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The Evolution Of Relationships Between Men And Women

At this time in history right now, we are in the midst of probably the most drastic changes in relationships between men and women that there has ever been, or ever will be.

Right in this 50 year time period from 1970 to 2020, there is becoming a complete role change for women.  There is an incredible amount of chaos in the United States at this moment because of the existence of long held old beliefs and completely new beliefs at this same time.

Since the 1970s, women have transitioned from being traditional stay-at-home moms or housewives, to working outside the home part-time, to working outside the home full-time, to working outside the home for 60 hours per week.  Women have requested equal opportunity to work in all branches of the military, as police officers, prison guards, firefighters, doctors, lawyers, judges, supreme court judges, elected representatives.

Some of the chaos and conflict that we see right now is the result of the following:  Some women still want to be non-working wives, who are pampered, and have a life of leisure, while at the same time some women want to work along side men and compete with them to get ahead;  Some women want to be protected by men and have things done for them by men, while at the same time some women want to be in the military, be police officers, or be firefighters;  Some women want to pretend to be clue-less and helpless in order to be appealing to men who want to take care of them, while other women want to assert how intelligent they are and be doctors, lawyers, judges, or elected representatives.

What makes everything so much more complicated, is that some women try to play every angle, both sides, and try to take advantage of every loophole possible.  This is probably the most disruptive thing in society and culture in the United States right now.  I will give some general examples, and some specific examples.

Women who are attractive, will still try to get what they want through their attractiveness and sexual appeal to men, even though they may be pursuing a career in academia, business, engineering, law, law enforcement, military, medicine, or politics.  This tactic is 100% O.K. with them while they are doing it and while they are advancing, but once they reach a certain point, they cry foul and sexual harassment.

It is like all of a sudden they have changed their mind, they did want attention for their attractiveness and sexual appeal while they were advancing, but now they don’t want attention for their attractiveness and sexual appeal, in fact now they want to have a lawsuit against people for it.  It is disruptive in our culture and society right now, that women still want to and try to get ahead by attractiveness and sexual appeal, but then they later claim sexual harassment.

For instance, at Fox News, there have been several female reporters such as Gretchen Carlson, Megyn Kelly, and Andrea Tantoros, that were happy to wear short, low-cut, revealing clothing in order to attract viewers, have good ratings, be popular, and advance at Fox News.  At Fox News, these three women were thought of as attractive and sexually appealing, and they did attract the attention and desire of men by how they handled themselves and how they dressed.  They advanced in their career because of this, and they absolutely were aware of what they were doing.

Women that were unattractive, and who did not have sexual appeal, did not often get as much air time as the women who were attractive and sexually appealing.  This partly had to do with television viewers, ratings, and what the television viewers wanted to see.  The women at Fox News were aware of this.  Some of the women at Fox News advanced in their career and popularity through their attractiveness, how revealing their attire was, and how sexually appealing they were.

The chaos causing and conflict causing thing is, these women knowingly and willingly did this in order to advance themselves, and now they want to claim sexual harassment after the fact.  The fact is, had they not used their attractiveness, revealing attire, and sexual appeal, another women who was a better journalist might have gotten their spot.  They knew this, and they chose to beat out other women by wearing revealing attire and being sexually attractive in order to win the spot, and now they want to complain about their own tactics, actions, and behavior, and actually sue other people for it.

In the newspaper, on television, and on the internet, for the past two weeks, it has been nothing but “sexual harassment”, “sexual harassment”, “sexual harassment”.  I will tell you something, the whole history of mankind on Earth has been “sexual harassment”.  Are we too fucking stupid to understand now, that men are going to try have sex with women?  When did it come to the point that we did not understand that men were going to try to have sex with women?

I will explain this another way.  Do you know who doesn’t complain about sexual harassment?  The lonely, unattractive women who never get asked out on dates, that is who does not complain about sexual harassment.  For women that are somehow unattractive for some reason, who rarely receive romantic attention, they would be delighted that the mail man, the meter reader, a police officer, a co-worker, or a customer would compliment them about how they look, and ask them if they would like to go out on a date.  They would love to be attractive to someone, to be sexually appealing to someone, so that they could have a boyfriend and maybe a husband one day.  This is normal human nature.

Do you know who does complain about sexual harassment?  Women that get lip injections, breast enhancements, that wear low-cut blouses, short skirts, or tight pants to work, who bend over to show everyone their boobs or their asses.  They do everything they possibly can to attract the interest of men and arouse the sexual desire of men, and then they go and complain that men are “sexually harassing” them.  This is not normal human nature, this is deviant human behavior, and it should be discouraged, not encouraged.

At this time in history, many people want to ignore the fact that men have always had an interest in having sex with women, and this is how children are created.  Many people have come up with this insane idea, that there needs to be laws against men trying to have sex with women.  What many people are basically trying to do, is make it illegal for men to express an interest in women.

So what we have in the work place currently, is women trying to be attractive, to get attention, to be sexually appealing, in order to advance and get ahead at work.  Then these women want to turn around and have lawsuits against men for expressing an interest in them.  They want to have lawsuits against others, for the tactics they chose to use in order to advance and get ahead.

This would be like women trying to get men to have sex with them, and then having a lawsuit against the men for getting them pregnant.  Oh my God, wait a minute!  Women have already been doing this for years, that’s what child support is.