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Beautiful Abandoned Home On A Mountain In Searchlight, Nevada

What I am going to share with you, may be one of the most worthwhile things that I have posted on my blog website.  I want to give a little bit of an explanation before I show the video.

There is a couple, who live in the southwestern U.S. who explore abandoned and forgotten places as a hobby.  They make videos while they explore, and they upload these videos to their YouTube channel called Explore With Us.

In Arizona, Utah, and Nevada, there are mining towns where at one time many people lived, but once the mine shut down, everyone moved away, leaving behind houses, shops, schools, and churches, just as they were.  Also, there are farms, ranches, and homesteads, where the owners just left, never to return, due to such reasons as failing health, old age, inability to make a living, or something else happening to them.

The video at the bottom of this blog post, shows a custom home that was completed by a man named Mr. Kay in 1969.  Mr. Kay was born in a small desert town in Arizona in 1908.  He served in the Navy during WWII.  After the war, he and his wife owned and operated a small motel, in the small mining town of Searchlight, Nevada.

In 1950 Mr. Kay bought 20 acres of land on a 1,000 foot high mountain outside of town for the taxes owed on the land.  In 1959 he began building, and it took him the next ten years to complete his home.

Mr. Kay built the concrete pier, concrete slab, and rock wall foundation for his home.  He bought the material to build the home, as he went along.  Some of the building material, was salvaged from oil well, mining, and other industrial sites.

The interior was finished with wood paneling, antique colored glass hanging lamps, a marble fireplace, avocado green shag carpet, and stereo music speakers in every room.  The home was completed by Mr. Kay in 1969, and there was a newspaper article about Mr. Kay and his house in the Las Vegas newspaper in 1976.

When you watch the video, and you see the incredible views overlooking the completely vacant desert, keep in mind what was happening in 1969.  There was the Cuban Missile Crises, the constant imminent threat of a nuclear war, the Vietnam War, the Kennedy assassinations, the MLK assassination, Civil Rights protests and riots, and the landing on the moon.  The world was in chaos, and a person did not know what would happen next.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to get away from everything in a place like this, with complete peace, tranquility, and the amazing view of the stars at night?

After watching this video, some viewers left comments asking what happened to the owners, where is this located, can people just come there and move in, or how could they go about buying this property?  If you read through the comments, all of these questions are answered by other viewers, sometimes in complete detail.

Yes, a person probably can buy this property, just read through the comments, and there is enough specific information given about the site location, that someone can go through the process of finding the owners, which someone wrote was now a Las Vegas Trust, and they should be able to make an offer to purchase this property outside of Searchlight, Nevada.

Though I believe that there are many people who are capable of purchasing this property, it would take a great deal of money to get the home into livable condition again with the structural, electrical, water, and sewer system repairs.  As soon as someone purchased this property, and no matter what stage of the restoration process the house was in, leaving this place for just a few days might result in someone doing a tremendous amount of vandalism.  Because this property has been vacant for so long, the way vagrants and vandals think, no one has the right to own this place.  Only constantly having three to four large mean Rottweiler dogs on the property would reduce the threat of vandalism.

Here is the link to the newspaper article about Mr. Kay and his house, that was written in 1976.  Once you click on this link and reach the newspaper site, scroll down to the reader panel in order to read the article, use the scroll tab to the right of the reader panel.  I believe that Mr. Kay died in 1979, though some viewers found another person with a similar name who died in 2009, who is not the correct Mr. Kay.