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Why Do I Even Want To Write Anymore

For the past month I have been concerned about the amount of negative comments to my blog website, and the nastiness of these comments.

I had to realize that overall, less than one percent of readers leave any comment at all, and only 0.1% of readers leave complaint comments.  However, the 0.1% complainers tend to be enraged, extreme, and fanatical.

A pattern became apparent with the complaining comments left to my blog website and comments about my blog website left elsewhere, that “something needed to be done to stop me”.  There were a dozen tactics that were used to try to get me to both remove what I had already written, and to prevent me from writing anymore.

There were threats that various Law Enforcement agencies had been contacted and were going to be contacted in order to arrest me for stalking and harassment, and possibly child pornography, human trafficking, sexual exploitation of minors, rape, kidnapping, murder, and cruelty to animals.

The complaining commentors’ logic was, since I wrote about the persecution of a local young man for having sex with a minor, that I am guilty of the same thing because I wrote against his persecution.  Because I wrote about the great shortage of women in western North Dakota and the need for legalized prostitution, I must be guilty of human trafficking and rape.

Because I wrote about the foolishness of young women on Facebook and YouTube videoing themselves alone where they live wearing little or no clothing, that they are inviting trouble and almost daring people to find them, I must be guilty of kidnapping and murder.  I wrote about it, so I must have done it or plan on doing it.

Closer to the truth, is that the complainers don’t even believe that I have committed any crimes, but that other people, stupid people, mentally ill people, and Law Enforcement, could be persuaded that I have, because of the topics that I write about.

If the complainers were going to attempt to accuse me of actual crimes or criminal activity, it wouldn’t really do any good unless they could publish all of my personal information, so that people could find me and try to harm me.

By getting other people, stupid people, and mentally ill people to believe that I had committed heinous acts such as rape, kidnapping, murder, human trafficking, child pornography, sexual exploitation of children, and cruelty to animals, and giving these people instructions on my name and where I live, they could cause other people to harm me.  I believe that this was the complainers’ intention.

Here is just one example of how this played out.  In the area where I live, unbeknownst to me, there was a 51 year old mother of four who had been having increasingly severe mental problems over the past ten years.  In the sparsely populated area of western North Dakota where we live, she had been able to cope with life most of the time, there is very little going on, there are not many or constant stressors.

Somehow, I don’t know exactly how, this 51 year old mother of four with mental problems, she found or was shown a YouTube video about me and my blog website, that was in general accusing me of harming women and children, not because I had harmed anyone, but because the YouTube video creator was suggesting or indicating that I probably, likely, might have, would, or could.  This YouTube video which provided my name and where I lived, was meant to incite or enrage people to do something to me.

This mentally ill 51 year old woman was unable to discern from this YouTube video that I had not actually committed any crimes.  Instead, to this YouTube video creator’s delight, this woman began contacting her with additional information about me.  This mentally ill woman received encouragement, as if she was doing something good, right, and useful.

I first noticed this 51 year old woman when she was parked in a van in the alley behind my house one afternoon, video recording my house, property, vehicles, etc.  The YouTube video that she had watched about me, and the creator of this YouTube video had encouraged her to try to do something to/about me.  (I later saw and copied the comments between this woman and the YouTube video creator, before they were deleted.)

The following morning this mentally ill 51 year old woman was standing outside my house yelling at me with an axe in her hand.  Besides my phone call to local Law Enforcement that morning, as the day went on there were approximately six other people in town who called local Law Enforcement regarding her, for such things as seeking No Trespass orders against her from their businesses, Restraining Orders against her from individuals, and Destruction of Property by her in excess of $5,000.

Up until that day, this woman had been able to cope with life enough, to have a relatively normal life with daily activities, interaction with other people, and live independently in her own home.  Now, it appears that she is going to lose everything.  Much of the blame for what happened to this woman, lies with the people who tried to incite and enrage stupid or mentally ill people to act on their allegations or suggestions of heinous despicable crimes by me which never occurred.

I do not think that this is funny.  I think that this is tragic.  I was not harmed.  But this woman’s life was ruined.  The people that were instigating and trying to incite something to happen to me, I believe that they could not care less what happened to this woman.  They probably think that this is funny.

One result of this incident, is that the local people and local Law Enforcement currently have no more tolerance for anyone trying to make false allegations of criminal activity in order to incite other people to do something.  Look at what just happened.

On most days, I have about three or four topics that I want to write about, that I feel the need to write about.  My feelings have not changed about wanting to reveal, discuss, explain, delve into events that happen around me.

I should probably admit that I write for my own sake.  Philosophers have pointed out, that no matter how charitable or well-meaning we think our actions are, ultimately each of us is acting in our own self-interest.

I sometimes try to explain that I am trying to change things.  By pointing out how wrong, ignorant, stupid, and backwards some practices and behaviors are, I think that I can cause them to change.  By trying to explain a different view, a different way of looking at things, a different approach, a better way, I think that I can cause things to change.

To get at the truth, expose something bad, or cause people to see, it is sometimes necessary to say things that are unwelcome, unpopular, unpleasant, ugly, hurtful, painful, and mean.  Life is hard, many things in life are hard and difficult.  I truly believe that the quality of life has been ruined since after approximately WWII, by people’s aversion to the necessity of facing the hardness of life, by refusing to face the hard truth and facts.

I am not trying to digress into vague babbling, I want to try to express something very specific.  I personally want to point out things that are wrong, stupid, ignorant, and backwards, and I can sometimes only do it by saying things that will be unwelcome, unpopular, ugly, hurtful, painful, and mean.  This arouses such anger and rage in some readers, that they go through the processes that I described up above to try to get me to stop writing or remove what I have already written.

I don’t plan on stopping.  I kind of recognize and believe that the downfall of our civilization and the ruin of our quality of life has come from people’s aversion to doing anything hard, making any kind of sacrifice, or truly believing in anything.

Just by chance and out of boredom, I recently began watching some videos of William Cooper’s old 1992-2001 radio broadcasts of his show “Hour Of The Time”.  For those of you who don’t know, William Cooper was a river patrol boat Captain for the Navy during the Vietnam War.  He also was a submariner.  When he got out of the military at age 32, for a time he taught at vocational and technical schools in California.  Here is his biography https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milton_William_Cooper

Though William Cooper was not highly educated, he was very intelligent, well-read, an excellent researcher, and an excellent speaker.  He was not glamorous or fancy, he was very matter-of-fact and no-nonsense.

Through his book “Behold A Pale Horse” published in 1991, and his radio show which aired from 1992-2001, William Cooper tried very hard to explain to the American people and the World, the truth about governments, World-history, wars, secret societies, UFOs, aliens, secret technology, and the coming One-World-Government.

What William Cooper had to say, was very hard for most people to hear.  They could not believe what he had to say, it was preposterous, it was unfathomable, it challenged most of what they had believed and believed in for their entire lives.  It didn’t matter if it was true, it was too hard for many people to even consider it.

To give just a few examples, William Cooper tried to explain at length that the Federal Reserve Bank was not a U.S. Government institution, that it was a privately owned bank, and all of the unbelievable ways that its private European family bank owners were becoming even more rich at the expense of the American tax payers.  This was just too complicated for most Americans to grasp or understand.  Here is one of his radio broadcasts about the Federal Reserve Bank  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yb2lgDYDGM&t=2130s

Another topic area that William Cooper frequently spoke about, was all of the secrets that the U.S. Government keeps from the American people.  The knowledge and cooperation that the U.S. Government has with a variety of extraterrestrial species, advanced technology, underground jointly operated bases, jointly operated bases on the moon, advanced spacecraft.

What is never mentioned or hardly ever mentioned, is that William Cooper with his ties and connections to former and active duty military personnel, military contractors, space industry personnel, and intelligence officers, he was receiving actual information, he was not theorizing or speculating.

In approximately June of 2001, following a CNN interview with Osama Bin Laden, William Cooper began explaining on his radio program that soon there would be an attack on the U.S., that would be blamed on Osama Bin Laden, that would draw the U.S. into war in the Middle East.  William Cooper’s detailed explanation about what was going to happen, several months prior to the attack on the World Trade Center buildings on September 11, 2001, led to William Cooper being shot dead in his front yard by about ten Law Enforcement Officers on November 5 of 2001.  Here is his 9/11 prediction broadcast  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9B5wwuR_JY

Ever since William Cooper published his book “Behold A Pale Horse” and began his radio show “The Hour Of The Time” in 1992, William Cooper had to deal with continual opposition, harassment, and threats.  He continued with his research, and passing along what he had discovered and learned week after week, year after year, always facing opposition, receiving no or very little financial support.  He said many times, that there would come a point that he would be murdered because he had disclosed too much.

William Cooper believed in what he was doing.  One time when he tried to explain why he even cared to try to disclose the truth to the American people and the World about what was truly happening, he said this:  You have got to understand, that when I was a boy growing up outside of Oklahoma City, I did not know any family where there was a divorce, I did not know any girl who got pregnant while in high school, I did not know anyone who had a drug addiction, and everyone who wanted to work had a job.  That World is gone now, it doesn’t exist anymore.  What has happened?

This was a good time for me to hear William Cooper again and to think about him.  He was not seeking to get rich, fame, popularity, or to be liked.  He could not care less about these things.  He said that he did not care what people thought about him.  In his forties and fifties, he didn’t seek to get ahead career-wise, make money, get rich, care about having possessions or nice things, travel, luxury, being a celebrity.  He mostly believed in learning, understanding, and sharing with others what he learned, in the hope that they could change things.