I Am Beginning To Wish That The Germans Had Won WWII

In the late afternoon on Friday I called the Mexican restaurant Los Cabos in Dickinson to place a take-out order. I don’t want to be around people, because I don’t like people, especially everyday, average, ordinary people. People are so stupid, primitive, and unaware, I just can’t stand them.

The middle-aged man who answered the phone at Los Cabos was very quick, courteous, and professional. In my opinion, this is probably the most well-run restaurant in Dickinson because of their staff, and they have the best food.

When leaving my neighborhood, some small children playing in their yard let a frisbee fly out into the street. I stopped right away to let them go get their frisbee, I didn’t want any children running out in front of me and getting hit.

In a couple of minutes, I was out on two-lane Highway 22, where the speed limit is 65 mph. Within several miles, a vehicle ahead of me began slowing down rapidly and changing into the oncoming lane of traffic. Soon I could see that there was a stopped vehicle on the right shoulder of the highway.

As I got closer, expecting that this was some kind of traffic accident, because the stopped passenger car was still halfway in the middle of the road, I came to see that it was a man and two women standing on the side of the road laughing, smiling, and taking photographs for fun and amusement.

I couldn’t believe this. Highway 22 is a very dangerous, busy road, with heavily loaded tractor trucks hauling machinery, cattle, grain, and fuel tankers. There are many commercial vehicles on Highway 22 that can’t slow down quickly and change into the oncoming lane of traffic because there is a Chevy Malibu parked halfway in the road, especially if there is any kind of vehicle approaching in the oncoming lane.

Who are these people? How can they be so fucking stupid? Do they not realize that while they are smiling, laughing, and fooling around taking photographs on the side of the highway, they are about to cause a fatal traffic accident because they left their Chevy Malibu parked in the road?

When I arrived at the parking lot of Los Cabos Mexican restaurant, all of the nearest parking spaces were taken. This was not surprising to me, it was late afternoon Friday on a hot summer day. Because the parking lot was so packed, I was scared that a car was going to back out in front of me because the driver couldn’t see past the vehicles that were parked so close to each other.

I was driving slowly and being careful, when a young 9-10 year old Mexican girl ran out in front of me without looking and without seeing me, she had darted from between two parked cars. As I was still at a complete stop from the little girl who ran out in front of me without looking, within a second or two here came her 14 year old sister who also walked out in front of me without looking, and without seeing me, at first.

The truck that I was driving, it has a huge front grill and bumper, the roof of this truck is about 7 ft tall, the top of my head only comes up to the side mirrors when I am standing next to it. It is not difficult to see this truck, and you wouldn’t want to walk out in front of this truck. I can understand the 9-10 year old little girl running out from in between parked cars, but it was kind of stupid and careless for her 14 year old sister to be doing the same thing.

Now here comes the plump Mexican mama who was in her 40s. She gave a quick side glance in my direction, as I was still at a complete stop from her two children running out in front of me. Most women, I think, would have hurried up across the driveway to get out of my way, and let me continue driving, since I came to a stop and was held up waiting for the three of them to cross in front of me.

This Mexican mother began to slow down her walk, waddle, doddle, and then stand there in the middle of the driveway blocking me so that I could not continue driving to a parking space. This Mexican woman could have easily walked another five feet to allow me to pass, but for some reason, she wouldn’t.

Why was this woman being difficult and causing a problem for me? Was it maliciousness, arrogance, pride, anti-white racism, anti-Americanism? Because of the two brand-new, very nice, Ford F250/350 trucks that her family was getting into, I got the impression that this woman’s family might have owned this Los Cabos Mexican restaurant.

By this time, I had run out of patience. Probably most women can not understand the rage the men experience when they are utterly and completely done dealing with their stupid shit at the moment. At the very least, I was about one second away from rolling down the truck window and yelling, “Get the fuck out of the way you stupid fat fucking Mexican!”

Somehow, miraculously, the Mexican road crossing came to a pause and I was able to drive to a parking space, before there was any yelling or physical altercation.

I thought to myself, that I had not wanted to eat inside any restaurant, because I did not want to deal with people, I can’t stand people. Ordering take-out from Los Cabos was not working for me either. The man who was managing the restaurant was so quick, courteous, and professional, that I admired his work ethic, enthusiasm, business sense. On the other hand, the way that Mexican family behaved in the parking lot, whether anti-white racism, anti-Americanism, maliciousness, or arrogance because they were the restaurant owners, I didn’t even want to go inside to get my food that I had ordered, and I won’t be ordering take-out from this restaurant again.

In order to be able to stay at home, not go anywhere, and not have to deal with people, on the following day I planned to go to the large Family Fare grocery store in Dickinson to stock up on enough groceries to last me for a while. On Saturday afternoon, July 3rd, the Family Fare grocery store had about twice as many cars as usual in their parking lot.

Walking into the grocery store, I was prepared for the shoppers to be pushy, and in a hurry the day before the 4th of July, but they were not, the shoppers were calm. After I had finished loading my shopping cart with twice as many groceries as usual, and I went to the check-out area, there were no cahiers.

The one cashier that was working at a check-out line, he had turned off his light and had placed a “closed” sign on his conveyor. I looked around, but there was no manager or person at the customer service desk. Myself and a few other customers were looking around for what to do or where to go. I had to use my phone to call this Family Fare grocery store to ask whoever answered if they could open a check-out line.

As I was looking around for a store manager, calling this store on the telephone, and waiting for a cashier to come open a check-out line, I was thinking to myself, so this is the business strategy of this grocery store for Saturday afternoon July 3rd, let’s not have any cashiers?

I didn’t really want to talk about it, I already knew what the store employees were going to say, which is what they did say, “We can’t get anybody to work.”

When I was driving home, and I was thinking about why I don’t like people, why I don’t want to be around people, why do people irritate me, overall I was coming to the conclusion that people, society, this country has devolved so badly, declined so badly.

Recently I have gotten into some discussions where I was faced with how stupid Democrats are, and that the Democrats/liberals are most responsible for the decline in people, society, and this country. Somehow, Democrats have gotten the idea into their heads that whatever in the past was deemed immoral, illegal, deviant, undesirable, that let’s do these things now.

For Democrats, if stealing was once bad, let’s allow it now. If illegal drugs were once bad, let’s allow it now. If unwed mothers was once bad, let’s do that now. If resisting arrest and disobeying Police Officers was once bad, let’s do that now. If women in the military was once a bad idea, let’s do that now. If homosexuals in the military was once a bad idea, let’s do that now. If illegal immigration was once a bad idea, let’s have that now.

Everything that was bad is now good. Everything that was wrong is now right. Everything that was deviant is now normal. Everything is backwards and upside down. There is no logic, no reasoning, or accountability any longer.

People are so stupid, dysfunctional, and unaccountable that three adults can’t see that there is something wrong with parking their Chevy Malibu in the 65 mph traffic lane of Highway 22.

People are so stupid and dysfunctional that an adult Mexican women doesn’t know to get herself and her children safely out of traffic and harm’s way. And, how preposterous it is to be showing some kind of anti-white, anti-Americanism hostility to customers at a Mexican restaurant in North Dakota, two-thousand miles north of the Mexican border?

People are so stupid, dysfunctional, and unaccountable that there are no cashiers on-duty or coming in to work at a grocery store on the Saturday afternoon before the July 4th holiday.

It occurred to me that maybe this planet and civilization would have been better off if the Germans had won World War II. The Germans valued intelligence, competency, efficiency, and social order, the exact opposite of what the Democrats seek.

Whereas the Germans valued intelligence, the Democrats embrace stupidity. The Germans valued competency, the Democrats love incompetence. The Germans valued efficiency, the Democrats are wasteful. The Germans valued social order, the Democrats want chaos and mayhem.

The Germans wanted to build and strengthen their country, the Democrats want to ruin and weaken this country. The Germans wanted a strong healthy populace, the Democrats want to breed weak sickly people.

Is it because I am 52 years old that I now see the wisdom in what the Germans were doing leading up to WWII, or is it because I hate the stupidity, idiocy, unawareness, drug-addiction, criminality, deviance, and abnormality of the people around me?

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