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Paranormal Oil Fields Article For Steph Young

Note to Readers:  My previous blog post is a Preface to this article that explains how and why this article came about.


I began working in the Oil Fields of North Dakota in 2011, several years after an Oil Boom occurred due to advances in hydraulic fracturing technology that allowed oil to be extracted from what was called the “Bakken” formation approximately 6,000 to 7,000 feet below ground.

I did not know very much about the oil industry or the oil fields when I arrived in North Dakota.  What was puzzling to me, was why had oil been called a “fossil fuel”, and been attributed to decaying plants and animals that had lived thousands of years ago?  How did 6,000 to 7,000 feet of earth get over top of the decaying plants and animals that lived thousands of years ago?  This didn’t seem possible.

I lived in Dickinson, North Dakota.  Dickinson had a Dinosaur Museum containing Dinosaur bones and fossils that had been uncovered in North Dakota.  Yes, these Dinosaur artifacts were evidence of animals and plants that had lived thousands of years ago, but these artifacts had been found within a hundred feet of the surface.  Again, why did scientists and the oil industry claim that oil came from prehistoric plants and animals, when oil was extracted from 6,000 to 7,000 feet deep?

The following year, I went to work in the oil fields of Vernal, Utah.  Vernal also had a Dinosaur Museum containing bones and fossils that had been uncovered in Utah.  I began to think, “Does everywhere that oil has been found, have a Dinosaur Museum?”  I began to think about it, and the answer was probably yes, everywhere that oil has been found, there have been Dinosaurs uncovered.  Maybe this was why geologists and scientists working in the oil industry came up with the idea that oil was a “fossil fuel”.

This seemed strange to me.  Did oil men and geologists actually go searching for geological formations to find oil, or did they just try to find out where Dinosaurs had been uncovered and then go there?  The smart ones probably did, and they just didn’t tell anyone what they were doing.

I was in Vernal, Utah for several days thinking about this, when it dawned on me that about fifteen years earlier, I had heard on the overnight talk radio show “Coast To Coast AM” hosted by Art Bell, about a very strange place in Utah called “The Skin Walker Ranch”.  Could the “Skin Walker Ranch” be located near here?

Back in approximately 1996 when I first heard the radio broadcast about the Skin Walker Ranch, many of the details of the people involved and the actual location were kept secret.  By 2012 when I looked it up on the internet, there was much more information about it, and yes, it was located just outside of Vernal, Utah, near what is called the Fort Duchesne, Uintah Indian Reservation.

First of all, a “Skin Walker” is a Native American term for a medicine-man or shaman, who has the ability to transform his shape into that of an animal, typically a large wolf.  Most Native Americans are very sensitive and uncommunicative about this subject for two reasons.  One, most Native Americans who were raised in their traditional culture, actually believe that some Native Americans can transform themselves into an animal such as wolf, for sinister purposes, and have had family members who in private have claimed to have seen one.  Two, most Native Americans don’t want to discuss this subject with outsiders because it is part of their spiritual beliefs, and they don’t want to be either ridiculed, or demanded to explain it to someone else’s satisfaction.

In approximately the early 1990s, a family purchased two hundred acres of land outside of Vernal, Utah adjacent to the Uintah Indian Reservation.  The family purchased the land in order to raise cattle, and there was a small farm house on the land that was approximately fifty to seventy years old.  When the family first moved in, there was a very large wolf that seemed tame, that came right up to the family and a calf that they had in their corral.  When the large tame wolf grabbed the snout of the calf with its teeth, the new ranch owner quickly got a pistol out of his truck and he shot the wolf several times, and it just walked away, appearing to be unharmed.

The family did not know what to think of this, this large tame wolf that came right up to them, and was unharmed after it had been shot several times.  It was not a natural, normal animal like they had ever seen.  In the following weeks, the wife saw wolf-like animals on the property several more times, but they were not exactly wolves.  Then, the family started to see glowing orange and yellow orbs that would float around the property.

The family began to notice that there were large metal rings embedded in concrete just outside of their back door and front door of their house, where the previous owners had apparently kept dogs on a chain.  The neighbors said that yes, the previous owners kept to themselves very much, but they had several very large guard dogs.  The family found that the closets in the house had bolt locks on the doors, on the inside of the doors.  Why had the previous owners of the house had the need to chain guard dogs outside of their front and back doors, and lock themselves inside their closets?

As time went on, the family spotted strange large pre-historic-like animals in trees at night, more glowing orbs floating around their property, disembodied unseen beings speaking a strange language, and witnessed a portal opening up in front of them above the ground.  Eventually the family was very upset, and frustrated with all of the phenomena, they would go bankrupt if they didn’t succeed in their ranching operation.  The rancher sicked his two dogs on one of the floating orange orbs, his two dogs chased after it, and after they got behind some trees, he heard his dogs yelp, and that was the end of his two dogs, all that remained was two grease spots on the ground.

The family got in contact with the National Institute For Discovery Science, and they began investigating.  So much was happening at the property, that NIDS offered to buy the property from the family, and they gladly sold it to NIDS and moved away.  NIDS conducted scientific experiments and investigations at the property for a couple of years, but then the paranormal activity mostly ceased.  From approximately 1995 until I visited the Skin Walker Ranch in 2012, and continuing to this day, the ranch is guarded 24 hours per day by security guards.

I went to the Skin Walker Ranch in 2012, it was a little difficult to find, but once I got to it, it matched up with the photographs and maps of the property that showed the concrete security barriers at the front gate, the farm house, and the rock hillside that rises behind the property.  At that time, you were allowed to park about 1/2 mile from the property on a hill that overlooked the property.  You could see the observation towers that NIDS had constructed in the pasture, and two security vehicles that patrolled the property and parked at each end of the property.  I watched the property for several hours with binoculars, which was fun and exciting at first, but then got boring when nothing happened.

Later that evening when I left and drove to a busy convenience store on the Fort Duchesne Reservation, I walked up to a Uintah Tribal Police Officer in the parking lot and told him that I had been watching the Skin Walker Ranch for several hours, but I had not seen any floating orange orbs, had he ever seen any.  He looked around to make sure that no one could over hear him and he said yes, many times.  He said that that was not even the best location on the reservation to see orbs, there were more orbs in other places.  As I continued to ask him questions, he answered that they commonly had very large UFOs pass low over the reservation, that he and the other police officers would stand and look at the UFOs together while they were on duty.  He concluded by saying that the Native Americans have no desire to report this to anyone, they would only be questioned, ridiculed, and cause unwanted people to come to the reservation.

At some risk of losing my job working for a respected oil field service company in Vernal, I asked the company owner about the Skin Walker Ranch.  To my surprise, the company owner replied that yes, he knew the family that had owned the Skin Walker Ranch and that he was aware of all the problems that they had had.  Besides this family, another family that he knew that lived not too far away, had a large skinny six foot tall wolf like creature that walked on its hind legs, come and try to sun itself on the metal roof of their shed.  The wife called her husband to come home and do something about it, and when he drove up, the creature stood up on its hind legs, climbed down, and ran away.

Months later, when I was reading the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization website which lists sightings by region, I saw a Bigfoot sighting report for Uintah County, not too  far from where my employer lived.  I told my employer about this particular Bigfoot sighting report, and my employer replied that his cousin had seen a Bigfoot on two separate occasions while hunting in the Uintah Mountains.

When I went back to my home in Idaho for the winter, I asked a thirty year old girl that I knew named Roben, who was from Vernal, Utah, about the Skin Walker Ranch.  She said that since I brought this subject up, it reminded her of something that had happened to her.  About eight years ago, she received a telephone call from a producer who worked for the television show “Unsolved Mysteries”, they wanted to know if she was the correct Roben from Vernal, Utah.  They had information that her grandfather had found three mummies inside a cave in the mountains outside of Vernal, Utah many years ago, what could she tell them about the mummies.

Roben explained to them that yes, her grandfather had found three mummies inside a cave in the mountains outside of Vernal while he was hunting.  He carried them down, and he took them home.  He turned over two of the mummies to the Smithsonian Institute, but he kept one of them.  She said that she remembered the one mummy from when she was a kid, it was very small, and it was sitting cross legged.  People kept taking it down and handling it, and it became so dry and brittle, that eventually it just crumbled and disintegrated.

Roben told me one more story from Vernal, Utah.  When her mother was a child, about eight to ten years old, a UFO flew over their house very slowly, it left these white whispy wafts in the tree branches, and her mother picked them out of the trees and played with them.

So in Vernal, Utah, and outside of Vernal in the Uintah Mountains and the Fort Duchesne Uintah Indian Reservation, there have been low flying, slow moving, large UFOs sighted for many years, Bigfoots, wolf-like creatures, other pre-historic-like creatures, floating orange orbs, disembodied unseen beings conversing in a strange language, mummies in caves, Dinosaur remains, and portals seen opening up.  I believe that the ancestral sacred land of the Uintah Native American tribe has a portal to a different dimension that has orbs, UFOs, Bigfoots, other creatures, and beings passing through it.

In 2013, I went back to Dickinson, North Dakota to work in the oil field.  The owner of the house where I lived, he, his parents, and his grandparents had lived in this area of North Dakota for their entire lives.  He told me that he remembered very clearly that in the 1970s, twenty miles south of Dickinson in the town of New England, there was a rash of UFO sightings, some of them up close sightings where the UFOs actually landed.  Farmers and ranchers were coming into town in New England and discussing with everyone and each other what they had seen.  Then, the Air Force came to town and told all of the farmers and ranchers to shut up about it, or else.  They did shut up about it, and no one wanted to talk about it any more.

The person who owned the home where I lived, said that the Air Force then set up a station in New England.  I tried several times to find any information about the Air Force having any operation in New England, North Dakota, but I could not find even a brief mention of it.  In time, I did find other people that remembered there being an Air Force station in New England, North Dakota, but it was strange that there is no public information about it, this would have been a big deal for New England, its population was less than 1,000 people.

In Dickinson, North Dakota, on top of a high butte northeast of town, is Radar Base Hill.  Radar Base Hill was operational from the 1950s until approximately the early 1970s.  All of the people in Dickinson were told that it was a radar weather station.  It was actually a radar tracking station for aircraft approaching North Dakota after the nuclear armed Inter Continental Ballistic Missile underground launch facilities were constructed in North Dakota.  Additionally, the facility at Radar Base Hill in Dickinson was so large, had so many personnel, and had a large section underground that no one knew about, it was not known that Radar Base Hill was an operations center for personnel that would man the underground ICBM launch facilities.

All of the North Dakotans did keep their mouth shut about where the underground ICBM launch facilities were constructed, though each site was a large construction project.  Though it is hardly ever talked about, it is now mentioned briefly sometimes by local people where individual launch facilities are located not far outside of Dickinson.  There are very infamous incidents of UFOs approaching ICBM sites and causing launch sequences to start and overriding operator control in other states and countries, but no reports of this happening to ICBMs in North Dakota.  Did the UFO activity in New England in the 1970s pose a threat or interfere with the ICBMs in this area?

(Note, after doing more reading, I found out that UFOs did interfere with ICBM launch facilities in North Dakota on numerous occasions.  See Capt. David D. Schindele’s book “It Never Happened, Volume 1”.  Also, I later found more UFO sighting reports for Dickinson, New England, and the surrounding areas in the document “The Fifth Horseman Of The Apocalypse, UFOs: A History, 1956: November-December” by Loren E. Gross, which is now a 91 page PDF document that has been uploaded to the internet.)

There are very few Bigfoot sightings in North Dakota, however there have been numerous Bigfoot sightings on the Fort Berthold Native American Reservation near the Killdeer Mountains.  The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization website has some very good thorough reports on some of these sightings on or near the Fort Berthold Reservation involving many witnesses, over several days.

The Killdeer Mountains are sacred to the Native Americans.  This is one of the very few places in North Dakota where there are sheltered valleys with dense forests.  Native Americans lived in these valleys of the Killdeer Mountains for thousands of years until the United States Cavalry destroyed these villages, tipis, earth lodges, and food stores in 1864 when General Alfred Sully led an attack on the Sioux and other tribes in what was called the Battle Of Killdeer Mountain.

General Sully led 2,200 soldiers on an attack advancing up Killdeer Mountain in a formation meant to encircle the Sioux positioned on top of the mountain.  Not far from the top of Killdeer Mountain by the end of the day when it became dark, General Sully halted the advance believing that the Sioux were surrounded.  On the following day, there were only a handful of Sioux on the mountain.  What happened to the rest of the Sioux?

There was a cave on top of Killdeer Mountain, called Medicine Hole Cave.  It was believed that the Sioux entered this cave, and exited many miles to the west in what is now called Grassy Butte.  This is the Legend of Medicine Hole Cave.  There were early attempts by white men to find the exit to this cave, but they could not find it, though they could feel wind currents that indicated there was an exit to this cave.  In the 1970s, experienced cave explorers entered this cave with modern equipment and attempted to map out the interior of this cave, but again they could not find an exit, though the wind currents inside the cave again indicated that there was an exit.

Bigfoots in the Killdeer Mountains, and Native Americans escaping from General Sully who had them surrounded in the sacred ancestral lands of the Killdeer Mountains.  I wonder if there is not a portal to another dimension in the Killdeer Mountains.