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The History You Know Is Probably Wrong

For about four years I have tried to explain on this blog website, what Dickinson, North Dakota is actually like.  This has been very hard to do, because there is so much disinformation, misinformation, lies, people willing to believe whatever they hear or are told, people parroting back what sounds good, and the deliberate manipulation of people.

In the approximately six years that I have lived in Dickinson, I have only ever personally met three or four people who ever made over $100,000 per year working in the oil field, yet television news, radio, newspaper, trade journals, and magazines claimed for years that everyone was making $100,000 per year working in the oil field in North Dakota.

Local people, business people, oil industry spokespeople, and North Dakota government representatives commonly made the statement, “This Oil Boom is going to last for the next twenty years.”  Yet this Oil Boom lasted for only seven years, from 2007 to 2014.  The North Dakota Oil Boom in the late 1970s lasted about seven years, and the North Dakota Oil Boom in the 1950s lasted about seven years.

As frustrating as it has been to even get the truth out about what is actually happening in Dickinson, North Dakota right now, in the present, I am reluctant to share anything as difficult to understand as the World history that everyone knows is probably incorrect.  I am not just talking about the fact that Christopher Columbus did not discover America in 1492, and that there is evidence that there were other Europeans and Middle Easterners here much earlier.

As an introduction, there probably have been enough bits and pieces of information presented in magazines like National Geographic, or on television networks like the History channel or the Discovery channel, to make people living today suspicious about the history that we do not know.  For instance, the stone blocks used to construct the Egyptian pyramids and the South American pyramids are sometimes cut more precisely, placed more precisely, and are larger than what we can transport with modern technology.

Another area of history that is suspicious, is that all throughout North America, from the period of the European colonists arriving in the 1500s until the present day, there is documentation of giant human skeletons, correspondingly large tools and other objects being unearthed.  Ten foot tall human skeletons with 30 lb axes, being uncovered from Maine all the way to Texas.

Recently, throughout the World, there have been researchers who began to speculate and believe, that there is evidence that the recent World history from the past two hundred years is a lie.  I will briefly explain a few reasons why they believe this, that have to do with World maps, hundreds of thousands of orphans World-wide in the late 1800s, and the existence of World-wide architecture that does not fit local history.

Some researchers have examined maps of the World from the 1500s and 1600s.  These maps sometimes showed many towns and even large cities existing in Mexico, the Southern U.S., Northern U.S., and Western U.S. prior to what we “know” to be the colonization and settling of the United States by Europeans in the 1500s and 1600s.

Throughout Europe and North America in the late 1800s, there were hundreds of thousands of orphans and historical accounts of the placement of these orphans, who were sometimes called “foundlings”.  Entire train loads of orphans.  Where did all of these orphans come from?

On every continent of the World, there are large classical Roman Architecture stone buildings.  Researchers have begun to wonder, how could these massive and ornate grand buildings have been constructed in countries, where neither the native people or the European settlers had the skill, equipment, or means to build them at the time they were said to have been constructed, or even now at the present time?

In summary, with the existence of large cities in North America and other continents before the European settlers arrived, with the existence of large ornate stone buildings before the European settlers arrived, and the mystery of hundreds of thousands of orphans being relocated in the late 1800s World-wide, researchers speculate that many of the great cities of the World were not created when, how, or by who history tells us, they might have been already existing and new-arrivals merely moved in.

There is also speculation, that previously existing World-wide technology has been lost, suppressed, or hidden.  Technology that once provided free energy, and would have allowed for and explain the large stone structures that exist, that we can not duplicate in modern times.

Here is a video from an Australian named Max Igan.  I don’t believe everything that he proposes, but considering what he says makes you realize that the history we have been taught may not be correct: