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Update On My Badly Behaving Siamese Cat

Two months ago I wrote a blog post titled “I Am Troubled And Disappointed With My Siamese Cat”.  In that blog post I explained that I had owned about nine cats, and had lived with five cats that didn’t belong to me, and none of them attacked and bit me like this six month old Siamese cat.

I was hoping that a reader would offer an explanation or solution to this behavior, but no such luck.  I had already searched on the internet for behavior problems with Siamese cats, and the only useful information I got was to be on the look out for them turning on water faucets.

I talked to a woman from the small town in North Dakota where this kitten had been abandoned outside of a bar, before it hitched a ride in someone’s truck engine to the job site where I was working, and I asked her who the hell went and got a Siamese cat in the first place.  Did she know of any no-good Siamese cat families in the area?  I was suspicious about who this cat’s parents were.

Finally, an older friend of mine said that the reason why my previous cats didn’t bite me, was because they had other cats to interact with, play with, and fight with.  Cats bite, scratch, and wrestle with each other.  Because there were no other cats in my apartment, this cat attacked and bit me, like I was another cat.  This made sense.

I hadn’t wanted to resort to this, but I decided that I was going to have to spank this Siamese cat when it bit me, so that it would quit biting me.  As I explained to a couple of commentors, the local pet stores have many nice kittens and cats for adoption and placed in foster homes waiting to be adopted, that don’t attack and bite people.  I know that housewives with young children would not keep a cat that attacked and bit people, and this Siamese cat would be taken to the city animal shelter and be euthanized, being unfit for adoption.

The next time that this Siamese cat bit me way too hard, I grabbed him and spanked him.  On the first day, I probably had to spank him for two different bite incidents.  On the second day, I probably had to spank him for only one bite incident.  The third day, there were about two bite incidents.

After four or five days of getting spankings, this Siamese cat quit biting me too hard.  A month went by with him only nibbling at my feet when I was sleeping, or very moderate biting when I was sitting in my chair using my laptop.  He quit trying to bite or scratch me in the face.

He is currently still behaving pretty well.  He has always, always used his cat litter box, which is very good.  When I am in the living room, he comes and plays or sits in the living room.  When I am in my bedroom, he comes and plays or sits in my bedroom.