course, BDSM is also a part of some LGBTQ+ relationships. Yes collars a a common symbol of BDSM relationships, but most submissives do not wear a collar in public. Many do not wear a collar at all. Another popular option is a piece of jewelry with a tiny lock and key, so the submissive cannot take the jewelry off without permission from their dominant. Locking jewelry can have heavy symbolism, like a kinky a wedding ring.

      There are many forms of BDSM play, like bondage, whipping, and sexual services. Some subs like to be humiliated. Some like to do housework, like being someone’s personal maid/butler (called “domestic service”). Some like to be treated like a pet. Some even like to pretend to be children! (age play and DDLG) Some submissives are not allowed to have an orgasm without permission. Chastity devices seems to be especially popular with make submissives. Some submissive men line to be “forced” to look and act feminine.

      Keep in mind, this is all consensual, and mutually satisfying.

      Funny thing, I’m friends with 2 dominatrixes, but we met through purely vanilla (not kinky) ways. I met one working at an animal rescue; we became friends because we had the same rare breed. I met the other after a concert. She was standing alone in a corner, and I thought “she looks lonely” so I walked over and started a conversation. In both cases, I only discovered the dominatrix part years later.


  3. First, I think your assessment of Piper’s intelligence is probably spot on. I knew a similar girl in my youth.
    Second, this intelligence is being used to create a persona that leverages human desire to make money. She acts ditzy, she claims to be a “slave/submissive”, English is her second language yet all the vids are in English, and she wears revealing clothes while covering sexually suggestive material. She is broadcasting herself as easy to out think, not willing to resist, capable of being tricked, and willing to have sex. She does it well, it appears to be to the tune of 500k$.
    Third, your obsession with IDing her is creepy at best and stalking at worst. Your time would be better spent talking to real women who don’t define themselves with such shallowness. She is fake, and the feelings she creates in others, are fake.
    She has figured out how to be a prostitute without actually having sex with others. Like I said, she’s pretty smart.


    1. Jim,

      To address the last part of your comment, I live in Dickinson, North Dakota, where the ratio of men to women is 3:1, and the women who are here, are mostly unattractive, overweight, mean, and nasty. The internet is not a very good place to socialize, and YouTube is not a good place to spend a great deal of time, but that is all I have. I am for all practical purposes, living in prison, by being here in Dickinson, North Dakota. I stay here, because I can make more than twice as much money as I can at my home in Idaho.

      I have come across some very interesting women on the internet, since moving to Dickinson, Maggie McNeil “The Honest Courtesan”, Elena Lev, Teal Swan, Nika Banana, Stephi Lee, and Piper Blush. I have exchanged comments with some of them, e-mails with some of them, and tried to learn more about them, in some cases it is easy, and in some cases it is hard. Both in real life, and with people on the internet, I try to find out what people are really like, out of curiosity, interest in them, and determining what kind of person they are. Are they worth following, or not?

      My opinion of Piper, is that she probably received a PhD in psychology. I am interested in knowing more about her, not made up bullshit, but who she really is, and what she is really like. I think that it is funny, and that the truth should finally come out, that although most women complain non-stop about not wanting to be sexualized, at the same time they are complaining, most of what all women do is try to gain some advantage or benefit by being sexualized. This is why I have an interest in Maggie McNeil, Nika Banana, and Piper Blush, because they are honest and open about wanting to be sexualized. I want to know more about these women, and I don’t care if I have to go digging for information.


      1. There’s a difference between figuring out what their personality is like, and trying to identify their real legal name and location, and then publishing online.

        Creeps line you are the reason people like Piper need to use an alias.

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  4. So, you mention Nika. She disappeared from the face of the earth. Any idea where she is now or where I can find any of her old content?


    1. Marc,
      Nika uploaded two videos today to YouTube, Friday 9/14/2018, to NiKa Banana. In one of these YouTube videos today, she stated that her Nika Vegan videos can still be seen on YouTube.

      Nika said today, that she is in Chicago. She alluded to something like getting married in a month or so.


  5. I forgot to mention that I really like your post. Well written and I’m also really curious to see what ‘s that so called experiment is all about. If this is some meta social experiment and it all stops now and she turn out to be somekind of like whole different person and this an alter ego that would be brilliant. But I think it’s gonna be a disappointment al together.

    Concerning Nika, yeah I saw it just now after you pointed it out. And the old channel is still up apparently but with like less then ten videos. And I was looking for the sexy ones. But they are really nowhere to be found anymore.


    1. Marc,
      Just prior to Piper Blush beginning to upload videos to YouTube every day, she received breast implants. Off the top of my head, I can’t recall if Piper discussed this in a few of her videos on her Piper Blush YouTube channel, or if she discussed this in videos on a different site. I will look it up.

      For women, getting breast implants is a big deal for them psychologically. It is an immediate boost to their confidence, as they feel like they now have something that they never had before. Then, they begin showing them off, to get attention that they felt they had been missing before. This in itself could be Piper’s so-called experiment.

      A second thing, the commentor who posted more than several links to specific Piper Blush YouTube videos, to illustrate that sometimes she stops using the silly over-animated accent, in one of these videos that he linked to, Piper is explaining that she has a job, she is not making hardly any money from YouTube, and that it is hard to have time to upload videos every day. The “experiment” could have been Piper quitting her job in order to spend all of her time creating, editing, and uploading videos to YouTube, which she did for one year.

      To explain a little further, Piper Blush and Nika Banana, though they may act silly, crazy, and talk about sex a lot, besides men liking them because they are not normal typical women, Piper Blush and Nika Banana, are actually helping women make progress towards being able to be themselves. Piper Blush and Nika Banana seem to be able to make enough money to support themselves. Piper Blush and Nika Banana do not seem to be reliant or dependent on their family members or friends to tell them what to do, or how to act. Piper Blush and Nika Banana do not have children, probably because they are not done doing the things that they want to do. I think that it is good for women to be like Piper or Nika, to figure things out for themselves, to do what they want to do, to not be reliant on family or friends to tell them what to do, to not have children if they are not done doing the things that they want to do, and they do not seem to ever make plans to “trap” a man, in order to force him to support them.


  6. Allright, interesting! I’ll keep an eye on it and let’s see what the experiment was all about. But I think this Nika woman is mucht less of an ‘act’ or alter ego then the Piper persona might be. Also, Nika is doing everything herself and there is no way on earth Piper is doing everything by herself. I’ve been watching her three YouTube channels and her website and her porn. The output rate and production value is way to high for her to do it all by herself. There’s a whole team at work there.


    1. Responding to Yo,

      One of the reasons why Piper Blush is likely a female, is that you can go to the website Pornhub, and view some of Piper Blush’s pornographic videos where you can look at all the parts of her anatomy, and she is female.


  7. It’s okay to be crushing on people, but no, it is never okay to spitefully post a public person’s address. That was wrong, and you should take it down. When we are young, we do regreteable things, because we are young and inexperienced. That’s normal, that’s life. But what makes a person mature, is not that they know mature things, its that they do mature things. So be the man I know you have inside, please. I’ve done stupid things too. I crushed on someone too hard while being married and even cried spontaneously when they said they were getting married. I realized soon after by their reaction that crushing on people can go too far, especially if you mistake their openness for acceptance of more intimacy that they really don’t want at the moment. Public people can really get depressed too, especially at the lack of privacy when hanging out in their own back yards, and at places to eat out. So please, consider my request. Have a nice day, and I truly do hope you find someone who fulfills your heart, and you theirs.


    1. Medasane,

      I don’t see things the way that you do regarding Piper Blush. Piper has many, many X-rated pornographic videos on the internet, such as on the website PornHub. Piper got her start making videos, by being one of the primary performers of oral sex on the pornographic website ArtOfBlowJob. So I do not see Piper as being innocent, or private, publicly showing many, many intimate sex acts with different partners, and openly discussing her sexual preferences, practices, and many other aspects of her personal life.

      I do not want any kind of relationship with Piper, but I did want to learn more about her, and I tried to find out more about her. Initially, I did not disclose the addresses of where Piper filmed most of her videos, though it took me quite a bit of time and effort to find these addresses. When I did not get any cooperation from other people on learning more, I said Fuck It, and I published these addresses so that maybe someone else could find out more.

      If someone is out there trying to get as much publicity and attention as possible, especially for financial gain, and then claim that they want privacy and details of their life to be private, I don’t give a shit, I will find out what I want.


  8. How interesting. You withhold your name and even what you look like, yet you put the personal information of Piper Blush out on the web for all to see because her family won’t give the time of day to some horny, loony stranger trying to stalk their family member. But it’s not because you want to pursue her (or cut her up in your basement and have your way with her), but because you want to “learn more about her.” Suuurrrre.

    You feel entitled to her for some perverse reason, and when you don’t get what you feel that you deserve, you write it off as “Canadian arrogance.” Mind you, all of this is stated without any hint of irony about your conceited disposition. I don’t think you realize this, and I despise using these words to describe anyone, but you’re coming off as a creepy weirdo.

    I don’t claim to know Piper personally to be able to accurately gauge her level of intelligence (not that it matters), but for someone who claims to be so intelligent, you fell for the okey-doke. All she’s doing is using her body to make money. If that’s what she wishes to do, then that’s her. But there’s nothing deep or profound about that, and her choosing to shake her tits doesn’t give you the right to overstep boundaries and forcefully invade her personal life. She doesn’t even know who you are, much less than you even exist. She owes you nothing.

    If you haven’t done so, you need to back off and leave her alone. You’re lucky that I don’t report you and your website full of crackpot ramblings.


    1. JA,
      The last time that I looked on PornHub for Piper Blush videos about one year ago, my recollection is that there were about twenty X-rated videos showing Piper performing oral sex on men’s penises, men performing oral vaginal sex on Piper, and men having vaginal intercourse with Piper. Since Piper created these videos showing what most people would consider to be the most intimate and private sexual acts, and she put these videos out for millions of people to watch for free, how can you or anyone complain about Piper’s “privacy” being violated? Privacy?, from someone who put videos of her sucking men’s penises on the internet and sought and encouraged as many people as possible to watch them? You are out of your fucking mind if you think that this is an attempt to maintain one’s “privacy”.

      In addition, if you create about thirty videos showing you mowing your lawn, flying a drone over your house, riding a motorcycle through your yard, washing a car in your driveway, jumping on a trampoline in your yard, cooking out in your yard, trying out new cameras in your yard, and you encourage as many people as possible to watch videos of what you do at your house, you can’t claim that where you live is private.

      I don’t make pornography videos of myself, make videos of where I live, or videos of myself, because I want some privacy, and that’s one way to do it, don’t make pornography videos of yourself or videos of where you live.

      I was seeking Piper’s real name in order to learn more about her: where she went to school, where she went to college, what did she study, what was her family like. This information is very innocent in comparison to what Piper shows and reveals about herself in her videos.

      Once a person has made public many pornography videos of themselves, made public hundreds of YouTube videos of themselves which received millions of views, made Facebook pages and multiple websites promoting themselves and videos of themselves, sell merchandise and receive payment for all of their videos showing themselves, the person is a public figure, and they can’t proclaim that they don’t want anyone to know who they are or anything about them.

      From all the ways that Piper has made herself public, shown publicly where she lived, and recorded videos many times at some locations, all of these things have been made public by her, and naming these locations is not anywhere near an invasion of privacy.


    1. FadeThemAll,

      We people have no idea what you are referring to. Are you angry about the writer researching about Piper Blush to find out more about her, or are you mad at the commentors for criticizing the writer for trying to find out more about Piper Blush?

      If there was a print newspaper article or print tabloid newspaper article about Piper Blush and her upcoming wedding, or Piper Blush and her husband having their first child, people would read these articles, her viewers would read these articles. However, the newspapers and tabloids are not writing about Piper Blush, so I looked her up myself, tried to find out more about her, and got no cooperation, hence, I couldn’t write about her upcoming wedding, or the birth of her first child, etcetera. People write about celebrities.


    1. Steven,
      No, my recollection is that his last name was not Engler. If you type in that address into your Google search browser, I believe that some of the search results show the names of previous tenants and homeowners at this address. Piper’s master may or may not want to give you any information about Piper.


      1. ok. by the way i live in Liverpool england, looked on google maps pool was clear, house was a bit blurred, think she is having a few people off on utube, using it to get them to her other sites, when you can see her nude on many free sites


  9. This whole blog is evidence of a rabid stalker with mental issues who is obsessed and disillusioned. Sad that you have zero life and want to harm others with your issues.


  10. Why do you care so much about this woman? She’s an attention whore, that’s all there is to it. Her entire motivation in life is to attract as much attention to herself as possible. The videos she makes are taking the piss out of you, ask yourself what bloke could make such mundane videos about nothing and garner such interest? I’m afraid she’s not high IQ either, she just knows how to take advantage of the way she looks (women learn about the pussy pass from a very young age). I know a few high IQ women who would rather get where they want in life based on hard work and merit, not taking advantage of men with poor social skills via the internet.


    1. DontBeDaft,

      I spent some time on Piper Blush because I thought that she was very intelligent and funny. Yes, she is very intelligent, she has about two or three underlying layers of sarcasm, puns, and parodies going on beneath everything that she is doing.

      I hate having to explain this for the 100th time, Do You Not Understand That There Are No Women In Western North Dakota!!! How many times do I have to explain this? What don’t you understand?


  11. Just because someone makes a living from having a public persona does not mean that thay aren’t entitled to a private life. Just as film stars, musicians, royalty etc. Make their living from being watched it is for almost all of them a job and something that is separate from their lives out side of work. Most understand that that line tends to be blurred somewhat and that if they go anywhere they may well have to deal with things like fans and the paparazzi. However very very few are able to spend 100% of their time under constant scrutiny of the public in fact not being allowed to have any sort of privacy has led to countless suicides, virtually every person needs the ability to have that separation between worlds. Unfortunately you are the sort of 1 WATT that nether understands nor is willing to accept that what you want isn’t more important than their rights legalor moral. You are clearly morally bankrupt, selfish, egotistical, psychotic, delusional and deranged. You need psychiatric help as you are exhibiting the same psychological issues as people such as Peter Sutcliffe, Joseph Fritzl and Ed Gein. If I were you I would be very careful stalking, doxing, harassment and other such abnormal behaviour are offences in both America and Canada and you are walking a very fine line legally speaking. My advice to you would be to get professional help or at the very least legal advice.


    1. Yan,

      Your points would be valid except for one major flaw, PIPER BLUSH IS VIDEOING HER PERSONAL LIFE, AND INVITING PEOPLE TO WATCH HER PERSONAL LIFE.

      I don’t know if you have ever watched any Piper Blush videos or not on YouTube or PornHub. Have you? You appear to want to write about Piper Blush’s personal life being private, but this would indicate that you have never watched Piper Blush videos.

      In general, Piper Blush’s YouTube videos consisted of: Watch me mow the lawn at the house where I live; watch me wash my black Chevy volt at the house where I live; watch me ride my new KTM motorcycle at the house where I live; watch me fly my new drone back and forth over the house where I live showing where I live; watch me jump on the trampoline where I live; watch me at the Hortons restaurant where I like to eat; watch me a my sister Charlotte’s house out by the pool.

      Are you catching on yet, the different between an actor like Emily Blunt and Piper Blush, is that an actor like Emily Blunt learns a script and performs a role of a character in a movie on a movie set, and Piper Blush films everything that she is doing in her personal life. Do you see the difference?

      Here is another logic error that you make, you are claiming on behalf of Piper Blush that she must value her privacy, and want her private life to be private, based on your values, your standards, and your expectations. I want to point out to you, that once you make many, many explicit pornography videos, where you are having intercourse and performing oral sex, and put these videos out for as many people as possible to watch, you have departed from expecting or being able to expect that your personal life or intimate parts of your life are not going to be seen by the public. You would have to be insane to make pornography videos of yourself having sex in complete detail, put these videos out to the public, and then tell the public that they should mind their own business.

      Lastly, for celebrities, performers, actors, entertainers, models, athletes, and politicians, eventually someone will make an attempt to write a biography about them, whether authorized or unauthorized, to describe where the person was born, what kind of childhood did they have, who were their parents, what were their parents like, what were they like in high school, what kinds of other jobs did they have, are they married, do they have any children? Have you been living under a rock your whole life? What public figure doesn’t get written about? Why can’t I write biographies about people? As far as “Doxing” being illegal, stealing people’s personal information from databases that are supposed to be secure is illegal. Publishing someone’s actual name and address is not illegal if this is public information that was obtained in a legal manner. Additionally, publishing the address of filming locations that were used many, many times to produce videos that received hundreds of thousands or millions of views would also not be illegal.


  12. If Piper wanted you to know “more about her, not made up bullshit, but who she really is, and what she is really like” she would already have shared it.

    Your case is deeply flawed. Firstly, you have decided that in your moral universe, if a woman shows her pussy or sucks a cock then she has become public property. Just think about your world view there for a moment. Secondly, it is clear that you have projected an insane amount of personality traits on to this girl. You have psychoanalysed a fictional character. Again, think about that.

    In reality you know nothing about her. Maybe it is all an act and she’s laughing all the way to the bank. Or maybe she is lying in a gutter somewhere with a needle in her arm having destroyed her life with bad decisions. Either way, it is none of your business, regardless of how ugly the girls near you may be.

    I get the mystery. I want to know more about her too, that’s how I ended up here. But there’s a line, and it is clear to me that whatever the experiment or the truth is, it must be shared on her terms. She is the creator of whatever this is, and if she chooses to bare all or nothing that is her choice to make.

    You do NOT have a right to expose her identity, stalk her, investigate her, persue her through family or relationships or neighbours. You need to understand that the choices you make, and what kind of a world you think women are entitled to, will ultimately prove what kind of a man you are.

    You’ve been entertained and teased by a beautiful and probably intelligent girl. Just enjoy that. Enjoy the fantasies she has given you and the powerful magic of the female puzzle. Recognize it in real women when you meet them, and feel gratitude to her for being awoken by her art. Then make the world a better place by realising that just because you have the power to expose her for your own curiosity/entertainment, doing so will clearly step over a line that is important to her. It will OBVIOUSLY distress her and those close to her.

    Breathe, think about your mother or your sister and what sort of a man they would want you to be, and act accordingly.


    1. Neil,

      God Damn Neil, you go looking to see if you can find out more information about Piper Blush, then try to bash me for finding out more about Piper Blush and writing what I found. What are trying to look into Piper’s business for? Your rant is that I had no right to look into her business.

      Second Neil, you are telling me that I do not have the right to decide what I want to write about, but you do have the right to tell me what to write about. I don’t need your approval or your permission Neil.


  13. Jesus fucking christ. This is one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen on the internet. Do yourself a favour and go see a psychologist.


    1. Daniel,

      If you didn’t go looking to find out where Piper Blush lived, what her real name is, or more personal info about her, you never would have found my blog post article, so don’t go criticizing me for writing about these things.


      1. NO.

        I literally googled “Piper Blush”. I was not seeking any personal information. The title “what happened to Piper Blush” made me think that since tragedy had befallen her and she had disappeared, like so many other successful YouTubers. Maybe you remember how FPS Russia suddenly disappeared, and was gone for years. Nobody knew what happened to him, and many were concerned for his well-being.

        Yes, I’m curious for more information about her, but I have the human decency to not to to invade her personal privacy. I’m interested in her professional character, how she got started, what other video platforms she’s on, etc.


  14. Hi, does anyone know if she is still active? Her Twitter account shows some updates but the content seems to be repetitive.


    1. In reply to A.G.,

      I do not keep track of Piper Blush closely. When I have checked on her from time-to-time during this past year, she has changed some of her YouTube videos to “private” so that they can no longer be watched by the general public. Some of these YouTube videos that are “private” are ones that showed where she was living and working, so I am getting the impression that she is working on some tasks and projects in Vancouver, British Columbia and that she doesn’t want to be bothered by people currently.


  15. Hi
    I found your blog, obviously looking for info about piper blush. I recognized that girl on youtube a few weeks ago. My wife and i are swingers and we met her and her boyfriend about 5 years ago. It was the guy you can see in videos with her.
    She is indeed a smart woman, but wasn’t sub at all when met, as she claimed on the internet.
    We met in an hotel room and they were using nicknames. I don’t have much details about her, that you don’t already have.
    By the way, really nice girl.


    1. In reply to Alex Rainman,

      Several days ago I saw an advertisement on YouTube, that Piper has a new channel beginning December 6 on YouTube called “Piper Inc.” I looked up her new name “Marian De La Croix”, and it appeared to be another pseudonym.

      “Piper Blush” was a pretty good YouTube channel, her personality and content was entertaining, interesting, funny, and enjoyable. I don’t know if I will like Piper pretending to be an air-headed dingy young lady again. I would rather that Piper talk seriously, and talk about her real life, real goals, things that she likes to do, not pretending.


  16. Piper Blush has 2 videos on x-hamster called the booty part 1 & 2. She ditches her French accent for a normal American one. She sounds very much like Dr Hannah Straight .The speech cadence and the phrasing are remarkably similar to her . Also Hannah Straight started a you Tube truck travel channel around the same time that Piper disappeared from hers . Where she goes to various secluded lakes and remote areas in the South West and wears sexy bikinis and seductive clothes. Both are same height and body style . Both have implants and wear very revealing bikinis and clothes in their videos. Hannah wears an extreme amount of make up and closely resembles Piper . Hannah also has Patreon account and appears to be working up to something . Also , I left a message on one of her You Tube videos saying that looked and souded like Piper Blush .I received a very odd message from her stating . Thanks for the love and to text her on an encrypted phone app .Called telegram . Very odd response if your not Piper Blush. Any ways , I may have found Piper. Is this her next project ?.


    1. In reply to Brad,

      I read your comment, and I typed in “Dr. Hannah Straight” in my browser search bar, and then I clicked on the YouTube Channel for Dr. Hannah Straight. The first video that I watched, one of her most recent ones, was where she was surfing and boating off the coast of California. Within about 1-2 minutes of watching, I felt pretty certain that this was not Piper Blush.

      In the video that I watched, Hannah Straight’s eyes appear to be wider apart than Piper Blush’s eyes. Hannah Straight’s hair seems flatter/straighter than Piper’s hair which has some natural curl/kink in it. Piper is big-boned, but with very little body fat, while Hannah Straight appeared to be small-boned, but with more body fat. Hannah Straight’s voice sounds naturally deeper, whereas Piper’s voice is either naturally so high or habitually so high, that I don’t think that Piper could talk this low.


      1. look at pipers booty videos on xhamster . she speaks with out the french accent and sounds just like hannah .same cadence and speech patterns . let me know what you think-thanks


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