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Too Many Electronic Components In New Vehicles

My 1999 Ford F150 was the last new vehicle that I bought.  This has been a pretty good truck, I have only put 140,000 miles on it.  I also have a 1976 Ford F250, which is very simple in comparison to new trucks now.

In my opinion, every new vehicle has too many sensors, computers, electrical components, and electrical control.  I believe that it is a mistake to make vehicles too complicated.  If anything, we should have learned how to make vehicles more and more simple, so that they are inexpensive, always start, always run, never break down, and last a long time.

In 2013, my friend’s father bought a new Ford F150.  The battery on this truck went dead.  They could not even push this truck down the driveway to move it out of the way of other vehicles in the garage, because it had electrical controlled steering.  The Ford dealer was telling them something like once they installed a new battery, they would have to wait 24 hours for the electrical and computer system to reset.

In Dickinson, my former room mate had a friend who owned a Pontiac G6.  She claimed that twice while she was driving this car with electrical controlled steering, she turned the steering wheel, and the car kept going straight, it would not steer.

In the video below which I saw on YouTube, this truck had a very bad accident, which the driver and the witnesses said was caused by the electrical throttle control.  There was an electrical, sensor, computer, or computer software error which caused the throttle to stay full on.

People who watched this video and commented on YouTube, asked why the driver didn’t apply the brakes, take the transmission out of gear, or turn off the ignition.  The driver said that he hit his head inside the truck, and was knocked unconscious.

In a second YouTube video which I have below, this same make and model vehicle is stuck on a beach right at the water line as the tide is coming in.  As you watch this video, you will think that the driver of this vehicle is a complete idiot, so do the people who are standing there pushing this vehicle as hard as they can.  Everybody is asking, why doesn’t the driver give it some throttle to help, the wheels aren’t even spinning.  The driver is giving it throttle, the traction control system, computer, and programming, are limiting the throttle.

This vehicle model is called the “Colorado”, which is manufactured by the Australian company named “Holden”.  Apparently, for some reason, the Chevy Colorado is manufactured for Australia by the company Holden.